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24 September 2014

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MSC Napoli

MSC Napoli: timeline

Follow the saga of the MSC Napoli in pictures and words from the day she first got into difficulties to the latest salvage efforts. Watch the videos of the controlled explosions on board as the ship is broken in two.

On Thursday 18 January 2007 the container ship MSC Napoli sent out a distress signal after getting into difficulties in the English Channel. The 62,000-tonne vessel took in water through a hole in its side and the crew were forced to abandon ship.

Salvage efforts over the following few days didn't go to plan and the ship had to be beached off the East Devon coast. What followed was an extraordinary catalogue of events as her cargo spilled onto local beaches around Branscombe.

News Reports
(in chronological order)
Thursday, 18 January 2007
Crew rescued from stricken ship
Friday, 19 January 2007
Horrors of sea rescue revealed
Saturday, 20 January 2007
Stricken ship shelters off coast
Sunday, 21 January 2007
Napoli is run aground
Monday, 22 January 2007
Oil to be moved from ship
Monday, 22 January 2007
Scavengers grab what they can
Tuesday, 23 January 2007
Police crack down on scavengers
Wednesday, 24 January 2007
The real victims of Napoli's loss
Thursday, 25 January 2007
Environmental Impact of Napoli
Monday, 29 January 2007
Cargo removal under way
Saturday, 3 February 2007
Last oil to be pumped out
Tuesday, 20 February 2007
Napoli 'will be removed'
Wednesday, 7 March 2007
Police seize 'Napoli' motorbikes
Saturday, 10 March 2007,
Public assist Napoli clear up
Friday, 16 March 2007
Council is to hold Napoli inquiry
Thursday, 5 April 2007
Napoli beach reopened to public
Thursday, 17 May 2007
Last container taken from Napoli
Monday, 9 July 2007
Stricken container ship refloated
Tuesday, 10 July 2007
Damaged hull of Napoli examined
Friday, 13 July 2007
Attempts to break Napoli in two
Saturday, 14 July 2007
Beachgoers warned over ship oil
Saturday, 14 July 2007
Tugs try to split stricken ship
Monday, 16 July 2007
Napoli may be blown apart
Tuesday, 17 July 2007
Explosive charges set off on MSC Napoli
Wednesday, 18 July 2007
MSC Napoli: second explosives triggered
Thursday, 19 July 2007
Third blast seperates MSC Napoli
Tuesday 7 August 2007
Napoli towed away for recycling
Monday 13 August 2007
Napoli bow arrives in Belfast
Thursday 23 August 2007
Stern section will be towed away on barge
Wednesday 29 August 2007
Bow cut into steel scrap
Monday 17 September 2007
Napoli villagers get Lottery cash
Friday 19 October 2007
MSC Napoli will be cut into bits
Friday 26 October 2007
Scavengers told to keep BMW finds

Thursday 8 November 2007
Final Napoli removal works begins

Friday 16 November 2007
Napoli removal work 'going well'
Sunday 18 November 2007
Winds 'battering' listing Napoli
Sunday 18 November 2007
Brandy matured in Napoli barrels
Friday 4 January 2008
Honest Napoli scavenger rewarded
Thursday 17 January 2008
What happened to the Branscombe booty
Friday 18 January 2008
Napoli leaves Devon out of pocket

Photo galleries
January 2007
Your photos of the Napoli
March 2007
Napoli beach clean up
July 2007
Failed attempt to refloat the Napoli
July 2007
Napoli controlled explosions & break up

Video footage
17 July 2007
MSC Napoli controlled explosion
(explosion occurs approx 4'30" into the video)
17 July 2007
MSC Napoli close-up explosion
17 July 2007
MSC Napoli distant view
17 July 2007
BBC News report
18 July 2007
MSC Napoli explosion - second attempt
18 July 2007
MSC Napoli explosion aerial - second attempt
19 July 2007
MSC Napoli explosion - third attempt
19 July 2007
MSC Napoli - ship seperates
19 July 2007
MSC Napoli - bow towed away

last updated: 02/10/08

You are in: Devon > Features > MSC Napoli: timeline

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