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28 October 2014

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A House Sparrow. Photo: Nigel Blake

BBC Nest Box Challenge

Hundreds of bird boxes in Devon have new tenants. Together with BBC Devon's Planet Devon campaign, Breathing Places and the The British Trust for Ornithology, YOU have located nest boxes right across Devon.

Can you tell the difference between a bull finch and a greater spotted woodpecker?

They're among the many species of birds which can be found in our gardens at this time of year.

As part of the BBC's Breathing Places campaign, 200 sparrow sized nest boxes have been located the length and breadth of Devon.

People right across the county have been putting up their boxes in safe and sheltered spots, and the birds are already moving in, or at least, feathering their nest box. Many have their own boxes to make sure that there are plenty of residential vacancies.

One of the BBC nest boxes

One of the BBC nest boxes

A garden bird watch survey has been running for the past 10 years and this year, with your help, we want to help to make it the most comprehensive yet.

The BBC Nest Box Challenge is helping to compile the largest ever survey into the diversity of birds in our gardens.

If you've missed out on getting one of the BBC bird boxes, then why not have a go at making one yourself.

You can get more information on how to make one and where to site it from the RSPB website.

There is plenty of advice around on what birds could take up residence in your nest box and how to attract them.

The nest boxes are being mapped

The nest boxes are being mapped

Those who have taken one of the BBC nest boxes are asked to register and it with the British Trust for Ornithology and then send regular updates on any bird activity.

The BTO website includes information on each of the boxes that have been registered - 208 in Devon, and nearly 7,000 nationwide.

Thanks to satellite technology you can see the location of each and every one.

If you're really ambitious, you may even consider installing a webcam inside the box to get a bird's eye view of what happens inside. 

Over the next few weeks we'd love to see your pictures of the BBC Breathing Places bird box and any  information about the occupants.

Send your photographs or images to

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You are in: Devon > Nature > Nature Features > BBC Nest Box Challenge

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