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West Jesmond AFC
by West-Jesmond-AFC (U7134436) 16 January 2007
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Hi I'm Lee Marsh (top row, far left) the co-founder of West Jesmond AFC. We are the winners of BBC Sport's adopt a team competition which means you will get to follow the rest of our season (good, bad or ugly) here on 606.

Each week we will document every missed sitter or goalkeeper's fluff with match reports every Tuesday. And the BBC will be sending along experts to help our hopeful march up the league (although they haven't told us who yet!).

So what's in it for you? Each expert who visits us in sunny Newcastle will be available for you to pose your questions to, so hopefully we'll be able to help your team too.

And you can play a part in shaping our season by suggesting what part of amateur football you want to shed light on. Nicknames? WAGS? Assault courses? You can even help choose our new kit. Send us your comments below.

But who are we anyway? I suppose we are a club born out of other clubsí ineptitude, a cultural melting pot where teachers meet students, "dole dossers" meet lawyers and nationalities unite. A social experiment if you like!

The club was born in 2004 and we play in Division One of the Tyneside Amateur League, affiliated to the Northumberland FA.

If ever you want to see us play, our home games are at Paddy Freeman's playing fields, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Itís a woeful park pitch where dog-muck is rife! Luckily we weren't there last week when we lost 2-1 to Cullercoats Piper in the cup.

So who plays for us? Well, Chilli, Trouser and Box-head do.

Our goalkeeper Brian Clough is a fearless shot stopper with his own idiolect and an irrepressible appetite for our local pubís greasy sausage and chips. You can read more about our players below.

The quadrants of the club badge sum us up. Despite our home pitch we like to think we're leading a champagne lifestyle and above the badge is the latin inscription "donec ego abolesco" Ė which translates as "until I die", embodying the spirit of the club.

Although we won promotion last year, this season has been a battle. We have the players, but canít put our finger on whatís wrong.

A vital ingredient seems to be missing so we hope winning BBC Sport's competition will see WJAFC flourish again.

Below are the characters who make it happen. In the meantime the BBC has promised us a new kit, but what should it look like? Over to you...


West Jesmond AFC player profiles:

CAPTAIN: Alan Fenton ('Le Box')

GOALKEEPER: Brian Clough ('Cloughy')

DEFENDERS: Ian Greenshields ('Zippy'), Chris Brown ('Ringo'), Gareth Smith ('Romeo'), John Joyce ('Pingu'), Ross Wilson ('The Passion')

MIDFIELDERS: Lee Marsh ('Rodders'), Chris Mound ('Moundy'), Douglas Cranston ('Silver Fox'), Gary Carney ('Chilli'), Mark Pickles ('Tickles'), Marko Klein ('Red Barron'), Peter Shield ('Granddad'), Richard Harrison ('Richy'), Paul Smith, Phillip Hanlon, Daniel Turnbull ('The Trouser')

STRIKERS: Chris Davison ('Gaffer'), Jed Manuel, Omar Mahmoud ('Pouch'), Zijad Jasarevic ('Bosnian Beast')

Now you've met us, stay on board for a memorable ride through amateur football.

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posted Jan 20, 2007

Mr Iron (Scunny Pete)- when are you going to be turning out for R&D? 3-0 vs Philosophers today - proper bargain basement stuff! Social Policy forever!!

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posted Jan 28, 2007

Hey interested in playing a friendly in Manchester in March?

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posted Jan 28, 2007

Hey Lads, ope its going better for your side than it is for mine, for out tour this year were heading to newcastle, mainly for alcohol consumption, but if you guys fancy a friendly sometime in june let me know really appriciate it.

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posted Feb 15, 2007

a cnt believe dis team gt picked wen al av herd is ov dem losing mahn haha

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comment by Mark A (U5611457)

posted Feb 28, 2007

So these are the mighty West Jesmond boys. They've had visits from a fitness coach, Alan Shearer and there are more on the way. They've even started to win. But it's not just about them.

We also want to hear about YOUR team. Is your keeper a bit on the crazy side, or maybe your striker looks like Peter Crouch.

Do you prepare for a big match in the pub or is it a quiet night in with the loved one watching Kevin Costner movies?

Or you might just have some amazing advice to help West Jesmond AFC rise up the league table.

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posted Mar 5, 2007

Dear Mark A

think it would be worthwhile doing a feature on the NFA minor cup final between willington quay saints and fc amble. First time in the cups history that a side out of the top league featured in the cup hasn't made the final

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posted Mar 11, 2007

Why is Paddy Freemans Park still full of dog nasties when there's a full time parkie on duty? How can you guys put up with this? Complain to the local council bod ....

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posted Mar 12, 2007

my under 15s sunday league team would probably beat them...dnt no why the bbc do this adopt a team crap....waste of time

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posted Mar 15, 2007


How do you know how good we are?
We happen to play in a very competitive tyneside league - a real football hotbed of talent!

We'd love to meet your no-mark under 15 team and teach you a footballing lesson!

See you when you're old enough son!

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posted Mar 18, 2007

I think that the North Eastern standard of football is somewhat pathetic compared to that of the south coast. Stop eating sickly sausage rolls and get yourselves down here for a real test.

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