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Rip Off

by crazy_owl (U4497529) 11 December 2006
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Last night's Sports Personality of the Year show was a rip off. The BBC had been publicising the fact the Princess Anne had won the award before and it was unlikely that anyone else was going to win apart from Zara Phillips.

Unlike the other competitors for the award Zara was born into money and therefore opportunity where everyone else had to train to be good at their sport. Take Beth Tweddle for instance she had been training since the age of 7!!! She was our first Gold medal winner in Gymnastics. I'm sure her parents had to scrimp and save to send her for training to be as good as she could be. Where a member of the Royal family wouldn't have to do anything just take some money from the family fortune. Phil Taylot has become a Darts legend and that takes some real skill not just sitting on top of a horse going over jumps.

In my opinion the 'public' made the wrong choice. Everyone else needs skills and talent to do their sport Zara Phillips does not.

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posted Dec 11, 2006

Yeh it was great achievment that zara phillips did but it wasnt shown on telly and people only got to know because shes royalty.Royalty helped her get nominated because how many people know who was the mens world champion in the same event without looking up? hardly no one.

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posted Dec 11, 2006

2004: Kelly Holmes
2003: Jonny Wilkinson
2002: Paula Radcliffe
2000: Steve Redgrave
Winners 2000-05
I am sorry, but listening to people complain when someone wins a popular vote is bizzare. 'Boo, the green party didn't win the General Election -it's not fair; Tony blair is always on the news'. As SPOTY is a popular vote, how can you complain when the public have spoken. So you don't agree - you should have spent longer voting if it meant that much to you. Previous winner have been the likes of David Beckham, Michael Owen and Greg Rudeski. Not one of them a world champion, not one of them ever having made a MEMORABLE contiubution to British sport (don't worry, in 20 years no one will remember Owen and will only remember Beckham for his wifes continued attempts to 'relauch' her pop career). I am glad that the award went to someone who actually showed world class and won something. Incidentally, would Beckham really have won if it wasn't for the non-sporting press? NB: I voted for Clarke, but it wasn't to be.

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posted Dec 12, 2006

"Minority Sports personality of the year. This event is a joke,the BBC actively promotes sports for the minorities, be it the elitist Rugby, money orientated equestrian or cricket. All these sports have two common themes, they are not played by all creeds and they generally have barriers to entry for the majority of the british population."

What a complete load of rubbish. I am astounded that there are people this ignorant.


What you need to remember is that the person who wrote that is not only stupid, but also a fat lazy layabout, probably on the dole, and certainly someone with no more involvement in sport than using the remote to flick between sky channels while pouring lager down his fat neck.

I would be interested in seeing him discuss with Pakistan and the West Indies how cricket is a sport not played by different creeds. I would enjoy seeing the fool tell Martin Offiah that rugby is an elitist white sport.

Brainless morons hold brainless views. We should not be surprised.

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posted Dec 12, 2006

I feel that this award was given purely for the state of the competitor being a royal, it seems farcical that she won.

Whether you like him or not, calzaghe has dominated his sport for years and is clearly one of the most successful champions of all time.

But what annoys me more is the way that the voting was done, with claims that the lines had closed before the last competitors were highlighted.

I think the license fee is a tax enough, well this proves it, we have all just been told to pay our taxes by the royals with this win.

I do not support the BBC and I do not support the stranglehold they have on users of TV for whatever reason, when they make an event as biased and farcical as this one.

Spend my money properly you fat cat losers!

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comment by U3982344

posted Dec 12, 2006

Whatís your fascination with fat people. If someone doesn't like sitting on the back of a horse like a pleb they are fat are they! Iím sure us lads who play proper sports like footy and spend our Sunday afternoons on the park are fat are we?

Stick to your poncey noncey rubbish!

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posted Dec 12, 2006

How awful of people to focus on the fact that Zara Philips is 11th in line to the throne and not base their comments on sporting excellence - you have to be plumb loco to think that they gave her the World and European Titles - they don't lower the fences or give her a 10 second head start just because she is the Queens grandaughter !

All world class athletes train a phenomenal amount, they all deserve credit for their efforts - it is just jealousy that makes people think like Crazy Owl - grow up - or better still, go and do some exercise !

As for the elitist comments - I never cease to be amazed by the ignorance of some people - I lean't to play cricket at my local comprehensive school - I help run a local village cricket team - the boys and girls that play live in the local village. They are not part of some elitist supremacy group - but normal boys and girls having fun playing sport - it's a real community affair, supported by ALL sections of the local population - the person who wrote those comments clearly has nothing to do with sport all all !!!

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posted Dec 12, 2006

Lets be honest, how many people who voted for Zara Phillips had any idea about the sport she competes in, this is not taking away from her achievements its just a fact that most would of voted on who she was

But as people have mentioned she isn't the first winner to win like this (beckham, Owen etc) and she won't be the last until the format changes

Public votes mean its ends up as a popularity contest

I have not watched this show in years I'm amazed by how much media coverage it still gets. Its time this show was put to rest

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comment by theBear (U836401)

posted Dec 12, 2006

I think that it was a joke that Zara Phillips won the award. Yes, she did well in her event, but what about someone like Joe Calzaghe? One of the best boxers Britain has ever had.
Also, Tony McCoy is the greatest jump jockey we have ever seen, yet he was not even in the top 10 choices.
Here in Britain, we seem to prefer losers, to winners. Look at people like Frank Bruno and Tim Henman. Did they actually acheive anything?
Joe Calzaghe - World champion and unbeaten in 42 fights.
Tony McCoy - Champion jump jockey for the past decade or so, in a very dangerous sport.
And what do those 2 great men have in common? They're winners! but not winnners of SPOTY.

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posted Dec 13, 2006

I never mentioned Fat people, I mentioned fat cat, as in people taking lots and spending little.

Shows like this are a cash-in that require no effort and yet the schedules are chock full of them, what happened to new government line for more varied entertainment? OH wait, you have to have digital to watch it

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