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24 September 2014

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Devon Demos - with John Govier

David Walton
from Plymouth

David Walton

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David Walton...solo artist?
No not always. On the occasions when I perform with other musicians we use the name of FireLake. The name comes from the ancient Chinese system of divination called I Ching and FireLake specifically refers to the process of "inner revolution" which seems to be the well-head of my creative output.

So who else is playing on the album?
I met John Paul, who provides the didgeridoo and African drums on Guilty As Charged via the Plymouth Musician's Co-operative. We actually got together for the first time the day before we recorded!

David Walton
David Walton used to watch the women and children waving their loved ones goodbye as
they went to sea

The track you want to demo on Devon Online is "Sailors Sail Away" does it have a history?
Several years ago I was fortunate enough to live on Grand Parade in Plymouth with its commanding views over the foreshore and the Sound. "Sailors Sail Away" came to me when I often saw women and children sitting, sometimes for hours, waiting for the final chance to say goodbye to somebody on board a departing warship. It's the one song I've written that I feel truly belongs to Plymouth.

Describe your music in three words.....
Self-written, contemporary, folk.

Is your collection full of folk records then?
My record collection is extremely eclectic. I like just about all music that's sincerely performed. The most frequently played tracks range from Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Pink Floyd, through to Mariah Carey, Beautiful South and The Crash Test Dummies. Apart from some early Bob Dylan, I own very few folk music recordings, probably because I prefer to experience and participate in it with other musicians and enthusiasts.

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What does the future hold for
David Walton?

I remain open to opportunities as they present themselves, going with the ones that seem fit and rejecting the ones that conflict with my principles. I would love to license songs to leading recording artists but there is no discernible prospect at the moment.

And if you become famous...?
I think that I would enjoy being famous though it certainly isn't the main objective of my life. Now if I became rich I'd promptly set up a glider factory (yes, the engineless flying machines) somewhere around Plymouth.

Finally then what's the best and worst thing about living in Devon?
Best - The relatively relaxed lifestyle and the choice between the moor and the sea when planning a walk.
Worst - The distance needed to travel when going to any other part of the country (especially with a family who all live in West Yorkshire!)

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