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World Cup 2018 in England?

World Cup England
by BBC Sport (U3702819) 12 February 2007
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Thousands of England fans made the trip to Germany in 2006

An English bid to host the 2018 football World Cup would be backed by the government, ministers have pledged.

An official study into the project has concluded that England is well-placed to stage the competition.

But the final decision on whether to table a bid lies with the English FA, which spent millions on an unsuccessful attempt to host the 2006 competition.

Chancellor Gordon Brown and sports minister Richard Caborn have already said they would support the move.

Would you back the bid?

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posted Feb 14, 2007

it's out of the question. please everyone read what has been said before, we are going round in circles!
ENGLISH BID - 11 stadia

New Anfield
St James
St Marys
Villa Park
to get the minimum no. of cities

then add
New Goodison
City of Manchester
London Olympic Stadium

Easy peasy. What's not to like? I still havent heard a decent argument against the bid ...

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posted Feb 14, 2007

world cup played in England , Scotland and Wales ...what a good idea. It would be good for the country as a whole.... good to be British

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comment by dmmw84 (U7466238)

posted Feb 14, 2007

"It is only correct that Scots, Welsh and Ulster MPs still go there because Westminster still deals with a lot to do with Scotland. We need our say there, too."

I don't disagree with Scottish MP's voting on British Matters, of course that is there right. But on English Only matters such as sports, much criminal justice legislation, the bulk of transport legislation, tourism, education, health AND sport, we have every right to be irate at anyone not being effected by the legislation voting.

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posted Feb 14, 2007

My point exactly, if you will forgive my 'nutshell' way of expressing it.

Anyway, the FIFA will never allow a joint bid, MAYBE England and Scotland, but they only have three grounds to stage it, and all are in the same city. Also, Hampden is in dire need of a touch of paint (As are, of course, the Stadium of Light, Anfield, Hillsborough Elland and the Bridge)

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comment by jervisd (U7097292)

posted Feb 14, 2007

Lets all hope we do get the World Cup, imagine the feel good factor in the country! And, on a personal note, if i have to sit through a olympics in this country, i better be rewarded with something decent, i.e. The World Cup!!! Let's all get behind the bid, it will be the best thing to happen to our country. And let's also hope Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland n Rep Ireland can qualify. It would be awesome.

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posted Mar 8, 2007

When i was in Germany, some of you brits were telling me that the transportation in England is a disaster compared to Germany. Will England be able to accomodate all the fans from around the world for the world cup. I remember Gelsenkirchen was a disaster, took me 2 hours to get to the stadium for the USA Czech match. Im sure England Portugal was worse

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posted Mar 8, 2007

Hey I was at that one as well!!! Horribble traffic indeed, but the car parking was excellent.

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posted Jul 13, 2007

Bristol will host a stadium for a 2018 World Cup bid. If it doesn't, there will be trouble.

The West and South West of England and the most scenically beautiful areas of the country and will attract many tourists.

FIFA advice states that stadia should be geographically dispersed and in tourist-friendly areas.

There are over 5 million people in the South West region of England - 1 million in the Greater Bristol area alone.

Whilst the likes of the Stadium of Light are very impressive, Sunderland is less so.

Where would you rather spend a weekend - Sunderland and Jarrow or Bristol and Bath?

Nuff said.

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posted Jul 16, 2007

God yes. If you squint your eyes in Brissle on a bright summer morning, you might just mistake it for Southern France. If you'd do the same in Sunderland, you might just mistake it for Sobibor.

If England were to properly represent itself, it would have to host matches in Bristol. I think a Rovers/City/ Ruggers groundshare wouldn't be too much of a hassle if it gave us a 40,000 plus stadium, would it?

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posted Jul 16, 2007

Forget it, Bristol is a no-go in my opionion considering that it is in the least densely populated part of the country.

London, in my opinion, has to have 3 stadiums (FIFA have to make an exception) because so much of the population of England live there and within 100 miles or so.

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