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28 October 2014

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Devon Demos - with John Govier

Blue Lily Commission
from Sidmouth

Blue Lily Commission

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Why "Blue Lily Commission"?
I've found a lot of inspiration in the ancient world; including ancient Egypt. A TV programme on the Blue Lily (or Blue Lotus) intrigued me enough to research it. Then the name fell into place.

Your music is quite different - describe it in 3 words.
Hypnotic, exotic, fusion.

Blue Lily Commission
The first album from Blue Lily Commission - Wine Songs

You've chosen to demo the track "The Goddess Nekhebit". What's that all about?
I wanted to write a track where the musical progression and compositional elements were all in the rhythm and bass parts leaving just a few chords and sounds to overlay all this - the reverse of the usual practice. Nekhebit as a vulture winged with nine bows.

Who's in 'Blue Lily'
Just me! Steve Palmer. It's a solo project.

Who's records do you have in your collection?
Ozric Tentacles - Expland, Shpongle - Are you shpongled, Peter Gabriel - Passion soundtrack.

Will it be thumbs up or down for "The Goddess Nekhebit" by Blue Lily Commission?
Tell us now by
Thumbs up or down?

Listen to Ble Lily Commission - 28k Real 28k
Download Blue Lily Commission - MP3 MP3 ***

What does the future hold?
I'm preparing to record a new album called "Seshen And The White Jasmine Commission" which I hope will be ready by the summer of 2001.

And if you become famous...?
The future of music is listening-music.
This means the internet. If I became better known I would like to explore the possibilities of streaming animation (video) to compliment my music. Perhaps a Blue Lily site?

Let's talk about Devon...what's the best and worst thing about the county?
The worst thing is it's so expensive! The best? Everything else; fantastic environment, good solid, liberal/alternative culture - Totnes!! Also lots of exciting and interesting people to work with.

Can we see you performing locally?

I've a gig at Exeter University SF Convention on Sunday March 3rd 2001.

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