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Rangers fans split on Le Guen

Scottish Premier Rangers
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Rangers were split down the middle before Paul Le Guen's 200-day reign ended in him being bundled out of the door - the French manager on one side and Barry Ferguson on the other.

And it seems the club's massive worldwide fan base is still divided, despite chairman Sir David Murray waving goodbye to a man hailed as a saviour when a seemingly endless pursuit concluded with his summer appointment.

The 606 message boards have reflected the contrasting views of a saga that has plunged one of Britain's great sporting institutions into crisis.

This was the verdict from penleguin: "Not sure about Le Guen but I'm not happy with Ferguson's behaviour.

"When Amoruso was stripped of the captaincy he responded by playing the best football of his Rangers career. Ferguson responds by orchestrating a campaign against the manager. He shouldn't be captain again."

The word from Scotland appears to be that the part played by Ferguson in Le Guen's downfall will cost him the captaincy for good, no matter who succeeds him.

One thing is for sure, Ferguson would have to be a fool to undermine the next manager if that man was Walter Smith.

Ferguson clearly feels he is the talisman and spokesman for the Rangers fans, but he was happy to leave his beloved Ibrox and take the Premiership shilling for an unsuccessful spell at Blackburn.

He could not cut it at Ewood Park, hence many down south failing to understand the fuss and the sight of a baying mob defending a player who was pedestrian in the Premiership.

It now looks like Walter Smith will ride to the rescue of the club where enjoyed huge domestic success before leaving in 1998.

Smith's reputation is sky high once more after his work in rejuvenating Scotland, and he will provide wisdom and a steadying hand.

And if it is a blue-blood Rangers man the fans want after Le Guen's distant approach, Smith is made from the right stuff.

One journalist attempting to make small talk with Smith in his early Everton days by telling him his beloved Rangers had lost was told: "If you and me are going to get on, you only tell me when Rangers win."

It was his dry humour, but also a signal of his commitment to the Rangers cause.

He will know what is required at Rangers, and anyone not sharing his loyalty will be swiftly shown the door.

But even the proposed return of the dream ticket of Smith and Ally McCoist has not been greeted with universal approval.

Gazbarney says: "Come on gers fans, it never works going back the way...always look forward. Walter may steady the ship this season, I don't doubt that, but long term this is a bad idea and clearly shows lack of ambition on Murray's part."

Tntnard used lessons in Rangers history to express his fears: "It never works 2nd tme around remember J Wallace? Jim Baxter? I would go for C.Levien."

But Murray won support in a post from Gerintothem: "Le Guen worked his ticket out of Irox because he couldn't hack it. By dropping Ferguson from the captaincy and then having the gall to give it to Gavin Rae he knew he would turn the fans against him. Do you honestly believe that David Murray would sanction these moves?"

So the pressure is on everyone.

Murray, who has seen a showpiece appointment fail dismally, and Ferguson, who has alienated some supporters after being central to Le Guen's departure.

Even Smith will be under pressure, given his previous track record of success.

It is a crucial time in Rangers' history - what are your views on how the club should move forward?

Who do you back? Murray, Ferguson or Le Guen? And would going back to Smith be a gamble?

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posted Jan 9, 2007

What utter rubbish.What planet are you on? Your wish was granted on Sunday.Durrant gave full backing to "Humble misunderstood Barry" and his scots clansmen (eight scots players in total). Result - The worst performance and result in decades and the total humiliation of our club. So this is your idea of the future is it?

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comment by ayeblue (U7075046)

posted Jan 9, 2007

Apart from Dado Prso Barry Ferguson is the only player who burst a gut to keep Le Guen in his job. If the players Le Guen brought to the club had tried half as hard then Le Guen would still have his job. I'm sure when Le Guen looks back he'll realise that Barry only complained out of his love for the club and had no hidden agenda.

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comment by Snykch (U4413982)

posted Jan 9, 2007

I remember rumours, around the end of McLeish's reign, that the players weren't following his instructions on the field. Let's say the rumours were true... wouldn't a captain be instrumental in the team disobeying the manager's orders, or if not, he'd certainly be guilty of not doing enough to enforce the orders on the park. The rumours might have been a lot of rubbish, but it would certainly be another example of Ferguson's insubordination, and him having a negative effect on the team.

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posted Jan 9, 2007

Rangers seem to be in a panic yet again, I never understood why alex mcleish was let go, and now Le Guen goes because they can't match celtic in half a season in charge!! please!
With the Scottish national team playing well for the first time in 16 + years the decision to go after their contracted management team shows how lowly Rangers support scottish football. This is the worst part of the whole misserable episode, and action should be taken against them for sure a low move.
As for barry ferguson, grow up!

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posted Jan 9, 2007

I would just like to say that I think its a disgrace that Smith would turn his back on his country to go back to Rangers. He can't win a trophy for 18 months, even then it won't be anything he hasn't achieved several times before (I know they're still in the UEFA, but I can't see them winning that). Meanwhile, he's selling out Scotland who actually have a chance for qualifying for their first major tournament for a decade. I'd love to say I was surprised, but I think it sums up the mentality of a lot of people involved with the Old Firm.

And your attitude is typical of fans outside the old firm, if you're that bothered about scotland let's see what you've got to say if the sfa go for levein to replace walter smith?

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comment by Phil (U4827019)

posted Jan 10, 2007

All very well about Fergusson and Amoruso, but Fergusson was ALREADY playing the best football of his career, when he was strippe of the captaincy. What's worse, the rest of the team weren't doing so well!

Besides, Le Guen did it out of personal spite, not to improve performances.

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comment by viveplg (U7084884)

posted Jan 10, 2007

According to the French press Paul Le Guen quit:his offer to resign three weeks before his last meeting with Murray was rejected. He left - without compensation - disappointed but convinced that he had done all that he could. He was shocked by the prominent part played by alcohol in the lives of some players and by their attitude to training. By failing to back him, Murray has done double damage to Scottish football. He has upset the management of Scotland at a critical time; and he has thrown away the chance to establish sound foundations - based on peak physical fitness and the honing of technical skills - for sustained future success. Such an achievement would have had an important knock-on effect throughout the SPL. So, alas, will the actual PLG experience. Moreover, the cost to Rangers has been immediate. Had Murray backed PLG last week,attitudes and behaviour at Ibrox would have been transformed and his team would still have been in the Scottish Cup. No doubt the stern and stubborn M. Le Guen had his faults. With strong support however he would have succeeded.

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posted Jan 10, 2007

And your attitude is typical of fans outside the old firm, if you're that bothered about scotland let's see what you've got to say if the sfa go for levein to replace walter smith?

Honestly, as a United fan I don't want Levein to leave - he's doing quite a good job for us.

And,as a Scotland fan I certainly don't want Levein to get the job - because I'm not sure he's up to it. A good spell with Cowdenbeath, a good spell with Hearts, failure at Leicester, a month at Raith then 2 promising months at Tannadice. Not enough there to convince he's ready for international management I'm afraid.

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posted Jan 11, 2007

Unfortunately for all those living outside Glasgow - what would Scottish football ever have been without Rangers and Celtic. If either of these teams ever get to play in the Premiership, it is quite simply the end of Scottish professional football. Rangers are a bigger institution than the SFA, and always will be.

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comment by U6964604

posted Jan 16, 2007

Making McGregor no.1 over Klos. Bringing through all the young talent from the academy and playing it regularly (Smith, Hutton, Adam).

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