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pompey fan in peace

Premiership Watford
by ernieb (U5501427) 19 November 2006
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You guys suffered on Saturday. Understand your Managers remarks but, lets face it if you are going to criticise the officials you have to include all the mistakes not just those that effect you.
The Ref and the two assistant refs were appalling all the way through and spoilt the game. Their overall performance got 0/10.
Very impressed with your teams effort, defence and commitment. You just need some one to convert chances into goals.
Good luck for the rest of the season. You have the ability to stay up.

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posted Nov 20, 2006


Firstly, the television replay showed clearly that it was a pen, and Kanu was not offside.
While we are on the subject, TV replays also proved CONCUSIVELY the following:

Your goal was scored from a corner, which was actually a goal kick.
One of your defenders should have been sent off when he pulled back Lua Lua when he was clean through on goal - I wouldn't have bet against Lua Lua scoring had your cheating side not done this.

3 offside decisions were incorrectly awarded against Pompey in the second half - one of which saw Andy Cole clean through with only the goalie to beat - do you think he would have scored? I do!!

Moving on, handball is where a player deliberatley handles the ball, or where he makes himself "big" by stretching his arms out or up, and the ball strikes him. This clearly was not the case with the Linvoy incident.

So, to summarise:
1 The goal you scored shoud not have been given.
2 You had a case for 1 pen - where Pamerot seemed to collide with your striker.
3 Pompey should have been playing against 10 men from midway through the 1st half - perhaps we would have scored more as a result!
4 Andy Cole would almost certainly have scored when he was incorrectly judged as being offside.

Taking all that into account, the result would have been at least 3-1 to Pompey.

SO WHAT ARE YOU HORNETS MOANING ABOUT? - You got off lightly!!!!

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posted Nov 20, 2006

Suppose you call yourself a football supporter but in reality you are not because you only see one team - are you sure you're not from LONDON N5 1BU

Try opening your mind next time you watch a FOOTBALL MATCH because you have to have two teams on the field

By the way did you give Harry all of your support when he left for Southampton???

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posted Nov 20, 2006

Have to agree with you there BenRyder: our manager is absolute rubbish. Any big club looking to poach him would be well advised to steer clear. Best leave him at Watford.winkeye

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posted Nov 20, 2006


Sorry chap, but purely in relation to the penalty Saturday you, like your manager are talking absolute rubbish.

That referee & linesman were absolutely slaughtered by Boothroyd over the penalty and what happens when you see it. The ref was spot on & Boothroyd has been made to look a complete prat.

There were three accusations across his interviews:

1) It was offside. NO IT WASN'T. It wasn't even in line, Kanu ran from behind with at least 2 defenders playing him on.

2) It wasn't a penalty. What? It's one of the clearest penalties you'll see. A defenders puts BOTH hands on each shoulder of the attacker. What else is it? And Kanu wouldn't have been able to see that being in front of him.

3) It was outside the area. Wrong again. First contact was on the line & the foul was inside.

So the ref was spot on, on all 3 counts.

I'm getting sick of managers slating refeerees for decisions that turn out to be correct. Probably 50% of these so called dreadful decisions turn out to be right.

I think a manager should be allowed to say whatever they like about a refereeing decision afterwards (so long as there is no accusation of cheating, corruption etc).

But, as with this example, if they're wrong, which plenty of them are, they should do the interview for the next match in just their pants. They'd soon shut up then & think before they speak.

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posted Nov 20, 2006


You say "Kanu, receives ball in an offside position" Go figure. 3pts.

Please, please tell me that was a mis-type. And not that you believe that being in an 'offside position' when you receive the ball is an offence?

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posted Nov 21, 2006

I have been critical in the past of decisions by officials and encouraged video technology.

But this ridiculous verbal bashing of them is getting completely out of hand.

Will you people grow up and stop accusing them so they can get on with their jobs!

The amount of hate mail and death treats must be an enourmous burden, they are probably afraid of setting outside their front door.

Stop your stupid complaining & screaming!

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posted Nov 21, 2006

Stood in that excuse for a stadium on saturday and as soon as Kanu felt the tiouch of DeMerit he dropped like a sack of potatoes. Referee was unsited. I fthis is the case and the Lino does not see it either then he cannot give penalty !

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posted Nov 22, 2006

Gubby Allen, to take 2nd post first: Quite right, a mis-type... Kanu was in in offside position when the ball was kicked and moved forward and (he) was in active play. I believe this is the latest definition.
I do know the law, I am a qualified referee myself and so I am in a position to criticise.

Kanu was offside IMO, but not in the eyes of the one person that matters.

JFK didn't go down that quickly when he got shot in the head. Very professional Mr K, complete muppetry Mr Foy. Hook, line, sinker.

Still I guess it makes up for the "Tottenham Incident".

Meawhile, back at the other end... Meadowlark Primus uses his hand to clear the ball thus denying Doris a clear goal scoring opportunity - another double whammy, nothing given and 11 men still on the park. Shall we also ignore the shove in the back on Doris as he jumped for the ball? Two clear cut stonewall penalties not given.

Furthermore, referees generally tend get very few contentious decisions wrong (I'd say about 2 or 3) over the season, let alone in a match, but this season has been exceptional. I haven't seen a anything like it. The standard of officiating has been pretty appalling. If I refereed like that I'd half expect to find my car burning in the carpark after the game.

As for those that suggest that we are bad losers I would contend that the way we have been losing has been far too polite. We (were) top of the fair play league as well, just to prove the point.

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posted Nov 22, 2006

Re Match I think that it was clear Kanu was onside and in my view was a penalty although the point of impact was very very close to the edge of the box ? I felt the claim for handball by Pompey was a fair claim, I am not so sure that the Henderson incident was a penalty.
I think Aidy Boothroyd was too outspoken after the match although I can understand why as in previous matches there had been several decisions which had gone against Watford. But of course it always seems that these decisions are that much more crucial when you are struggling ? I am Watford a follower but I just hope the aspect of decisions does not become a high priority as this will surely deflect from the very positive attitude that the manager is trying to maintain.

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posted Nov 22, 2006

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. You have to remember that the Referee can only see what he can see! With the Kanu penalty, the linesman doesn't have a clear view, so he can't give it!

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