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28 October 2014

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Al De Valera

Al De Valera

Al De Valera

Unsigned band Al De Valera moved to Devon from London a few years ago, and their song The Prince of Jamaica harks back to their days in the capital.

Q: Tell us about Al De Valera.
A: We formed in South London a few years ago and then moved to Exeter. We've played most places in Europe and we've had one album and three singles released. We recorded at Jethro Tull's studios in London - then Maison Rouge.

Q: Who's in the band?
A: Al De Valera (guitar, vocals) comes from South London and now lives in Exeter. Likes roaming the hills and talking to strangers. Coma Ritzy Coma (guitar, keyboards) comes from Bolton and never wants to go back. Norman (organic) Marsh plays drums and is another south Londoner. And Mike Fitz plays bass.

Q: And do you like it here in Devon?
A: Devon's a great place - lots of creative people, beautiful women, and endless choices about where to go for a break from it all. If I didn't live here, I'd move here real quick before everyone else finds out how good it is.

Al De Valera

The Prince of Jamaica is all about a crazy pub

Q: Which three words best describe your music?
A: Rock, lyrics, style.

Q: What do you think of the current music scene?
A: Brilliant - some really hot bands around, especially in the South West. Groups such as The Aribas and Stephenson's Rocket, and Now Pisces Now.

Q: Whose records do you have in your collection?
A: Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Dire Straits, The Police, The Stones, The Kooks, The View, Bob Dylan, Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Mighty Plod, The Papers, Bob Marley, BB King, Frank Sinatra, John Lennon - and loads more.

Q: What song are you auditioning?
A: The Prince of Jamaica. It's a song about a crazy pub we used to play in London - a wild place and sort of refuge from the mad city. If you took your girlfriend there, you could be certain someone would try to chat her up! They'd also try chatting you up as well. What fun!

Q: In your own words...sell yourself
A: We're a hot rock band with great songs and unusual lyrics. In the studio we do the business, and at live gigs we blow up a massive storm.

Q: Complete the sentence: "When we become famous..."
A: We will give all our money to a worthwhile charity and start again. It's the journey that matters and not the destination.

Listen to The Prince of Jamaica by clicking onto the audio links on this page.

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created: 15/05/2007

You are in: Devon > Events > BBC Devon Introducing > Profiles > Al De Valera

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