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Percentage play hammers Gammer

by Sean Davies (U1712711) 03 March 2007
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The choices were stark and simple for Scott Gammer back in December.

Having witnessed Audley Harrison’s hugely impressive three-round destruction of Danny Williams, he had the options of a big-money fight with the victor in London, or a bout with the big-name loser close to his west Wales home base.

Much to the disdain of Harrison’s promoter Frank Warren, Gammer and his manager, Paul Boyce, chose the latter.

It would be easy to leap to conclusions about the Welshman running scared, but I really don’t think that was the case.

There were sound reasons behind the decision. But they failed to take account of the enigma that is Danny Williams.

While Harrison had looked like a world beater against a flabby, out-of-shape Williams, the Olympic champion imploded against Michael Sprott in Wembley last month, opening up golden possibilities that could have been Gammer’s.

Meanwhile, the Pembroke Dock man prepared for a bout with the supposedly washed-up Williams at the 1,200 seater Cwrt Herbert Sports Centre in Neath.

Unbeaten Gammer had impressed in the first defence of his British heavyweight title against the limited Micky Steeds, looking lean, busy and accurate in a comprehensive 12-round points win.

But for the Williams bout he bulked-up to a career-high of 17st 1lb and – although he claimed to feel as fit and sharp as ever – the difference showed on his torso.

The challenger stunned everyone as he weighed in at 16st 4lbs, his lightest since he made his professional debut in 1995.

Williams says he plans to throw away his scales at home that recorded his weight as over 19st. If that is true, he should give them pride of place in his cabinet trophy.

Williams roared out of the blocks with sharp, withering shots, looking – unusually for a British heavyweight title fight – like the best heavyweight in the country.

The Welshman rallied in front of a passionate local crowd, but by the third he was breathing heavily. The non-stop work-rate, so evident against Steeds, was gone.

I had the bout level after four rounds, but Williams powered ahead in the next three, rocking the Welshman badly at the end of the seventh.

Gammer came back with his best round in the eighth, three minutes of eye-catching combinations that rattled Williams’ head and thudded into his body.

But a ringside seat made it clear that the challenger’s senses were clear throughout as the experienced warhorse bided his time before unleashing a brutal knockout salvo in the ninth.

I’m not going to try to predict what’s next for Williams. He could retire, he could be world champion, he could lose to a Mexican road sweeper.

Gammer, left as flat as his fans’ inflatable hammers at the end, has options and has done enough to merit a place amongst the leading domestic heavyweights.

But his choices need to be better than the ones he has made in the last three months.

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comment by ted (U6576923)

posted Mar 4, 2007

david haye has the potential to wipe the floor with all of the current heavy weights at this time as long as he trains properly he should do.he tends to like the celebrity side of boxing and has neglected his preparation in the past,for example the carl thompson fight where he bombed him in the opening rounds but then ran out of steam to get knocked out.another point is will he be actually any good at heavyweight.time will tell.

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posted Mar 5, 2007

Williams always could punch, and when he was younger (look at 'danny williams tribute') he was a completely different fighter. He got to a place where he was happy to be fat and lazy. It showed in both his mental attitude and the way he would slump to the ground after a wrestle, sat on his stoool before the 2nd Harrison fight, threw wild swings with no set up, in hope of an easy KO win etc etc. All credit to him for getting himself fit, on his own.

Gammer though, come on, the guy can't punch. He is just an arm puncher, no twisting of the hips to get his body's weight into the shots. It amazes me how u get pro boxers who just don't seem to understand the basic techniques of boxing, like throwing a punch. At least Audley and Willaims can put power behind their shots, by using basic technique.

Gammer needs to go back the drawing board big time, if he wants to do anything at world level, learn how to throw powerful shots.

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posted Mar 5, 2007

remember danny on his day is world class. if danny had some belief and remembered he is a professional athlete then danny would be in the world mix. danny should build on his performance on friday quickly, avenge the audrey defeat and then pick off the domestic scene quicly. i know that a 16stone williams is a conditioned and quality heavy weight

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comment by MCENOY1 (U6722800)

posted Mar 5, 2007

danny williams would never be a top fighter. its never the same person turning up in the ring. who did he beat in scott gammer, hes not a seasoned pro he hasn't beat anyone decent. put williams in with any of the klitsko brothers and he will crumble.

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posted Mar 5, 2007

And we wonder why British boxing is made such a mockery of ? It's a sad indictment of the heavyweight division when all there's to offer is an over aged physically and half hearted champion. If Danny Williams and that pretentious clown Audley Harrison is all we've got to offer the world in terms of top class heayweights. Then heaven help us all ! It's why we'll never be thought as producing anything more than paper tigers in the heavyweight division !


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comment by Rob (U1760756)

posted Mar 5, 2007

Danny's a brave fighter with a punch, and for a change, he's done the work he needed to in order to be prepared for this fight. Audley's shock at least did that for him. But he's still old, and he's still not the fighter he once was; for me, he hasn't looked solid since he lost to Sinan Samil Sam. Here, he's beaten an unbalanced and out of sorts Gammer; but it's a flattering result, and I'd really hope that Danny - who must have put away a tidy little nest egg with his Klitschko and Tyson fights - will take this last win as testament to a man who had been a great boxer, and retire as British champion, rather than fighting on and eroding his legacy further like so many heavyweights seem determined to do these days.

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posted Mar 5, 2007

Danny Williams has found his level. He's very good at British level, ordinary at European level, and out of his depth at world level. He has been taken apart by Sinan Samil Sam at European level and Vitali Klitschko at world level. It doesn't matter how hard he trains or how light he his, he doesn't have the ability to beat a good fighter at these levels.He has slow hands, no lateral movement, and his punches are telegraphed.

He could beat Audley Harrison in a return, and perhaps also Matt Skelton or Michael Sprott, but where could he go after that? He's had a good run, and should retire now,before he gets permanently damaged.

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posted Mar 9, 2007

Lets not forget that in Harrison fight williams took it at a weeks notice, one of the reason he was so poor. He is an up and down fighter but the short notice of the fight is the only Harrison looked good.

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posted Mar 11, 2007

Gammer is a decent fighter at British level & perhaps with more experience he may be able to compete at a higher level but one lesson he or his team should learns from the Williams fight is that he's not going to outbox fighters at that level on the back foot. He should use his physical attributes more, close the range and push his opponents back. He might have beaten Williams if he had pushed him to the ropes and outworked him close up.

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posted Mar 20, 2007

I think this article is absolute rubbish. He does not matter who he fights or what decision he makes Scott Gammer is not a that good a fighter and you just have to accept. If he cannot beat all these old men (Audley, Matt, & Danny) that there is not much too him really

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