BBC Devon Online. Fourteen Mile Cycle Ride around Princetown and Burrator.

(This is a printable sheet.) ( Six figure numbers are Ordnance Survey Grid References.)

START: (589735)
From the public car park in Princetown, near the Dartmoor Visitor Centre.

From Car Park turn right past the Visitor Centre, to a mini roundabout. Go straight across beside the Car Park of the Plume of Feathers Inn, and find the beginning of the cycle track through a wooden gate in front of you. (Signposted.) Follow the track up hill for about 1Km (0.6miles), and on to South Hessary Tor . (Good views.)
Continue along the track, level and then running downhill hill. (Watch out for some quite deep drainage channels!) After 1.5Km (0.9mile) you reach a crossroads (602708). Take the right hand turn running downhill. This is quite a loose bumpy section so pick your way through with care. There are places where you can ride alongside this track, but be aware of widening tracks and causing damage - always use 'Moor Care'.

After crossing a bridge over a leat, about 1Km (0.6mile), you will see a fine stone cross on your left. This is worth walking to and gives fine views across the reservoir. The Devonport leat is also just a short walk away to the North.
Another 1Km (0.6mile) and you have Crazywell Pool, a short walk away to the North (582705).

Continue for another 0.75Km (0.5 mile) downhill, passing through a gate and you will have the woods on your right. Here there is a fork, with a bridlepath going off to the right. Keep left on the track which continues downhill, and takes you down through the woods to Norsworthy Bridge. (568694)

Turn Left when you meet the road, past layby and continue along the lane around the reservoir to a T junction (Sheepstor village and church to the left.) Turn right and go uphill to the dam. Go across the dam, and turn right at the end and travel for about 250 metres and you will see a waterfall on the left (stream goes under the road). Here you can turn back on yourself on a track and join the cycletrack on the old railway. When you meet the old railway track turn sharp right, and follow the track towards Princetown.

After crossing a wooden bridge, the track crosses a road. There's no signpost here, but go straight over the road and continue in the same direction, and you will see the track again.
After 300 metres the track stops and you need to dismount and carry the bike down steps. Great care is needed here as the steps are steep, and at the bottom you have to cross the busy B3212 Princetown road. You need to climb over a stile on the opposite side of the road, and there is a steep slope back up to the railway track.
From here you can follow the wide track all the way to Princetown. Initially there are several gates and a stile as you pass through farmland, but once back on the open moor the track is clear all the way back to the Car Park where it ends

If time is geting short and you need a short cut,- the track winds considerably to maintain the gradient, and you can cut off about 2Km (1.2miles) by turning right onto another track before you get to Kings Tor (563729). This is much steeper, but even if you walk up the hill, you will save some time.

(N.B. The route can also be carried out in the reverse direction, and the road around Burrator is a circuit so you can go either way around the reservoir.)


Sketch Map: