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Les Reed given Charlton job

Premiership Charlton Athletic
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So lets get this straight.

Charlton have sacked Dowie and have given Les Reed a chance to show what he can do.

That doesn't make much sense and it sounds more risky than keeping Dowie.

The fact that Reed's a Charlton man won't be enough to save them. OK, he might be a great coach, but being a good coach and managing a team, getting Charlton back to winning ways are totally different things.

This is looking more and more like a panic decision to sack Dowie. I'm not sure they really know which direction to go in or where to go from here.

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posted Nov 14, 2006

Old-Father-Thames: "Having sacked one of the greatest ever charlton managers"

Not quite a sacking, O-F-T. Curbs had a year left on his contract, Charlton wanted to extend it but the Great Man didn't want to. The club then felt that it would be best if Curbs left at the end of last season as they didn't want a "lame duck" manager in charge. Look at what's happened at other clubs when it's been said in advance that the manager is retiring/leaving at the end of the season (e.g. Fergie at Man Utd, Strachan at Saints), the club often goes downhill.

Old-Father-Thames: "... [he] took them from continual under achievement into a team playing great football"

Did you see many of our games over the last couple of years? Great football it most certainly was not! Yes, we occasionally turned on the style, but after our bright start last season we went back to dull, defensive, hoof-it-upfield-to-Bent footy. The booing that was often heard at Charlton matches last year was a reaction to the style of play (and a few bloody awful results); it wasn't a "Curbs Out" campaign, despite what the media often portrayed it as.

And as for "continual underavhievement", I don't think so! How can you underachieve when you've got a crap squad?! Curbs certainly improved it over the years, getting us promoted to the Premiership (twice) and turned us continual OVERachievers. Who knows what would have happened if Chelsea hadn't tempted Scotty Parker away a couple of years ago? We were fourth in the table, right up Chelsea's backside. At the very least we were on for a UEFA Cup place.

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posted Nov 15, 2006

Even if Dowie 'lost the dressing room' (and that's not been confirmed, has it?) he could have been given a chance to change his style and learn from his mistakes. You can hardly do that after 12 games!

I'm afraid the way Peter Varney came over in his interview, he seems to have taken a leaf out of Romanov's book, i.e. 'If it doesn't work straight away, sack 'em.' He seems power obsessed which can only be bad news for Charlton. Too many clubs' chances of achievement have been ruined by chairmen/women and chief executives desperate for a slice of the limelight, and I wonder if that's beginning to happen at Charlton.

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posted Nov 15, 2006

oh please. Verney's established himself as a Charlton man. He has the highest respect of both club and fans. If he wanted to be a 'name' he would've tried earlier than this. There were plenty of opportunities he could've sacked Curbs.

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posted Nov 15, 2006

After 6 years of over achievement with Curbishley how the Charlton board expected Dowie not to be fighting for relegation is beyond me. The competition in the prem this year is the most fierce I've seen in a long time. There is no team(s) slipping away or is considerably worse than another in the bottom half. Someone's got to come last and at the moment that's Charlton. Also, this is way to early to sack Dowie, I don't agree with people saying his style of management is "too oldskool" for the Premiership, that's rubbish. Especially with Charlton's group of players, how many egos do you see in that dressing room apart from MAYBE Hasselbaink and Rommedahl? Also, look at other "oldskool" managers - Allardyce and Ferguson are very successful at this level with their respected clubs. Also, since when is a motivational manager not right for the Prem? Look at Martin O'Neill!
Lastly, no-one really knows what the atmosphere of the Charlton dressing room was apart from the inhabitants.

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posted Nov 16, 2006

After 6 years of over achievement with Curbishley


6 years of midtable mediocrity is hardly an over-achievement.

Charlton's fans and board have created there own cult of Curbishley. It is almost as if Alan Curbishley was the only man to ever get a team promoted and then avoid relegation. Look at Blackburn, Bolton, Middlesborough... Curbishley left Charlton in a state of limbo.

Most managers get sacked for not moving their clubs forward - Curbishley got heralded as a genius, and as a potential England manager.

Curbishley knew that this was the beginning of the end for Charlton's Premiership status, and got out at just the right time.

Dowie took on a thankless job. He has paid the price for Charlton's impossible expectations.

We cannot see Charlton staying up this season - Les Reed will have to adapt extrememly quickly, if he wants to prove us wrong.

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posted Nov 16, 2006

Reed is too inexperienced to cut it as a Premiership manager, so let's hope that his appointment won't be a long-term one.

Charlton should have gone for someone highly experienced like George Graham or Kenny Dalglish. They would have had at least some chance of staying up even if they had gone for an up-and-coming manager like Paul Jewell or Steve Tilson. There was even time for Dowie to save Charlton if he had been given more than 12 games.

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posted Nov 17, 2006

I think Murray should have given Dowie more time but we have good players and I have no doubts that Les will turn things around. However, i'm sure Dowie would have done the same. I point my finger at poor referees who have cost us too many games through poor decisions. We have had possibilities to get something out of every game this season apart form Man Utd at home where we were well beaten IMO. I can't think of one game where a ref has benefitted us with a dodgy decision but numerous where they have hurt us with bad calls. I still can't get my head around how neither the ref or his assistant spotted the most blatent of penalties against Watford.I sympathise with managers who bemoan poor refs then get hauled over the coals by the FA. poor refs cost jobs. Charlton are a much better side than they were last season and late signings and injuries have meant it has taken too long for the team to settle down. They will do this sooner rather than later.

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posted Nov 17, 2006

Is it me, or does Les Reed on the front of the 'Football' page (on the video bit) look alot like Harold Bishop from Neighbours...

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posted Nov 20, 2006

i dont think les reed will be in charge to long ther is some good manegers out ther who would love a go at the charlton job /ian holloway billy davis dario gradi ronnie moore/ you charlton fans might think no no no but i cant see yous staying in prem and theys boys have the no how of the lower leagues and all are doing well with one of theys lads you no they will steadey the ship and stop it sinking right out of sight and build for the prem again good luck

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posted May 15, 2007

I bet anyone 7000000000 that Alan Pardew takes over Les Reed

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