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28 October 2014

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What is Video Nation Devon?
Man with video camera
Video Nation is a hugely successful BBC community project which enables you to make your own short films about everyday life in Devon. Here we explain how you can get involved and answer some frequently asked questions.
Video Nation home page

How to contact us if you want to take part
You can watch this video to see how Video Nation works or find out more by visiting the main Video Nation website.

To watch the Video Nation shorts, you’ll need to have Realplayer installed on your PC.

If you fancy taking part get in touch with us. It's your chance to share a little bit of your life with the rest of the world.
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get in contact
What is Video Nation?
Video Nation began in 1993 as an experimental TV and archive project for BBC2. Each year 50 contributors were given equipment and training to film their everyday lives. Over 1200 short films have since appeared on TV.

Now it's an online community and archive, with hundreds of short videos from all over the UK.

The internet is the ideal platform for this type of content, allowing people to browse through the video shorts at their leisure.

What’s the point of Video Nation?
Video Nation aims to reflect everyday life across the UK in all its rich diversity.
It's all part of a BBC community scheme to enable YOU to work with the BBC to produce a short video for the web.

What kind of thing can I film?
This is entirely up to you. It might be something you're passionate about, or something that makes you happy or sad – or simply something that happens to you everyday.

How does Video Nation Devon work?
We supply a simple video camera and some training. We will then edit the material into a short video ready for viewing on the World Wide Web. This is YOUR chance to express yourself and you will have the final say as to whether your video goes online for the world to see.

I have no idea how to use a video camera – does that count me out?
No - anyone can take part regardless of your experience. You don't need to have any film or computer knowledge. The cameras are really simple to operate and we'll give you some basic training covering everything you need to know. There is more information on successful film making in the 'Filming Tips' section of the main Video Nation website.

Who edits the tapes?
We edit the material that you film, but you will have the chance to approve the finished version before it goes live. If you are unhappy about a finished video, then it doesn't get shown. That way, you are free to shoot as much material as you like, confident that if you are unhappy with some of it, it will not see the light of day.

What will happen to my recordings?
If all goes well your tape will be shown on the BBC Devon website. If you change your mind about a video later on, we’ll take it down as soon as we can. We use streaming technology, which means that the videos cannot be downloaded or kept by others.

How long does it take?
That's down to you. Some people only need the camera for a few hours – but usually we are happy to leave it with you for several days so you can get the most out of taking part. We can discuss this further when we talk you through the scheme.

What's in it for me?
It's an opportunity to share your views and experiences with others, to talk directly to both local and national audiences and to add your videos to the growing online archive of everyday life. It’s also fun! This is your chance to tell the world about something important in your life, learn new skills and play a part in a landmark BBC scheme.

If you have any other questions or comments, email us at and we'll be happy to help you.

If you'd like to take part, you can apply here by filling in the online form.

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Video Nation home.
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Chloe is worried about repeated graffiti attacks at her school in Plymouth.
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