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Executive Summary

"The BBC aims to be the most creative organisation in the world but to achieve that our content has to speak to all of our audiences. Bringing in fresh talent and new perspectives helps us to reflect modern Britain properly." - Tim Davie, BBC Acting Director-General, January 2013

Developing Our Story: Equality and Diversity at the BBC 2012

We are proud to present the BBC's second annual equality report. Here we chart our progress against our own Diversity Strategy Everyone Has a Story, celebrate our final year leading the Creative Diversity Network and explain to licence fee payers how we have met our equality related responsibilities as a public service broadcaster.

Informing Our Decisions

We have developed and implemented robust plans in response to our obligations under the public sector equality duty. Raising equality and diversity awareness internally has focused on strategists, public policy specialists, and project managers.

Work to ensure our major suppliers meet appropriate equality standards has continued this year with for example, the procurement of BBC facilities management services now underway. More broadly, new BBC procurement policy and guidance will reflect our responsibilities and assist in developing good equalities practice in contract design and management.

Inspired by our Audiences

Staying in tune with the views of all of our audiences keeps us focused on what they want and what they love. This year, as part of our legacy from London 2012, we found new ways to interact with our less well served audiences through our pop-up Hackney Academy which resulted in thousands of brand new relationships with young people. Complementing our regular and routine audience tracking surveys, we have conducted new audience research into age portrayal and access to our services and are planning research on gender and transgender during the coming months.

Truer to Life

We know we have more to do to portray life in the UK as it truly is and we understand the positive benefit for everyone to have their lived experience reflected back accurately through the media. The Creative Diversity Network is united in this purpose and leading the network for a second year, we have raised awareness amongst programme makers across the industry of for example, non visible disability including mental health and transgender (trans) portrayal. At the BBC we have also identified and developed new disabled presenting talent, are focused on highlighting more female voices in news and current affairs in particular and ensuring trans people's life experience is accurately portrayed.

Hearing from Disabled Staff

Diversity monitoring information from our employees gives us an in-depth view of the diversity of our employee profile. Last year we reported a decline in the number of employees who declared they are disabled following an internal census and our intention to understand this further. As a result we carried out a staff engagement project, which involved deep data analysis, running an online survey for disabled employees, examining disabled people's responses to the staff engagement survey, and commissioning further qualitative research with disabled staff. The overwhelming issue raised by disabled people was a perception of limited prospects and limited career progression. This year we will be taking action to address this concern.

On Target

Our workforce diversity targets help us maintain a clear focus on increasing the diversity of our staff up and down the corporation. A thorough review of our existing targets which incorporated consultation with staff forums, senior managers and Diversity Accountable Leads has helped us formulate a new set of workforce diversity targets designed to help the organisation focus more closely on the representation of particular characteristics in different divisions and at different levels.

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