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The story about Bradford's exciting young prospect, Sam Burgess, caring for his father who has motor neurons disease, brought a tear to my eye. As a father, if I can bring my son up to have this level of decency and character, I too will be extremely proud, as I'm sure Sam Burgess' dad must be.

Combine this, with the recent story about Tommy Martyn selling his Challenge Cup Medal to support the cause of ex-team mate, Steve Prescott, and those outside the game will need not ask why I would be proud for my own son to grow up inside the rugby league family, where he will learn the value of the virtues these men display. At a time when parents worry what drugs are getting into their kids, they're best preventative measure is to get their kids into rugby league as early as possible. In this sport, like no other, will they learn that the physical qualities required on the field, of strength, stamina, skill, speed, and aggression, must be matched in equal measure by the personal qualities off the field, of commitment, comradery, resilience, focus and humility. There is no better school for such values, and I look forward to my own son striving to emulate the achievements of rugby league role models such as Tommy Martyn and Sam Burgess.

My sincerest thanks and respect to them both.

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posted Jan 14, 2007

I couldn't agree more. Also I believe Lee Radford and Stuart Fielden need a mention for the boxing match they are having to raise funds for Preccy. But the list doesn't stop there - look at how many people turned out in the charity game for Mike Gregory. It is a wonderful thing to see the heart of the community coming through in such ways!

I have the utmost respect for all these efforts!

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posted Jan 14, 2007

Once again rugby league comes together to show respect for an ex pro. Keep up the good work

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posted Jan 14, 2007

As a Bradford fan, when Tommy Martyn played I hated and loved him in equal amounts. When he played against Bradford he ALWAYS played well and I hated him for doing so but I would have had him in my team as fast as I could. When he played against other teams he was one of the players I loved to watch. Exciting and always liable to do something special. Unfortunately he also did it against your team to but all in all a joy to watch. (My wife's favourite by the way). Now we know what a special person he is as well. Hated and loved but most of all I always respected him.
As for Sam Burgess I bet other sports wish they had youngsters like him.

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posted Jan 15, 2007

Absolutley amazing stuff. Get well soon Steve Prescott.

Id just like to take a moment to tell another touching piece of rugby league camaraderie and loyalty.

In a amateur league game a local south yorkshire player suffered serious injuries to his neck and spinal chord. This man was left disabled and unable to work, with a family to support and a mortgage to pay off, there was no way possible, well not until is rugby league brothers and sisters of the 7 reginal divisions stepped in to offer their support. The mans mortgage was payed off by the kindness off our rugby league community. I thought this was absolutley touching and brings a tear to my eye every time I think about it.

It just goes to show how special the group of people who follow and love this game are.

Sam & Tommy be proud of yourselves, Followers of League be proud of yourselves and pray u never find a unfortunate situation.

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posted Jan 16, 2007

It was a truly magnificent and generous gesture from Tommy Martyn. I'm delighted it's raised such a large amount.

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