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European Football Barcelona
by Chris Charles (U1647500) 19 April 2007
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Lionel Messi celebrates THAT goal against Getafe

"Gooo-allll!! Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi - gol, gol, gol, gol, gol, gol, gol, gol...."

If you're wondering what I've put on my cornflakes this morning, you obviously haven't seen Lionel Messi's spectacular goal for Barcelona against Getafe, which is being mentioned in the same breath as Maradona's wonder strike against England (the one that didn't need assistance from the man upstairs).

Like Liz Hurley's dress and Shane Warne's opening delivery to Mike Gatting, in future years Messi's effort will simply be referred to as THAT goal.

But don't take my word for it that he dribbles past five players from the halfway line before coolly rounding the keeper and slotting home, take a look for yourself.

Unfortunately we can't link to the footage, but there may well be certain video websites that are featuring it.

The crazy commentary on one TV station is worth the entrance fee alone, as the world record for the amount of times 'Messi' appears in one sentence is well and truly shattered. "He's 'avin a Getafe" as one colleague put it.

Elsewhere, David Beckham's tattooist has nicknamed him 'Big Balls' for the way he casually watched football as he had the latest monstrosity inked on his arm. 'Bad Taste' might be a better description - although as we all know by now, when it comes to nicknames no-one can touch Monty Panesar's alter-ego,Tony Parmesan.

Talking of cricket, England's shocking performance in the World Cup (now where have we heard that before?) was making all the headlines.

We've already had one national coach superimposed on to a sugary cake, now expect the unveiling of ‘Duncan Donut’ in the tabloid press.

Former players queueing up to demand Fletcher's removal appear to have got their wish - and the captain's zombie-like performances at the crease should lead to him being re-named Vaughan of the Dead.

Even Tony P found the going tough against the Boks, while Freddie was about as much use as a p***head on a pedalo.

And finally, spare a thought for the players of Inverness Caledonian Thistle, who've had the rug pulled from under their European dreams by Elton John.

The director of football put a stop to any planned Intertoto campaign when he realised the dates would clash with Big Elt's gig at their stadium.

If the former Watford chairman fails to deliver the goods on 15 July, expect The Sun to tweak their famous headline... Loopy Cally Go Ballistic, Elton Was Atrocious.

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posted Apr 21, 2007

I was watching the game at home and my god what a goal, Messi is only a teenager and already blessed with football skills like this!.

As for the best goal ever, who cares, the boys abilty will ensure that he continues to score goals like this, I just wish we had someone like him at Ipswich!.

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posted Apr 21, 2007

I enjoyed the article and the goal even more, you can view it on you tube. The Giggs goal was amazing and still causes the hairs to stand up on my neck, a work of art and beauty, the Messi goal beautiful to watch, not against the top opposition, however Maradona's goal was, and in the world cup finals. Beautiful though it is it doesn't move me as much as the Giggs goal. The difference being I grew up in Manchester not Argentina, and the glorious little fat fella had earlier scored with his hand against the team I was supporting. My bias influenced my emotional response but not my reason, I can still see it as an amazing goal but whenever I watch it I feel a mix of emotions, from awe to irritation, still longing for someone to get a tackle in. Oh well, I better get back to my essay on the subjective nature of self.

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posted Apr 21, 2007

@ Rustigjongens -


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posted Apr 21, 2007

Messi's goal is brilliant as there are several touches no defender can legislate for, although I think the defending in general is poorer than Maradona's goal.

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posted Apr 21, 2007

i completly agree with Red-Ryan-Roon-Ron
you made some great points in that comment with no disrespect to getafe, they are no where near arsenals standerds

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posted Apr 22, 2007

when I compare masi with winironi who is highly rated by press due to his citizen.Masi is the only player play like maradona at this time but he has not a citizen of england or brazil that is why press does not considered his talent like wini roney whose talent is highly rate(exagurated)due to his citizen.

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posted Apr 24, 2007

Ok Messi's goal was against top opposition......but then again, neither was Maradona's. His was against some team who scraped into the knockout stages of the WC by winning one game.

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posted Apr 24, 2007

what about ginola's goal against i think Barnsley it was great for the reason he was takiong it round players who not only tried to get the ball butt then when he did take it round him try and take im out Giggs didn't really take it round anyoneyes it was a great finish though

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posted Apr 25, 2007

Personnally, i do think that Tevez is better than Messi!!!
I know a great deal of you will disagree, but the facts are clear! Tevez is simply the next maradnonna
My favouite player is Messi, but I think thaat Tevez is better than him.

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posted Apr 26, 2007

messis good but id take crouch over him ANYDAY......whistle

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