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British Cyclosportive

by BBC Sport (U3702819) 29 March 2007
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BBC Sport was looking for a cyclist to ride in the 120-mile British Cyclosportive on 1 July, and you gave us some fantastic stories of neglected bikes, unshaved legs and wide loads.

And after sifting through the thousands of entries, we can finally announce that the winner is Martin Page, a 37-year-old PE teacher from Suffolk.

Congratulations to Martin, who will now have to juggle being a father-of-two with a gruelling training programme - all of which you will be able to see on his weekly video diary here on the BBC Sport website.

Thanks to all those who entered. However, all is not lost.

As Martin's story progresses we will be looking for other cyclists to send in their stories and videos to help him shine a light on amateur cycling in the UK. And we have some fantastic prizes for the best contributions.

Are there any burning topics that you would like Martin to tackle during the course of his training?

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posted Apr 2, 2007

The fee wasn't "fairly hefty"; it's only 40 for all that organisation and co-ordination. And as for roads closed or not, I normally ride on the roads on my own and manage the traffic, when I do ride in a group the traffic is even easier to manage. So with 5000 of us who will be in control of the road? It won't be the cars, they will just have to wait.

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posted Apr 3, 2007

Well, I actually managed to get a Glasto ticket, how about you Ennuiboy?

Thing is, training manuals don't tend to mention much about going to 3 day festivals, even as part of your 'taper'...

Maybe we should get our own category, as having completed 'the double' of glasto and the sportive?! Still, at least paying for a Glasto ticket puts the entrance fee for this into perspective. I think it's worth it for what will be a unique day of cycling.

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posted Apr 4, 2007

Yes, It will be interesting to monitor your progress.. Of course, for it to count as a true "double" I think you will have to have cycled to and back from Glastonbury as well ;). Good luck all who are planning to take part though - in either event!

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posted Apr 4, 2007

No didn't get tickets. Not too bothered as I really want to do a good ride in Kent and I wouldn't have recovered after Glasto. I reckon seven hours is do-able

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comment by tinutz (U8054921)

posted Apr 8, 2007

Etape du Tour: 7000 entrants.
Entry fee: 35 (if I remember right - possibly less)
Roads: Closed

British Cyclosportive: 5000 entrants.
Entry fee: 40
Roads: Not closed

Says it all really!

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posted Apr 18, 2007

No winner yet!!
I am the 'luminous commuter' and I've naever done a group run before. I entered by video last week but no word yet.
1300 applicants but nobody talking about it on 606 seems a little strange.
I've tried to keep my training going but the date is getting closer and closer.
I've been doing a rather hilly 40 miles around Surrey and increased my commute to 10 miles a day but really want to get going on some long distance runs on a good bike with expert advise.

I've got a sore knee !! I'm guessing ligaments as it's over the front rather trhan behind, any ideas?
still hoping for that phone call but it's looking less and less likely
Has anybody been contacted?

If all fails a cyclist friend has offered me the loan of abike and we;re goign to do the last 60-80 into Canterbury a week or 2 before. I guess the route's goign to be pretty popular over the next few weeks with people just tryign it out etc. Are you doing it?

Happy cycling


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posted Apr 20, 2007

Dear Martin

Do not do a faster time than me. I am a cyclist and I do not want to be humiliated by an upstart.

Please don't shave your legs. Thats very sad.

No Stella between now and then.

Buy yourself the most expensive bike you can that looks great and is lovely to ride.

Enjoy yourself!


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posted Apr 24, 2007

Don't know what all this fuss is about....
Southern Jessies terrain will make this easy pickings for us northern types. ;)

From the sound of things the entry populous have abandoned all thought of the first rule of distance riding - Keep eating!

If you don't you'll all be on your backsides after 2 hours

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posted Apr 25, 2007

Its will be interesting to see how a non-professional cyclist does against all the people who train for years for this. Is it really that hard? Soon we will know.

From a Kesgrave school pupil (C.B.)

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comment by rwintle (U8218188)

posted Apr 28, 2007

Excellent. I came across this by accident but it's great. I recently moved to a new town and started cycling again after a few years break. I'm similar to Martin in that I commute a few miles to work but I'm building up the longer rides at weekends.

All the best Martin - I'll be following with interest.

For the guy with sore knees - could be your "IT band" rubbing. Get checked for pronation (flat-footedness), and try raising your saddle. There's loads of advice on the internet about this.

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