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24 September 2014

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Rhino conservation

Sita waiting for the big day
Sita waiting for the big day

Your sita messages

We've had hundreds of messages from people following Sita's pregnancy on the BBC Devon rhino cam. Below you'll find a selection of messages and some of the answers to your questions.

This is an archive list of previous messages. You cannot post new messages from this page.

last updated: 15/04/07
Your earlier comments appear below

sita hope its not to long now for you. just a suggestion if all goes ok with baby what about a vote for the most popular name on this web site, keepers, bbc, web cam operator choose names and everyone votes for the one they like, most popular wins. thank you to everyone who have been working on this project it has been great.

ok I think Sita quite rightly want privacy for her birth event....she is therefore taking her time and not being very entertaining hopeing everyone will stop watching and then ...she will 'bring on her baby':-))

Come on Sita, i really should be doing some work but i cant because i am addicted to watching you!!

Come on Sita, we're all getting eye strain and headaches. Everyone at work thinks I'm mad, until they start to watch a few times then get hooked.I even found a link to Rhino Cam on ebay! Get pushing!

OAP Mags
We saw baby rhinos on Mission Africa last night and can appreciate how fortunate we are to be witnessing the imminent birth of OUR rhino..Sita is looking 'laboured, this morning and is still in her 'hay' area.Could the birth be today/night. Lets hope so. p.s I hope the night camera person has a nice big flask of tea and a big wooly jumper.

Louise (bideford 27 feb)
Poor Sita really does look fed up this morning. Do the keepers or vets think the birth is any more imminent as shes been showing signs for a week now! Such addictive and interesting viewing. Thanks all.

Rachael at 8.20am
come on SITA you can do it and you know it. YOU SITA, YOU JUST RRRROCK i'm off to school now

Has the zoo any news on developements? sita looks like she could be in lablour, is she? what other signs have they noticed that are new ? and do they know how long it could be? I visited her last wed and thought it was comming that night as she looked like she was having some sort of contractions then, how wrong was i!!!! lets hope its soon for sitas sake, good luck one and all.(27.02.07)

Reply from BBC host: Hi Lesley. We've spoken to the zoo again today (Tuesday) and there's no further news. Sita has been showing clear signs of being ready to give birth for over a week - but she just seems to be holding on. At present they aren't concerned about the delay.

Jenny Jordan
I think she's looking quite depressed now. Been down all night and is still listless this morning - 8am, 27/2. It's making me sad.

I have been watching Sita for 24 hours and am increasingly concerend at her behaviour, licking floor and put tongue out regularly, is she getting any WATER ?? All pregnant animals, exotic or not drink more water before and after birth, mainly she needs this to produce Milk for new Arrival, Please, can I see her drinking Water, not just chewing on bits of wood and the drops it, poor girl ...Good Luck Sita xxx

Reply from BBC host: Don't worry Francesca Sita has access to all the food and water she needs. You often see her licking a brick on the floor which contains essential salts and minerals.

is sita late it will soon be march and still no sign of the baby ive watched it from day 1 hurry up sits lol

Kathie D.
Do Rhinos ever close their eyes to sleep? I have looked in two or three times a night since the beginning and I have never seen Sita with her eyes closed.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Kathie. Sita does close her eyes when she sleeps, but at the moment she is quite restless at night.

Just wondering, will the cam stay up for a while after the baby comes so we can watch mom and baby interact or will you pull the cam away right after the birth? We've spent so many hours waiting it would be a shame not to see the pair of them for a while anyway.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Leanne. We will be keeping the camera going for several days after the birth so people can watch mother and baby.

Another day Sita. What a show. We on the Archers MB seem to be as tenacious as you. Enjoy the stardom, your 15 minutes are nearly up. We are still watching.

Jenny Jordan
Thank you Operator, you answered my question with that close up at 4am. She was sleeping with her eyes shut!

Jenny Jordan
I'm curious to know if rhinos sleep with their eyes open? I see that Sita blinks but she always seems to have her eyes open, even when apparently asleep. Does anyone know?

should there be some water in the enclosure as i have not seen any, im sure she must get thirsty.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Lauren. Our camera can't see every part of Sita's enclosure. You don't need to worry, she has all the food and drink she needs.

Robin, Faye, Abi & Pops!
Go Girl! Sita, you got everyone, everywhere on their Pc's watching! All the Best to You, Kingo & Everyone at Paignton Zoo

claire plymouth
why is the clip only 52.2 seconds long, instead of the 5 minutes it has been? 5 minutes isn't long enough - or is my real player not playing properly.

Reply from BBC host: There may have been some problems on the internet when you tried to access the video. Everything with the camera is working fine and the clips are the usual 5 minutes duration. Research shows most people won't keep watching a web video after 5 minutes.

can you tell me why my cam shot is only running for 52 seconds

Lauren 26 feb(cornwall)
Hi there. just wondering how you will know when sita is about to have her calf.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Lauren. The simple answer is we don't know for sure. She's been showing all the signs of being ready for over a week, but seems to be holding on. However Sita's water will break when the baby is on its way just like when a human baby is born.

Mrs P
21.05 26/12 Typical, no baby Rhino, but i'm sure there's a mouse in the Hay next to her! not quite what we were expecting!

sue from plymouth
2100 hours-just in from work-well sita looks alot more relaxed than me!!!Dont think she is in labour-just having a good nights sleep. One day,one day!!!really looking forward to the happy event

Tracy,Katie & Bob
Keeping an eye on things from Deep River. Ontario Canada.... Good Job BBC & The Paignton Zoo, come on Sita

hi nightwatchers!!! i have an electric heater if the nightcam person wants to use it.. im coming to the zoo on wed shall i bring it for you to use.. you must get very cold these last week at night.... i know i am and i have my heating on full.. also may i ask who is funding the wages for the nightstaff! is this done by donations made to the zoo?? thanks guys what a wonderful job your all doing!!

Reply from BBC host: Thanks for the offer Kaz. We'll manage without a heater as we don't want to add any more electrical load onto the system.

Abigail S
I want Sita to have her baby soon. I watch Sita every day. I wish she could have it now because I don't like waiting.

Joss and Nye (Exeter)
We are glued and covinced that tonight is the night! Nye (aged 3) says watching Sita is as good as Cbeebies - praise indeed!

good luck sita!!
v. good idea about the cameras and everythin. my bro luvs watchin sita and makes sure we check at least 10 times a day!! thanks and good luck sita!!!

sue,di,nic,tracey,deb, sifam torquay!
come on sita we are all still waiting and watching we all cant wait to see your little baby rhino,when will it be,may be tonight?

lauren kingsley
19.30pm on 20.02.07. could this be it!! Sita is extreamly restless right now and looks like she uncomfortable, if so, you go girl, good luck, what do you think?

meg Devon
why does the camera have to keep comunicating because i am not sure if it is my computor or it is ur camera.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Meg. It's not the camera communicating, it's your PC having trouble downloading the video. This may be due to high demand on the internet or possibly a slow internet connection at your end.

chloe owen (age 6 and 364 days)
it's my birthday tomorrow i'm going to be seven. it would be so good if i woke up in the morning to see a lovely baby rhino. ??????????please please please please please please could you call it CHLOE if it is a girl?????? i will be coming to see the rhinos in the summer!!!

karen and alyssa
hi have any vets visited or anything? Are there any more signs???? Would really appreciate it if someone could tell us anything at all?! love watching but could do with a bit more info to get us through!!!

Reply from BBC host: Hi Karen and Alyssa. The zoo has a resident vet who is keeping a close eye on Sita. At present there are no concerns about her welfare - she's just holding on to the baby a little longer than expected. She is showing all the signs of being ready, but there's no further news today (Tuesday).

Hayley (plymouth)
we are all watching Sita,good luck to her and keepers.

Eunice O'Connell
Surely Sita is in labour? She is very wide at the rump and swishing her tail? I think I've seen some mucous loss - surely the baby is due anytime?

Jane Torquay
26th Feb. Great view of Sita tonight. I hope she stays on the straw bed to give birth - I am worried she will have the baby in the only corner without straw or rubber mat! She is often seen standing there by the public viewing window - presume it's where she relieves nature so highly likely!?!

We can't download the real player. Any hints?

Reply from BBC host: Sorry you are having problems Kathy. Take a look at the BBC Webwise advice page for help downloading Realplayer.
Audio and video help


What alovely clear shot of sita ty all

carol 26 feb
please could u tell me if the calf will be weighed and inoculated

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon: Hi there. The vets will be looking after those tasks.

Kirsten, Kevin and Ryan in Alaska
My kids and I have been watching Sita every day. Since you are 9 hours ahead of us, we spend our days watching your nights. The boys (ages 9 and 5) keep asking to see updates on Sita. They compliment her on being cute and wishes we could go to England to meet her. Maybe one day..

Nancy and Molly (Paignton)
On average how heavy would you think the baby will weigh when he/her is born? Mollyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx We think that Sita is a very graceful mum and should be very proud of herself. Don't be rushed Sita, take your time. Nancy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reply from BBC host: A baby black rhino is likely to weigh around 40kg (88 pounds). It's born with stumps where its horns will grow and very large feet for its size. It will look pretty small standing next to its mother.

Mollie from Epsom
Well this big baby is certainly taking it's time -he/she will be a March baby if it does not hurry up! Mum seem's quite unconcerned. Her main occupation is eating! Will have a look later this evening to see how things are going. Good luck safe birth when the time comes Sita.

love the webcam - sita make my daughter happy and have your baby on thursday as its her 13th birthday. who will choose the name of the baby???

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon: As far as we know, the zoo will be naming the baby.

To Jane of the Archers: The layette sounds lovely. And a wise colour choice as it's unisex!

sita is very fidgety hope this is a good sign at last

zoe plymouth
just wondered if anyone can tell me. Sat 24th PM Sita appeared to be pushing and looked in pain, Sunday 25th when the camerras came back on She seemed tired but chilled... now today nothing again!!! is sita in labour or was it just my imagination on Sat 24th that she was pushing?? Very confused now

megan and reagan king
come on sita

cant be much longer girl, good luck.Thanks for sorting the camera out so quick.

hi please can you tell me where this archer fan thing is?

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon: Hi there. The threads are on The Bull section of the Archers messageboard website. You'll need to scroll down to find them. Here's the link:

I would like to put it on record that as far as we know (which isn't very far now, we are all so tired)no Archers fan is actually knitting for Sita's baby. We want this known so that the newspapers do not pick this up and accuse us of being like those gullible souls who sent wreaths for Grace Archer's funeral. Now, if you are all clear on this point, I will get back to my matinee jacket.

Julie the Archers fans naturally chose a soft mustard colour as that is the background colour of the Archers message boards I must go and finish knitting this rhino bonnet with matching horn warmers

sita has just come back in and has walked into her other area

this is very addictive viewing and very popular can you tell me if the zoo would or have considered doing this to more of there animals and maybe have a joining fee which would go towards concervation of the animals and the zoo up keep as i imagine zoo's aren't cheap to run. it would be an excellent way of bring in funds to the zoo. god luck sita surely it can't be long now, would they induce her if it went on for to long? or will the zoo leave well alone? she looked very unconfortable last night, did i see what looked liked contractions at one piont or was that wishfull thinking? loved the poem from jayne by the way.

sita is back in gone 2 other room but camera has not moved why?

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon: The camera is only physically manned during the hours of darkness when the birth is most likely to happen. At other times, it shows a a view of the enclosure where Sita spends most of her time.

Brilliant shots of sita ,last night,she seemed very hungrey.watched her from till 2am.omg..,and logged back again @7.15am.we are all lucky to have this wiew of sita.can i ask you if after a few days no calf do the vets help her start?and what size will the baby rhino be when arrives into the world.thnx

Hi Rosalind. It's a case of just having to wait. The vets don't intervene unless they have to. The calf will be small - it's a baby!

Chris - Paignton
Thankyou thankyou thankyou all for getting the camera up and running again. Sita, wishing you well lovely Rhino, can't wait to come and see you after you have had baby, hope you have him/her soon

whats happening? the camera has been on the empty enclosure for ages now.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Dawn. We don't have a camera operator at the zoo during the daytime as a birth is very unlikely. At these times the camera shows a static shot of the enclosure where Sita spends a lot of time. However during the mornings she is shut outside so the keepers can clean the enclosure.

To the Archers fans: What colour did you choose for the layette? I'm tickled pink at the thought of it!

tom fawkes
i luv the rhinos and i cannot wait to see them again. i go to bed dreamin about them lol. i luv there skin and i just want to hold them.

why does the web cam only run for five minutesat a time? why can't we get continuous viewing?

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon. Hi Sylvia. It is in effect continuous viewing, it just has a five minute time delay. There are technical reasons why it's being done this way. Hopefully now the cameras have been fixed, we won't miss any of the action.

Can i just ask the BBC - did you ever expect this to get as many viewers as it has around the world. I normally go to work or the shop and everyone is talking about eastenders or hollyoaks.... now its " did you watch Sita last night"!! TV has been abbandoned!!! Great idea this!!

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon: Hi there. We thought it would be popular, but we have been amazed at how Sita has captured everyone's imagination!

Has she had her baby yet, the computer at work wont let me into the site.

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon: You need to get a different copmputer!! The answer is no, still no baby - yet.

On our way to school shortly, cant wait till this afternoon, so we can see sita again.

ali watson
when will sita be having her baby I check every day to see if she has had her baby but she is hanging in there. hopefully it won't be too long now

i cant wait until i see the new baby rhino

You managed it again Sita. Lots of weary Archers fans across the world. Celebrity TV has come of age. Bless the BBC. We will be here when you are ready.

Carl Dawlish
I've watched the same piece 4 times now. Why isn't it live streaming?

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon: Hi Carl, there is a short time delay so it's not quite live but very nearly.

Annie B
Poor Sita looks so tired and exhausted tonight. I hope the baby comes soon. She is gonna be a good Momma I am sure.

i am off work ill and bed bound at the moment but still have the laptop next to me watching all day and most of the night just wondered how long a rhino can be in labour for before birth sita is very restless this evening god knows how she will be feeling i know i was bad and i was in labour 48 hours bless her just get it over with girl good luck

emma - Plynouth
Sita you are the talk of our office. I think thanks should go not only to Sita for the addiction of viewing but to the poor web cam operator, I sit up to 2am every night for the last 2 weeks watching in anticipation how does this person stay alert all night, plenty of caffeine I hope!!! A lot of people will be relieved its over for Sitas sake - Hope its a painfree easy birth .

Jenny Jordan
23.45-00.00 clip Was that called "How to find a Rhino in a haystack?" Tee-Hee!

Well done for the fantastic camera shots late Sunday afternoon, beautiful shots, close up and interesting, could even see the mud on the carrots!

Archers listeners are curled up with flasks of hot chocolate and sandwiches to keep them going through the night (or day, if they're in America)determined to be in at the birth. She looks so calm and peaceful at the moment, but surely it has to be soon. Well done for getting the camera back on track, and our best wishes and thanks to 'Kevin from Devon'!

Nancy and Molly (Paignton)
We are so excited and can't stop watching Sita. She is so gorgeous and seems quite content. We wish you well Sita and will come and see you and your baby when he/she is born. Well done. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Even though black rhinos are solitary animals - I'm glad Sita has all these people watching and sending positive vibes for the birth of her calf :-)

hey dad! chelsea won! he he sita's looking all tired out and ready to have her baby! xx

where has she gone.can`t seem to see her at the moment.

Thanks for working hard to get the Cam up and running again. It's looking like tonight isn't it? All the best Sita, can't wait to see your little one.

Ellie age 5
will i see the baby in the morning lets hope so, i have got to go back to school.

jane baker
thank you so much for the hard work in getting Sita back with us

she`s made her nest, I`m sure it wont be long.....

Ellie age 5
will i see the baby in the morning lets hope so, i have got to go back to school.

danii aged 14
my mum is obsessed with watching Sita aswell...i get kicked of the computer!!

Laura hill
love you sita your the best rhino in the world good luck having the baby ! can't wait to see it xxxxxxxxxxxxx

are you sure everything is alright with Sita, and your`e not hiding anything.

Oh, thank god,webcam back on,was just going to ask for my money back,,, watch out ,,,there a jar of castor oil about,,, Sita, so get pushing.

Kathie D.
Welcome back, glad you have fixed the problem. The picture is much better at the moment. Had awful feeling things might happen while you were off air.

thanks so much for working to get camera going again. wel done all concerned. thanks sits for hanging on

Jenny Jordan
Thank you for working hard to restore the power. My husband thanks the rain for taking it out because I finally got some housework done!! Tuned in at 17.20 and saw a moth too!

Jane in Torquay
Thanks to all who gave up their Sunday to get the web cam up and running again - I can imagine how fraught it has been - especially as Sita must be very close now!

Thank you sooo much for getting the webcam back on line :) We have been as addicted to Sita cam as many others over the last month. She so much more exciting & informative than reality TV. The comments show how much everyone loves the rhinos at Paignton. We have been visiting for 21 years & it is always a surprising delight every time! Lovely pix & Much appreciated :)

Rhianna - Dartington
Me and my mum think that while the camras down Sita will give birth , will Kingo be the first to see the baby and can Kingo get to sita if she go's into labor xxxx p.s go sita xx

pensioner exter
Congratulations and welcome back Sita. Ive had withdrawal symptoms all day! Hope its tonight

laura age 9 3/4
these pictures are better than ever, thank you! We just need a baby now

well done and thank god the camera is sorted beginning to think we would miss the event after watching all the time for this long didnt want to miss out so again well done camera fixers x

If no one can get the web cam running for to night,due to problems with the cable,could you please leave a message on sita's web page thank you.

ryan gee
sorry to hear about the camera but just your luck sita is bound to have her baby while the camera is down oh no!

Chris - Paignton
OOOOOOOOOOOOH I am having withdrawal symptoms because I can't see Sita

Laura nd jess (fishes)
has she given birth yet ? we love rhinos there lush ! sita your doing great we must say u looked ready 2 give birth last night !! get the cams back on please we are going 2 miss the birth :( write back to us please the rhino lovers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Peter - South London
Whilst the camera is down, please ask BBC Radio Devon to give frequent (every 15 minutes?) updates so all the Sita fans can follow her progress via the BBC on-line radio player

Debbie from Coventry
Having been watching for weeks now but today Sunday camera completely in darkness. Is something happening or have the camera just broken down?

jean Paignton
Please hang on Sita! Wait 'til the webcam is fixed!

kaz (sunday 25th feb 16.05pm)
whats going on?? i live in torquay we had bad weather last night... why did it need to rain??? could someone tell me... have we missed much with sita??? also i was going to ask.. how long will paignton zoo leave sita?? as she was duo last week!! so what if she hasnt had the baby by like mid march... thats ok is it? or do they like give a deadline if nothing then help her out?? if so what is that date?! thanks so much sorry for the questions!! answers would be great thanks

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon: Hi Kaz. Thankfully, we didn't miss any serious action on Sunday when the cameras were down. Because of the long gestation period of rhinos (15 months or so), it's hard to know exactly when the calf is due. But judging by the signs, it's won't be long. It's a case of just waiting!

eileen silverton
Although we are unable to see Sita at the momenty are you able to video her. If she has baby tonight and cameras are not working will you still have footage? This must be a nightmare for you - waiting for the birth and the breakdown of the cameras. Good luck you are doing a fantastic job!

jennie whitney
We are trying to watch this for the first time in aticipation.....and all we have is a black screen..something so important and as fantastic, as this we would like to be a part of..please please please...let us watch this.jennie and family x

I hope you have the simple (quiet) hand-held camera at the ready while your rhinocams are out.(what torrential rain)?
Has the camera gone off. Has sita had baby?. Have been out all day. love josy

animal lover
can i just check If while the cameras are out anything of important happens will alll us deddicated followers be informed of what is going on. Thanks to all the people working on the cameras keeping fingers crossed that all goes well and they are working again soon!!!!
Has the camera gone off. Has sita had baby?. Have been out all day. love josy

Another Sita-watcher from the Archers' MB. I do hope she' she's OK. Thanks for keeping us informed and good luck with the repairs. Hang on there Sita, wait for the cameras!

valerie lloyd
could we have something at beginning of report to say aout cameras thought computer on blink would hate to miss anything after all this time thankyou for sharing this experience with us all

please hurry to fix the rhino cam. i am getting withdrawal symptons.... is sita okay today (sunday)????

eileen silverton
2.20pm Sunday. No pictures again. Is this still a power problem or is something the matter with Sita? This is as bad as waiting for news of birth of my grandchildren!!

Jane in Torquay
It@s 14.20 Sunday afternoon and still no web-cam - hope we won't miss the birth! Can you please let us know how things are going.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Jane - we runm the BBC Devon website with just two people. We have some technical help with the cameras, but when things go wrong our first priority is to get the pictures back online. We do our best to keep you informed but we can't access our web pages from the zoo. Sunday was very fraught but thankfully the cameras were eventually fixed.

lets hope Sita waits til rhinocam is back on

please please can you sort out the web cam, we are all getting withdrawl symptoms,!!!!!doing nothing but refreshing the cam,thinking, bet shes had it!!she may be a black rhino but we don't like like black screens!!!!!

Reply from BBC host: The torrential rain over the past few days has got into the cabling to the cameras and has knocked both of them out. We have people at the zoo trying to get them back online as soon as we can. Please be patient.

Chris Patterson
Thanks for the info Laura thought it was my computer playing up. Can't wait for the birth

Jane Baker
Oh no!! last night was looking really hopeful and now this morning we have blank screne whatever is wrong ??

does anyone know how long till till cam is back on again ?

Reply from BBc host: we are doing all we can to get the camera back online - the heavy rain has got into the cabling and knocked them both out of action.

Kenneth (paignton)
whats paignton going to do with the baby rhino once it has been born and grown up a little? Is it going to send it to another Zoo or realease it into the wild? Cant wait to see it!!!!!

Kenneth (paignton)
whats paignton going to do with the baby rhino once it has been born and grwon up a little? Is it going to send it to another Zoo or realease it into the wild? Cant wait to see it!!!!!

No pictures to watch today? Hope all is well with Sita. Joyce

Hayden aged 4 from Weston
I hope the baby rhino comes soon

Sita watcher
thanks for keeping us informed of techno problems. We at least know its not our computers going on the blink!

Melissa aged 5 from Weston
Sita,I hope you will be OK with your Baby,and I hope the baby eats well

Jessica aged 7 from Weston
Hello Sita,I am looking forward to seeing your Baby

Jane in Hereford
I'm with the dozens of posters from the messageboard on 'The Archers.' This is wonderful! Been watching for many days now. Can't someone give her the rhino equivalent of a searingly hot curry to get things going? Let's hope the birth is soon for Sita's sake. That's one big baby she'll be having! What a healthy appetite she has.

What's happened to the picture? We have only a black screen at the moment. Understandably, we are concerned for Sita and hope that all is well?

Laura, BBC Devon
Hi there Sita watchers. There seems to be a power problem this morning which we are currently trying to fix. Hopefully the camera will be up and running again soon.

rhino cam has gone off,

Reply from BBC host: There is a power problem which we hope will be fixed soon.

Animal lover
is there a problem with the camera or id there a problem with sita please advise thanks.

There is a power problem which we hope will be fixed soon.

Katie Wilson aged 6 Cornwall
I hope Sita is feeling alright. I can't wait to see her baby. I love watching.

trying 2 see sita camers problems? 10.41 sunday morning

Reply from BBC host: We are aware there is a power issue, but hopefully it'll be fixed soon.

Margaret in Bournemouth
10.30am Sunday 25.2.07 Black screen! No camera? Is baby here yet?

Reply from BBC host. Hi Margaret. Sita still hasn't had the baby. There is a power problem this morning, but we are chasing it and hope to fix it soon.


Bettty Boo 10
i hope sita has her baby soon!!!!!!!

mel & sheila from plymouth
will sita be giving birth indoors? Thanks for the effort put in by all involved in showing us sita's movements. Well done to the keepers.

Today the sun is shining here in the West Country and I would not be surprised by breaking all rhino rules and delivers her calf during daylight hours. Sundays child is bonnie bright good and gay!! P.S my husband reckons she has wind!!!

Watched sita last night very very restless,But i must say the camera shots were BRILLIANT THNX

Joanna, Devon
Good morning Sita and all the Sita watchers where-ever you are. You are the only thing Sita that has ever got me out of bed this early on a Sunday morning. Hope it's not long now, good luck girly. May the force be with you!

ben ( 10 )
will sita definatly give birth during nightime or may we witness a daytime birth?

Reply from BBC Host: Hi Ben. The zoo seem confident the birth will take place at night - but there are no guarantees.

ria fish (age 7)
com'on sita i've been watching you every day now. i am coming to devon in the summer.all i want to say is GOOD LUCK SITA!!!!!!

couldnt stay awake another night never fort id say this but thanks sita,was sure id wake up to an extra 4 legs running around this morning but no there u wer with a big clump of straw stuck to ur horn! so glad i didnt miss anything!!

How can you do this to us Sita? are you laughing up your sleeve? Do you plan to run for as long as the Archers? No matter, we are smitten and will not desert you.

Kathie Dartmouth
05:00 Coudn't sleep thought I would keep watch for a while. You are doing a great job I find this is getting addictive. Hope it wont be long now for Sita's sake and yours

Well Sita it's now 2am on Sunday. You seem to have gone to sleep but I'm so afraid to sleep in case I miss your very special moment. Have been up every night watching and waiting. Thought tonight was the night!!! Good luck girl, all us mums know what you're going through.

Mandy aus Berlin
Does it go off with Sita? She is so worried! I think the baby it is born on Sunday. This is really exciting, in the end, Sita also comes from Berlin. All the best for Sita and a light quick birth!

It's 12:57am and im sure shes got movement, i think shes gunna have it tonight! The last few nights shes been sleeping/resting at this time. I think shes been saving her energy. Shes up and walking around and about an hour ago she looked like she was pushing?! Come on Sita, im back at college on monday, I have to sleep sometime!

Sita dear, all of us over here at The Bull want to be the Godmothers and Godfathers of the little one. PUSH, PUSH!

Why am I only getting the same 5 min clip each time? I thought it was actual time. Still enjoying it though.

Reply from BBC host: The webcam records a new 5 minute video every 15 minutes. For technical reasons we weren't able to offer a live camera from this location. Also the zoo felt more comfortable with recorded footage in case there are complications with the birth.

She is stressed. Please - leave her alone. Let her have peace to get on with what is natural for her. She knows the cameras are there. I love watching her too but now is the time to let her go.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Charlie. We've observed Sita over several weeks - she's seems completely unaware on the cameras even when she's asleep.

do you think sita is waiting for drier weather as i am getting cold with waiting as having had children she must be fed right up good luck on this accomplishment

Would Rhinos normally give birth during the night in the wild so as to hide their newborn form predators?

dean(6) liam (2) from gunnislake
we think its great we cant wait ti see her with her baby. come on sita we like you.xxxxx

Sita is a Rhino, she lives at Paignton Zoo, She doesn`t live there on her own, There`s Kingo, he`s there too. Waiting for her moment, to make history, She`s going to have a baby for all the world to see. There`s a camera operator, sitting lonely in his cold box, He films our Sita all night long, He`s frozen down to his socks. Let`s hope it`s soon lovely Sita, We wait but there`s no rush, We are so patient, are we heck, COME ON SITA, PUSH.

lauren kingsley
sita is not resting bless her, i set my alarm for 3am so i can check on her but still nothing, do you know if rhino's give birth standing up or lying down?

penny jonathan & Mike
Felt guilty going to bed last night, but feeling refreshed enough to stay up with you tonight, Sita is looking really tired tonight and hope its not to hard on her, thankyou to all the zoo staff for the great care your giving them but most of all thankyou to the bbc for letting us enjoy it via the web cam, camera operators at night deserve an oscar for the shots they are giving us. thankyou thankyou thankyou

julia max elliot and finn
poor sita thank goodness she isn,t aware of the waiting i don,t think we can wait much longer we are getting worn out with anticipation Are you sure its not a phantom pregnancy!?

ryan gee
blimy she eats alot and still she eats at night and yet munches on hey come on sita push!!!!!!!!

lucy aged 6
Are baby rhinos born with their horns??

Reply from BBC host: Hi Lucy. Baby rhinos have little stumps when they are born. These will eventually grow into horns. They also have very very big feet!!

Hi, Has Sita had a scan during her pregnancy to see how the baby is developing, or is this not something that can be done safely – for either her or her keepers? I am enjoying this special event, my sister has gone out tonight so has asked me to text her if anything happens while she is away! Keep up the good work at the Zoo.

ryan gardner
why does the rhino keep getting up in his sleep

Kieran P (aged 10)
19:04 24th Feb. Come on Sita, give birth some time soon! Hopefully you feel well. Can't wait to come and see you and your new baby some time soon. Bye xxxxxxx

Tanya.......... [Exeter]
Is Sita Ok been watching her everyday and today she seems to be laying still for long periods of time and her skin looks damp in the shots? Is evrything ok with her??

Heidi Jayne ( torquay) ( age 8)
Hope everything turns out okay with Sita and the baby. I can't wait to see her baby xxxxxx

Sita tossing her branch round as though she hadn't a care in the world has The Archers fans even more enchanted than we were already Please Sita can you make it soon as we have knitted a complete layette for the baby

Courtney and Kimberley
looking on the webcam sita looks so cute hoping 2day the big moment will come hope it all goes well sitas looking so misrable and fed up hope the baby luck and sita as well SITA HOPE IT ALL GOES WELL GO ON SITA YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fhaye millar
i hope the birth of the rhino goes realy well i hope i can't wait to see the baby rhino love from fhaye millar, jess walker, amie millar, bonny millar xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

felix age 10 yrs
GO SITA!!! looking forward to seeing your little babe .And hope all goes well.lots of love FELIX!!!!!!!!

(From the website today:) Intriguingly the rhino cam has caught the imagination of Radio 4 Archers fans - who have a thread running on their message board dedicated to Sita with more than 600 messages! Only 600??? We're well over the 1000 and counting! Not only that, quite a lot of us, including a number from America, are on standby all night. We are rapidly approaching meltdown! Please hurry up, Sita. (And by the way, as soon as the baby' born we shall be running our own competition on a name!)

Enid from Holyhead on Anglesey
Is Sita monitored by a vet,from time to time,making sure that all is well with the calf,,are u sure it,s not wind,,,,,, haa,good luck.

kirsty age 14
my mum won't stop watching the camera. its as if its her about the have the baby not sita, but come on sita do your stuff.

Re your new front page article. The Archer's web page thread is now slightly over 1250 messages, not 600. Though at least half of them are saying 'Hasn't she had it yet?' so that's probabably where the confusion arose. Go Sita!

Sue From London
Midday. I'd like to meet the "rhino" with the green jumper and wellies!! He works so hard!

O.A.P. Mags
Another wakeful night but who cares. Its so enchanting to read the supportive messages from such young children. Through sites like the rhinocam they are so aware of what is happening. When I was young we had more 'hands on'teaching, nature walks etc. Well done to all your team.i.e. camera persons, editors and the hard-working zoo staff.

in responce to laura from exeter, i think the zoo does a wonderfull job saving our animals and yes in an ideal world ( which this is'nt) the wild would be the best place for them but at least with places like paignton zoo the next generation will be able to see rhino's and other endangered species for real, not just pictures in books. as for being watched when giving birth, well i had a emergency cerserian when i gave birth and had loads of people stareing at me and thank goodness i did as if things went wrong, ( which were suspected to ) i know someone was there to help me, sita would'nt have that in the wild. good luck sita and hurry up i'm getting impatient and want to come and see you again when the little ones on view.

Perhaps we can all try a bit of telepathy and do a collective "push". About 8pm would suit me, what about everyone else?!

Nick, Ellie and Reuben from Crediton, Devon.
Had a great day at the zoo during half term. Ellie thinks the rhinos look much bigger in real life. Looking forward to seeing the baby rhino! Hope all goes well.

julie, birminghm
I watched Sita all last night waiting for the big moment. I hope it's just my imagination but she looks really fed up and miserable. Is she OK? I really feel for her at the moment!

COME ON SITA! all we are waiting for is for you to have a cute baby but i have been whaching on web cam and it looks positive.

Mitchell (8) & Stacey (6)
We've got so used to seeing you everyday now, its gonna be quite sad when the camera's finally go off. Will miss seeing you. Good Luck on the birth, can't wait to see the baby now. xxxxx

Another night Sita when your Archers followers were waitng, and waiting. All over the world they are joining in, and keeping watch. Please have the baby before there is a mass collapse. Have they given you a calender?

Pamela G
It's Saturday the 24th at 12:15 AM here in New Jersey, US. I've been watching your lovely girl and hope that the birth goes well for her and the calf. Thanks for providing this wonderful service for all of us. Best to you all.

fantastic shots inside tonight, the black and white is much better, 4.50am i must go to sleep,

Just fantastic..... Thank you

craig age 11
mum and me are glued its great and exciting to watch. such a great thing a baby rhino at paignton zoo what a high light.

carol 23 feb
please could u tell me if rhinos make any noise also will she be in pain.

Reply from BBC host: Sita doesn't make a lot of noise and she doesn't seem to be in any pain at the moment.

I went to see Sita today. I thought she looked very calm. I am so looking forward to seeing the baby. Do the camera operators have to sit up all night in that little room? Hope it's warm. The enclosure looked very nice for Sita's baby. Well done to all.

Reply from BBC host: Yes someone is sitting up all night in the control room to keep watch. Sadly there's no heating so whoever does the job needs lots of layers of clothing to keep warm.

Jonathan aged 10
Sita is looking well,cant wait to see her and the baby, hope it is really

David George Hobbs
Facinating. I have been following from the start. Come on Sita, I cant go to bed until after the birth!.

Are you getting worried about why she hasn't delivered yet?

diane sue nic tracy sifam torquay
good luck to sita we cant keep away from the webcam hope it is tonight .

Is Sita OK ? She looks so quiet.

23rd Feb 21.30 I felt sorry for sita as hundreds and thousands of us watching her and hope baby born tonight! Good Luck Sita xx

Right Sita, I'm in France now, still checking on you - the very best of luck to you all. Still watching and hoping!

this is a million times better than big brother...thankyou so much for letting us watch sita..she is so lovely. cant wait to come back to see her in april.

Jenny Jordan
I agree with everyone that all concerned are going a brilliant job, and we have been treated to some beautiful shots (eg 20.17 & 20.30 this evening - 23rd), and that the camera operator is doing a great jog BUT could you please tell them it's not actually her face we need to focus on!!

Reply from BBC host: Hi Jenny. It was actually your friendly BBC host (me) operating the camera last night. It seemed a little impolite to concentrate on Sita's rear end - but have no worries I had a clear view of the important bits from another angle.

Karin P
I love Sita. I want to just go and give her a big hug, and tell her to keep going. She looks fed up. You can't blame her though, can you? I am a mother of two, so i know just how she feels!!!

Graham & Angie Anthony
The most fascinating thing we have seen online in 5 years of having a computer - forget Blue Tit webcams! We watch Sita day & night since the camera was installed. Well done!

Margaret, Bournemouth.
Not long now, I hope. Your fan club in St.Kitts, W.I. is also watching and waiting. Good Luck.

laura from exeter
i can't wait 'til sita has her babies!! awww cute :) rhinos are my favourite animals now. but she should be in the wild!!!! not caged up having everybody staring at her, it's cruel. how would you like loadssss of people gawping at you when you give birth!

Reply from BBC host: Hi Laura. You need to remember that rhinos are an endangered species. If it wasn't for the conservation work at zoo's like Paignton, rhinos could disappear from the world altogether before too long.

When she gives birth how long might it take?

Reply from BBC host: If everything goes smoothly the birth should take around two hours. Sita is likely to be standing up while she gives birth and is quite likely to be moving around her enclosure.

lauren kingsley
after watching you sita with my little girl and visiting you on a regular basis, your big day is nearly here, i hope you have an easy birth and enjoy your new baby as much as the rest of the world will


Enid Holyhead
Hope all goes,,its been worth the wait,dident think i could fall for a rhino, not long now,noticed the extra straw under her,,so we dont have to wait until April 1st,thought she was going to have the last laugh.

had a fantastic day at the zoo yesterday with my 6 year old son Callum wanting desperately to stay until sita has had her baby. I think its fantastic, and soo exciting for everyone. Best of luck for the birth xx

Janet from Hailsham
It's great to see the camera panning round Sita's enclosure in daylight - does this mean that tonight's the night? Thanks for some great entertainment and for all your hard work in bringing these pictures to all of us.

Tracey Paignton
wow the whole family has been taken in with sita, cant stop us from klicking on to see how she is doing. hope we dont miss the birth so come on sita do what you have to and lets see your baby.

please sita can it be tonight, i haven't been to bed since tuesday night have been watching you, must get sleep soon, good luck to everyone at the zoo

Mrs P
Is sita ok, she seems to be spending a lot of time in her corner. Poor love!!! xxx

Carol from Wiltshire
Will the webcam keep running for a few days after the baby is born so that we all get a chance to see him or her?

Reply from BBC Devon host: Hi Carol. The webcam will remain in operation for some time after the birth, so don't worry!

suzanne in plymstock
totally addicted, gearing up for a long night. how long will the baby rhino stay at the zoo, obviously this will be an important animal for the breeding program. good luck all.

The Smith family from Gloucester
Good luck to Sita, Kingo and the great staff at Paignton Zoo. We have been to the zoo for the last 2 years and will be visiting again in June. We are looking forward to seeing the new adition to the family. We must say a huge well done to ALL of the staff at the zoo as they do at great job looking after the animals, plants, grounds and the vistors. My 3 year old is addicted to the webcam and asks to check it as soon as she gets up the morning and it is the last thing she does before she goes to bed, as well as throughout the day!!!! Good luck to you all and look forward to seeing the new addition both on the web and in the flesh. xxxxxxxx

Come on Sita, please! I can only stay up tonight as working long day on Sunday. Can't bear the thought of missing all the action.

Mollie from Epsom
I must praise the keepers for their constant care and hard work in keeping Sits's enclosure so clean they work so hard, but I am sure they will more than get their reward when sita is delivered of her baby safe and healthy. I think you are all doing a wonderful job.

hI, I was wondering what would happen if the keeps think Sita should have given birth and hasn't. I know they are going by physical signs and Sita looks as though the birth is iminent, but what would happen if nothing happens for another day or so. thanks

Reply from BBC host: The keepers and vet will only intervene if Sita is showing signs of distress. Otherwise they will leave nature to take its course.

chloe owen (6 and 360 days)
????? if it is a girl and it is born on my birthday can it be called chloe and my birthdayis 27th february ?????

Wheres the Camera man gone! The camera followed Sita early this morning, now its static - has she gone outside?

Reply from BBC host: We are only able to provide a camera operator during night hours - the operator goes off duty at 8am each morning.

Jane, Newton Abbot
I think this is the best webcam on the BBC...I'm up till all hours hoping to see the birth...and what a fantastic event for Devon.

Jill Australia
No human mum-to-be ever kept me in this much suspense. I'm even imagining bits of straw are signs of things happening now! Come on Sita, you go girl!

O.A.P. Mags
Another restless night,both Sita and self (and thousands of others) Its a lady's right to keep us waiting but we are patient!!

7.30am Fri 23 Ok Sita, I know what your game is! I'm going on holiday this morning, and you are going to have me chasing around internet cafe's, getting more of a reputation as a "mad English lady", just to check on how you are doing. Oh well! nothing new there then! The very best of luck to you and all your keepers for the next few days, and can I nominate the night-time cameraperson for an Oscar his/her camera work has been fantastic following Sita around her enclosure with some fantastic shots. I'll be watching, best of luck to all.

Sita, the Archers fans have kept watch with you all night. We are wrecks. Could you please make it soon? We want to meet your baby.

jennifer binns
hi, the camera in her sleeping enclosure is very bad, can you make it better. thanks

Reply from BBC host: To allow us to get better shots of Sita sleeping, the night camera has been switched to infra red mode. This means the image is in black and white with some loss of detail. It's a compromise, but the infra-red view gives us a better choice of angles.

duno bout u sita but im knackered watching, give it a push gal before u know it it'll be growing horns n digging its way out!!

sylvia from London
still watching these amazing pictures. i understand that oregon zoo filmed the birth of black rhino some years ago. really pleased that England is doing the same. Good Luck to everyone involved, especially Sita!

hi, i was wondering if paignton zoo are getting any money from this fantastic event for allowing us all to be so privelidged to watch this amazing event, imagine how much could be raised if everyone watching this sent in a small donation as a thank you, imagine how many rhinos it could save in the wild as they are an endangered species, i know i will give a donation as a thank you. A BIG THANK YOU to all involved in this great event and good luck sita.

Rhianna - Dartington
I think you should call the baby Ki-ki for a girl and Camu for a boy good luck Sita and kingo xxx p.s and the zoo keepers.

watched all last night and today, never been so tired before, will stay awake as long as possible tonight, dont want to miss it now have watched since day one. are the cameras going to pan around tonight as last nights shots were fantastic

Sue - Plymouth
I think we are all in for a long night again 22/02 last nights views were great Good luck Sita and keepers

Kirsty D. [22.2.07]
I am so exited now!!! but i am a bit saddend by the fact that it could be tonight that beautiful Sita gives birth to a gorgeous baby rhino. I would like to think that sita is being watched imensley by staff to give us all an update, but were is the cameraman? The night before he wsa right on cue and gave us a shot of another paddock. but were is he tonite. What if the birth happens in another room and we can not watch it? because the camera man has a night off. On the night off the long awaited arrival... Kirsty... (13)

Laura P
Sita is a always eating, happy,content rhino,and i think she will make a wonderful mom. I watch every night and am waiting to see the baby on the web cam. I just want to say good luck, Sita!!!

Hi just wondered is there a problem this evening as the camera isn't moving around the enclosure like it did last night and i am not getting to see sita. Please advise Thanks

Margaret S
I hope Sita's calf arrives soon and safely.

I am totally addicted to the "Sita cam" and now have to look before, during and after work! I'm sure the baby will be born tonight. It has been a wonderful experience for those us who a regular viewers and the best is yet to come. Thank you

Donna Baker
Archers fans everywhere wish Sita all the best and can we please help choose the baby's name?

kelsie from cronwall (camborne)
sita is lovely, i can not stop watching her i hope all goes well with the brith. i hope the boy/girl is as lovely as sita age 12

Hi, I keep reading the birth is likely to be at night. Why is that? These things are usually so unpredicatable! Watching Sita is so addictive and not good for getting the children to sleep, but it's marvellous for them to see something like this happening. It's amazing how interested they they are and go to the pc the minute they get up. Well done for all your hard work in bringing this to us.

emily turton
goog luck sita i hope there is no complications with the birth

Watched sita last night from wenesday @23.00 to thursday morning @2am she was very restless thought the time was then ,but i had to go to bed tired ,pleased i didn't miss any thing when i logged back on this morning camera shots were brilliant last nite

Will the birth be repeated so those of us who have to work can watch at a later time? Please say that it will be Thank you for such a fascinating web cam I am spending way too much time here.

Reply from BBC host: We aim to make available a short video the birth to veiw again on the web. However the BBC's South West Inside Out progranmme will be showing exclusive footage on BBC 1 on the first Friday after the birth. Once that programme has been broadcast additional footage will be available here on the web.

zoe in Plymouth
Has anyone thought that maybe Sita will decide to have the Baby outside in her paddock? Is there a way to forsee this happening or not as i am watching too and how upsetting it would be to miss if she has it where the cameras are not!! Hope she is doing ok today haven't seen her yet Guess she is outside now. Sent with love and best wishes. I would also like to say Well done to all the keepers at the Zoo looking after her People have been on moaning at you for small enclosures etc... but nobody has said well done for actually managing to look after these animals and getting them to breed. You people are the ones who help prevent these animals becoming extinct. Give yourself a pat on the backs!!! I think you do a great job!

zoe in Plymouth
Has anyone thought that maybe Sita will decide to have the Baby outside in her paddock? Is there a way to forsee this happening or not as i am watching too and how upsetting it would be to miss if she has it where the cameras are not!! Hope she is doing ok today haven't seen her yet Guess she is outside now. Sent with love and best wishes. I would also like to say Well done to all the keepers at the Zoo looking after her People have been on moaning at you for small enclosures etc... but nobody has said well done for actually managing to look after these animals and getting them to breed. You people are the ones who help prevent these animals becoming extinct. Give yourself a pat on the backs!!! I think you do a great job!

Hi, I as just wondering why the camera seems to focus on the empty living room so much when Sita is lying in her bedroom. When I logged in this morning she was lying dowm in her sleeping area, but the camera immediately switched to the empy area with the mats in, where it stayed for the rest of the 5 minutes. I,m jsutworried we're going to miss something! thanks

Reply from BBC host: Now that the the birth is imminent we have someone on duty overnight at the zoo to control the cameras and select the best view. During the daytime when the birth is unlikely to happen the canmera is unmmaned - and we are using the camera covering the area where Sita is most likely to spend time.

karen and alyssa torquay
Come on Sita you can do it! Keep wiggling those ears!

What happened to the lovely clear picture we have seen up till now?WHAT A FANTASTIC SITE.I have it on most of the time.

It's 01:46. Some of us from The Archers message board are still watching. Sita, Sita, what's going through your mind? Are we too soon? Shall we go to bed? Get pushing love, there's a dear.

It's 1:08am. Sita has been looking rather restless. I seem to have been watching for hours - can't imagine how the Keepers must be feeling. Really hope all goes well. Good luckl Sita!

Rhianna and Kieran
Hi, went to the zoo today but couldn't see Sita. Good luck Sita we can't stop watching the web cam - please make it during half term. xx

Gill - Louth, Lincolnshire
Thursday morning 00.22hrs. Watching avidly and things are obviously "on the move"! We mums watching on the web are all sympathetically trying to help you through this exciting, but none the less arduous task. Keep going girl it'll soon be over now and you will have your baby safe and sound. We're all with you - come on girl!

Disappointing that the cam in on 5 minute loops and you cannot immediately refresh as it will give you a replay of what you just watched if you do. You have to wait several minutes in between to get a new feed. It doesn't make sense to do it this way when people are watching the rhino with much anticipation of the birth.

Reply from BBC host: The video updates every 15 minutes with a new 5 minute sequence. This is partly due to the technical limitations of the system we are using to upload the feed from the zoo. Also the zoo felt more comfortable with a recorded webcam rather than a live feed in case there are complications during the birth.

i've been hooked on the webcam for weeks now and its getting really interesting now the camera is following sita.i do hope she gives birth tonight (21st)don't think my nerves can take much more. goo luck sita x

zoe plymouth
sita is looking restless tonight [21/02/2007] shes up and down like a yo yo. I don't want to go to bed as i think tonight could be the night !!!!!!!! x

I think that if Sita has a girl you should name her KITA and if it is a boy you should name him SITO or SINGO. GOOD LUCK TO SITA, KINGO, THE KEEPERS AND ALSO THE BABY. IT WAS AN AWSOME IDEA TO USE A CAMERA TO FILM THE BIRTH SO THAT EVERYBODY CAN SEES IT. WELL DONE. P.S If we miss the birth will you put the video clip on the website so that we can still watch it.!!!!!!!!!GO SITA!!!!!!!!

I would really like to know why the camera keeps going ou of focus(please answer this)GOOD LUCK SITA HOPEFULLY TONIGHT

Reply from BBC host: Hi Lauren. The camera struggles to keep focus when the infra-red night lights are switched on.

come on sita u looking like the time has come hunny, all the best to u and all yr keepers il be watching good luck xx

Jenny Jordan
Now the time is here, will we get new uploads more than every 15 minutes? Pretty please??!!

Reply from BBC host: The 15 minute time frame has been chosen for technical reasons - we tried a more frequent upload but found that the BBC web servers weren't able to update the video quickly enough.

Have noticed the camera moving about a bit today. Why can't the camera be focused on which ever area Sita is in so that we can really watch her rather than pictures of the floor.

Reply from BBC host: The cameras can't be operated remotely and we need an operator at the zoo to switch between camera 1 and camera 2. We now have someone on hand at night to select the best angle - this is when the birth is likely to happen. Sadly funds won't allow us to have someone there 24 hour a day.

caz (plymouth)
my family just want to wish you good luck with the birth, can't wait to see the baby. xx

Good Luck Sita and Kingo, and keepers. hope everything goes o.k

looking forward to seeing the birth, hope everything goes ok and that the baby comes soon. Good luck sita x

I am very excited about sita about to give birth when will she have it?

Why does the camera run in 5 minute cycles? Its really annoying beacausew i dont know if shes going to give birth or not!! Go Sita!!!

Reply from BBC host: The video updates every 15 minutes with a new 5 minute sequence. This is partly due to the technical limitations of the system we are using to upload the feed from the zoo. Also the zoo felt more comfortable with a recorded webcam rather than a live feed in case there are complications during the birth.

marion adams
this is amazinng being able to watch from home hope you can do this again with other animals at the zoo will be going over to see sita at the weekend so hurry up lovie

jamie hardaker from paignton
not that long to go now i bet you are all waiting for the day. because i am i am are going to come and vist again when she has given birth.

Please can someone answer my question. When Rhino's have their calves do they stand up or lie down??????????????

Reply from BBC host: Generally rhinos give birth standing up - but it's not unheard of for them to be lying down.

im just watching Sita eat can you tell me what she is having for lunch ?

Reply from BBC host: you can get a full run down on what Sita eats on the following page - scroll to the end of the page.
Sita's daily diet

+Mollie from Epsom
Can't wait to see this little baby. First thing Ido each morning is to look at Webcam. She seems very content. Good luck Sita.

gavin cassidy
its cool

I really thought it was going to be last night and expected to see a baby when I woke up. It must be any time now. Come on Sita, we can't wait!

Are there any news updates from the zoo as to what is happening with Sita?

Reply from BBC host: No further updates today - we understand it's just a question of wait and see.

kaz (Wednesday 21st feb 07.53am)
unfortunatly doesnt look like she has given birth i have been watching since 6am... im off now to a funeral i have to go too so i hope it doesnt happen while im away.. if it does BBC could you put a link up so people like me can see it later thanks so much have a nice day all

Donna Baker
There once was a rhino called Sita. For tension nobody could beat her. She kept us all waiting, And anticipating - If she doesn't give birth soon, we'll EAT her! (From The Archers messageboard, where a number of listeners to The Archgers have been keeping a close watch for weeks now.)

Good luck Sita. I'm expecting myself, though I don't think I'd like the thought of half the internet watching.

tues 11.40 This is just fascinating. Sita has just carried a pile of straw through to her day time area. A midnight snack, perhaps, or has she decided where she wants to have her calf born? I`m camped out by the computer for the night now and willing everything to go smoothly.

jackie northcott
this is getting 'nail biting'.its brilliant to have the webcam and be able to watch sita.i wish her well and all the keepers at the zoo.x


how long now till expected arrival?

i sat up all night last night i was sure she was gona pop! tonight plz sita i got work thurs cant sit up all night weds!

Laura B
Went to see sita today (feb 20th)She looks really well but was pacing in her paddock, is this a sign? just checked the web cam and she is not there. Do hope she has her baby this week as it is half term and I can keep checking on her.

What will we all do once Sita has her baby, I'm going to miss looking in every day!

kaz ( tuesday 20th feb 14.30)
hi, i have just logged on too the webcam for the first time... still no ''baby'' when are we expecting it now?? as on paignton website it says 19th feb!! anyone know?

Mrs Lee Poolman
20th Feb 2007 @ 14.01 Come on Sita!!! Been watching since the camera went up wishing for the day to arrive. Poor Sita! Are you ever going to give birth?

OAP Mags
Have patience Cynthia. All good things come to those who wait. Just enjoy your hols. and let Sita do her thing. Mother knows best

Why the poor camera shots. i.e. 'whiteout. Sita seems almost ready but its not easy to distinquish rhino from background. Bring on your famous technicians

Laura, 9
Hi again. I can't stop watching Sita hoping something will happen. I've looked up pictures of baby Rhinos on the web and they look really small. I thought they would be bigger because the moms are so huge. They are really sweet though

Come on Sita, we have watched every day and now that we are going on holiday on Thursday morning, it looks as if we will miss the big event!

The black mat that Sita lies on has been moved more'under' the camera angle and she is often out of view. I predict that she will have her calf on 21st. Feb.(Early hours)

Have not seen her all evening. Is there something happening?? Makes a change from checking the sheep int he shed that are lambing!!

I have been watching Sita since January and really don't want to go to bed tonight!

Abigail S
I hope Sita has her calf soon. I bet she will have it early in the morning. Can't wait to see it. I have been watching every day!!

steph orchard
i think its amazing what a great idea doesnt cost as much as going to the zoo and you can watch it in youre own home.good luck sita

sita seems to be nesting and very restless does this mean shes due pretty soon? been wathcing for the last week religiously if i do happen to miss it due to being at work will there be a way of watching the actuall birth aftewards???

Celebrity Big Rhino is very addictive and it would be good to set it up for other animal births. Had it been in place when the giraffe was born last year, a tragedy could have been averted.

Jayne (19th Feb 5.07 pm)
Has Sita finally gone into labour as she seems very restless?

Reply from BBC host: The zoo tells us (Monday 19th February) that the birth is now likely sometime in the next 48 to 72 hours.

Laura, 9
Hello. Will Sita be allowed to go past her due date? Do Rino's have a due date! What will happen if she doesn't like the baby? thank you

Reply from BBC host: There is no due date as Sita's keepers don't know the exact date that the baby was conceived. They are ready to step in and help if anything goes wrong during the birth.


Reply from BBC host: Hi Rosalind. There is a period of time during the mornings when the light in Sita's 'house' is bright. This will clear away.

Is it me or does the footage of sita keep repeating its self?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Jem. A new clip is uploaded every 15 minutes and this overwrites the previous one. The only time the clips are repeated is if the camera develops a fault.

chloe owen (6)
when will she have her baby.
Reply from BBC host: Sita is showing signs that she is finally ready to give birth and the baby is due any day now.

I haven't seen Sita for two days had she had the baby yet? I wish you could keep us informed .We are patiently awaiting in the United States.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Cheryl. We don't speak to the keepers every day, but we do know that Sita is finally showing signs that she is ready to give birth.

What is Realplayer. ?I dont seem able to find webcam or video clips. Am I just out of touch!

Reply from BBC host: Realplayer is a downloadable software plug-in that allows you to watch the video clips. You can find details about how to download it here:

lauren kingsley
when the birth begins, will the other web cam be activated so we can see both pens, as at the moment the front pen is the only one visable, thanks

Reply from BBC host: The webcam is currently operating automatically which means we can show only one camera angle. We hope to have someone at the controls during the birth and if this is the case we'll be able to use both cameras to get the best pictures.

kayleigh (age 10)
Its cool having the rhino on webcam. I cant wait until sita gives birth.

at what age will she be able to look after herself?

hi there can u tell me how long u will allow sita to go over her due date???

sarah walshe
why do we only see 5 minute clips repeated all the time?still good to watch though.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Sarah. The camera is set-up to record 5 minute clips every 15 minutes. Each clip is replaced with a new one every quarter of an hour.

luke owen ( 10 )
When will it be born and what gender is it.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Luke. We still have our fingers crossed that Sita will give birth in the next few days - all the signs point to the baby arriving very soon.

Its the 17th today, whats happening?

Jessica from Efford Plymouth
Can't wait to see the baby.Will come to see you both soon,Good luck Sitaxx

I think its really cool having the rhino on the webcam.I thought it would be very boring but when i looked at it,it was really cool. I hope Sita has a very good birth.xxxxxxx

Sita seems to have become very camera shy the last day or two. Joyce

Sat on the edge of our seats here! Just beginning to look as though things were underway, and Sita disappears, or else we`re seeing re-runs of earlier. Any chance of an up-date on what, if anything, is happening? So many people rooting for Sita, would love to know.

11.00pm Friday 16th. I sure Sita is about ready to produce the baby now - she's unable to settle down, and has been walking around for a while now! Good luck to everyone!


if sita chooses to have her calf in another part of her enclosure. have you got more cameras there. it would be ashame to miss the big event after watching for so long.

i am having problems down loading the file, i have windows media player but nothing is happening, is the system working at the moment?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Lesley. I'm afraid you can't watch the videos using Windows Media Player. The BBC's standard file format for video content is Realmedia. To watch the rhino cam you will need to install Realplayer on your PC.

Michael Walshe
when watching we can only see 5 min at a time of the same clip how can we see 24 hour coverage?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Michael. The camera is set-up to record 5 minutes of video footage every 15 minutes. It normally updates to a new clip after 15 minutes - so you can always see the most recent video from her enclosure.

we have been watching your site for weeks and can't wait for sita to have her baby.

carol plymouth
Every morning the first thing I do is check on Sita, then lunchtime in work then again in the evening. Fascinating viewing.

is there any chance you can sightly move the cam because she always seems to be in the corner and all i can see is a bit of her head.

Reply from BBC host: There's a blind spot in the corner of the enclosure which means our camera can't get a clear view. We are unable to reposition the camera as this would distrub Sita at a delicate time in her pregnancy.

Jill Australia
Is it just wishful thinking, or is something getting going down the "business end"?

shaz and brad
come on girl, get it out. Hope we catch the action. xx

This morning one of your zoo keepers was adjusting the camera and I got a short glimpse of the bed of straw. Yes a lot of people are very anxious to see this birth, but if she will be giving birth in the other little room where the camera does not show, how will we be able to witness this birth? Because I have been watching faithfully and have noticed that she has been sleeping in there at night..

Cameras are back up now, and the close ups are excellent! Thank you.

Jim T
Pictures are very overexposed at the moment. Can anything be done? Also have you had an answer about the brick-like object? Great site.

REPLY FROM HOST: Hi Jim, the brick contains salt and minerals that help Sita stay healthy.

P Passmore
The web cam has not been available to me for over a week. How long befor its back?

REPLY FROM HOST: Hi there, as far as we know there was a short period today the camera was down but there hasn't been a critical problem to it that would have removed it for a week.

It was fun to watch when someone was playing around with the webcam, zooming in on Sita and very interesting to see a 360° view of where Sita lives.

ryan matthews
does the rino have any other space to go in because she seems a bit cramped thankyou.

REPLY FROM HOST: Hi Ryan, if you look a little further down Phil Knowling from the zoo has written a piece detailing the areas Sita has to explore, it's a lot more than the one room we're filming.

Jenny Jordan
I've been watching for just over a month now, is everything all right? Will there be a time when they intervene?

Theresa (USA)
I'm keeping up the night watch guys! I get home from work at 7pm - 1pm your time, and I log in right in hopes of catching the blessed event. Best of luck Sita darlin'.

kirsty harvey
sita where are you lovey? want 2 see your big baby!!! cant wait until it pops out in to this big world its going to look tiny...

nicky and chris
make the most of the rest,you will be up all night long when baby get hear. good luck girl

ria aged 7
i am really excited about seeing the baby and watch sita every day.I am coming to Devon in the summer and cant wait to see the rhinos.Good luck sita xxxxx

Charlotte Dodd
I hope the bith goes well and i will visit the baby rhino soon.

x-animals-luver-x (age:13)
i think its great that you can watch the rhino and her progress on this cam! its reli kwl and gud luk for sita and the birth of her calf! x x x

Chelsea 12, exeter
i love watching rhino caam we even watch in tutorial at school our class(8drh) love sita and the salt lick (hehe) we all cant wait to see the baby! I will checking webcam everyday!

Rachael Waites
Valentines day tomorrow - hurry up Sita!

Peter Rouse
What's that on the floor with the hole in it! is it half an house brick? if so what's it there for. regards pete

hi is there probs with the cam again all we got is a black screen

Reply from host: There was a problem with the power at the zoo.

Dave and Judy
Just read that Sita and the birth of her babby will feature in a BBC programme for the south west, please don't keep it to yourselves we are sure there are lots of viewers around the country who would also like to see it. Like our family in the midlands. ps our money is on valentines day for the arrival.

benjamaca (9)
when will she have. i have been looking for weeks

vicki (12)
is there anyway of seeing Sita on webcam without installing anything?

REPLY FROM HOST: At the moment our video streas are all encoded to use Realplayer which does need installing onto your PC before you can view the content.

where is sita have not seen her on web cam for two days

Logging on every evening in the hope of catching a view of this exciting event!! Often can't get the camera view site even working which is dissappointing. still trying tho!!!

elle - mar
my 6th birthday is on february, be great if you had your baby then,xxxxxx

come on good girl it will not be long now

is everything ok its seems such a very long time now.hope you keepers are ok as well.

All the Archers fans are watching constantly. We send good wishes and hope that the big event is soon. Why do we sometimes appear to get a re-run?

Brown Family in Canada, formely of Newton Abbot
We are watching in anticipation waiting for the birth of Sita's baby. It will be very exciting!

Jenny Jordan
Stillllll watching! Have seen the Pea-hens again, and a sparrow! But no baby rhino yet. Could do with another web cam at the other end.

What's the betting that Sita will go off to a corner out of sight to have her baby? Or is she under constant camera surveillance even though we can't see her? Joyce

joseph from paignton
i hope the rhino family get alonge together and they all live happily ever after

Mitchell aged 8 & Stacey aged 6
We check all day & everyday we can't wait until the baby is born we think the baby will be as cute as it's mum.

That brick i think is a mineral block contains salt which animals need

they are so cute the rhinos and great site good luck to your rhinos.

calm relaxing viewing.Don't you just want to tickle her behind her windmill ears ?

just a quick question i have noticed the last few days sita has got a brick in her pen with her could you please tell me what it is as she keeps trying to eat it.

REPLY FROM HOST: Hi Stacey, we've asked the zoo this and they'll hopefully get back soon, we've wondered too!

Thanks for your help, all ok now so pleased,I havent missed the birth,good luck Sita.

David Clarke
Allthe staff of Quality Care Agency Ltd Wish Sita Allthe best we in the office ceck the site 2 or 3 times a day hope it all goes well

Jane in Torquay
Good Luck Sita. I think it's great that people all round the world are watching her progress and wishing her well. Thanks.

Just how will Sita give birth? Do rhinos stand, squat or lay down? Do you know if her calf is alive, it has been said a stillbirth is possible? You say the keepers will put down extra straw when the birth is imminant, just how imminant would it be, as she seems to eat everything in her enclosure? Thanks

Having a lay in this morning sita,or are things on the move

Jill in Florida formerly of Swindon
you state that these rhinos mated in the autumn of 2005, you also state that not all matings result in conception, but you do not say that Sita is indeed pregnant, so this almost begs the question, "has this pregnancy been confirmed either by ultrasound or good old fashioned stethoscope or any other method?" Sorry but I just had to ask.

REPLY FROM HOST: It was confirmed by the Zoo that Sita is pregnant before we decided to do this project.


REPLY FROM HOST: We have been experiencing no problems with our webcam, the error message would suggest this is a problem with your software, can I suggest you reinstall Realplayer using the link on the page.

i think it will make the zoo more popualar and more people will come and see the rhinos

June from Plymouth
Good luck to all at the zoo. I think tonights the night.

james age 5 stamford
hello sita i am doing my show and tell on friday to let all the people in my class know about you, i would love to say you have had the baby

10.30am Sita is in her enclosure resting! Hope things are happening! Good luck to you all.

Sita is really looking tired now, will she be left or will the zoo vets help if this all gets to much for her to cope with?

Emma Benson
I think tonight is the night Sita is looking rather uncomfortable and restless. I wish her all the luck in the world. XXX

abi from torquay aged 9
is there any news have log on to cam but all can see is the hose pipe is this just cause you are cleaning or has sita given bith ?

we are getting a little worried now we have been watching since day one we hope that everything is ok all the best to sita and all that are involved.

Alex age 6
when is the baby rhino going to be born. we hope to see you both soon

really enjoying watching sita, hope everything goes well for her,good luck jason and the other keepers

Charlie, Mannamead, Plymouth
What a wonderful opportunity this is...I really hope to witness the birth. Here's giving all of our support to Sita and calf...when he or she makes his/her appearance. Thank you for this lovely piece of history in the making.

they are very good look healthy hope you treat them right hope the babys are ok then she will fill a lot better

What's happened to the web cam?

Reply from host: Hi Sylvia. We've had some technical problems with the equipment which knocked out the webcam early on Friday afternoon. We hope to have it back online again by 6pm.
hi iam having trouble logging on my windows media says it cannot play .ram ?? can you help regards keith

Reply from host: Hi Keith. The video files are encoded in Realmedia format. To watch rhino cam you will need to have Realplayer installed on your PC. I'm afraid the video isn't available as a Windows Media file.

Whats up with the cam?? i can only see a black picture. Is she giving birth??

Reply from host: There are some technical problems this afternoon, but these should be resolved soon.

hows sita ?,don't normally see her in this time of the morning she is looking fed up!take care

Ablavi Efunshile_ Age 6 _London
I Hope she's a girl.Rhino's are cute. I have been watching Sita everyday.Thank you BBC.

Thomas Schranz
black rhino giveing birth! omg! thats pretty big news for me and all of england! In grade three i did my endangered animals on the black rhino and to c a female giving birth to a black rhino makes me happy because maybe this could help the black rhinos from being ex.

We're a rabidly dedicated group of wild cam watchers and greatly appreciate what you're doing for wildlife and for us as viewers. Thanks very much. One of the Pondies from Pete's Pond.

Roz Sears
Will you be able to give us some sort of `heads up` when you think Sita has gone into labour? What signs will you be looking for as an indication? You have mentioned that you are looking for milk production and possible changes in body temperature - would you also expect other signs such as, a degree of restlessness and agitation, and a loss of interest in food? BTW - many congratulations on this site. What a wonderful idea to give so many people the opportunity to experience this rare event.

awww she's so cuteee

David Wall (Paignton)
I am only 5 years of age and looking forward to seeing the black Rhinos on my school trip to the zoo tomorrow. 1st Feb. I can't wait!!!!!!!

Is that a licking brick which is made up of vitamins that Sita has in her pen.

sandy (manchester
i keep checking on sita i think she is sssooooo cute but it up sets me to see her on a concrete flood please maker her a more comfy place o sleep think about when the baby comes what if she does not give birth to the baby on the black, thin sheets?? Please make her more comfy? I cant wait for the little baby to come i think you should name it Sindy??

Reply from host: The floor in Sita's enclosure has underfloor heating to keep her nice and warm during thr winter months.

Beverly and Ell -Mae
you are so lovely, i bet your baby will be too, good luck, i know you are being well looked after

Not going out today Sita, perhaps today is the day your little calf will arrive...hope so, best

Kay (Paignton)
come on sita, have the baby soon, we cant wait much longer.

If you look around on the site, you will find that Sita has a large paddock that she can go into anytime she wants. The area you are seeing with the camera is not her entire enclosure.

I was just wondering how you guys would choose a name for the little one? Cant wait!
Watching from Lilongwe Malawi, very excited and looking forward for the day to see Sita's baby Linily

well sita it does not look 2 long now

Dean, 16, Birmingham.
As always, any animal nearing extinction giving birth is great news but it does it not worry people that it is happening in a small, concrete enclosure which is far from what is 'natural' for a rhino. Today was the first time I had seen the web cam in the enclosure and im really shocked at lack of natural material in the enclosure, all I could see was this poor, poor rhino, some sort of brick thing and three large black sheet type things. Is this really what we want to subject animals to? Surely this type of enclosure is doing no good whatsoever for the rhinos mental and physical well-being. I wouldnt even subject a dog to these conditions, things need to be done to stop this. We wouldnt have a freak show because of 'human rights' but what about animals rights? Why forget them? Things need to be done and things need to be done now.

Andrew, BBC Inside Out Producer replies:
Thanks for your comments Dean. The webcam shows only a small part of two enclosures which Sita can freely move between (that's why sometimes you can't see her) and although it looks a bit uncomfortable it does have underfloor heating. Sita seems perfectly happy there and has access to a large grass and mud paddock at any time she likes (where she spends most mornings while her enclosure is cleaned out). To everyone else watching - we're waiting anxiously too!

Akuavi Efunshile_ Age 9 London
I think that Sita is a bit lazy and I hope that her baby is a girl and she does not act like her mother, Also I think that both Rhinos are very cute....

Emma Benson
Wishing Sita all the best with her baby - once he or she arrives! Keeping tabs on her progress. Looking forward to seeing the little bundle of joy!

I can't wait for the new baby to arrive, I love rhinos. I have been watching every day now with my family. I have just told my grandad about it so he will be logging on and watching. Come on Sita!!!

Ande, Mexico City
Thankyou for this opportunity. I'm watching daily from Mexico for the new arrival. Have been to Paignton zoo many times having lived in Plymouth. The most fantastic zoo and some wonderful times spent there. Good work all of you, especially Sita! Come on girl!!!

I have the cam open in the background all the time - 24/7. I am really getting quite excited and would love to watch but my 15-year-old daughter just says I'm a perv! ps. I know she has a peep at the cam from time to time and has saved the link in 'my favourites'! Perhaps she's not such a lost cause...

She is definitly eating for two. I watched her as I ate my lunch. 'Remember to start diet monday'

jill Australia
Come on Sita, I'm sure there are many of us in Oz eagerly waiting to see you with your baby..but I know you cant hurry these things. Hope all goes well...

Paignton Zoo
It is really great that Sita’s pregnancy has generated so much excitement and so many messages of goodwill. I know that some people are getting impatient – but imagine how the keepers are feeling!

I’d like to respond to one or two points that have been made on this message board. First of all, we should make it clear that the cameras only show a part of the rhino complex. The “small, concrete enclosure” is in fact just part of the indoor den. Sita also has another, more private indoor space. In addition, there are outdoor hard-standing areas and grass paddocks for both animals, to which they have access during the day.

The indoor space has under-floor heating and overhead heat lamps. The “black sheet type things” are rubber mats for her to sleep on (which she prefers to straw). When we think the birth is imminent, keepers will put down a deep bed of straw to give the youngster a soft landing and to help it find its feet.

We all want to see rhinos in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, habitat is under threat in so many parts of the world. Paignton Zoo puts money into rhino conservation work in Zimbabwe and Malawi. The rhinos at Paignton Zoo are ambassadors for their species – they have excellent facilities and are well-cared for.

As a registered conservation and education charity , Paignton Zoo exists to look after rare and amazing species and to share the wonder of the natural world with the public.

Philip Knowling


You say we can watch recording of the birth, but there appears to be no web that supports this - I would like to know where I can click onto.

Reply from host: Hi there: Just click onto the rhino cam link from the web page.

hope she has a healthy little one and takes to mother hood like a duck to water. xxx


Note from BBC host:
There's been a power failure in the rhino house which has temporarily knocked out the webcam. We hope to have it back online soon.

Joyce Fuller
I've only got a black screen tonight.

I've seen sita actually come up to the camera and she sooo cute!

i hope everything is ok it seems such a long time coming we are all thinking of you sita and of course all you keepers as well

Good luck Sita!!! x

Terry, Sue and Rich Ferris, Swindon
We visit the Zoo every year when we're on our hols. This is one of the most exciting events we've seen there. We wish Mum, Dad and all the staff the very best!

Helen (Paignton)
love watching Sita but come on we need to see baby now!!!

Love you Sita. Good Luck

I have been watching since the web cam was set up, and Sita seems to have gone a bit quiet, any one else think so?

Jenny Jordan
I was tickled to one day when I tuned in. I was expexting to see Sita, or an empty room but instead there were four Pea-hens happily scratching around Sita's enclosure!!

June Heath
I went to see Sita today. I hope she has a healthy baby soon. I am worried that I can't see her on the webcam. Is she all right?

Technolgy is so advanced now, I love technolgy


Sita certainly seems to be taking her time in bringing a new rhino ino the world!!!!

zac.B. age 9yrs
hi sita what a brill rhino. i can't wait for your baby - i look every day with my dad and sister. good luck.

jodie chapman
i think it is lovely to be watching these amazing rhinos we went to africa

Looking forward to seeing sita's baby calf soon. won't be long now we hope!!!

Brenda & Al Jersey
We're considered good baby sitters so just think of that night out

Jane Long
I'm having problems opening the rhino cam. I'm hoping to share this with my primary class at school. How can I get into the site? Yours Jane Long

Vanessa Parkinson
Much more class than Big Brother

luke age 5
i cant wait to see the baby rhino

V. exciting! Good luck to Sita and the rhino keepers.

Mike Wilson
Congratulations to the BBC. It's a great project and one that would not have existed under commercial TV

i check in the morning and in the night. hope to catch it live. would be a great expereinces

get a wriggle on sita

pam and paul
come on sita its time to think about it now you must be fed up with every one looking at you xx 1 day to my birthday so please start thinking about it now xxxxx

James!! Hants
Brill itz well cool!!

Lynnette Robbe'
My husband and I stood and watched rhinos in the wild in Kenya. We watched one baby roll in the mud and then could not get to his feet without Mums help. Do hope all goes well x

Lynne Pinson
I have been so eager to see photos of the baby but cannot access the webcam or able to load it down. Can we have some pictures please.

Reply from Host: Hi Lynne, at the moment we're still waiting for the happy moment, we'll be looking to get stills on site as soon as possible.

I am a student at the college at Paignton zoo, can't wait to see the new calf, hope everyhting goes ok.

she seems to be lying down hope this is natural thanks for letting us share your big moment

hope she has it today or thursday as its my partners bithday today and mine on thursday good luck mum

We sooooooooooo excited to see baby, we watch at least 20 times a day incase we miss it.What a great learning for kids, well done paignton zoo !!!!!

all the best sita we hope its not to long now

pete and dee from kingsteignton
we are with you all the way we hope it goes ok

steve, shetland
fantastic to see Sita, all the family wishing her and the zoo keepers well and good luck with thye birth. It's great and we check in every evening to see her!

Justine (Sussex)
Brilliant - I always visit Paignton Zoo when Im in Devon each year & I'm hooked on watching - waiting for the birth. Hope all goes well for Sita.

Ellie (aged 4) from Stroud
Rhinos are my favourite animal. I can't wait until the baby is born!

How wonderful!

I've always wanted to see a rhinoceros. I'm worried I might miss seeing the birth of the baby. I wish the site could send us an email or something when the baby is about to come. I will come every day and hope for the best. I like Sita anyway. He's nice. He seems a bit boring but maybe I just chose a bad time :)

Fred Hooper
Great to have something so exciting as this happening in Paignton Zoo.

meg from rossendale, lancs.
Im disabled and find it hard to visit zoos. this is a great idea, i cant wait to see the baby. hope all goes well

It is wonderful to see Sita live in our home thankyou.

Aine from Waterford
It's amazing to be able to see a baby rhino being born. All my friends think its great!


This is fantastic! Thanx 4 setting these cameras up. I'm sitting here in Liverpool every night watching Sita. Can't wait for the birth.

Scott (Aged 7)
I hope Sita's baby is a girl, its great watching her every day and I have set up a link for her from my schools web page. Thank you. Scott

emma & chloe
me and my little girl have been watching this since firday we are glued to it!! can't wait till the birth and our vist sometime this easter!! we love the zoo anyway but this will make our vist more special

crystal bradford
i think its brill that i can watch this at home i ill be watching all the time till the baby is born thanks for letting me do this x

i love rhinos!! so i hope she is ok and everything. in half team were coming to the zoo and hopfully she would of given birth!!!!!

you are doing some great work keep it up cannot wait to see mum and baby together

Chris P
Can't wait to see the new baby Rhino will be visiting the Zoo in the very near future.

Katie x
Awww, cute!

has anyone told sita that she is in the only spot we can't see her or is she just a really smart rhino?

it would be wonderful that kids and parent will go to paignton zoo beause there's a new baby born and its so sweeet!!!like rhino

i think that sita is very sweet

I think this a great to have some rhinos in this part of the country.

I think it is wonderfull to now have a baby black rhino born were we are in devon .it is a great idea to watch her progess for every one to see.

X~ becca ~X
that rino is soo cute !!!



It's great!!!!

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