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Chris Brown

West Jesmond AFC
by West-Jesmond-AFC (U7134436) 16 January 2007
Current team:
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Position: Centre Half
Age: 27
Nickname: Browny, Ringo, The Redcar Bully

Profile:Easily the most disliked WJ player by opposition teams. An extremely vocal defender who occasionally lets his rugged no nonsense defending do the talking.

A tough tackler with bad hair, Chris likes to think of himself as the life and soul of the party. Has an inflated opinion of himself and claims to be a genius. Definitely not true…

Star sign: Libra
Favourite football player: Stevie Gerrard, John Barnes
Favourite cheese: What sort of stupid question is that?
Favourite/worst WJAFC moment: Promotion to division one/Beaten by Blyth in the cup semi-final

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posted Jan 17, 2007

All I can say is that everything written above is true. I used to play football with Browny when we were mates at uni in Sheffield. Two things you need to know about Browny: 1. could start an argument/fight in an empty room, 2. on the football pitch he is equally adept at doing the sublime or the ridiculous (mostly ridiculous)

He also claims to be the best player at West Jesmond when I last saw him a couple of months ago. Is this true?

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posted Jan 17, 2007

I have never seen such a well written piece about one person – hats off to the author especially “Has an inflated opinion of himself” so true!!

Chris brown is definitely one of a kind :0)

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posted Jan 17, 2007

Browny the best player? ha ha ha!

I'm sure the rest of the lads will find that one a musing? telling some porkies chris?

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posted Jan 17, 2007

You forgot to add on that he wants to rule the world by the time he is 40! :-D

and I could add a few nicknames on too ;)

But anyway, i'd agree with all the comments made, he certainly is enthusiastic if not suffering slightly from attention deficit disorder <laugh>

he's a big pussy cat really! ( sorry flower :-D )

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posted Feb 20, 2007

Browny will never rule the world ever.

He has more chance of ruling the world than i have of eating salad.

But he does talk proper rubbish and that is why we love browny.

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posted Feb 28, 2007

Aren't you the sexy one who I saw on tele last night grinning whilst shearer missed his penalty? :-D and aren't you the one who beat shearer? ;-)

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posted Apr 12, 2007

Ner not really like, i am the skinny one like haha

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