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Six Nations: Millennium Stadium guide

Six Nations Wales
by BBC Sport (U3702819) 19 January 2007
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Millennium Stadium

Location: Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, CF1 1JI, Wales
Capacity: 72,500
Wales v Ireland, Sunday 4 February. Kick-off 1500 GMT
Wales v England, Saturday 17 March. Kick-off 1730 GMT

With the Six Nations fast approaching, we are looking for your help in giving us a flavour of what makes watching rugby at the Millennium Stadium so special.

Please help your fellow fans with your top tips for match day.

How do you get tickets? Where's the best place to sit? Have you got any favourite rituals? What are your best memories of the Millennium Stadium?

We're also looking for your lowdown on the best watering holes and restaurants, and we're after handy travel tips or any other cultural advice for a Six Nations weekend in Cardiff.

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comment by irfon17 (U2833033)

posted Jan 31, 2007

The proper Arms Park is as you say, next door hosting the blues, but people used refer to the old National Stadium (which was replaced by the Millenium Stadium)as Cardiff Arms Park, technically not correct but everyone did it anyway as it was a much better name than National Stadium. I think thats where the confusion comes from.

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posted Feb 1, 2007

my old tickets andprogrammes say ARMS PARK- little a little dissapointed by7 the late kick offs this year. the 3 o clock k/offs in autumn led to me missin the second half being to wrecked- 5.30 k/offs O DEAR. It England- at least if we are losing i'll be on the way to egtting smashed.....

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comment by agedfan (U7319271)

posted Feb 1, 2007

Regards Millenium stadium as opposed to old Arms Park. What is regarded as Arms Park now ( where Cardiff Blues play) was once Glamorgan County Cricket ground before they relocated to Sofia Gardens. This backed onto the Old Arms Park rugby stadium, later the National Stadium but called that by very few. Millenium stadium is situated partly over the old ground plus a little more towards railway and bus stations, plus a little of old cricket ground.
It always mystified me why a name like Cardiff Arms Park, renown throughout the rugby world was apparently discarded without a second thought!!

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posted Feb 2, 2007

If I remember rightly the reason it had to be called the millenium stadium was a large grant from the millenium commission allowing the stadium to be built. It was almost half the total cost of the project and carried the condition that tht stadium had to have the name millenium

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posted Feb 4, 2007

The Millenium stadium rocks. It is is the heart of the City, surrounded by a variety of bars and on match day it is one the the great citadels of sport. The buzz is electric, and fans of all persuaisions can mix on all levels. Great for fans and families, and having been to all 5 nations grounds ( Italy is next ) it is the best rugby stadium of the lot. The Pyramids at Giza, Florida and Millenium Stadium are three things to do before you die.

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comment by Sionee (U7535452)

posted Feb 18, 2007

The are where all the sport is based was originally ARMS Park which contained the stadiums.

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posted Mar 5, 2007

the stadium is really good..great atmosphere evry match..had some great moments in that stadium and the cup finals shouldnt have been moved to wembley...thats a shame/....i last sat there for the swans vs barnsley play of final and i was at th very very top..i could touch the roof thqats how high it was..absoulutlwy silet walking down those thousands of steps tho after the penalty loss...smiley

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posted Mar 18, 2007

I watched the Powergen Semi-Finals in 2006 at this venue and I had an incredible time. It has to be one of the top stadiums in Europe. Located in the city centre and with excellent facilities all around. Atmosphere inside the stadium incredible. Highly recommended.

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posted Mar 22, 2007

I love cardiff on match days. Even if your not going to the game its just a great atmosphere. One thing that i think has spoiled it a bit though is all these different kick off times. Sunday games are a big no no if you ask me. All the kick off's should have been kept as was saturday 3pm. If you want to watch another match watch another match.

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posted Jan 2, 2009

Cardiff is the best on match days and the Millenium Stadium is amazing!!! i watched Wales v All Blacks recently - how amazing was that even though we lost!! Went to Webley to watch Cardiff in FA Cup Final in May, even though the stadium is awesome I still think the atmosphere at Millenium is better - even though Cardiff fans sung their hearts out at Wembley, never mind, hopefully I will be back there for the play-offs, pity they are not played in Millenium Stadium...

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