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Is Hatton on the slide?

by bendirs (U1657561) 21 January 2007
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“I’ve got a problem with my legs,” said Ricky Hatton last week. “They just can’t walk past a chippy".

On the evidence of his Las Vegas debut on Saturday, they’re finding it increasingly difficult to make it through 12 rounds of world championship boxing.

The suspicion is that the two problems are not unrelated; that Hatton’s boozing and gorging between fights is catching up with him.

It was a point former featherweight great Barry McGuigan raised with me a few months back and other concerned former pros have since echoed this view.

For much of his clash with Juan Urango, Hatton was reduced to spoiling tactics, his early spark gradually snuffed out by his muscular Colombian opponent.

Hatton won of course, reclaiming his old IBF light welterweight belt with a gruelling points decision at the Paris Hotel.

But to hear Hatton’s trainer Billy Graham imploring him to hang on for the final nine minutes was proof, if proof were needed, that something was amiss.

The Hatton of two years ago, before his sensational win over then IBF title-holder Kostya Tszyu, would not have been running on fumes down the final straight.

Which leads us to the million dollar question: is Hatton on the slide? Indeed, has he been on the slide since his dismantling of Tszyu?

Winning the WBA crown from the limited Carlos Maussa proved harder than expected and he almost lost to WBA welterweight champion Luis Collazo last May.

At this point, some readers will no doubt point out that his last three fights have resulted in three more world titles.

But Hatton has made much of his desire to build a lasting legacy against the world’s greatest fighters and not even his most ardent fans would suggest the opposition since Tszyu has been top-class.

“What’s the point of being the best fighter in the world if your mates think you’re an a**ehole?” Hatton also said recently.

One of those mates needs to take him aside, preferably before his planned showdown with Jose Luis Castillo in the summer, and deliver a couple of home truths.

Surely they can do without him down the Harehill Tavern for a while, at least until he's had the chance to make his legacy secure?

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posted Jan 24, 2007

Agree ... a country of knockers ...ok he should probably take it easy on the pies and booze ....but he is a phenomenal fighter...can go to war clever ...change his game plan...and he is a very likeable person as well....if he doesn't get Sport's personality of the year this year it is a disgrace !!!

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posted Jan 25, 2007

Ricky Hatton you are a great fighter and have proved yourself in the ring. Please don't let things outside the ring spoil it.
From Bob Fitzimmons to Scott Harrison.
Hard strong men awsome in the ring.
Let themselves but much more importantly their
reputations down.
A lot of people will say give up the good life.
Just remember Boxing is a dedicated short life.
The rest of your life you can enjoy the success. If you sour it now you will regret it for a long time.

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posted Jan 26, 2007

What utter rubbish, which sums up the British mentality. Build a winner up for a while and then knock them down. Ricky wasn't at his best, no doubt about that, but his movement was second to none and he did what was necessary against a bulky opponent. He won on a clear points decision and it was never in doubt. He's got a big year ahead of him and he'll be at his best against Castillo, and with another massive fight after that on the horizon, I'd reserve judgement until the end of the year. He's a true champion and one of the best that this country has ever produced, thats a fact. I'm sure it won't be too long before the British media try to knock him down though, albeit judging from that article, its already begun.

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comment by cheeky (U6670740)

posted Jan 27, 2007

seems to be hugging a lot more and he hardly used his bodyshots at all against Urango. Not been overly impressed with his last 2 fights i have to say.

i dont think he is on the slide yet but improvements must be made. I do feel however that the way he balloons in weight between fights will sooner or later catch up with him.

He needs to stay at light welter even if it means missing out on Cotto or Mayweather (not that i would give him much of a chance against either of them)

quite how he can be picked for sports personality of the year or it's a disgrace, as has been sugessted above is totally beyond my, it's janury and he has had 1 fight this year

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posted Jan 29, 2007

I dont know what everyones worrying about and why they are putting him down, he had just got over a cold so his energy near the end wasnt his usual high levels, he fought a good fight and was never troubled, he knew what he had to do to win and he did it well, bring on castillo, hatton will be ready for him and it will be a quality fight with hatton coming out on top winning by knockout, finally proving the doubters wrong, then he can shut witter up by knocking him out at citys ground then become the true legend of boxing by beating Mayweather in Las Vegas or New York. Blue moon forever

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posted Jan 31, 2007

I agree Ricky hasnt been producing dramatic fights with fireworks but he has still come through some tough fights against fighters who although not in his class has proved tricky. Urango was just a strong tough guy who Ricky although he didnt knock him down used his boxing skills to beat him and he did. He destroyed him on points. We all want to see knock-outs but at the end of the day he has continued to win. Im looking forward tothe Castillo fight as I feel Ricky will up his game as he did with Tszyu. In regards to the ongoing debate about Rickys lifestyle when not training I have always felt fairplay to him, but to be an athlete who is at the top of his game I feel you need to love like an athlete all year round. Ricky may get his body in shape within 13 weeks of intense training but surely it affects his stamina? And the body could be a lot harder. At the end of the day its his life and he has never lost a fight yet so who am I to criticise.

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posted Jan 31, 2007

Ricky Hatton is one of the most rubbish boxers i have ever seen in my life. Just because he represents england you guys must support him. come on surely you guys can get a better boxer than him. I saw his fight against urango. Urango would have ripped him apart if Hatton hadnt kept on hugging him. The boxing bosses should get rid of him and others who hug too much. Perfect example of a good fighter to represent us is amir khan and other good ones like danny williams and the arrogant audley harrison . I feel embarrased to see such a boxer like hatton to represent us.

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posted Jan 31, 2007

Are you having a laugh? Hatton is a fanatastic boxer and clearly you have no idea about boxing, he is after all the seventh highest ranking boxer in the pound for pound chart. He wasnt fantastic against Urango and yes he was hugging in the last round but to say he is rubbish is ridiculous. U wait till he fights Castillo and u will see. What makes me sure u have no idea about boxing? How can you even put harrison and williams in the same sentence as Hatton. Those two are awful. Granted Khan has a bright future if he gets his head down like Hatton has. 42 wins out of 42 fights and u say he is rubbish u have to having a laugh.

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posted Feb 1, 2007

I just wish he would take care of himself between fights. In the last 2 fights you could see a slight downturn in performance but only slight. If he kept himself at 11 stone between fights the old Ricky should be back, even with that said he's still the most exciting fighter in the world.

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posted Nov 16, 2007

Love Hatton to bits and think hes a real credit to english sport, as a boxer myself be it a lower level than Ricky i know as a super mid i cant go over 13 or my body takes too long to recover after fites and im not at my best losing more than a stone and i feel totaled after. Im sorry but the guy should be getting better advice as a world champ, jesus i hope he beats mayweather ive got a houseful booked for it but i just hope he plants one of them trademark body blows on him and rattles the big mouth yank

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