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Premiership Arsenal
by Chris (U1772768) 19 October 2006
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Cesc Fabregas's agent has revealed that the Arsenal starlet signed a new long-term contract with the Premiership club on Wednesday that ties him to Emirates Stadium until 2014.

The Spanish midfield gem has quickly established
himself as the focal point of Wenger's next great project in North London - emerging from Patrick Vieira's shadow to take on the number four shirt with great authority - and as such the club have moved to ensure their fates remain entwined.

Still only 19, Fabregas has already made over 100 appearances for The Gunners since joining from Barcelona in 2003 and was linked with a move to Spanish titans Real Madrid over the summer after shining during the World Cup finals.

However the precociously gifted Catalan has now penned an improved eight-year deal at Emirates Stadium to commit his long-term future to his mentor and manager Wenger.

Confirming that the contract has been signed, Fabregas's agent Joseba Diaz reflected on a 'fantastic' arrangement for both club and player.

"It is a fabulous contract for the player and also for the club," Diaz told Sport.

"This is the word that best describes this contract.

"Cesc feels very contented with how much Arsenal value him and in the knowledge that the Arsenal of the future is going to revolve around him."

In his short time in North London, Fabregas has set new records for being the club's youngest ever player and youngest ever goalscorer, and with the confirmation of his contract being ratified the young Spaniard can now look to push on and continue his stellar rise under Wenger's watchful eye.


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comment by Ta5 (U5739538)

posted Oct 20, 2006

But give it one or two more seasons, if he continues to improve as he is, they'll be coming round with their chequebook hanging out.


i do love it when Barca open their cheque book. how much did we get in the Petit/Overmars deal again?

As for them not needing him, maybe but I think Cesc is better than Inquesta (or what ever his name is) - though not a patch on Xavi.

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posted Oct 20, 2006

Fantastic news, you can't doubt the potential he has. I just hope he sees out that contract-tis a huge commitment to make.

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posted Oct 20, 2006

He's got the potential to be a superb player, and an even better one if he could get out of arsenal!!!

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posted Oct 20, 2006

This can only be good for Arsenal cos if we sell him after 3 odd quality seasons it will be at a premium rate so we can spend it on more new young players cos wenger will do that, or the better option we will hav in 3 seasons the best CM in the world oh happy days!!! If only we can get as good a referee system as gd as our scouting network laugh

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posted Oct 20, 2006

to RedFist something or other.

cesc is already as good as scholes, thats nothing to aspire too. cesc could be the next zidane, and arsenal is the best place for him.
the futures bright, the futures red and white.

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posted Oct 22, 2006

Cesc signing on is a great coup. He showed again today such assurance and maturity for someone so young. He's also starting to strike up a great understanding with Henry.

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posted Oct 22, 2006

Fabregras' performance today made me happy to realise once again that he is ours and only ours. He's a great player and will continue to grow under the professor.

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posted Nov 15, 2006

An absolutely amazing find by Wenger. The coming years will tell whether he will be a better find than Henry and Viera.

Cesc's vision, maturity, intelligence and honesty is astounding for someone so young. Because of his upfront honesty on the Barca issue I would not begrudge him his dream move when in a few years he may develop into one of the best midfielders in the world. At least Arsenal will make a few bob out of it and there are suitable replacements in central midfield - Diaby, Flamini, Denilson, Merida, Larsson, Muamba and Randall.

Aspirations to become the next Zidane are way off the mark. Zidane is the only player I consider gifted enough to join Pele and Maradona in the holy trinity of football.

Garrincha, Best, Maldini, Platini, Cruyff, Van Basten, Moore, Beckenbauer, Henry, Cantona, Ronaldinho and Bergcamp do not even come close to Zidane.

Cesc has much (if not too much) to develop to attain those heights.

He has age and an amazing manager on his side but still needs to develop his strength in holding and tackling to dominate the midfield, sublime dribling and powerful runing to penetrate strong central defenders and a powerful and accurate shot for scoring. In terms of close control, passing and movement he is exceptionally gifted it's just whether the coming years will see his improving at the same trajectory.

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posted Nov 21, 2006

I appreciate that Cesc is a prize asset and no doubt we will make a killing on his sale but I feel that the boy is too young to have a team built around him.
As mentioned earlier in the thread there are aspects of his game that need working on.
He is no replacement for Viera, maybe he will be but for the time being alot of our poorer form is down to him still 'learning' his trade.

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posted Feb 9, 2008

arsenal 'ill win the premiership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

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