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fav rap lines

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Message 1 - posted by Tip tap tip tap fiddle injury tip tap lose moan (U6190264) , Mar 31, 2010

Whats your fav rap lines?
some of mine are:

It's the baby-faced lieutenant /
with the Luck like Luciano /
Hardcore like Kool G Rap music /
made for concert piano'

OK pal, pay'em like paypal /
so we can be A'OK /
not O K Corrall

i'll show no compassion /
like a straight faced orgasm

i'm a stand up for art express /
do mic test rehearsals /
8 years of man living /
no edits or commercials

i think the most powerfull lyrics i've ever heard:

Which made me realize the truth
The biggest supressor could be your own ego
lookin for an excuse
to plant roots, in a field of self-sorrow
to sprout and follow the first thing you feel
Nourishes your hunger to be respected, it gets
And when I'm watchin the news, and my daughter
walks in
and choose to ask, 'Why were all those people on
the floor
sleepin, covered in red?' I told her
that they were lookin for God, but found religion

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Message 2 - posted by SikRikIsOnOne (U13838476) , Mar 31, 2010

Throw me a guest spot, you hired an arsonist,
Who came to put out more heat than the fire department (Copywrite)

You couldn't spit a hot rap if you swallowed a blunt roach (Kingdom)

Ruff Ryder Like A Nympho with Dry Lips (Proof)

In That Burberry like a yuppy lumberjack,
My chick radar, calling out more ho's than Thundercats (cage)

Thats just off the top of my head,i'll probebly think of more later when im not on here <laugh>

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Message 3 - posted by QuasiBango (U1516510) , Mar 31, 2010

'All of us cut from the same damn cloth
Some of us never cut the price tag off' Slug

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Messages  1 - 3 of 3


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