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England, England, England...

Test cricket England
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I went to bed last night with Australia struggling on 88-5.

The first thing I heard this morning was the Boycott and Aggers end-of-day conversation.

It took some time for them to reveal the score to me, but when I heard Boycs talking about Symonds and a century, I knew things weren't going to be great.

I tried to be optimistic - maybe the lead is only 100-150 if we've managed to keep taking wickets at the other end, I thought, then the duo discussed Hayden's 150+ knock.

And then that the score was 372-7 - a lead of 213.

I can't repeat here the words that sprang forth from my mouth - how the devil had England managed to let this one slip away?

The ball was seaming and swinging all over the place before lunch, and with Symonds not averaging many and Hayden playing slower than Chris Tavare in his prime there was no way Australia should have been allowed to build up such a score.

Okay there were a few decisions that went against England, but even so... what next for England? Matthew Hoggard summed it up nicely on Five Live this morning: "We need to take a couple of wickets early on and then bat all day," was his deadpan response to Mark Pougatch's query.

Hoggy's right, but I can't see the second part of that happening, can you?

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posted Dec 28, 2006

Correct on point number 5 in that not many batsmen managed to score runs on that pitch - but it must be noted that Hayden + Symond's scores + Australia's sundries beat all of England's batsmen scores after batting twice. That puts it in a bit of perspective. If a batsman on that pitch applied themselves and had a bit of luck they could get a score. There just seemed to be a lack of genuine application.

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posted Dec 28, 2006

Was going to comment on the cricket as a cricket loving Jock, and its the only sport I support England in.

But first the Scots bashing at the start of the page.

Broaden your horizon mate, Scotland may not be the world leaders at winning things but you do put over the attitude and statements that many English do that encourages us Scots to enjoy your floundering at times.

We may not win many world titles at anything, or have a chance to. But England who if the press and the many aragant fans are to be believed go into every compitition in every sport with a chance to win seem to lose a lot as well.

I will give you your 2 orld cups in their relevant sports, but you have expected to win at least 3 of the football ones since (have to mention penalties here) and failed. And I will ignore rugby for now as I am sure you are all aware of that particular disaster.

And as for the 3024 world cup, why wait till then when you can watch us in next years tournament in the carribean. Blinkers old chap?

Onto cricket.

20/20 and the short form of the game are vital for the financial side of things in England for the counties, and rightly so are promoted and very sucessfull.

But I feel this has led to English batsmen at the top level losing the "stand there and get hit" mentality sometimes required in a test match. England had windows during at least 2 test matches to get infront and bat out for at least a draw, but couldnt as there are no batsmen on this tour with that mentality.

Australia have a blend of dogidness and flair that works well. England right now have flair, and even that was missing at times.

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posted Dec 28, 2006

Maroon man, you sound quite intelligent. What I can't work out is why you even react. There are plenty of Scots that wind us up and there are plenty of English that wind the Scots up, simple. I went to Scotland and met loads of lovely people there, but you come on here and the majority are complete prats, something you have to live with <ok>

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posted Dec 28, 2006

Its the kilt Drogfathar.

We have a gene in our DNA that makes us bite at any anti Scottish jibe, kind of a reflex action.

Easiest to keep nationalities out of it and concentrate on sports and teams, but that can get messy.

Realy got into cricket when I lived in Oz, couldnt support then as I am not a fan of the people. And we cant play test matches (yet) so support England in the long form of the game. Well we have captained you (and the welsh) before. Should see some of the arguments in pubs trying to get the cricket highlights on.


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posted Dec 28, 2006

You lived in Oz? I have family out there and went for a couple of months last year. (Happened to be when the Ashes was on :)) I'm hoping to move there one day, the place is awesome. Thing is we aren't into cricket and rugby like they are, the footy is more important!! I played in a team over there and was a star for the local team!

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posted Dec 28, 2006

I know the feeling I flited between NZ and OZ for 3 years and loved it. But once you start working and earning AUS$ its not so good, good but not great.

The sport in NZ and OZ is fantastic, loved that side. But the counry is to divided for me, to be expecte with they way the population emegrated over the years. Couldnt get my head around Greek parts of town, Lebionese parts of town etc.

All the worse parts of the individual countries seem to have flitted with them.

played rugby there (looked terible) played cricket (looked worse than the england squad) played football (looked top class). And rugby is my better sport.

If you get out pic a city very carefully as they are all totaly differnt.

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posted Dec 28, 2006

I went to Brisbane for a couple of weeks then spent pretty much the whole time with my cousins on the Gold Coast. Went to Sydney for a few days at the end, <erm> funny how they didn't mention how George Street is rainbow coloured when booking the hotel :(

<laugh> Went to the valley in Brisbane with my girlfriend. Walk into this bar full of hench Ozzie rugby players, there's me with my England footy shirt! England were playing but so were they in rugby. I ask if they can switch it over to find out the score, the whole place errupted in laughter. :( They did it for me in the end though! See the people out there don't take life as seriously as people say it should, which is exactly what I'm like. Great people, bad winners but great people!

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posted Dec 28, 2006

You will find they are all bad losers in the southern hemisphere as they have a winning mentality, and tend to win a lot.

Was at carisbrooke for NZ Scotland which ended something like 67-35 a great game. The kiwis couldnt get their head around they way we celebrated scoring 35 as no other team had done that to the All Blacks up to that point.

They just saw a defeat.

Didnt like Brisbane, its like a small village with sky scrapers!

Loved Sydney was 24 when I was their and minted so party!!!!!!! Think my liver is still recovering.

Well finishing work now till new year. And no cricket to watch, the whole reason I have tomorrow off (fights temptation to say "bloody English")

Have a good hogmany Drog (hope your not chelsea?) <ok>

Come on Scotland bring back the cricket world cup in 2007, it cant be that hard.

Ohh and Spurs for the FA cupand Hearts for the Scottish Cup.

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posted Dec 29, 2006

Hey Maroon.

My comments would not have been made had it not been for the comments of one of your countrymen earlier in the day.
Bit of a 'red rag / bull' scenario.

Good luck in the Cricket World Cup next year (You do have a pretty tough group though)

As for Rugby, well, Our game has never been worse - so there HAS to be a recovery at some point, just hope it's in time for the 6 Nations !

Ave a goodun.:)

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posted Mar 21, 2007

'And as for the 3024 world cup, why wait till then when you can watch us in next years tournament in the carribean'

Sadly they won't be there long enough to get much of a tan.

And how'd you get against the auld enemy in the 6 nations ?
We were pants and you STILL couldn't beat us.

Well done Ireland and Wales, you outplayed us and deserved your respective wins.

Look on the bright side at least you've still got Andy Murray that Great British Tennis Player.;)

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