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24 September 2014

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Rhino conservation

Black rhinos are rare and impressive beasts
Black rhinos are impressive beasts

Rhino cam: watch the birth of a baby rhino

The birth of a baby black rhino in captivity is a rare event and something that has never been filmed before. BBC Devon is using the power of the Internet to bring video images of mother and baby direct to your computer.

Watch rhino cam

Click to see the latest video from Sita's living quarters.

  • Sita is usually outside in the paddock most mornings and out of range of our camera.
  • You are most likely to see her on our rhino cam from lunch time onwards.
  • At night the infra red images are in black and white.
  • You will need to have Realplayer installed on your PC to view the video.

BBC South West is breaking new ground and giving you the opportunity to witness the birth of black rhino.

The birth is part of an endangered species programme at Paignton Zoo, where staff are getting ready to care for their first ever rhino calf.

The zoo's adult rhinos Sita and Kingo mated in the autumn of 2005, and with a gestation period of around 15 months the new arrival is due sometime in January or February.

When is the baby due: read more

In a world first, this amazing event is being filmed by the BBC's Inside Out programme.

BBC South West has installed remote control cameras in the rhino house and BT have supplied a special broadband line so that images can be streamed onto the web.

In addition, a TV screen at the zoo will show visitors the latest images.

BBC producer Andrew Brown explained: "We hope to be the first to film the birth of a black rhino in the UK.

"We have borrowed specialist cameras from BBC Springwatch and we have a team of people who will be on call at all hours.

Sita resting in her enclosure
Sita resting in her enclosure

"Sita is likely to give birth overnight, but we still hope to record the moment."

Sita is being filmed 24 hours a day in anticipation of the big day and the latest video images will be available to view right here on the BBC Devon website.

The full story of the birth including exclusive footage will feature in a special BBC Inside Out programme to be broadcast on BBC1 in the South West.

Watch the archive video clips:
video Sita afternoon activity
video Sita eating
video Sita eating at night
video Sita at night
video Sita resting

video Sita eating her lunch
video Sita in her enclosure

The Technology

The cameras we're using were first developed for the Channel 4 series Big Brother and have since been used to capture wildlife in action for the BBC's Springwatch and Autumnwatch series.

They can pan and tilt at 360 degrees, and use infra red to film in the dark so whatever happens we won't miss a thing. 

Parent Rhino Vital Statistics

The parents-to-be, Kingo and Sita, are part of the coordinated European Endangered Species Programme for black rhino.

Kingo (male) is 23 years old and has already fathered four calves. Rhinos live for up to 45 years in zoos, so he's still in his prime. He weighs in at 1.8 tonnes and came to Paignton Zoo in 2003 from Port Lympe Zoo in Kent.

Sita is 16 years old, weighs 1.3 tonnes and is a first time mum. She came from Berlin Zoo in 2002.

Sita will stay with her calf until it is able to look after itself but black rhinos are solitary animals so Kingo lives in an adjacent paddock. 

last updated: 22/10/07
Have Your Say
This messageboard is now closed to new comments. Thanks for all your comments and support over the past nine months. You can read earlier comments about Sita and Zuri below. You can also access the message archive.

BBC host
Hello to all the rhino watchers. Just to let you know there are two ways you can get involved, following the birth of Sita's calf. You can suggest a name for the youngster; and if you're aged up to 12 years old, you can take part in our drawing competition. Find out more by going to the Rhino Index:

BBC host 02.45 Tuesday 6 March

Sita's calf was born just after 8pm on Monday 5 March and everything is looking good for the baby girl. The birth itself went smoothly, but for several hours the calf struggled to get to its feet. The keepers managed to separate Sita from the baby at around 1am and were able to move the youngster to a newly laid bed of straw. At 1.10am the calf stood for the first time and Sita immediately started to pay more attention to her offspring. At around 2.15am the baby began to suckle for the first time - an important moment in the bonding between mother and baby. Thanks to the hundreds of rhino watchers all over the world for your amazing patience over the last few weeks. I'm sure the moment was worth waiting for. Don't forget BBC South West's Inside Out programme will be following Sita's pregnancy and will feature exclusive footage - we'll let you know when it's scheduled to be broadcast.

Janet & Nick New Zealand
Congratulations to you all at Paignton Zoo wonderful news wonderful to watch.

Chloe-May Rogers
I go to Paignton Community College and I have been watching and waiting tosee the baby, and I have got a name for her. I think PYRAMID is a nice name. She is so sexy!! From, Chloe-May

julian and linda Dawlish
our surggested name for sitas cafe is Mirical. as first rhino cafe to be born in britain ,and also first girl for a number years

Does the baby have a wound on her back.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Bonnie. The calf has some definate indentations on her back - but it's not a wound.

Just reading through the past messages..and I have to say thank you for spending so many hours in answering our questions and being such a good host. I'm very sorry that some posters felt the need to criticize your efforts..I think you've done a wonderful job!

Although I live in the USA, I've been enthralled with the progress of Sita. I am greatful that you have provided the web cam and have staffed it so diligently! Your efforts are appreciated both here and, I'm sure, everywhere around the globe. WELL DONE!

Gail, Tiverton
May sound silly, but do baby rhinos make a noise? Never heard adult rhinos makes sound, only grunts. Lovely baby, lovely videos, congratulations BBC and Paignton Zoo, and of course Sita.

Reply from BBc host: Hi Gail. Generally rhinos only make snorting sounds through their noses.

Wendy (from Plymouth)
What sort of noise does a Rhino make When it wants to say Hello? Horses neigh, and sheep say Baaa, But how does a Rhino go? Cats say Meow, and dogs all bark, And cows, they just go Moo, But what sort of noise does a Rhino make? I don't know. Do you?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Wendy. Rhinos don't have a language. The only sounds they generally make is a snorting noise through their noses.

After watching the Rhino Cam for weeks, waiting for the birth of Sita's calf; You can't imagine the disappointment that I had when I clicked on "BBC News - rhino is born" to find out it is available to UK users only. I'm sure people from all over the world have watched her pushed with her, etc and would like to see the clip. Where can others that don't live in the UK see this wonderful once in a lifetime event? I've never been to any other website that was resticted to users of that country!! Will this clip be shown in the USA? Thanks for your consideration! ps... I watch many cams out of the USA

Reply from BBC host: Hi Megg. The BBC is funded by UK licence payers and this is the reason some video clips are restricted to UK only. However this restriction only applies to the news clip of the birth - the same footage is available worldwide on the BBC Devon website and can be viewed from this page.

The baby is really cute. A name you could name her is Zara. From Isabel age 8

jackie george david Torquay
what a wonderful exsperience for all of us lots of love and cuddles to sita and baby many thanks to all of you it was great whens the next one brilliant

It has been lovely today to watch Sita and the baby. She is a wonderful mum. Thanks for all the excellent footage. When will we be able to visit them?

How about Zulo for a name?

Grandma Aberdeenshire
to the keepers and staff, has anything new been learnt about the rhino from watching this pregnancy that wasn't known before?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Grandma. This is the first time the keepers have been able to observe their rhinos night-time habits. They have been taking notes and will analyse what new information has come to light. So in that respect the webcam has been really useful.

jackie pellegrina
absolutely wonderful.mother nature at her best.

Jan from Grimsby
All concerns about Sita being a good mum now laid to rest. Fantastic seeing mother and baby together. I reckon baby is a boy and the name Sumo looks good on him.

Thankyou for such wonderful web cam of the ADORABLE new baby Rhino.Hope everything goes well with Mum and Baby!!How about Saffire for a name? Well done to all the keepers. Thankyou again.Best Wishes Catherine.

Tom Poole
Very glad that "we made it happen" and this Rhinocam proved so popular. To the viewers - i am very pleased you enjoyed the BBC show. A donation to the WWF would a good way to help some of Sita's friends around the planet i feel. A visit to Paignton zoo would be a great way to say thanks to the people there and you'll get to see Jnr for real :)

at last we can go to bed without worrying. hope you guys can get some sleep also. What a lovely way to pass the dreary winter months. This has certainly lifted everyone's spirits. spring is definatly on the way now.

Thessie, Torquay
How regularly does the little one feed? I was watching tonight and it almost seemed as if Sita was not wanting the calf to get close to her. Just worried that Baby might not be getting enough milk??

jane baker
what a relief to see such a perfect miniature of Sita ---she must be happy. I missed the important night thanks to the unreliability of Broadband but am very grateful to you all at Paignton Zoo

barb (portsmouth)
its 9 30 pm and just seen mum and baby tucked up for the night they look so sweet,wish i lived nearer and could see them perhapes later in the year.

Helene in Germany
Thankyou to everyone who made it possible to see this wonderfull event.All the best for Sita and her little bundle of joy.

eddie, brixham
congrats and well done to all concerned with Sita's welfare. How about something in swahili for a name? There's "jumatatu" (Monday), perhaps better shortened to juma; or perhaps"kifaru" (rhinoceros), maybe too generic? My favourite is "JAMBO" (hello). Anyway, best of luck and I'll be along to see mum and baby soon!

hi there can i just say i was unable to watch the event of the calf being born due to having no broadband after a recent move, but i cant wait to watch it on tv nd when im not using this silly dial up watch the video clips that u have available, also to all the staff nd camera people who ave spent nite after nite (like me) watching sita WELL DONE!! iv read some of the sarcastic comments on here from last nite when mum didnt want to know the calf nd to all those people get a life!!!! its hard working with animals nd only the keepers and the vets know wot is best for them nd even tho it was hard to see that mum wasnt paying any attention nd baby was stuggling to get up, how hard must it have been for those dedicated keepers!! nd if they ad gone it to soon it could ave been a tradgic end those people know best nd dont need sarcastic comments after all their hard work.... there i feel better know thanks guys and all the best for the future will be popping to see u all soon xxxxx

Jane, Newton Abbot
I've just logged on, and there is so much to catch up on. I think you guys have done a tremendous job. Dealing with some of the 'uneducated' comments from one or two of the populas is tiresome and I take my hat off to you, I would have told 'em to go jump!! YOU guys have the experience, you have done us proud. Well done to you all

no longer cross, Paignton

Dr Darren Sage
Great she has finally been born. I suggest the name preciosa (beautiful girl in Spanish). Darren. La Paz, Mexico (ex Lyme regis, Dorset).

lauren saltash
my name is lauren aged 11, i think the baby rhino is really cute and the best thing i have seen on the computer. I cant wait to come and see it for real. I hope this web cam stays on here for a long time so i can watch it. Ive told my nan and grandad in france and they are now watching it. many thanks see you soon.

What a wonderful achievment for Sita & Kingo and of course to everyone involed at Paignton Zoo, she really is beautiful thank you for sharing this special journey with us. Love to you all xx

Liam,Aimee and Ryan, Exeter
We have been watching Sita since early January and are all really pleased she has finally had her baby. We will be down to see her as soon as we can coz we think she is gorgeous !

can you tell me when the public will be allowed to see the calf? will we be able to by the weekend? mind you i think you will need extra staff to supervise the place as it will be packed and some i'm sure will want to hog there front seat. maybe a slow moving cue, in one door and exit the other that would be far to all.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Lesley. The calf is still getting used to her surroundings and is staying in the back enclosure for the moment. Hopefully visitors will be able to see her soon as she starts to explore the areas visible to the public.

Sue, Bath
Can you please tell us if Sita has had anything to eat or drink all day? Each time I've seen her she has been attending to little one!

Sita your baby is gorgeous, it has been so wonderful to watch the clips of both of you. I'm sending you both lots of love.

Wonderful footage of them settled down together!

FedUp Yelverton
When you say sneakily, have you sneakily taken the shots of the birth off again? I can't find them, can you post a link please? Come on BBC, please let us have them!

Reply from BBC host: They can be found using the links on the main Sita is a mum page.

jodie callan
congratulations sita

Why is this video only available to UK viewers? The world is interested!

caz (plymouth)
congratulations sita, about time.She's beautiful well done. Will come and visit you both soon. xx

Julie Smith
How amazing! There is no greater sight than Mothers and their new babies, whatever the species.

hooray! she/he is beautiful.Thank you to paignton zoo for letting us all share this.

Mrs. Joan Surridge
Glad it is all over and Mum and babe doing well.

Pensioner. Devon
Wonderful to know all is well with Sita and Baby - it wqas nailbiting time seeing the baby trying to get on its feet.

Mollie Epsom
What a moving site seeing Mum and daughter together. My housework is suffering because I keep popping on the web to see how they both are. I sdo hope this will happen again and we can see another animal at the Zoo, please. Now we must find a name for the dear little girl.

Hayley Browm
The baby rhino is really cute her Mum is lucky to have such a cute rhino. love from Hayley

Brian from Plymouth
Surely the whole point of monitoring Sita 24 hrs a day for many weeks, was to capture 'the moment of birth' and I fail to understand why the BBC do not want thousands of users to this web site to see this exclusive footage. Viewers from around the world cannot receive the 'Inside Out' programme and therefore it should be posted online. Thank you.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Brian. You won't find me arguing your point. The BBC moves in mysterious ways. All the birth footage captured on the webcam is now back on the website.

Hi, after weeks of waiting the babe has now arrived.What a wonderful experience to watch. We think the baby should be called ZURI which is swahili for beautiful, fine, handsome, lovely and nice.Also it should have some kind of african name as this is where the rhino originated from.Thankyou to everyone who helped bring us this wonderful

Hi im nikita im sure she was so cute but at home my cam didnt work (sad)but everyone had a great opertunity to see her

Martin Thomson
my what anight! so pleased to see both mum & calf doing so well. good luck to them both.

Elisabeth from Munich
Sita has got a lovly little girl. Congratulations to all for this nice baby

the calf is so cute

Rachel Paignton
Well done to Paignton Zoo and congratulations to Sita, we were a bit worried at first, but are really pleased to see them doing so well. Hope to come and see them both soon.

Martin Thomson
my what anight! so pleased to see both mum & calf doing so well. good luck to them both.

Congratulations on a beautiful baby best wishes for your future togther

sue,di,nic,tracy,deb,ju,sifam torquay!
wow how cute! she is sooooooooooo cutie cute those big ears and massive feet, we all would like to say a massive thankyou to everybody at paignton zoo and bbc its been amazing watching, but what will we all do now!we will all be coming to the zoo very soon,but is this rhino cam sadly coming to an end!what we going to watch if it does, help help could we have another pregnant animal please please please thank you again everyone !!!!!!!!!!!

Congratultions to everyone at the zoo and the BBC for all your hard work in the last few months. I along with everyone else feel like Sita and her baby girl are like part of my family now!! Oh and just to those who think Sita should have been in a natural environment to have her calf, these are endangered species and if it wasn't for places like Paignton zoo then maybe Sita wouldn't be alive today bonding with her newborn, get a grip and get off the website if you don't like it!!

David Scanlan
Congratulations to Sita and all at Paignton Zoo Keep up the good work Dave

Kathy Butler
Well done Sita. Sending you and your baby lots of love xxxxxx

What's going to become of this ppor creature. Is it going to be raised in captivity where it'll never know the joys of raoming free. I think this is a traversty to nature and to allow rhinos, even if they are endangered to breed in captivity is very wrong indeed. Every effort should be made to help them in the wild but to breed an such a magnificent animal which is to be kept in a cage in this day an age is a shame. Let the beast roam wild on Dartmoor.

Catharine Wood
We have managed this far without sound, but now please could we hear something... I am sure the baby is making sweet noises!

cross paignton
Please put the bithr back on the web. i have stayed up past 2am every night for the past 3 weeks, and had to get up at 6.30 am. I think its absurd that we have to wait so long to see it. Surlye the BBC can afford to share this footage, I will still watch the program, I promise

Reply from BBC host: We don't want to disappoint our loyal users - so we've put the clips shown on the webcam back onto the web. We agree with your comments it's too big an event not to share :-))

Sarah from Crediton
Following on from my previous remark to which you replied. From what I understand, there have been clips on here of much of the labour and then from shortly after the calf was born. My point that I was making is that I think it is wrong that you have withheld showing the actual moment the calf is born from the hundreds of dedicated webcam viewers who have spent hours waiting for the moment. If I am wrong and there is a link to it somewhere then I apologise but from what I can gather the video clip you are referring to as 'the birth' is not the actual birth at all. Very very disgruntled.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Sarah. The webcam didn't actually capture the moment the baby popped out, we missed it by just a short time. We don't have access to any additonal footage until after the Inside Out programmes goes out. However all the footage we have is now online.

Janet Hailsham
Can anyone answer a question I asked earlier - what type of call (if any) does a rhino calf make?

my thoughts are that a good name for the baby would be EVE as she kept us all up till the wee small hours.Well done to all concerned.!

has sita had anything to eat?

Sue, Bath
A truly remarkable event for all involved. Paignton Zoo have been excellent hosts, the Beeb have done the technology thing with their usual outstanding expertise, the posters on this site have shown that sentiment, caring and emotion are alive and well in 2007, and the lovely Sita and daughter are a credit to their keepers. Absolutely stunning! I've enjoyed every step of the way!

Adrian Way Charmouth dorset
Well done Sita the baby is beautiful. How heavy are baby rhinos when they are born?

People shedding tears of joy? A rhino reminding you people of your own paternity? You people need to get a grip really. As rare as this event, there is no need to take it that far! Congratulations to the Paignton Zoo staff though. A 15 months pregnancy cant be easy for Rhino nor the staff!

Claire from Plymouth
Is there a self help group been started yet with help for addiction to Rhino cam??!! Looks like one could be needed!! On a serious note, helping breed and continue the species of, not just Black Rhino's, but any endangered animal is truely wonderful. Sita & her calf are a blessing, absolutley gorgeous & the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

emma hygate
i went to the zoo a few days before the baby was born, now i want to go again just to see him/her! i think that it is so cute i absaloutly love it! can i have him? please, pretty pleas?

Kirsten, Kevin and Ryan in Alaska
Hello! we watched the birth and the hours following with much anticipation. My boys are home schooled (ages 9 and 5) and yesterday was a living science lesson! We agonized with Sita in labor and cheered when we saw her baby alive and blinking. We all talked soothingly to Sita to coax her to feed her calf and sighed when she laid down to sleep with her baby hours later. It was an all day event by the computer and we are so thankful for the chance to have witnessed this wonderful story unfolding!

Clare, Mike, Josh, Harry & Chloe.
WELL DONE SITA! Congratulations to Sita, Kingo and all staff involved in the birth of a beautiful new baby rhino. She's gorgeous and well worth the wait. Highly addictive viewing. XXXXX

Ande and Jo, Mexico
Dear BBC host. Thanks for the updates on Sita and her daughter. We're still watching every single moment possible, but have read your message re the removal of the actual birth from the website. Will you be putting it back on the site at any point, as we're in Mexico and there's no possibility of us getting to see it on the BBC programmes on tv? We, like a million others around the world watching this spectacle, are losing out a wee bit. We'd be grateful if you could help. Still loving every second of viewing. Thanks.

Reply from BBC host: Hi there. We'll be putting the documentary film up onto our rhino pages after it has been aired on TV on 23 March. We'll also be putting the video back up as well. You can catch highlights now by watching the BBC news report which is linked from this page.

Terry, Sue and Richard Swindon.
Fantastic! Best wishes to Mum, baby, Zoo staff and all the folks who made the viewing around the world possible. Lets hope this brings home the message of just how important conservation of ALL wildlife is. Well done Sita!

what a fantastic experiance my son has been telling everybody at school all about it then today the teacher put the computer on and the whole class got to see sita and her baby the oldest in the class is 5 lol just woundered if the zoo has anymore plans for web viewing any more of there aminals its great educational viewing for kids as they want to learn all about the animal they are watching and they get to know about endandured animals and that we have to protect everything around us. well done all lets hoping for the next one.

Elaine (Midlothian)
Many congratulations to all involved - watching this brought tears to my eyes. As for the person who suggested the RSPCA be called in - get a life - who wouldn't be happy with underfloor heating on their first day of life.


Well done to all involved in making an incredible educational experience for young and old all around the country and it seems the world. Paignton Zoo and the BBC should receive the highest acclamation for their dedication to what seemed an endless situation. Well done all.

Kim x
This is such a cute story and such a cute baba rino, i think the new calf should be called 'cutie bum bums!'. awwwwwwwwww

Sharon,Jay,Glenn,Beccy,Rhianna and Daniel
sheesh this is addictive hehehehehe do all you mums remember out there just how you couldn't keep your eyes off your newborn baby? well thats how i feel today, it is just so very amazing, a perfect litte new life,don't know how we will manage when the cams have to go

donna ivybridge
we know the calf wont be on display to the public yet but when will it as i am coming to the zoo on thurs and am desperate to see it.its also my wedding anniversary so it would really make my day to see the calf. congrats once again,im addicted to watching the web cam!!!

Mr I. N.Terested
When the Rhin(oes) have been Sleeping. Their ears are constantantly moving. Are they doing this to be alerted by noise, of any predators,who may be around? May I thank ALL the people within and outside of the Paighton Zoo. (Which I will always affectionately now refer to as Zaignton Poo) That allowed us viewing. Many people begrudge the Licence Fee. If I never watch a Beeb show again this year. I consider I have had value for money (Is it possible, to expand this box to view full message? As on Messageboards I.N.T.

A wonderful occasion. Perhaps Rita would be a suitable name?.

thankyou for allowing us to share such a magical moment it was enthralling and congrats to you all

Roisin (5) from Ivybridge
you are a very pretty girl,and so cute. Can't wait to visit you at the zoo. Well done Sita.

Mike Clarke (France)
Congratulations gal, hpoe you both do OK

fabulous great stuff another animal being brought into the world.yeh!

i think Sita is realy sweet!!!

pete from brixham
i must say its been great my wife and daughter have been more interested in sita than pestering me the past few days iv had a really nice break, but when a rhino comes between a man and his food enough is enough husbands needs loving too

Sarah Crediton
I think it is disgusting that after all the build up you have purposely withheld the moment of birth from the thousands of people watching avidly for that very moment.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Sarah.We removed it at the request of our colleagues at Inside Out who will feature the video footage as part of a TV programme on BBC1 on 23 March. However we don't want to disappoint our users so we quietly put the clip back onto the webpage - so you can now see what you missed earlier.

Emma Buckland
congratulations sita, your baby!looks nice and healthy and imsure to come visit you both soon. Good luck as a mum x x x

I think the bbc and paignton zoo should ask for donation so you can keep the cam there for a while so we can watch sitas baby grow up and if theres antother baby due anywhere in the zoo we can all watch it again

joyce neale .Torquay
well done every-one - it was wonderful to see the care you gave Sita and witness the birth too. see you soon at the zoo - x

Ruby(10), Brixham
Well done Sita! The new calf is adorable, but I think she should be called Storm because the night she was born it was very stormy! x

Margaret Southon
The calf is so cute. Unfortunately the actual birth is no longer on the web cam and I did so want to see it. Hope Mum and baby are doing well. Have been watching avididly for the past week or sol

Marilyn - Brixham
Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous baby. I was lucky enough to be viewing the web cam at just the right time to see the birth. Thank you to both the zoo and the BBC for making it possible for everyone to see this amazing sight. The keepers clearly are very dedicated and do a fantastic job. As for the misery who thought that the RSPCA should step in, did he/she think that the zoo would not take the utmost care of Sita and her calf during such a rare and important event, especially with the whole world watching. As far as the comment about spelling is concerned, does he/she not realise that flesh and blood is far more important than spelling? Well done, brilliant!!!

Bob Willings
Well done to the mother! Glad to see a dying breed fighting for survival. Whats the difference between a black one and a grey one anyway?!

Natalie, Warwick
Congratulations to the zoo and to Sita, what a beautiful baby. I hope it has a long and happy life xxx

i know that you can adopt an animal from the zoo as a gift and you get a great certificate and things. How soon before the baby goes on the adoption list? I'm sure we'd all love to contribute to her upkeep as we think of her as 'our' rhino now.

Sylvia Greinig
Congratulations to everyone concerned, and what wonderful video clips! Many thanks. Sylvia Greinig Director Paignton Zoo

Margaret Southon
The calf is so cute. Unfortunately the actual birth is no longer on the web cam and I did so want to see it. Hope Mum and baby are doing well. Have been watching avididly for the past week or sol

My husband has just got up after his night shift,i dont think he's gonna be happy to find he's got no tea, i cant do everything, i've been babysitting all day for sita and really enjoyed the pleasure of watching baby, sorry pete some things are far more important xxx

Aaaah! Have been watching "with" lots of people on the Archer's message board. What excitement! What anxiety! Did feel a bit voyeristic at one point, but was totally overcome. Thank you Sita - though I /really/ need to do some work now....

pensioner silverton
Will you be showing the actual moment of birth on these pages or will we have to wait until it is screened on TV? It would be wonderful to be able to see no. I saw a little on the news.

Reply from BBC host: The moment of birth is being held back for the Inside Out programme on 23 March. you can catch it at 7.30pm on BBC1 in the South West. We will be showing it again on this website after that programme has been shown.

Debbie (Bideford)Tues 2.45pm
Sita certainly seems to be bonding with her calf now. There has been some great footage today of the two of them. Sita is so patient getting up and down as the calf wants to suckle. Very demanding! Keep it up girl. Thanks to all involved.xx

sayeeda vellani
it was wonderful to see the birth of the calf. we hope to follow its growth.

Kathie D.
Sita is guarding her calf. I don't think she can quite believe it's hers. Has she eaten sice the birth? I have been looking in on and off as usual but have only seen her with the calf.Does she have her food in the other den? I think I might sleep through the night tonight it will be the first time for nearly two months if I do, it has been so interesting and exciting and well worth sleepless nights.

Lilly age 3
i love the baby rhino would i be allowed to have her in my bedroom to cuddle at night xxx

Miriam, Newcastle
Sita doesn't seem to do TLC. In fact she looks very spaced out by the whole thing. Is this normal for rhino mothers, or is she suffering the rhino equivalent of post natal depression? The baby looks so alone and lonely most of the time and it was heart breaking to see Sita just ignoring her last night when she was trying to get up, and then when she was nearly at the right end to suckle, just walking away.

pensioner silverton
Congratulatiuons Sita and little daughter you are both stars - you made the lunchtime national news! What a change to have a happy item to report!

I have been watching for months faithfully and am really excited and both proud of mother and baby.. let us welcome Sita's baby to the world.. Thank you for sharing such an impacting moment on live cam to us.. It has been such a wonderful experience!

Jo Holsworthy
Wow what a cleaver Rino you have and what a cutie baby girl she has had. Congratulations to the new mummy.

Christina (Archers Message Board)
Well done Sita, beautiful baby. I was on tenterhooks there for a while. I feel I now know a little of what it's like to be an expectant Dad. The worry, the pacing the floor, the loss of sleep. Lovely clear pictures today, Thanks Paignton Zoo, and the BBC, and thanks to Donna on the Archers board for bringing it to our attention.

Peggy rich
thankyou for the privalage of seeing such an amazing creature we have watched it for what seems like forever but well worth the wait i will never forget it brilliant thank you

I have just read the repsonses from the public and the majority reflect my own opinion that this has been the most exciting, nail biting and fascinating experience, and i am grateful to all involved in allowing us to have had the privilege of watching the birth and indeed the weeks of suspense beforehand. To all those small minded people out there who have left negative remarks on the zoo and the bbc, i can only say that they cant have seen the care and preparation that has gone into the event and clearly how much the keepers care for Sita, why do these people who watch for a few minutes suddenly think they are rhino experts, the plain truth of is you arent, we arent, and we were simply being given the opportunity to see nature as it is! Do you think that wild animals select the softest floor to give birth on? Find something more productive to do with your time instead of critisising others! Once again congratulations and very best wishes to all of those who have been involved on every level, and well done Sita we are proud of you!!

Caroline Champion
What an enchanting, inspiring and wonderful moment. Well Done all involved.

Yvonne Paignton
Lets hope the people who saw the birth will think twice about killing animals and distroying their homes, before its to late.

heidi paignton

jean Plymouth
when will sita go and eat she hasn't moved from baby all morning, and how long before keepers will go back in and clean as they do every day normally, will she let them in ok

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon: The rhino keepers are keeping a low profile for the time being but are hoping to go into Sita's den later today.

Shirley Birkenhead Torquay
Well done Sita,your baby girl was born on my birthday. Look forward to meeting her x

6JM Market Harborough C of E School
We logged on at school this morning & were really excited to see Sita & her calf. Word was sent around school and all classes have been watching! Maths will have to wait!!! Computers are set up for children to watch over lunchtime. CONGRATULATIONS to Sita and all her weary keepers.

Dar in the USA
The new calf is adorable. When can we view the video of the actual birth?

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon: Hi there Dar. Our colleagues at the BBC South West Inside Out documentary programme have the footage and it will be aired on BBC TV at 7.30pm on Friday 23 March. We will use the footage from that time.

can you tell us how long the webcam will be in the rhino house now that the baby is here as it would be nice to watch her for a few months

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon: Hi Eileen. The camera will be in place for a few days at least.

Congratulations Sita, I don't know how you did it but she is beautiful.

Rob, Paignton
Thrilled to get up today to see everything fine with mum and daughter. Huge thanks to staff at the zoo and the BBC for making it possible for us to be a part of this experience. Thanks also to "BBC host" for the speedy and informative replies.

Beth Cornwall
I wondered about the calf's horns at birth and it is interesting to see that they are just little white bumps (on a rather big head!). Must say, I wouldn't have liked to have been the Mother if the horns had been present! How soon do they start to develop.

Jenny Jordan
My suggestion for a name is 'Patience' (or the rhino equivalent) - goodness knows we've had to be!!

katy and family
I think she should be called storm or lunar considdering lasts nights weather and that she was born after the eclipse. ask any midwife (and i have) more babys are born on full moons so thats why she delayed her arrival i reckon any way. total addict have essay to write but can't leave rhino cam

Julie - 06/-03/-07. Grimsby.
Having been a dedicated Sita watcher for two months is it possible to show the actual birth? as Sita delivered outside of the 5 minute recording time.Congrats to all concerned last night,your efforts are much appreciated!Well Done Sita!!

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon: Hi Julie. Our colleagues at the BBC South West Inside Out documentary programme have the footage and it will be aired on BBC TV at 7.30pm on Friday 23 March. We will use the footage from that time.

Carol from Wiltshire
Beautiful pictures this morning of mother and baby sleeping side by side, and also of the baby suckling. So glad everything seems to have worked out OK. I can't thank the zoo and the BBC enough for a brilliant experience. The keepers are so lucky, I'd give anything to be one of them. Love to Sita and her gorgeous

Janet Hailsham
It's so good to see Mum and calf bonding so well - these are wild animals so I guess we have much to learn about them which hasn't been seen before. Is the calf able to communicate with Mum, i.e. Moo, bleat, whatever? Thanks to everyone involved in this global event and look forward to others in the future.

Jason from suffolk
A big thank you to one and all lovely to see mother and daughter to gether after all this time, been waching since webcam went up THANKS zoo keepers and bbc best wishes to all

Mrs P (6th March @11.52am)
Well done to our favourite Rhino. Missed watching the birth by seconds, it was during my 10 year old son Kieran's watch though. What will we do now though. Is there any chance to keep the camera going?

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon: The camera will be going for some days yet.

zoe plymouth
I don not have the facilit to do the video message. But i have been watching since you set this up and i would like to say congratulations to Sita Kingo, the staff at the zoo and of course to the BBC for making this all possible. This has been amazing. I am going to have to watch all my soaps on replay now as i have missed them all LOL Thanks again

i have to agree 100% witj roz i could not have said it better my self... just out of interest when will the calf be on ''show'' as my 3 yr old wants to visit the ''baby'' :D :D so i said we can go as soon as the calf is allowed out do we know when this is possible??

Reply from Laura, BBC Devon: Sita and baby should be viewable in a few days' time, all things being equal.

Congratulations Sita, your baby girl is beautiful. Hope everything goes well for you both. Congratulations Paignton zoo, this is an amazing feat and brilliant news Victoria

Just had a panic as I could only see Sita this morning, then came a truly magic moment. Baby walked out from under Sita's stomach having obviously been feeding! As she was sbron in last nights storm she could be called Gail!The BBC host has been brilliant. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work.


Sarah James
I would just like to say well done to Roz on here for her comments. I understand the anxious side however people need to remember we never get to see a birth from start to finish on tv so how do WE know how long it takes a calf to stand!! They cut and edit programms so we only see the best bits. This was LIVE!! I think SOME people on here have been very unkind with there comments and i would like to say WELL DONE to the zoo keepers sita, kingo and.....of course to the BBC CREW!!! you have all worked so hard. Thank you. wish there was a way we could show how greatful we are. x

Jan North Cornwall
Well done everyone involved with Sita. It has been amazing. Will the public be able to see them this summer

Steve Evans
Many congratulations to Sita

Having beem privileged to see baby black rhino in the wild it's a delight to see one in the neighbouring county. Congratulations to all the team at Paignton Zoo

That little one loves her milk dont she? Nice to see them bonding now, I wanted to keep watching last night but just couldt! I didnt have any matchsticks to keep my eyes open! Glad to see all is well after going to bed worried. Will Kingo be meeting his new daughter soon, or dont they allow this incase he might harm her?

Sue E
Many congratulations on your wonderful new baby! Have spent weeks watching and waiting and now the big day has eventually arrived. I would call her Tchooley as she came eventchooley!!!! Wonderful pictures of a great Mum & Babe. X

rhino watcher
I cant beleive the baby is here after all this time!!! its so nice that something so wonderful is happening for a change!!! thank u to every1 at the bbc and the zoo for letting us share this wondeful experience with you!! we are thinking of comeing to the zoo in a couple of days time will we be able to see mother and baby?

Just had a panic as I could only see Sita this morning, then came a truly magic moment. Baby walked out from under Sita's stomach having obviously been feeding! As she was sbron in last nights storm she could be called Gail!The BBC host has been brilliant. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work.

Liz, Hucknall, Notts
Brilliant! I have been logging on since first got to know about Sita's pregnancy. I was so thrilled that I let Sarah Kennedy know on Radio 2 - she told everyone about the pregnancy. She announced the birth at 6.00am this morning after getting my e-mail. So now the news is spreading fast! Just besotted by the baby, and watching the birth was so special. Thankyou everyone!

Linda - London
Well done Sita your baby girl is beautiful. I wish you both long and happy lives.

Congratulations to all concerned,especially to Sita. A wonderful, and amazing educational experience. Absolutely delighted to see the calf up on her feet and feeding well, what a nail biting time it was waiting for that to happen. In all this we must not forget Kingo - well done Dad!!

Greg - Queensland, Australia
What a wonderful sight - have just been watching Rhino Cam...... Congratulations to all involved for your dedication, hard work and efforts. A special congratulations to the parents and of course the little new arrival. May they all live safe and long healthy lives. Well done !!!

The miracle of birth never ceases to amaze me! Truly wonderful to see mother and calf together this morning. It has been the most extraordinary experience to have been a part of this and I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all the dedicated people who made this possible. How I wish there was good news like this every day!

for such a big girl sita seems so gentle with her little one. after last nights worry its great to see all is ok. make you broody.good luck and lots of love to you all.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Geburt Liebe Sita - Liebes Team Congratulation from Germany well done!! (

Sharon,Jay,Glenn,Beccy,Rhianna and Daniel
What a brilliant idea from sally Richards with naming the baby and giving the zoo something back for allowing us to experience such a fabulous occasion.We'd definately take part in that :)

To Paignton Zoo/BBC - I`m sorry to see some of the negative comments posted on here. I can only imagine what an anxious few hours you all had after the birth. The temptation to intervene too early must be great, and I think the negative feedback was probably a manifestation of of public anxiety. Getting up this morning to see a calm and relaxed Sita feeding her exquisite little female calf, was the best possible start to the day for me, and the perfect antidote to the doom and gloom of early morning news bulletins. I know the first few days are crucial, but I think you can risk breaking open the champagne. I also want to congratulate you on the web cam, it was a masterstroke. Did you ever imagine just how much interest this would generate? By sending Sita, via the world wide web, into our homes, you have engaged the public in a very `personal` way. and raised awareness of the plight of the black rhino to thousands. I feel as though this is `my` rhino baby - everyone who has watched Sita`s pregnancy will be feeling the same way. I hope the BBC will take note of the success of this project, and build on it. This is reality TV at its best - positive, uplifting and very worthwhile.

Katy, Cornwall
Wow, what a relief after all the slipping & sliding last night. I am SO relieved that when I woke this morning the baby was suckling. Late last night I found it very distressing but hoorah and congratulations to everyone especially Sita of course. Phew!

Grandma Aberdeenshire
you must all be so relieved and happy that everything has gone so well, still can't get enough of the footage. How long will rhino-cam be on for?

sue from plymouth
Well that was a tense night!!Watching even more now as it is fascinating.You will have to set up a "withdrawal" site when you finally pull the plug but please dont do it for a long time.Well done everyone and many many thanks

pensioner silverton
What a terrific nights work on everyones part. Well done Sita you are proving a fabulous Mum and what a cute baby. Thank you paignton zoo for all your updates at a time when you were obviously worried yourselves. Great job you must be proud!

Thanks for making it possible for us to watch this. I'll never just walk past a rhino enclosure again. Which animal is next?!

well done to all at paignton zoo what an experience to see this thank you. FANTASTIC.

Kerry Allen
As I am loved with Rhinos and it was amazing to watched sita labour, birth and bond with her baby Well Done Sita :)

Graham Anthony, Cornwall.
THE MOST FASCINATING happening I have EVER seen. Huge congratulations to the BBC & Paignton Zoo!!!!!

Whatching Sita Have her calf was fab the baby looks great I will now be able to have some early nights and catch up on some sleep We wish her well with her baby .what will the baby be called have you any names ready for her

is everything ok now?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Sheila. Sita and her daughter are doing well. They seem to have bonded and the youngster is taking regular feeds. It's all looking good.

Ross and Lisa
To all the none believers, see they told you so. Well done girl ,special treats for you and baby.

Sharon,Jay,Glenn,Beccy,Rhianna and Daniel
Well we think she's amazing, well done to all the keepers,you've done a fantastic job.Sita and baby look very happy together,the parents must be very proud as well as everyone who has looked after them.Will the webcams stay for a while so we can watch the little lady grow?

sally richards plymouth
good morning well i got sum sleep last nite haha at last mum n baby look fantastic together job well done keepers name suggestions can i suggest the zoo holds a compation at £1 an entry all money giong back into the zoo for the little girls enclosure ???? in sure you would get a few thousand or many million for it and the winner could get to addopt mum n baby for a year as the prize in the mean time i can her sally-ann as my gran named me after the salvation army i no poor me haha but as she is a very rare female in captivity she may be able to add yet another endangered rhino back to the population xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jan - Paignton
Well done all concerned ! Will Sita be kept inside now, and if so for how long?

Rob from Burniston Yorkshire
What a beautiful baby, mother and baby I am glad to say are looking well. Best wishes from Yorkshire

Alan and Joan - Cullompton
So relieved to see everything OK this morning. Watched the birth last night and then fretted all evening because things didn't look right. We have been glued to the computer for the last week and were so lucky to have been on line at the right time. Well done BBC and thank you for bringing this to us.

Sandra from Cornwall
Wonderful footage of Sita and her calf.Congratulations to all of you.Now it would be nice to find a name for the calf on the internet.You will all have to have a birthday party to celebrate.WELL DONE

clicked in last night just as baby was being born. I'm so happy all went well and the baby is just amazing. Well done Sita, glad it's all over for you. Was a bit worried that the calf was so still for a while and Sita wasn't paying much attention but all certainly seems well now. Lovely to see the calf suckling and Sita seems to be very patient. Congratulations to you all.

Congratulations Sita and Kingo. What a gorgeous baby x x x

teresa vernon, paignton
well done sita!!!! at last i have waited too, bit of a worry when your girl could,nt get up !! but thanks for your intervention staff!! and congratulations for a wonderfull baby, so cute!!!!!! bless them!!!

Kayleigh from norwich
the baby is so so so cute, i thought my mum would have to come and wake me up in the middle of the night. How long are you going to keep the cam on, when i first saw the baby it wanted to go to devon zoo and just look after her. hope she grows up very well!!!!!!

Carol Wyatt
This has been fantastic to watch.It has kept us glued to the video cam at every possible moment. Fantastic job by mum, and everyone involved. Thanks for letting us, the public share this wonderful time for the zoo and Sita.

Mandy (Dartmouth)
Wow! How wonderful to be able to share this amazing event with you and the whole world. Thank you and very well done to all, especially Sita.

daisy, 7yrs, totnes
I think the baby rhino should be called Toshi WELL DONE SITA

Lorna Plymouth
What a wonderful sight to see the calf and Mum bonding. Thanks to all who worked so hard to bring the story to us. Nail biting stuff last night but now all seems well. Let's all look forward to a good night's sleep tonight! (Tuesday)

Jasmine, age 4 from Brixham
I really like the baby rhino, I think we should call it Emily

Joyce Brown
Dear Sita, Thank you for a wonderful experience.Congratrulations to you and your baby. I hope that all goes well with you both.Lots of love

I come from SA and I must admit, I've been quite homesick watching this whole episode on internet. Thank you soooo much for making it possible for all to see. What a special moment for BBC and Paignton Zoo - in particular Sita's keepers! Well done to all for your tender care.

keith an odette
well done . we had a restless night worrying. looking at baby feeding now it looks like all is well best wishes

Zoe White age 9
she is really cute,and intresring to watch but I just mist her brith. I will see her soon.

Debbie (Bideford)
What a reassuring sight to see Sita willingly getting up to allow her calf to suckle. Its stil early days but this must be a good sign?! Everyone involved must feel so proud.xx

Good morning thankyou for being there working the camera,you have given so many people the wonderful experence of watching sita and her baby girl .

dean 6 liam 2 and courtney 5months
well done sita your baby is cute and nice cant wait to come and see the baby when mummy and daddy says we can go.well done

Dawn - Challaborough
Great news!!! Mum n Baby together have just watched the footage, you must be so proud well done to all x

Caz (Gibraltar) Originally Devon
What an absolute little treasure. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

katy and co
to all the mums out there you remember what a shock it is the first time round? i think sita has done really well and she just needed time to recover well done sweetheart and well done to all those who have kept us so well infomed i think you all deserve 24 hours sleep now!!!!!!

linda & julian dawlish
Congratulations to Sita and Kingo on the birth of your baby daughter. Glad to see baby and mother have bonded hope all goes well

catherine & nick hopkins (6 & 8), Calne
We watched you being born at night time. It was very exciting. Well done Sita. You have the cutest baby of all.We can't wait to come to Paignton to see you

Angela Tucker
My husband and I felt so privileged to witness this amazing birth. I was relaying it to my mother-in-law who, no doubt all the zoo keepers know, as one of the german ladies who visits almost every day. I hope you choose a beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Thankyou for these memories.

Sandra Bensley
The birth has been one of the most important, emotional and hopeful events I have witnessed and I feel privileged to have seen it. Congratualions to all!

Chris - Paignton
NAME SUGGESTION for our wonderful new baby How about KISI taking the first two letters of Mum and Dads names.

The Simm family
We think its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. So its not a Rhino Scam after all.

Kirstie Cornwall
Well done to Sita, and all that have been involved in this experience. Glad everything went so well and Sita and baby both seem to be ok.:-)

lauren kingsley
THANKYOU to ALL the staff at paignton zoo and the bbc for allowing my family to be apart of such an amazing event, we will never forget it, you were all brilliaint. Sita and Kingo you are parents of a beautiful little girl!!!!! well done to you both especially Sita, you are doing great!!

daffydd jed reuben zoe
horayh well done sita the baby looks so cute thanks to all bbc staff for updates on sitas progress well done sita baby looks great this morning!!!!! not so worried torquay family now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Kieron (South Africa)
Well done Sita & Kingo your baby is so cute Thanks Paington Zoo & keepers for such a wonderful experience. Will Kingo get to see his baby soon?

ria age 7 from norwich!!
THE BABY IS SO CUTE!!!thankyou for letting us watch.At least i was able to watch the birth befor i went to bed!!!congratulations sita and the baby.What are you going to call the baby?

teresa vernon
what a lovely calf, i have watched from the beginning, fantastic!!!!! and wonderfull!!! truly a miracle!!!!!! teresa vernon

Jean again...Surrey
A U.K. first and the BBC did it! PLEASE let this be BBC National News. Why keep it just to the South West? The world has been watching and it deserves more than local coverage. It has been an exciting time and thanks to everyone involved.

Andrée Smith
Has she got a name yet?

hi i am so glad you have a now born rhion i am so happy for you. i was on the web cam at 6:30 till 8:00 and i was so happy wat i saw i have never seen anything like that in my life by justin keeble age 12

Sharon & Sophie - Guernsey
Wonderful to see Baby standing up this morning next to Mum. Well done keepers you have done a great job. (I think all rhinowatchers were getting a bit worried last night - but you are obviously the experts)

ryan gardner
well done sita!!! is it a boy or a girl? if its a boy you should call it ronny if it is a girl you should call it rita

Pam - Blackburn
Congrats again for the allowing the world to share this experience, I feel very humble and priviledged to have witnessed such an event. Well done 'mum & dad' Thank you BBC.

Was just wondering for how long you will keep the rhino cam going, now that she is born?

Yvonne Smith
A big thank you for bringing the fantastic video.I was lucky to see it as it happened.I'm sure Sita will be a great mum.

michele capstick
hi there congratulations to everybody involved at the zoo. are there any names for the baby yet or will it be put to a public vote?

Mandy Lowe

Well done and congratualtions to mum Sita, Sitas keepers (aunts/uncles) and Paignton Zoo. Many thanks to BBC South West and Paignton for the Rhino Cam. Well done.

Pat and Jim Exmouth
Congratulations everyone, lovely calf and we will bring the grandchildren to meet Sita and her baby very soon.

Lisa 07.20hrs
So glad to see all is well. Any chance of showing footage on all the Inside Out programmes for those of us without access to satellite?! Especially with all the interest generated across the country.

what beautiful pictures this morning, Sita is doing it all right now!!

jenny from Cardiff
I missed the birth last night as I switched off too early! But I've now caught up and the baby is a little beauty. Thank you for letting me watch.

Congratulations Sita, u have got a beautiful baby daughter, she is soooo sweet, and have done yourself proud Sita! Well Done!

Luke Cullum age 9 (paignton)
well done sita, thank you for our lovely baby rhino,cant wait to see you both in a few days.

Justine (Sussex)
Well done Sita! The little calf looks sooooo cute and there's some great camera shots this morning of her! Congratulations to all at Paignton Zoo and I can't wait to see both mother & daughter when I visit later in the year

Thinking of a baby name, this little girl is an explorer, a little wanderer. So if there's a swahili phrase meaning "little wanderer", I think that's what they should think about naming her. Sita's being a very attentive mom now, wonderful to see. I'll keep my fingers crossed the baby stays healthy and happy, and Sita too.

Congratulations to all (especially Sita). A beautiful & long awaited arrival. Many thanks to the camera staff for such wonderful shots.

zac b AGE 9
i am andrew browns son so as you can guess i was so excited when paignton zoo called to say that sita & kingo became parents of a sweet baby rhino. but what i realy want to know is what are you gonna call it?and also are the BBC gonna adopt the sweet little child of two very loving black rhinos WILL SITA AND HER BABY STILL BE ON RHINO CAM? LOTS OF LOVE ZAC.B.

Jon Burns
What a wonderful night! congratulations to Sita, the Zoo and the BBC!! Shame about the critics on here, would like to see them enter a Rhino pen rather than fire off nasty comments from their PCs. Sometimes mother nature is best left until the experts are sure they need to help, like tonight. Congratulations to all involved!!

Michelle in Michgan, USA
Congratulations on the birth of you beautiful, beautiful, precious baby. I've been following Sita's progress many times a day and fell in love with her. I've also developed a newfound respect for men in their role as expectant fathers. Best wishes and long lives to mother and baby!

Jennifer, California
I am completely glued to the webcam tonight! Thank you! Question: Do mother and baby make any noises between each other? Rhino cooing or similar?

Will the baby try to play with her mom when she gets older or is that not something rhinos do?

Thank you for the updates. Now another question about the little one...what will her name be? Has it been decided yet?

Stella Parnell
Just peeped into her pen, and saw her beautiful baby! She has been very restless, so am not surprised. She looks very protective and proud, as her keepers must be. So glad all is well.

Thank you to the BBC host for the timely updates and for the Zoo staff helping the baby out. Well done, everyone!

Well done Sita. What a beautiful baby you have. Well done everone. Hope she gets a rest now.

Lorna - London
So brilliant, it's a girl, 3:20 am, still watching, fantastic job all!!

Aaaww! How cute is that?? They're both settling down together for a sleep.

Ande, Mexico
A beautiful moment (2:56) mum and baby both sleeping side by side. What a few hours that's been. Both totally exhausted. I'm so happy for them and to you guys too. Thanks so much.

2.49 a.m. It looks as though the calf has had a feed, and Mother and Baby are settling down to sleep. At first it looked as though Sita was walking away each time the calf tried to get close, I couldn't go to bed until I had seen her feed the baby.

What a beautiful sight to see the calf finally nursing and Sita being so patient. Thank you for the excellent coverage and sharing this experience with us.

Jenny Jordan
PERFECT,just wonderful. I think it's time for you to open the champagne now. I haven't seen Sita's ears that still in 6 weeks!I'm off to bed now, one very happy bunny! Thank you once again

California (again!)
Woo Hoo! 2.35 am. (your time!) It looks like Baby is feeding! Absolutely wonderful. Sita looks very, very contented. Great work to everyone concerned!

Cathy, Exeter UK
This has been just great to follow. The keepers, web cam operators and the BBC host have done a fantastic job. It was beautiful to see the new calf suckling. Sita looks very content. Congratulaions and thank you to everyone.

Does anyone know the sex of the baby yet? I haven't read very far back...was just curious. Thank you for keeping us all informed. This has been a wonderful experience. Congratulations!

Reply from BBC host: Hi Patty. We can confirm it's a baby girl - which is quite unusual for a captive born black rhino.

Yes! please can we have confirmation that the calf is suckling? its certainly in the right position..sita looks so calm now...had abit of time to get used to the new arrival.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Nat. As you suspected the calf has now had a good feed and Sita seems very comfortable with her little daughter. Everything is looking good for mother and baby.

At last baby feeding now!

Finally looks like Sita is nursing her baby. What a nailbiter this has been!

Did the keepers get to see what sex the calf is???

Reply from BBc host: Hi Sean. It's a baby girl! It's a very special girl too - because 75% of black rhinos born in captivity are male.

Jane in Torquay 2.20 a.m. March 6th
Hooray!!!!!Baby and Mum have been getting to know each other and Sita is at last feeding it. I can now go to bed - very tired and emotional but an experience I would not have missed. Thank you Paignton Zoo and B.B.C.

Chris from Torrington
To BBC host I think you've done an excellent job keeping us up to date on what's going on. Thanks

Contact! Hooray! Have a good sleep, staff!

So glad to see that the baby is nursing or attempting to, I hope they get the hang of it.

Thanks to our hosts for keeping us informed. Hard to see baby stuggle so and hopefully Sita has let it nurse by now. Did they check the sex when they went in?

Eileen (Archers Board)
Well, this is my second late night up and it has been absolutely rivetting to watch this. Thank you all so much. Also, many thanks for the updates (which I've only just found) - terrible to watch this kind of stuff in a vacuum. Hoping that things will go well for these two after a shaky start. I can't believe how much the calf has grown up since s/he was born - what is it - 6 hours ago!!

Lorna - London
Congratulations!! 2:00 in the morning still watching!

Well, bless me, his little back legs are getting a good workout and getting stonger by the minute- this is excellent. Now if he can just keep butting against Sita to encourage her to nurse, we've got a match!!

Ande, Mexico
Jane in Torquay, I'm in tears too. It breaks your heart watching the little one struggle over to mum, only to see her walk away. Come on Sita, let her/him feed. What a traumatic start to life. I can't leave this site alone. I wish I was back in Plymouth now to be closer to where it's all happening........

daffyd jed reuben zoe
Well done sita. we have been watching since the start is sita rejecting her calf. Worried Torquay family.

Jane in Torquay
2am Was that the calf's first drink? Just watched a lovely video of Sita and baby getting to know each other - and now baby is off exploring already! Thank you all so much for all of this.

The calf knows what to do, however, it appears Sita doen't want the calf to nurse. Since she is a first time mother - what is the normal age for a mother in the wild?

Typical!! I go out for my a monthly quiz night and after a month of avid watching until the early hours and I miss the birth!!Anyway well done Sita I was begining to it was one of the best April Fools ever!

carol 6march
well done sita and welcome baby calf plus not forgetting the keepers congrats

Chris from Torrington
To BBC host I think you've done an excellent job keeping us up to date on what's going on.

Jan from Grimsby.
Congrats to Paignton Zoo and the BBC and most of all to Sita. That was fantastic.Felt as though we were actually there. Is it a boy or a girl. Bit worried it hasn't been able to feed yet. Hope Sita is a good Mum. She doesn't seem to interested. Baby seems to be struggling with the staw wrapping round it's legs but it looks a lot better since your guys went in to help it. Keep up the good work and again thankyou.

O.A.P.Mags (again)
Compulsive viewing. The little ones instincts to suckle seem more honed than Sitas instinct to let him/her. What determination the little calf has. Hopefully Sita will soon do what should come naturally.

cally bayly surrey
this has been fantastic well done everyone for making it possible to share in the birth hope the behaviour is normal the calf looks very healthy wishing it well @ nearly 2am you all must be tired but pleased the calf is well

Jane in Torquay
OK now I'm in tears again - watching the dear little calf struggling over to Mum - only for her to move away! I'm sure it's only a matter of time, but it's really hard! It's 1.50 am now and I keep thinking I'll watch just one more update before bed...... p.s. I think you've done a really excellent job at your keyboard!

For goodness sake - sita's sure making her baby work for his supper! I hope she lets him give up the chase very soon.....!

Sita watcher across the globe
Oh, I am as anxious now as when the baby was born! It is heart breaking to watch the baby go after it's mommy while she turns away and keeps it at arms length! It is too sad to watch!

What a nailbiter. He's trying so hard. Poor Sita nobody can show her what to do. Sending love to them x

Just want to thank you for all the work you've put into answering all our questions. You've really been great and I appreciate all the work and hours that you've put in. For all the critics out there, I think you've all done a really great job, especially Sita. Well done calf for finally getting on your feet. I wouldn't have wanted to be the one to go into that pen to separate the mother and baby.

Jenny Jordan
That was just beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes x

thank you i can go to bed now, nice to see the baby on it's feet, it's just fantastic, job well done,i give you all a pat on the

18 hrs ignor the spelling police,well done x

Well done keepers. Your magic toch worked and the calf is now standing. Congratulations on a good job done. Now it surely must need a fee.

Thank you for answering. This does not look good. We are surrounded by wild animals (ungulates as well as carnivores) where we live, and if they are any indication, this poor baby should have been up and nursing within a short time of its birth. Maybe it's soon time for some human intervention - how long do the rhino experts say a calf can go without nursing after its born?

Dearest Host
Please feel free to make as many spelling mistakes as you like (I certainly have) and take no notice of people who've nothing better to do than try and spoil things.

Why didn't they move the mats to where the baby is? It's obvious he can't lift the legs enough to walk through the thick straw. Aren't they the least bit concerned about dehydration?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Annie. It's not straightforward for the keepers to go into the enclosure in such a delicate situation. They held off as long as possible to avoid disturbing mother and baby. Sita had to be separated from her calf to make it safe for the keepers to intervene. There was already a lot of straw and matting in the enclosure, unfortunately the calf ended up in a less than ideal place. Hopefully all is well now.

I suggest the calf should be named Luna in recognition of the recent eclipse

Just thought I would mention that spelling mistakes do not matter to me. The well being of that baby is what is important right now. I need to sleep, but I also need to know that the calf is strong and well. Surely, it needs a feed.

What will happen if the calf doesnt nurse?and sita shows no motherly instincts..

Well done keepers, ur doing a great job.I can understand that birth onwards is sometimes a lengthy and complicated process.Im so used to seeing edited footage on tv that make it seem quick, as a wannabe-keeper i can see it takes alot of patience and time..well done to you all.

I might be able to go to bed now! I was so worried, as I bet all of you at the zoo were. Now she has a nice bed of straw to cuddle into, perhaps mum might decide to feed her too.

I'm still here 0 01.20a.m!! Why can't this be shown on BBC2 NATIONAL TV? The Media really does need to show more positive news than we see just now. Also the brilliant web-cam coverage we've been seeing here should be shouted from the roof-tops! We see far too much negative coverage, and abuse of the internet. This shows what it's REALLY all about. Please show this wonderful event on National BBC. Thanks.

Susan from Calgary, Canada
What does the future hold for this youngster? Does it depend if it is a boy or a girl? Will it be sold to another zoo?

Concerned and appalled
Call in the RSPCA - maybe they can get this poor little guy up with the help of some decent flooring or turf. Let's hope you are better at looking after animals in your care than you are at your spelling (sepErate????)

Reply from BBC host: Mother and baby are in capable hands. The calf made its first tentative attempt to stand at 01:10 on Tuesday morning after the keepers were able to move Sita to a safe area allowing them access to the enclosure. The spelling was my error and is unconnected with the zoo - maybe you will allow me a small mistake after 18 hours at my computer terminal.

Shirley Betzner
The calf should have been up by now and sucking.Mom being a new mother doesn't seem clear on what it is. The longer it takes for it to stand and suck.. the worse it will be for her to accept it. It also needs her colostrum to survive. Poor baby.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Shirley. The calf stood for the first time at 01.10 on Tuesday morning. Her mother immediately started showing more interest in the youngster.

Jane in Torquay
Talk about a roller coaster ride. Come on Sita say hello to your dear little baby. It's nearly 1am now and I'm still worried.

Good thing there are no lions about. The length of time this poor baby has spent struggling to get a 'toehold' on the useless concrete (don't you people have rubber matting??), she would have become just another snack for a marauding carnivore. Now she's too tired to even try to get up and if she doesn't nurse soon, you've got problems.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Sue. There is rubber matting in part of the enclosure, but obviously no-one could predict where the calf would drop. The keepers are now taking steps to go in and help the baby onto its feet once Sita can be coaxed to a safe area.

congratulations. Please god let that little one be safe and healthy.What a privileige to be able to witness such a rare occurance.thank you all for allowing us to be part of this special birth.Lots of love to all concerned.x

Was Sita zoo bred?

maggi williamson & family
Congratulations Sita and keepers, the end to a lengthy wait. We hope to see sita and newborn soon.

Jennifer, California
Congratulations to Sita and all of the staff at the zoo! Been following this for weeks! Well done Beeb! Brilliant! I too am worried that this poor baby keeps trying to stand but is constantly slipping on the rubber mats. He/she looks exhausted.

Reply from BBC host: It's an anxious time for everyone following Sita and her calf. By midnight the baby still hadn't managed to stand and her keepers are now taking steps to go in and give it a helping hand. They plan to coax Sita to a safe place so they can check that the baby is healthy and maybe help it to stand up. Hopefully they'll be able to give the youngster some massage to help gets its legs going. They'll also be adding some extra straw to keep it comfortable.

This is awful to watch. The poor baby can't get any grip on an unnatural, slick concrete floor so he can stand up like he'd be able to easily do on the earth. It better not get so exhausted that it can't nurse properly. Terrible!

Reply from BBC host: Hi David. Keepers at the zoo have held off as long a possible to avoid disturbing mother and baby. But they are now taking steps to go in and give the calf a helping hand. They'll be checking to see if it's healthy and hopefully help it to stand for the first time.

If...I could just get those back feet under me....

An endangered rhino, and the calf cant stand cos the floors to slippy???

Jenny Jordan
How can I see the Inside out program, because I'm not in the South West? Is the a channel on satalite?

Reply from BBC host: Exclusive footage of Sita's pregnancy will be shown on the BBC South West programme Inside Out in the near future. We'll let you know when the programme is scheduled to go out. It is available across the UK on satellite on channel 987.

jackie torquay
congrats to sita at last the little one has arrived my son works on a farm and said the baby on the concrete will find it hard to stand love to you all

Sylvia Gilbert from London
Thank you all so much for such a breathtaking event. A big thank you to all the staff at the Zoo and the BBC. And, of course, Sita.

swift torquay
oh its lovely to see but please dont put it on ebay

Come on Sita your baby needs you. You have done well so far, keep it up xxxxv

Sue & David Petford
How wonderful last after many sleepless nights!we were like two expectant parents! haha........ Well Done to everyone at Paignton Zoo! xx

Come on Sita your baby needs you. You have done well so far, keep it up xxxxv

How wonderful to see mum and baby. Just watching Sita's ears now == usually they are twitching all around, but tonight, her left ear is fixed in the direction of that baby. I have a feeling that once she's regained a little of her strength, she'll be a great mum. I can barely imagine the excitement the rhino keepers must be feeling tonight. Congrats to them, they must be the proudest. :-)) Oh, and thanks to the Beeb for the fantastic coverage, it's been fab.

O.A.P. Mags
Just watched the re-run of Sita's calf being born.. It bought tears to my eyes in more ways than one !! Another miracle of life. Thankyou

Its no good i have to go to bed, hope in the morning the little one is up on its feet and mum is feeding her/him. Thanks for some great pictures have been watching for 2 months well worth the wait would have liked to have seen mum and baby together before i went to bed, but will sign in before work tomorrow good luck x x


The calf appears to be worn out! I'm another very concerned viewer about his/her welfare. Viewing from North Carolina, USA

Reply from BBC host 01:00 Tuesday: Hi Megg. The zoo assures us it is wise to hold off from intervening unless absolutely necessary. However one of the keepers will shortly try to coax Sita to a safe area so they can go in and help the calf. Hopefully they'll be able to help it stand up.

Julia Welch
Congratulations to sita, on the birth of her lovely calf. Well done to all zoo staff for your amazing work

John and Sally Sargeant
Fantastic,we have loved every minute of it. Congratulations to you all

Donna - from The Archers messageboard
Well, wasn't that exciting! Our board nearly went into meltdown with people watching from all over the world. We're all still anxiously watching to see if the baby stands up and Sita realises what she is supposed to do, and will be keeping an eye on events as they happen. Thank you so much for letting us see this wonderful event, it's been worth the wait. And some of us will be coming to see Sita and her baby as soon as we are allowed. Well done to all involved. The camerawork was splendid.

well done sita and all who made it possible i just wish the poor little thing could get to its feet he/she is really struggling and no sign of sita either xx

Bina, Grace and Evie
We have loved watching Sita and are delighted with the safe delivery of her calf. We visited the 2 month old Black Rhino calf at Whipsnade this week and were treated to an amazing impromptu private tour by the 'proud dad' keeper. It has made it all the more special to watch Sita. I am going to really miss her calm presence late at night when the camera finally leaves her enclosure.

Frankie and Mum
At last Mum has found a good reason for computers and the Internet! Congratulations to all at Paignton Zoo. ( Sita going to get a share of the increased takings? She's certainly earned it!)It has been a memorable experience.

doreen bennett
well done everyone heres hoping baby stands up soon

L, Devon
11.50pm: Come on little one, stand up!

June Paignton
What a dear little calf. Well done Sita and Kinga. Thank you to all at the BBC and Paignton Zoo, definately not low profile. A fantastic zoo & I will come to see the baby as soon as it is allowed. Terrible stormy night tonight in Paignton. Excellent to keep those cameras going.

Jane in Torquay
Thanks for keeping us informed. It's going to be a long night after all - I won't sleep till I know Mum and Baby are united. Been watching the local news for reports and listening to radio devon as well for updates! Heard Jason on the 11 o'clock news sounding a bit strained - not surprisingly. Baby is such a cutie...good luck little one xxx

chrissy (dartmouth)
What a shear delight , am so very very pleased to have witnesed the birth of your beautiful calf, well done Sita the wait was well worth it x

Sharon - Guernsey
Come on Baby Almost there!

Ros & Steve
congratulations to Sita and all at Paignton Zoo! We've loved following the safe arrival of Baby Rhino.

Elaine Paignton
cant you push some straw near the baby to help it get a grip on the floor use some thing long mum is not helping, please help.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Elaine. As we've explained it's better not to disturb mother and baby if at all possible. The keepers will only step in if they really have to.

thank you, i have waited for the last month for this and all i hope is that all will be well. Just looked at camera again and it is great to see the both of them in view now. You guys have been great and thank you all for what you have done to let the nation see this wonderful event. I hope that there will be some recognition for the guys and the staff that have sat waiting for this moment. I know the birth is probably enough for you all. Thank you once again. Keep the cameras rolling xx

Tania & boys Staddiscombe
Know that k'd feeling Sita, but please give your little un a bit of love & encouragement. xxxx

O.A.P Mags
I missed the birth so looking forward to re-run. 11.00pm. Poor tired Sita seems not to be helping the calf. So looking forward to seeing them together. Another rhino -cam night ahead. Congratualations to all the staff and technicians

Wendy in Gloucester
Congratulations to all at Paignton Zoo and the BBC for a fascinating few weeks, will be down to visit your new addition in April. Well done Sita !!!!!!!!!

Will those of us not in Devon be able to see the whole birth at some point? Come on Rhinoling, up you get!

Reply from BBC host: Hi Lisa. Sita's pregrancy is being followed by the BBC South West Inside Out programme - we'll let you know when the programme is going to be shown. You will be able to watch it anywhere in the UK on Sky satellite channel 987.

Evelyn - Bognor Regis
This has been truly amazing. I feel like the original Granny-Rhino, I've been wtching for so long!! Thanks to all who have been involved! I shall follow the progress of our baby-rhino with the greatest of interest.

Congratulations to Sita, Kingo and all at Paignton zoo. A real emotional experience being able to share these moments. But upsetting to see that poor baby struggling alone. Come on Sita you can do it girl!!!

well done sita ,the calf is soooo cute ,i hope the next few hours go well ! xx

Well Done Sita!!! Well done to Paignton zoo too for getting us so involved! I have been watching daily and just got in tonight to hear the news!!! delighted!

too excited to go to bed lovely shots of mum and baby together. willing baby to stand up soon

what a magical event to be a part of! baby is absolutely gorgeous. congratulations to all involved.

Wow! im addicted to watching the little tike! he/she is very cute, come on little one, get up, u can do it!congratulations to all the keepers and Sita xxx

David G Hobbs
well Done Sita. Wonderful calf

jan. south molton
what a priveledge to see such a rare sight. well done to mum, baby and all the staff who have done such a great job

Elaine Paignton,
is it normal for the baby to take so long to get up, I think the floor is to slippery and baby rhino looks tired, very worrying.

Reply from BBc host: Hi Elaine. Keepers are close by and keeping a close eye on the young claf. They are ready to step in and help if they need to, but it's better to let nature take its course. New born rhinos often take several hours before they stand up.

Elaine Milner - Totnes
How beautiful. What a gorgeous little babe. Can't wait to visit to see it for real. Well done Sita!!

many thanks to the bbc for allowing us into this fantastic event in sitas day. well done to all involved see you soon B+A.

At last!Welcome little one,and well done Sita!Can't wait to come and see you both x x x

Morrisons of Newton Abbot
The webcam is a great idea, there should be more animal cams. This gives us a chance to see what we don't see when we visit the zoo, including the hard work of the staff. We watch the jumbo's at San diego zoo on their cam, and now have become very fond of rhinos because of the Sita cam. We are coming to visit asap! Thank You. and congratulations.

as with previous messages missed actuall birt and you archive stops short of birth well done to all we too think it is a boy looking at pictures congratulations again.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Julian and Linda. The webcam missed the actual moment the baby was born, but we have the recorded the entire birth and hope to show that tomorrow.

Please tell me that she hasnt rejected the poor thing. She really hasnt shown much interest it is now 3 hrs later and the little one is still on its own. Hope all will be well but am now concerend!! xx

Reply from BBC host: Sita is exhausted by the birth and is resting. Her keepers are standing by to help the youngster should it show signs of distress. But it's quite normal for a rhino calf not to stand up for several hours.

susu, germany
well done sita and everybody at paignton zoo! but the calf looks exhausted to me now... shouldn't sita be helping the little one get on it's feet? where is she?

Sam Newton Abbot
Congratulations to all involved, what an amazing experience to watch Sita and her new baby. I feel quite emotional. Well done to Paignton zoo and to the bbc for excellent coverage.xx

congratulations to sita and all at paignton zoo. The birth was so excited. I can't go to bed until baby has stood up. Hope it is ok, and our lovely sita. Well done to camera men for giving us this wonderful opportunity. Thans to all

Elaine Milner
How beautiful. What a gorgeous little babe. Can't wait to visit to see it for real. Well done Sita!!

well done sita congrats but why arnt u helping ur baby ive not seen u since birth come on sita help him or her it is struggling to get up wd xxx

Tony (exmouth)
congratulations to everyone involved in the brilliant camera shots BUT most of all WELL DONE SITA. Also congratulations to ALL at the zoo keep up the good work

pauline nr newquay
congratulations to you all on the safe arrival of the little calf, never thought I would fall in love in with a rhino but I did well done sita good luck in the future

Steph (Dartmouth)
Truly wonderful! Well done Sita - look after your little one x


suzanne in plymstock

sadly had our horse put down on Saturday. so heartwarming to see new life here this evening.

Den (Newton Abbott)
Delighted to see the birth. So pleased we kept uo to date while away in Nottingham - Hey Up Sita, Duck!!!

Rob, Paignton
Getting a bit worried now - nearly 3 hours and mum not showing interest. Baby looking tired and struggling to stand on slippy floor - Were rubber mats the best idea? How long before keepers will have to consider intervening? (PS Baby looks really cute)

Reply from BBC host: Hi Rob. The zoo have vets and keepers on hand nearby ready to step in if the baby needs help. But it's always best to let nature take its course and experience from other zoos suggests that it can take several hiours before a new born calf stands up. It's important to keep the baby warm and that's what the heated rubber mats do. Sita is exhausted after the birth but has shown some interest in the new arrival.

welldone sita now you will you please go and give your baby a helping hand missed the live footage Damn Eastenders!

Has sita taken to her new calf yet? i keep refreshing but am only getting the same reply of the calf trying to get up. a what point will you take over if sita doesn't take to the calf. hopefully this won't happen, but it did worry me when the camera just moved away from filming the calf to film the brick wall, what hapened then?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Lesley. It's quite normal for a baby rhino to take five hours or more to stand up. Her keepers are near at hand and ready to help out if they need to, but it's better to keep a low profile for the time being.

suzanne in plymstock

Fantastic! Thank you Devon Zoo and the BBC for letting us all watch :)

sharon johns
well done sita, seems as your bundle of joy was born on this stormy night, me and my son brad think you should call your new baby STORM. well done girl xx

Its 10 40 now wheres Sita...and is it normal for the calf not to have got up after all this time?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Ratty. The keepers have taken advice from other zoos and it's not unusual for a new born baby to take several hours to stand. Sita is not far away but is resting after an exhausting birth. There are people nearby ready to help if they need to.

Jane in Torquay
PLEASE tell us if all is ok - 10.50 pm and baby not standing yet and no sign of Sita.

Reply from BBC host: Sita is exhausted after the birth - but everything is fine. It's quite normal for baby rhinos to take five hours or more to stand after they are born. The floor of the den is heated so the baby is nice and warm. Hopefully Sita will start to show more of an interest once she has rested. Her keeperrs are ready to help if the calf shows signs of distress.

Mrs OC
Brilliant! But you realise that no-one is going to sleep until the baby is standing! Surely he/she should be up by now? When will the baby have first feed?

Fantastic!.... but please let us see the final moment of delivery. The camera stopped right at this point. When it came back on the baby was there. Thanks.

Ginny Club
How wonderful. Paignton Zoo, I suspect you are a low profile zoo but how proud you should be now. Not only have you done something practical to help an endangered species, but you have also raised the profile of the black rhino within the UK. You should be really pleased with yourselves ! Can you tell us what the behaviour of a new mother would be in the wild - would she stay close to the calf or would she be off for a little while to remind herself of the great outdoors ? The calf looks very contented - let sleeping rhinos lie, I say !


Congratulations Sita, but where are you? Your new calf is sweet, you should be very pleased with yourself. xxx

Come on Mamasita!

Jenny Jordan
Congratulations everyone, especially Mum and Dad. It's 10.30 now and I'm finding it abit upsetting watching the poor little fella struggling alone with no moral support from Mum, nor seeming to progress much. So far,so good tho. It's been a fantastic experience, thank you SO much. Finally I can sleep ALL night!!

Rachel Barnes
I think he/she's is gorgeous! I have watched this every day for ages and have a name suggestion if its a boy....WEBSTER....because he was on the web! Go on!

debbie richie and cassie
well done sita !!!! what a cute babby you have. its been worth the late nights and tension. thank you to paignton zoo and all those who have sat up night after night working the web cams so that we could enjoy the experience x x x x x x

At Last. What a beauty. Well worth the wait. Congratulations Mum and Baby.

Sorry, but missed the actual birth, have watched your footage, but film stops just short of the birth. Please show all footage as this is so amazing and I can't believe we missed it as its been locked on our computer for the last 3 weeks. Congratulations to all concerned xx

Jenny Cockerill
I'm the Form Tutor of a Year 7 group at Paignton Community College, and we have been watching Sita on several occasions each day for the last 6 weeks. We shall all watch the archive footage tomorrow showing the event which has captured our imagination! If it is a boy calf, he should be called Piran - as it is St Piran's Day (patron saint of Cornwall). I do so hope that Sita starts to take more interest in her calf soon, and that when I check out the site in the morning, the babe will have found his feet!! Thank you for enabling so many to have been a part of this special event.

Congratulations on the birth of your cute baby Sita. I just hope everything goes smoothly for mother and baby. Feel a bit worried at the moment!!!!!!!! How long will you keep the web cam in the living quarters for?

Cogratulations on your new baby rhino! The new arrival looks so cute! I wish all the best for Sita and her baby.

Congratulations to the zoo and all the keepers. And a big thank you to all the camera people. It was a great experience. Hope Sita and her calf stay okay.

Paignton has a new skating rink!!!! Sorry, couldn't resist. Thanks for turning the light on, much better xx

it's a girl, nothing that cute could ever be a male!!! hee hee

Grant Miller
I think its a boy. Hope all goes ok for both mother and baby. Good luck to all and congratulations

Mitchell and Stacey
hooray, baby is here, we would love to see the actual birth, we agree, the cam shots do end short, but the footage we do have is fantastic, thank you for making this possible, and well done Sita, thanks for keeping us entertained over the last couple of months

rebecca hale
thankyou so much for allowing us to watch such a wonderful sight,my mum and i have been watching closly for what seems ages and to see the birth we were in tears our thoughts are with her keepers and we hope all goes well, welcome to the world little one x x x

Cogratulations on your new baby rhino! The new arrival looks so cute! I wish all the best for Sita and her baby.

debby harris
glad sita and calf are doing well.congratulations paignton zoo. some very good news at last after the traumatic times of late with some of the animals.

Nancy and Molly (Paignton)
Wow, you did it Sita, Well done, what a beautiful baby you have. We will come and see you soon. Sending you both all our love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Congratulations to all concerned. I thought we'd be able to relax at last after the birth, but watching the calf struggling to get up is absolute agony.

Kate Williams
I have been keeping a eye on Sita well done on the baby hope all goes well

kath from scotland
the best thing i have ever watched on the net. well done to you sita and to you fantastic keepers.who have done such a great job.the only thing is i am a wee bit troubled for the calf as sita is not bothering with it.will all be ok?

Amazing, well done to sita and everyone concerned. I`ve been driving my family round the bend watching the rhino cam!

Jill Australia
PS I think I'm going to cry!!!! Its all been a very emotional time, hasnt it???

Angela Anthony Cornwall
Congratulations Sita. Well done Paignton Zoo, the BBC and all the cameramen it has been wonderful to watch. Lets hope Sita proves to be a good mum we will keep our fingers crossed.

Jill Australia
Congratulations to all concerned, especially the wonderful Mum Sita...hope you bond really well with your beautiful baby. You went and did it while my back was turned, though Sita. After all these weeks, and I really thought I had it over all your UK fans, because I was able to watch you through your night without getting tired.(Daytime here.) Didn't get much done, though. Thanks to everybody for the wonderful close-ups of Sita over the weeks, and now of baby black Rhino. My car of course is now called Sita. Do I pronounce it Si-ta or See-ta?

congrats sita x the zoo needed good luck we think u should call it phonix as she/he rose from the ashes

Ande and Jo, Mexico
Come on little one, stand up! We're exhausted for you. Please can you release footage of the birth so we can see it? The time delay is a pain, but so greatful for what what we seeing. Thanks a million. Well done everyone especially Sita. She must be in shock!!


iam very happy to see sita's new baby thank for showing the pictures of the rhino's and looking after them.

Is the baby O.K?? When do you think it will stand up.

dawn cantelo
well done sita my children and i have been watching you for weeks hope all goes well with the little one really good to be able to watch it all

Joshua from Leigham School
Have been watching and waiting for weeks as have all my mates at school in the run up to our visit which was on Friday. It was really exciting to see you then, if only we were visiting this Friday!! we would have seen your wonderful bunble, for real. Congratulations to both Mummy and Daddy, and a big hello to the little one!!

Please will someone help the baby, is Sita with her? Cant go to bed till its up.

Jane in Torquay
Fantastic! Well done Sita & thanks to everyone for giving us such a great opportunity. I'm exhausted! Are you filming through the night tonight? Want to see the baby stand up.

can you replay the birth please as icant believe, i went a way for half an hour and then it was born i'm gutted i missed it as i have been watching her the last couple of weeks

I cant believe I missed it! been watching for months!!! Hope Sita and baby are ok.. should call it Storm..

rose barnstaple
fantastic a baby at last. will have to visit in the near future to see the new addition . hope everything goes on alright.

claire plymouth
how long does it usually take for a calf to stand up? Haven't seen Sita licking her baby yet. It's so cute. Well done Sita and everyone at Paignton Zoo

where is sita... the star of the show after all? is she ok, bit shocked i should imagine but it would be nice to see her too so we all know she is ok. Hope they bond soon x

pam paignton
well done sita love to your new arrival

Well done Sita!! The world has taken you to their hearts. May God bless and protect you and your beautiful calf. Congratulations to all concerned!

Grandma Helen from Crediton
I can barely see to type through the tears that are flowing down my cheeks. I'm more moved by this than I will be by my daughter Hannah's baby being born.

I forgot to mention- a huge thank you to all who have made this possible!

mary torquay
congrats to sita at least she chose a stormy night when we're all going to be in to watch.

Sophie - Guernsey
Congratulations Sita! What a cute baby. Well done Paignton zoo.

How Wonderful!! I've been watching avidly since January and would you believe it - the one evening I have to go out and the little one arrives!! I do hope I can see it on the archives. I can't believe how happy I feel!!!


can we have some footage of Sita please- after all she did do all the hard work!

9.15pm monday saw the baby rhino CONGRATULATIONS SITA AND KINGO and all at paignton zoo. i was having my doughts but no you were all right can't wait to visit.

mary torquay
congrats to sita at least she chose a stormy night when we're all going to be in to watch.

jackie (northampton)
well done sita and congratulations to all concerned,something i will never forget.thankyou all so much for giving us the opportunity to watch sita the past few weeks and to be able to see the birth of such a cute little calf. well done cameraman.xx

Pam, from Blackburn
Well done to all concerned with the care of Sita, amazing experience I wouldnt have missed for the world, but will Sita help the poor little thing up soon? Pam xxx

Dores (Newton Abbot )
Well done Sita an Kingo what a lovely baby! Thankyou to the great team at Paignton zoo an the BBC team for allowing us all to watch and enjoy xx

Emma & Richard
Congratulations Sita, Neil and all the mammal staff! Lets hope its not long before shes out in the paddock! Well Done!!

Just missed the birth as all the clips seem to stop short of the crucial moment! Was the actual moment of birth captured on film? Well done everybody - it's been an addictive but fascinating few weeks!

pen mike & jonathan
So sorry kingo forgot all about you, congratulations daddy xxxx

Michelle, Norwich
Congratulations to all at paignton zoo,thank you for letting us share the moment,a real family experience in our household,see you in the summer!

congratulation sita and kingo. well done sita, what cute twitching ears your baby has. thank you all for a wonderful experience wow!!!

emma and george
well done sita. we look forward to seeing you both in a few weeks on our holiday to devon

Tania, Joe & Terry
BEAUTIFUL! The best thing we've seen on the net, ever!! Eagerly awaiting update on calf. What a sweetie! Well done to Sita & her keepers.

sally richards plymouth
is it to early to adopt mum and baby together or will you just be doing them seperatly as i just told my hubby thats wat i want for my birthday! such a magnificant animal must be saved xxxxxxxxxxxx

When will Sita assist the calf? What is the normal amount of time for her not to have contact with the calf? Thanks!!

Justin and Hannah
We have been watching the footage since you first went live from Cyprus, and can't wait to come back to the UK to see the new Baby Black Rhino. Congratulations Sita, Kingo and of cause Paignton Zoo.

julie @ louis
wow , well done Sita and a big thank you to all of you at the zoo

Karen - Torquay
Went to the zoo today (5th) to see how Sita progressing and she seemed extremely quiet so decided to watch webcam all evening and WOW! Well worth the wait, absolutely fantastic and priveledge to witness the birth. Well done Sita, Paignton Zoo and especially the BBC. I shall never forget it!

Debbie (Bideford)
Is it normal for Sita to leave her calf for so long? Now we're all going to be worried about her rejecting it!

Jan - Dartington
Congratulations Sita and Kingo and Paignton Zoo! Of all the nights we had to go out we missed it by 1hr 15 mins:((((. We had to go and collect my new car so please call it Suzuki so I don't feel so bad!!!!!! It's been so great to watch the build up, thanks to everyone involved. xx

Congratulations Sita. What a wonderful experience to see a Rhino born. What a beautiful looking baby too. Best wishes to both mum and baby and to all those who have the pleasure of looking after such incredible animals.

challaborough aunties!!!!
wooppie shes had it how cute is that baby, we are very pround aunties good luck to u all and well done sita!!!!!! xxxxxx

Congrats to all at Paignton Zoo and to Sita but is everything alright cos it looks as if baby can't stand and where's mum?

well done Sita what a lovely baby

June from Plymouth
Well done to Sita and to all at the zoo.A special thank you to everyone at the BBC for letting us share this wonderful moment. A truly memorable occasion.

Rhianna - Dartington
Sorry Sita but we missed it by an hour and 15 min I still think if it's a girl you should call it Ki-Ki and if it's a boy you should call it camu look after your baby and has Kingo seen the baby yet xxxxxxx

Ellie and Sarah
Really pleased the baby has been born. Hope she gets up and starts feeding soon.

Sue, Cornwall
Congratulations Sita!!Thankyou Paignton Zoo!! Thankyou BBC!!

Marion and David from Cornwall
CONGRATULATIONS SITA, What a beautiful baby, we are so happy. Well done Sita and the keepers and to the Zoo.

Frank from Paignton
Well done all.Cant wait to go and see them

Chris fromTorrington
Well done Sita well worth the sleepless nights, congratulations to the staff at Paignton

Grace & Peter Hill
Congratulations !! so glad we turned on at 8.30 to-night.We can't turn off now .

Sheila Paignton
Watching baby trying to stand. Where is Sita? She seems to have ignored her baby. Shouldn't she be helping or at least be close by. How long will the keepers leave it before they intervene? This is detracting from the joy of the birth.

After watching sita for the past few weeks i actually missed the birth! the baby rhino is cute though.Well done Sita.

missed it checked 6.30 in work she was lieing down pleasehow us soon is babe ok struggling to stand and wher is mum

Susan Blissett
Does the baby have a certain amount of time when it is crucial to get colostrum?

where is sita?? is she close by? how long will it take for the little one to stand up? Congratulations to the zoo staff keepers and to the BBC for capturing it on Film. Thanks to all concerned

Well done, Sita. Now you can relax!

sue from plymouth
the internet and technology at its best-it has been absolutely great watching these weeks and I hope you keep the cameras rolling.Thanks to everyone and most importantly to Sita

Jem and Mom
Congratulations Sita!!!! 5/03/2oo7 @ 8.50pm

Pen, Mike and Jonathan
Congratulations Sita, a job well done, its been a long wait but worth every second, the veiw that you gave us tonight was truely fantastic almost as if you knew we were watching, now settle down with your beautiful baby and and take the rest that you really do deserve, well done and congratulations to all keepers and camera crew, many thanks.

Ruth Cole
Way to go sita that was awesome hope everything is ok

Just witnessed the magnificent birth and I was pushing with you all the way, having had two calves myself! Have been watching for weeks, several times a day. Thanks for having your babe early enough for my kids to see it. By the way, methinks it's a girl. Congratulations to all of you. From Michelle, Totnes, Devon.

Linda, Bristol
ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Thank you BBC and thank you Paignton zoo. A big big thank you to Sita, hope you make a good mum.

Kate, 11
Do you know if the calf will be a girl or a boy? My mum is addicted to Rhino Cam!

Alex from torquay
I missed the birth when will i be able to watch it again? Congratulations to sita and everyone at the zoo!

Reply from BBC host: Hi Alex - you can now watch the archive videos showing the birth and the calfs first moments.

Carol from Wiltshire
What a fantastic experience! I'm so glad the baby wasn't born overnight. If it's a boy, how about Piran as a name, as it is St Piran's day. Hope Sita and baby are both fine. Congratulations to Paignton zoo and the BBC, you've done a grand job! Love to Sita and the baby, you are both absolutely adorable.

marie from derby
its great tosee the baby but let us see Sita after all it washer who did all the hard work

The Hatches
How cute! We missed the birth as out for couple of hours, hope to see a video of it soon. Congrats.

The Shore family
Congratulations and well done Sita! What a beautiful sight. So glad your calf has arrived safely. Reckon there will be a few keepers with sore heads tomorrow, and rightly so, what a reason to celebrate!! Lots of love to all at the zoo and a massive thankyou to all involved in making this webcam possible, it has been

How amazing! Congratulations to all the wonderful staff at Paignton Zoo and the BBC for giving us the chance to view this wonderful occasion.

carol plymouth
have been watching every mornng, afternoon and evening since January, guess what, missed the birth. Watching the baby now trying to get up - what a wonderful sight.

sita doesn't seem to be paying much interest to the baby, is this normal?


Congratulations Sita and all at Paignton Zoo. They say good things come to those who wait and how right that is. Hope everything goes well and Sita bonds with her baby.XXX

Absoultly amazing! Well done Sita! Congratulations tall at the zoo.....time to partyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

LYNN AND TOM teignmouth devon

Netty, Dan & Ellie
Its so cute thank you for showing it, well done cant wait to come and see you at the zoo. xxxx

Bob Nelson
Well done Sita and congratulations to Paignton Zoo staff especially the rhino keepers

Anxious no more!
Hello rhino baby! Sita, I felt your pain and actually sat and breathed long deep breaths as you pushed! I know how you felt. It is a bit overwhelming to give birth. Your baby is a beauty and I hope to see you nursing her(?) soon!

FANTASTIC!!!! What a long wait - but worth every minute to see the cutest ickle rhino!!!! What a beauty!!!! Thank you and congratulations

i missed it!! where can i wtch it again i went off to wath eastenders... had to happen then.. what a beautiful baby!! can i see the birth ?

love animal
i have just seen sita have her baby. but she is not helping the baby & it is trying to stand up. it is so cute hope it will grow up like its mum (sita)

well done sita... congratulations to you all at paignton zoo.... great to see a healthy baby... it is so cute...

Torquinian through and through
My god Sita i cant even wash the dishes with outnmissing it i have been addicted for weeks and to be sure i missed it. Well done girl and we will be watching for the rest of the eve now. THank you

Fantastic, well done Sita.


wow how amazing have been watching for the last few weeks now can't stop watching many congrats and many thanks for sharing this with us all

Sarah and Claire
Yayyyyyy baby is born!!! Were we the only ones worried for a minute as she seemed a bit still??? Glad everything seems good now and watching her try to stand is the cutest thing ever!!!

Bless, little cutie amazing

congratulation sita and kingo. well done sita, what cute twitching ears your baby has. thank you all for a wonderful experience wow!!!

Myrtle - Exeter
Congratulations to all at Paignton Zoo. :) :) :) Thank you.

Grandma Aberdeenshire
Thank goodness the phantom has arrived, now can I just stand up!! congratulations to all the keepers on a job well done x

jo paignton
i saw the birth b4 janet, hurrah

The Smith family in Gloucester
WELL DONE SITA, Kingo and all of the staff at Paignton and the BBC for the great footage and updates. It's 9pm and I've been watching with our 3 year old since 5pm and glad it's all gone well. How is Sita doing, as nice as it is to see the new addition to the zoo it would be nice to see the new mum aswell. CONGRATULATIONS to all involved.

janet from exeter
Well done Sita. thanks to everyone at the zoo who were involved.

Dave,Lynda & Bryan Turner (BIRMINGHAM)
WELL DONE SITA !!! We have been tuning in regular for amazing footage- WELL DONE PAIGNTON ZOO AND ALL OF IT'S STAFF !!!

Well done Sita and well done Devon. I watched the birth here in Cambridge, amazing. I am so priveledge to have shared it with you. Thank you so much. Lilian

Congratulations to Sita, Paignton Zoo and the BBC. What a magical experience...totally thrilled to have been able to witness it. Thank you all so much.

katy and family
wow that was right there with when my babies were born well done sita your baby is just as lovely as you!!!

Mom & Jem
Congratulations Sita !!!!!!!!

what a pleasure to see sita and her calf thanks to all at the zoo for your hard work and efforts

Julie & Angela
Brilliant! Had lots of late nights watching, and so grateful we were able to witness the birth! Baby looks soooo cute! Will be visiting soon. Well done Sita xx

donna in edmonton, canada
So wonderful to see the little one born. All the best to Sita and her baby. Thanks BBC andPaignton Zoo for sharing this amazing event

Kathy and Steve
Congratulations to Sita and all at Paignton Zoo. The wait was well worth it. Rhinoling is gorgeous.

Well done Sita ,what a wonderful mother.Calf is sooo gorgeous.Hope everything goes ok.

pensioner silverton
That was truly amazing. Thank you Paington Zoo for sharing these wonderful moments. God Bless Sita and her little baby. Hope all is well for them both.

Jenny Smith
Well done Sita.

oh wow, it's so cute, well done to all,

barb from portsmouth
i have watching SITA for weeks now and im so excited tonight to see her baby arrive is it a boy or girl?This was wonderful

Megan & Alba Gil
Well done Sita!We think your baby is just sooo cute!Congratulations to all at Paignton Zoo on your new arrival.

Well done Sita, we all wish you well just get on with it and give this baby milk soon lol

Danielle and Netty
Cant belive it just missed the birth by 10 the baby rhino is just amazing has sita bin up and cheaked her baby yet?? congrats 2 sita xx

kenneth : paignton
WELL its about time Sita, congratulations on your new baby, knew you could do it!!!! (the world was watchin)

Barbara from Torquay
Well done Sita. Congratulations to all the staff at Paignton Zoo and thank you so much to the BBC. It was worth the wait. WONDERFUL.

Sheila paignton
What's happening? Screen is all distorted but Sita does not seem to be taking any notice of baby. Definitely saw it blink is it ok?

Barbara from Torquay
Well done Sita. Congratulations to all the staff at Paignton Zoo and thank you so much to the BBC. It was worth the wait. WONDERFUL.

clare ashburton
still tearfull love to sita and baby if a male he should be called storm after to nights weather if a female angel thats what she should be staff not to much drinkies then again you deserve it thanks to you all and sita and mate

Mollie from Epsom
Congratulations Sita - congratulations to all you wonder Zoo Keepers for all the care you have given to her.I'm almost in tears here watching this wonderful sight. God bless you all.

Wondrous - many many thanks to all concerned. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Jenny from Exeter

congratulations sita. well done..beautifull baby.. so glad the wait is all over.

CONGRATULATIONS SITA!! My mum & I just watched the whole birth. Your baby is so cute. Cant wait to come to the zoo and see the baby for ourselves. From Terrell, aged 8yrs Plymouth

Wonderful watching Sita have her baby thanks to all concerned.

wow after weeks of watching, finally i got to see sita giving birth. The little one is sooo lovely,i think it should be called patience, as we all had to be waiting for him/her to arrive.x

Martin Thomson
well what an experience i feel like a proud farther. best wishes from us all in plymouth

Jenny from Plymouth
A lovely sight to see! Have been watching baby trying to stand. Is it normal for mum to ignore her baby?

is it a girl or a boy we wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what ever it is it looks so pretty

Mary, Bath
Well done, Sita. Happy Birthday to you You live in a Zoo Your Mother's a Black Rhino and you are one too!

Jenny Smith
Wow!! Just watched the birth, what can I say AMAZING. Well done Paignton Zoo. Well done Sita xx

Giles family Plymouth
well done sita your baby is beautiful,well worth the wait congrats to all involved


20:32 5/3/07 Sita has just given birth about half and hour ago. It was a shame that the little baby was born between the 5 mins recording time. It is so nice to see the new arrival after so much waiting. I hope that everyone is Healthy and good. Lots of love to the new arrival and Sita... Kirsty D. xxxx P.s You did a great job sita Well done :)

Tony Ralph
Have just switched on your rhino cam and couldn't believe what we were seeing. At first we thought our eyes were deceiv ing us. What a gorgeous little one and everything crossed all will go well with baby and mum,Sita. GOOD LUCK AND WELL DONW PAIGNTON ZOO

sharon hopkins and family
well done sita! all the weeks of watching finally worthwhile. we logged on just at the right time tonight. congrats to everyone at the zoo. glad it all went smoothly.

Jane, Newton Abbot
That was brilliant..well done to all you guys at the Zoo, you have done Devon proud with all your hard work with these fantastic animals...And congratulations to Sita & her new baby xx

Congratulations to Sita, Kingo and everyone in Devon. What a wonderful piece of news. Here's hoping that the future will bring happiness to all.

Claire Wright
Congratulations on the birth of the rhino. Hope all goes well

Lindsey @ Eastbourne
wow! this is great news, just logged on it time to see this lovely baby a few minutes old, now phoning everyone to tell them the good news.Congratulations to all at the zoo

chris & Ian - Plymouth
Mon 5th March congratulations Sita and Paington zoo on new baby rhino. Is everything ok and is he/she healthy? How soon will we know the sex of baby. It's fantastic to watch baby's early moments

Chris Paignton
Wonderful - thankyou so much for allowing us to share this momentous occasion, pray baby and Mummy Sita will be just fine.

marie from derby
brilliant was close to tears well done Sita xxxxxxxxxxx

Linda from Oban
Wonderful - just saw birth. Hope evrerything is well. Congratulations to parents, keepers and everyone involved

Kathie D.
Whats gone wrong??? screens gone black, the baby was alive I saw it blink and move its head. Hope all is well after all this time we will all be devastated if Sita rejects it or there is a problem.

lauren kingsley
whats happening, is the calf ok, we are all holding our breath???

Dee from Devon
Congratulations sita and all staff at the zoo

hia ,,,,,,, is the baby there,,,,,, oh thank god , xxxxxxxx thank you all xxxxxxx

clare ashburton
well done sita waiting for up date

I've watched Sita every day since the camera went on air. Well done Sita, I'm now watching your lovely baby take its first breaths. Thank you Paignton Zoo - I'm now an auntie to a rhino!!

you are such a clever girl Sita xxxxx

That was the most amazing thing i have ever seen! Well done to all involved Paignton zoo, bbc and of course Sita, fingers crossed for you that the little one is healthy.

well done sita!!! But why have the cameras gone off now?? thought they were staying on so we can see mum & calf bond. Hope everything is ok with them. Little calf is lovely!!

val from bideford
We have just watched the birth it was totally amazing well done sita and congratulations to all at the zoo

tyler aged 10
awwwwwww bless! what a cute baby! WELL DONE SITA! xxxxx

sally richards plymouth
congratulations every1 my heart is in my mouth now tho please let this baby be ok duno why you moved the webcam away n sita hasnt gone to the calf i hope upon hope she doesnt regect he/she best wishes r thoughts are with you girl well done xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rob, Paignton
Baby's born!!!

keith an odette
we have watched the birth what is going to happen if sita rejects the baby?

well done sita you done devon proud

Rick - Paignton
Congratulations long wait is finally over hope all is well

SITA'S HAVING HER BABY YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

claire plymouth

tyler aged 10
PUSH SITA!! nearly there!

Kathie D.
Yipeeee two little legs--Keep going Sita tonight the night at long last. Hope every one is watching

Alix in Surrey
OMG, Sita, Good Luck!!!! You are doing soooo well, keep up that pushing!! Looking forward to seeing the new Baby.


lauren kingsley

kate and alli
we hope sita has her baby soon or we will be up all night!good luck sita!

Jane, Newton Abbot
This is fantastic..can't believe Devon is streaming this all over the world...Good Luck!!

i see little feet come on sita keep pushing you are doing great 20.03pm

Joshua Dore age 6 ( Newton Abbot )
Come on Sita,I have been watching you since I come home from school today an I think tonights the night for you to have your baby.

lauren kingsley
this is it, has someone let the keepers know, oh my god, come on sita!!!! you go girl, you'll be ssssooooo pleased with the result,,, i tink i'm gonna cry!!!!!

Lynda, North Devon
It looks like tonight is the night and the way the weather is here in Devon this evening the calf should be named STORM!

Kathie D.
Poor Sita seems most uncomfortable tonight, she can't make up her mind to stand or lay down. I do hope for her sake that it really is nearly the end for her.Thanks for close ups.

why are u not showing the birth?? she obviously went into labor....

sophie and ratty in richmond
What will happen to the calf when it's born, assuming all goes well? Will it stay with Sita in the zoo, or will it eventually be moved somewhere else? For how long do Rhino calves naturally stay with the mother?

hi everyone we think that the calf is on it's way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK

zoe plymouth
this has got to be it surely. Sita is appearing to be very uncomfortable & restless [hardly suprizing considering] but it is getting addictive. Come on sita you can do it!!

Good luck to Sita,and her keepers at Paigton zoo.

Louise & Joan (Alcester in warwickshire)
Look's as though tonight is the night Sita! Hope all goes well with the birth and baby arrives safely. Hope to be down to see you both soon.Xx

xxxxxxxxxjess morganxxxxxxxx
hello i love watching this its so fun ! hw long do u think we av 2 wait ! i love her please reply xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

! x ! sumz nd mum ! x !
hello! me and my mum think its tonight! hope it all goes well! good luck!

Anxious Sita well-wisher
Good morning! what local time do the keepers clean Sita's enclosure? I'd like to see them on the web but have to stay up late as I live in the U.S. The public seems to be very concerned about Sita while the zoo tries to remain calm. If the birth doesn't happen soon, what is the next step for the zoo? Thanks for the opportunity to view a "live" webcam. We all love it. :)

laura louise hill
hey sita goo luck with the baby all my family are looking forward to seeing your baby! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you sita xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cindy and Darren
Has the vet checked the baby lately and will you consider giving her a ceaser if need be? We love watching Sita and are looking forward to the new arrival. Hope all goes well. We are rooting for you Sita!

Reply from BBC host: It's very easy to compare a rhino pregnancy with a human one. In realitry they are very different. The vets can't check the baby without giving Sita a sedative and that's something they'd prefer not to do. Also a caesarian is a human form of intervention and wouldn't be an option with a rhino.

Mollie from Epsom
There seems to be a still picture of Sita. Has she started to give birth in another part of her enclosure? All good wishes to you all whatever is happening.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Mollie. The camera is working fine. A frozen screen is usually the symptom of a poor internet connection.

Could it be that Sita is going to confound the experts and deliver the Rhinoling in daylight? It looks a lot like something is going on as she's behaving very differently today, standing in her corner and not eating (which is a bit of a first for the Rhino Cam!). Good luck Sita! YOU CAN DO IT GIRL!!!

Gayle from USA
Hello BBC Host! Just curious, but do rhinos continue to eat while in labor? Thanks! This is a wonderful site.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Gayle. We are told it's quite likely that Sita will go off her food in the final stages ofv her pregnacy - so maybe that is another sign that we won't have long to wait.

clare ashburton
looks like i will be up all night,hubby says come on sita so we can all relax,then i will proberly be watching the little one. great work you guys and girls.

Mary, Bath
Come on Sita, we are coming to the Zoo on Friday and want to see you with your baby. Be a good girl now and put us all out of our misery!

Jane in Torquay
I liked the diary of a rhino watcher. By the looks of Sita last night and today I think your lonely vigils will soon be over. Loads of luck Sita - and everyone involved.

I'm addicted to the Sita-cam now and click in every half hour or so. She seems quite agitated today, keeps walking away from her food which is pretty unusual so maybe this really is it. Fingers crossed and best wishes for a trouble-free delivery. Can't wait to see this precious baby!

if sita and mother nature decide that the baby will arrive during the day, will there be someone turning the webcam, only its only on her feeding area. thought last night was the night. but we still wait. she is just great.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Meg. The camera doesn't usually have an operator during the day - but there are people on hand at the zoo to make sure we don't miss anything should something happen. And we have a camera crew on standby to get over to the zoo in double quick time.

Mr I. N. Terested
This is a reply that i posted on the If you really want to see a Rhinoboard Just to show that we are serious about observing this occasion. I think life has two sides there are occasins to be serious and times to have a bit of fun unfortunately, Not everybody shares that view I, believe many of us viewing, share your views. When Zoos' first made an appearence in the nineteenth century, animals were brought into the country as no more, than curiosities. Providing a lucritive income, for those involved. Very little attention was made about their welfare or to creating a natural environment. Fortunately husbandary techniques have been adapted and adopted, especially over the last forty to thirty years. Game Parks are being created in their Native homes, and with links such as this, there hopefully, will be very little need, to remove animals away from, their natural home. Although further study and interference will be necessery, so that, we can be sure that we are best providing for there welfare, and therefore, their survival.

The Archers fans of Sita have now finished knitting a layette for the baby and are wondering if we should start on a lacy coverlet for the Moses basket We understand that first time mums can go over thier due date and are anxiously waiting for a bouncing 40kg bundle of joy

kayleigh from norwich
hiya i have been waiting for sita to have the baby for a very very long time, all of my friends are watching it now

betty boop
sita is realy big now it allmost looks like she could birst but she looks realy healthy im waiting for her to have her calf and hopes she has it soon i think sh will be a good mum and GOOD LUCK TO THE KEEPERS and hello lauren love from beth jude lisa and brian and fudge

wendy p salt lake city
Great answers from the archives. Thanks. Reply from BBC host: A baby black rhino is likely to weigh around 40kg (88 pounds). It's born with stumps where its horns will grow and very large feet for its size. It will look pretty small standing next to its mother.

Will the zoo keep the baby or will it be taken to another when its old enough. Great pictures by the way 'cameraman give yourself a pat on the back.

elainej, Good idea you could call him spearmint as he's fresh to the world

Dee in Leigh
Do you know when Springwatch want their cameras back, are we in danger of missing the big event? Given the choice between close ups of Sita's bum or Bill Oddie's face I'd have to say keep the cameras rolling!

Reply from BBC host: Hi Dee. That's a very good question - we're hoping to hold on to the cameras for as long as possible. The Springwatch team haven't asked for them back as yet!

I. N. Terested on behalf of the Rhino watchers of
In side her tum, that is distended, That will shrink, when this is ended, We wait for her to groan and scream Some peeps might say that we are mean We see her sleep, we see her wake, we wait, to see her shoulders, shake we see her eating from a bush but when the hell can we shout PUSH

Christine - Plymouth
Sita is certainly keeping us holding on. Do Rhinos give birth standing up or laying down? Interesting to watch her.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Christine. Rhinos generally give birth standing up.

hi hope the babe its ok all the best! ur lot are sooooooooo cool, i wanna be like u

Poor Sita looks really fed up this morning. Hope its not much longer for her (or us)

sita looks sad this morning is she ok ?


sue from plymouth
Well Sita I have a weeks leave so you can guess how I will be spending it.Come on old girl time to let us see your baby.Matron and us sisters from the hospice where I work are having an away day in April and we are spending it at the zoo so get ready to put on your best show-WITH THAT BABY!!!

For Paignton Zoo/BBC - please could we have an update this morning. I was totally convinced that Sita had gone into labour last night. Lots of pacing and spraying. Am I deluding myself, or are we in to the `final count down`? For the BBC camera man/men/women - you are not alone with your night time vigils and your sterling efforts are greatly appreciated. Fingers crossed for today.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Roz. The keepers agree that Sita is showing signs of moving into the final stages of her pregnancy. Hopefully we won't have much longer to wait.

jackie from torquay 4 march
best wishes and hope every thing goes okay with the birth watching with bated breath love to you all

is this finally it. sita is circling her bed enclosure and keeps lifting her tail...could the wait finally be over?? can't wait for the next clip. cant go to bed and i really need to as i have an early start tomorrow. come on sita!!!

Marion from Cornwall
Hi there, Do Rhino babies 'drop' down in position for birth like human babies? Keep up the good work, wonderful close up shots of Sita!

Sita your looking tired now girl, not long to go now, everyone rooting for you, its enough to put you off having another xxxxxxxxxx

Frankie and Mum
We are beginning to wonder if this is some sort of Dan Brown / John Le Carre conspiracy to tie the masses to the Internet! Hurry up Sita! We can't wait much longer! ps....good luck too x

Graham & Angie Anthony, Cornwall
After all this time of avid watching, night & day, we are wondering - are Phantom pregnancies common in black rhinos?????!

I think you are all doing a brilliant job, but I am concerned that there is no update over the weekend from paignton zoo. Don`t they realize how worried we all are?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Karen. We don't normally have any website staff on dity over the weekend. On Saturday's and Sunday's we'll only update the site if there's urgent news such as a technical failure with the webcam or a birth!

Sheila paignton
What is wrong with the cam tonight? Images blurred and looks like it is raining down front of lens. Great work otherwise. Come on Sita, stop teasing us and get on with it.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Sheila. It looks like the very wet weather is causing some problems for the camera. The cables run across from Sita's enclosure to our control room where they are susceptable to the damp. We didn't envisage the birth would take this long - we are doing our best to ensure the camera remains online.

Do you have any idea when the baby will be born?Sita should have had it a long time ago,is the baby ok?

Is there anything wrong with the webcam,cant seem to get any picture.Worried i am missing something.Please tell me, sita hasnt had her baby yet?

Keith of Torquay
May I thank all those that are involved in bringing us the wonderful pictures of Sita... but as most ladies, she is keeping us all waiting.


Charles (paignton)
how long will Sita stay with her calf. Go Sita Go

Why is the picture quality so poor during the day?

Amy Wiltshire
Hiya is Sita ok? As she is over a month over-due!! Go Sita! x x

hi, i was at the zoo yesterday as lovely sunshine and had a brilliant time, we visited sita who looked fine and was enjoying a lovely lunch as was her mate, but i was a bit concerned, as her mate seemed to have red patches on his legs and body is this some sort of rhino type eczema? he didn't look in any discomfort and i know the zoo take 100% care of all there animals ( just incase anyone was going to complain about animal cruelty), i was just curious? ps can i ask if any news on the female giraffe situation? thank you for a wonderfull zoo, i feel privalidged to be able to be local and a zoo member so i can visit any time.

Debbie, Coventry
Is it raining there again? The picture is really bad today.

Camera is giving a jerky, wavy picture today interspersed with brilliant rainbow colouring. Hope it's not water in the cable again. Joyce.

Jack from Dorset
Come on Sita !! Push! She was very restless last night , is this a sign of the baby rhino on its way?? good idea to have the webcam bbc!

Jack from Dorset
Come on Sita !! Push! She was very restless last night , is this a sign of the baby rhino on its way?? good idea to have the webcam bbc!

The Simm Family, Bovey Tracey
Is it a Rhino Scam! We too are hooked - we check as soon as we wake up, last thing at night and several times during the day.

val pohlod
I noticed sita seems to be getting restless these last few days is this a good sign that there will be something happening soon???

Jenny Jordan
I think the camera - like me - is getting 'burnt out', how many more broken nights can we take!! I keep seeing green and pink before my eyes!

jean paignton
Pretty purple vertical blinds this morning on the screen, are the rain gremlins acting up again?

sita goes outside in the mornings, in the event that she goes into labor while outside what if anything will her keepers do? What if she has begun the birth process when it's time for her to go out?

kenneth : paignton
I went to the zoo today and saw sita in real life, i forget what it's like to see a rhino in colour after watching her on the web for so long! Good Luck Sita!!!!

O.A.P. Mags
Again wonderful close-ups by your able staff and technicians. Fascinating to see how mobile Sita's top lip is and how its used to both shovel and gather the food. She certainly eat her fill last night. I reckon she is having the last laugh on us all and is enjoying being a film star. However she is looking quite tired now (as are we all.) Goodnight Sita- watchers.

I cannot believe it myslf that I am regularly logging onto my computer just to see if ther is any news about Sita! My family look on faintly amused at my antics but I guess once things start happening, they will all be with me watching! It is a wonderful opportunity for us all and i would like to say a big thank you to Paignton Zoo staff for involving us so well!!

Constance, Cornwall
How marvellous to watch Sita as she goes about her daily routines - really hoping her calf arrives soon. Many thanks to BBC staff and all good wishes to her keepers...

baggy eyed beth
Who watches over Sita and operates the camera throughout the night? Do you need anyone else?

! x ! Sita addicted ! x !
iya x im frm torquay x nd ive bin watchin da webcam all day nd im watchin it now, 22:33, 3rd march, nd i saw her standin up. mi mum sed dat wen theyre abowt 2 give birth dey stand up. so i fink dis is it! yoo go sita! push sita, push!

Rhianna - Dartington
Hi Sita I have some advice you ready:PUSH PUSH PUSH LOV PUSH and my mum said to eat some RABBIT STEW because that's what made me come out!!!!! love the holland familyxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hannah Kellands school
How long will the calf live with its mother?

lauren kingsley
if Sita has her calf tonight, you could call it Lunar if its a girl or solar for a boy, as we are right in the middle of a total lunar eclipse of the moon, once again i am camping in the lounge with the web cam gluded on the screen.

sophie and ratty in richmond
Really fascinating and lovely watching Sita. We love how she's eating her way through her bedding. It wasn't until we saw a clip of one of the keepers cleaning out her enclosure that we were reminded of just how enormous she really is - rhinos are massive! Hope baby rhino arrives soon and safely.

this is brillint stuff well done paignton keep up the good work. It's nice to know Sita is in such good hands and it's lovely to be sort of involved even if it is via a camera.

you`ll probably not reply to this as it`s saturday night, but is Sita in labour. time 18.45

Enid . Holyhead
Ok,,,,,, camera man this is is most prettiest face of sita yet,,,,,,,1805.. she is so pritty now 16.15 pm

sita watcher
is sita in labour she looks like she is in pain good luck sita

! x ! Summer nd mum ! x !
Saturday 3rd March x iya! me nd my mum luuuurrrrvvve watchin da video! we're addicted! We hope we dnt miss da birth x we fort we did da uva day nd we almost cried but den we fwnd owt we didnt! lol ! gd luk Sita, reli go 4 it! nd ta all of the zoo keepers lukin afta her x keep up da gd wrk!

Amanda, addicted rhino watcher
Hurry up sita, my eyes r goin square from watching the computer screen all the time! Good job camera people, n all the zoo keepers looking after sita. Good luck Sita, hope i can see the baby rhino soon!!

Well she's still pregnant! Now theres a surprise! I can just imagine how many tired people are out there! It's all down to nature, I bet i will happen when it's least expected! Good luck to Sita and all the zoo team and I think everyone will agree with me that the camera man is an angel! Bet Sita gets lots of cards after the birth! Have to get te keepers to hang them in her bedroom for her ;-))


how heavy do u think the baby is goin 2 b

Vicky from London via Ambridge
On another agriculturally minded website,what? Oh OK, the Archers if you must know. Anyway, we have been speculating about the brick like object that is on Sita's floor and which she licks intermittently. Is this a salt block?

Amber Sears, Oklahoma, USA
Wow! This is so exciting. I love watching these videos. I watched the video of the panda being born at the San Diego zoo and it was just as good. Good Luck Sita! The world is cheering you on, lovely girl.

June Heath
I sent a request for Sita & the baby to do really well to Classic fm & for all the keepers who do such a good job. Hope someone heard it. I wanted to give the zoo some publicity on national radio and maybe a few more people will come to see Sita & the baby in the summer.

Rhinowatchers of Mustardland
Further to my comments this morning, I am still unaware whether I and other victims of rhinowatcheritis or rhinowatcher-syndrome, have a rightful claim. However I do believe we have a right to claim under Consumer Law. The Sales of Goods Act. It is my belief that Zaaigton Poo is in this case the manufacturer and the BBC the retailer. Threfore we have not receved the product we were expecting on the promised date which was end of January beginning of February. It is now March 3rd. As I understand it our contract is, with the BBC. So I thought I would draft a letter to the BBC Dear Sir Madam Sita The pregnant You advertised that you were erecting cameras at Zaigton Poo, So members of the Public, could observe the delivery of a baby Rhinocerous. The delivery date was stated to be late January or February. It is now 3rd of March. Many customers are being frustrated by the delay, especially as you cannot tell us at what time of day we can prepare to receive the goods. Many attempts have been made as to acquire a reasonable delivery time but we are told that you cannot make any promises other than the goods are completed and ready for delivery. Yours disapointedly The Rhinowatchers of Mustard Land If you have a more intimate knowledge of Consumer Law I would like you to read the draft and make any pertinent comments amendments.There may also be spelling and grammatical errors int

come on sita ive been waiting for you to have your calf for ages im scared youl have it when im not waching so PLEASE PLEASE HURRY UP im sure it will be a realy cute baby we will just hafe to wait so GOOD LUCK to all the ceepers at the zoo annd GOOD LUCK SITA

Natasha Kitchen
I love Rhino's and I really hope that the birth goes fine. Good luck to everyone!

Mollie from Epsom
Another dawn another day and we are still hoping. She must be the most loved and cared for Rhino in the country. Love her leafy habitat.

Hello Sita, thanks for hanging on till i got back from shopping. You can go ahead and have it now.

Carol from Wiltshire
Where does the zoo get branches with green leaves on at this time of year?

More water into the cabling? Images are very wonky/60s style. March 3, 8.30 am.

Really enjoying the coverage of Sita, its brillant that you can keep such a close eye with whats going on. I keep checking that she is o.k. Woke up this morning (Saturday) hoping that there would be some news but unfortunately there wasn't. Good Luck to Sita, hope all goes well, looking forward to seeing the new calf.

sue from plymouth
it is 6.30-just off to work after my SITA fix.Bless her-I will miss this when little one arrives-will you keep it going for a while to see how the new mum does?She seems a little restless this morning or is that wishful thinking!!!Take care old girl

Psychadelic camera tonight!

Jill Australia
Its hot and sticky here, Sita. Still, it gives me an excuse to Sita watch. My family are beginning to think I've gone whacko, sitting for hours, essentially watching your rear end.....but I'm just waiting for another little miracle of birth. And waiting....and waiting....and waiting. I'll call my car Sita after you, if you have her tonight, OK????? (Well I dont have any babies on the way) I know - bribery wont help. PS. I must thank the camera operators for such a wonderful job. Well Done!!!!

Looks like Sita is chewing on sticks of wood at night, or a tree branch. What is it that she is chewing on? Still anxiously awaiting the baby here just as you are. Gotta sleep now. Regards annieuk.

Debbie and Georgia, Paignton
Hi, is Sita showing real signs of motherhood now? (1.20am 03.03.07) She looks quite uncomfortable pawing at the floor and putting her forhead on the ground. Good luck Sita, we have been watching for weeks and can't wait to visit you and your new calf as soon as we are allowed. Message to you Georgia for providing another sleepless night (for extra viewing!), get well soon please!!! xxx

zoe plymouth
I have read through the zoo report on sita and it says about the milk on the teats and "other signs".. what are these other signs ??

Mike 3rd March
Hurry up Sita or you may loose that promise of a council flat!

kenneth : paignton
Site is driving the country crazy.. everyone wishes her the best of luck and hope she has her baby soon! I even know teachers who have forgotten to go to lessons because of Sita! You go girl!

Joan . Westward Ho!
Sita seems very relaxed and contented with a good appetite. She appears to be eating for two, or even three or four! I enjoy seeing her snuggle down in the deep straw bed at night, she does love her comfort! We are so fortunate to be able to see her from our own homes so thank you for arranging the camera set up.

Luke Owen age 10
Please could you tell me if the baby will walk when it is born? Also will the keepers still clean Sitas pen out when the baby is in there. Will Sita leave her baby, or will she be very protective of it? I have really enjoyed watching Sita please could you put the cameras on another pregnant animal after.

clare j plymouth
Francesca - I know you are very interested in the birth as, it seems, is the whole world. However, unless you are an expert in rhino births, why not allow the people who are the experts to answer questions and not just pull something out of the air. Just sit back, enjoy the pictures, ask sensible questions and wait with everybody else. Sita's keepers know her the best and her welfare is their top priority. The Zoo have vets,who are experts in the care of wild animals. The Zoo knows what it is doing.

Mollie from Epsom
Just seen Sita looking so content lying down. These are wonderful pictures and gives us an insight into how dedicated and hard working you all are, and makes us all feel part of this coming event. Night night to you all and our lovely Sita.

grandma, Aberdeenshire
I think a visit to Devon is on the cards for this year, after all this rhino watching we must come and see the new calf, a pity you are not closer!

Dawn,Newton Abbot
Is Sita in labour as i keep seeing her tail lift ?

thank goodness it's the weekend - I can stay up all night watching Sita.

has she had an ultrasound or any other tests so check the baby as it is now long overdue?

thank you for your words of wisdom. we do tend to forget that if sita was in the wild there would be no intervention and no help. i'm sure she will do a fantastic job and be a great mom. all our best wishes are with her, andthanks for highlighting the work that is carried out by the zoo and all ther staff. we will keep watching and be patient. good luck sita

Claire, Crediton
Ok. The time has come for this message. There are messages from my sister, nephew and mother on here and, after many weeks, I can finally I admit I too am addicted! Come on Sita, you can do it! PPPPPUUUUUUSSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!

Oh ohhh like the look of Sita just now, 2.3. 6.40 pm she is showing off her udder at last lol and teats have improved a lot from 2 days ago, when I last had the chance to see them...Hurry up Sita you got 1000s to pray for you. Good Luck Sita xxxxxxx

its 17.56 friday 2/march and it looks like something is going on.....could be my imagination and I aint no rhino midwife but.....

sidney the snake
sidney the snake slithered down the slope into the sea and he slithered and slithered. That was a poem 4 sita good luck with the birth babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jane in Torquay
The world is watching and waiting with awe We all are glued to the rubber floor Sita the rhino is having a baby Anytime now - that’s a definite maybe She’s keeping us guessing that’s for sure We’re all tired out right to the core Bed of straw fit for kings – or queens Mineral lick, buckets of veg and greens Sticks to chew on what more could she need She steadfastly munches her daily feed Work is suffering we have sleep deprival Come on Sita bring on the baby arrival!

Carol from Wiltshire
Love the muddy footprints! Just like our dog, but a bit bigger!

hi bbc host... u keep saying sita is within the time scale the zoo expected her to give birth.. when is that up? for example what if were still waiting on 20th march!! or 20th april etc etc is this ok? i know u say there will be NO interfention! from the vet but there must be a time scale surely?? if so what is that? if u dont know could u find out please? and do they think it could be soon? as they see her more often etc then we do.. or is it no ones guess!?!? thanks so much

is that her milk over the floor, and is she getting ready for birth now

I love the 60's style flower prints Sita makes when she walks on her newly washed mats.

Ginny Club
I think that Sita looks remarkably calm, for a rhino, and very dignified. It is so easy to humanise her (I do think she looks cute, though I'm not sure that cute and 1.3 tonnes really go together) - but please let's allow her to do this rhino-style. If it were not for human beings tinkering with nature, we would not have endangered species. Good luck to the zoo team, and to Sita too.

sandra scoble
I thought Zita was going to give birth last night. she seemed to be tired. I don't think it will be much longer now.

terry-ann exeter
my 11 year old son got me hooked fascinating stuff love watching sita cant wait for the birth but sita does look a bit fed up go girl and well done to all of the staff i feel like the expectant father watching and waiting

Year 6JM Market Harborough C of E Primary
We keep tuning in between lessons. Come on Sita - you can do it (hopefully between 9am and 3pm weekday!!!)

just to a very big thank you to the bbc staff after all their hard work. hopefully for you and sita it won't be long now. well done to the camera operator, bet they will never forget this job. come on sita, we love you.

Steve Ackrill
Hi, my mums a reflexologist, would Sita like a free treatment??

You have said that you will not show the birth live in case of complications but how long after will you show us. Will you let us know that she is in labour?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Cherry. As we've said before the webcam records a new 5 minute video every 15 minutes. This will continue during the birth assuming everything goes smoothly. We will only switch off the feed if the zoo requests some privacy in the unlikely event of complications. If that were to happen we'd obviously have to wait and see the outcome before showing any more footage. In any event we'll keep you fully informed of what's happening.

This is great, i am watching the rhino cam now, i cant beleive our paignton zoo is being watched by the bbc studios, great names: Boys: denny girls: Destiny!!! Great luck!!!

lauren kingsley
do rhino's only give birth to one calf at a time? do you know iif Sita is having one or more calfs? i have had twins and know how annoying the waiting game is, they take there sweet time to arrive! i think your camera staff have done an amazing job bringing us fantastic shots of all the different parts of a rhino, and me and my four year old are now camping in the lounge so i can wake her if Sita decides to labour during the night, all though trying to stay awake all night is hard work, but i promised i would show her. it is a once in a life time event for a child and should not be missed, anyway, keep up the good work, ALL of you, especially Sita, you are a star!!!!

Reply from BBC host: Hi Lauren. The black rhino usually only has a single calf. Twins are very rare.

didn't getto see anything after 9.00pm last night and no sign of Sita now. Is everything OK? Cleaning out is very early!

pensioner silverton
Woops camera man very tired again - camera fixed in den for ages! They are doing a sterling job and must be exhausted. Best luck Sita hope its today for everyones sake

Serena from Suffolk
Hi team, Sita looks like she could do with some TLC this morning as she's looks sad. Can't you give her a nice hot bath to help her begin labour. what happens if the birth is not soon -how long are you going to wait and how can you tell if the calf is ok. come on Sita do you stuff we can't wait any longer.Maybe she just wants to have quiet time to herself and the labour will start.

clare ashburton
630am great pics of sita,have to get ready for work now hope sita a staff have a great day see you later

hope sita dosen't give birth this morning, really bad picture, 3.17 am.

wendy p
go on Sita - give it all you've got!! This is awesome - best wishes for a gorgeous little 200 pound calf/rhino very very soon.

great work by the camera crew, keep it up. but, come on sita, we could all do with a good nights sleep

josy from staffordshire
another day over Sita. going to bed now Hope something happens for you overnight. see you in the morning

Are you sure its the female we're looking at?

Reply from BBC: Hi Charlotte - the male rhino Kingo lives in a seperate enclosure so there's no doubt we are looking at the right animal :-))

Kathie D.
I'm going to have withdrawal symptons when this is all over. You are all doing a great job,keep your spirits up Beeb operators you will be sorry to miss out after all this time.

Frankie and Mum
Sita looks like a woman who wants to get this over with! Will she be back in her size 10 jeans within days just like all the other celebrity Mums we read about?

di kim
thanks to all at the zoo you are doing a good job you must be worn out we are with looseing sleep hope sitas baby arrives soon

thank you thats better!!!

can someone sort the lighting out !!! we cant see

please please give us some more coverage, it`s now gone past 8pm and there has been nothing for three hours....

lauren kingsley
hi bbc team, thanks for the hard work your putting in at the controls, the views you give us are exceptional, hang in there,you can imagine how Sita feels, thanks again

hiya when will sita have her babby she taking to long cant you just tell her to hurry up its not like she bin pregnant for ages or nothing

dave liverpool
hello dudes luvin the rhinio is it single im desperate.

Rhino Watcher
Awwww, she's dreaming and her ear is twitching. Great camera work!:)

Nick age 10 in Crediton
Come on Sita - push the baby out now. I want my tea and mum has completely ignored us for the last three days because she is on the rhino cam. Grandma is just as bad and me and dad think they are nuts but grandad is secretly addicted too.

Luke Owen age 10
If all goes well with this birth will you let Sita get pregnant again. And if so how long would she have to wait before she could get pregnant again?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Luke. We're not sure if any decision has been made yet on whether Sita will be allowed to become a mother again. But she would have to wait for a couple of years because female black rhino mothers can only have a calf every 2.5-4 years.

Chris - Paignton
Awww thankyou so much all of you at BBC you are doing a grand job, appreciate you are all exhausted. Thanks again, God Bless you all!!!!!

Grandma Aberdeenshire
do large animals, giraffe elephants rhino etc ever have multiple births, come on sita, I'm not getting any housework done!

Reply from BBC host: Hi Grandma. The black rhino usually only has a single calf, twins are very rare.

Tracy..good question, but hopefully dates may be wrong or don't know lol the only alternative, would be a caesarian and most likey Sita would have to be sedated. Just hope no. She seems quite happy, eating for 2 all the time, when we see it. lol Just a waiting game.

Grandma Aberdeenshire
are you sure it's not a phantom pregnancy?

Hawkins (a Plymouth emigre 200 years ago or therea
Beautiful Sita, my life is revolving around the addicting webcam. Good luck with the birth. In my opinion, quick is best. (Painful but over). Thanks for letting us learn so much about rhinos. We have discovered a whole new appreciation for your kind and now we want to learn more!

Mollie from Epsom
What are the branches she is chewing? She seems to like them a lot. Nice to see her so calm and content - not like we human mum's to be!!! I read a quote recently "the only error God made was to create Man". Animals ceretainly put us in the shade. Good luck again to Sita, and to you all i8n this loon wait for baby.

So glad we have not missed the of luck to everyone,especially sita.x

Jane in Torquay
Thursday 1st March 5.15pm Thank you so much for keeping us so well informed of events every day. You really have excelled in answering all our questions. Hope Sita has a peaceful night so that you can too!

Hi everyone. Please could you tell me as i am very curious and reading through all the comments so far on this site it doesn't appear to have been asked... If Sita does have any trouble with the birth [god forbid] i know you have a vet ready to help, but its not like any domestic animal you can't just walk up to a rhino and HELP it!!! not unless you are sucicidal!! SO how exactly will the vet be able to do anything???

Reply from BBC host: Hi Tracy. Black rhino births are normally quite straightforward so there's no expectation that the vets will need to get involved. If they did obviously Sita would have to be sedated - but this is a highly unlikely scenario. The zoo doesn't have a precise date when the pregnancy began so she's still well within the window expected for the birth.

Sarah James
Hi BBC host we understand what you mean i am lacking sleep and thats in the comfort of my own home can't imagine how tired all you people are traveling back and forth from the zoo!! I am sure sita will keep her legs crossed till the cameras are back on her!! [we hope]

rachel plymouth
Dear Paignton Zoo Please could you let us know is Sita showing any more signs other than the milk that things are getting close? Any news would be great from rachel aged 11

BBC host - Thursday 1st March 5pm
Hi Sita watchers. I'm afraid we aren't able to provide an operator for the webcam tonight between 5pm and 8pm. The BBC team are running out of steam travelling back and forth from Plymouth. We need to regain our strength after a longer than expected stint at the controls. Your overnight team from the zoo will be on duty as usual.

calle bayly
I have been acused of being addicted to the rhino cam and i have enthused so many friends and relatives all over the world during the last couple of moths that I am proud of my addiction. thank you all for the web cam and sharing the iminant birth rhinos are so amazing and need all the help we can manage i hope all goes well for sita

Mary, Bath
Just a couple of suggestions for names for the new arrival (when the happy event takes place!) HOLA for a girl, means Saviour and she will be a savour of her species. For a boy, DAREN, which would be appropriate if the baby arrives during the night as keepers expect. Just a thought. Good luck Sita.

Same bit of footage now for nearly an hour, just lying on the bare floor. Is Sita OK? Looking very fed up!

Another night of restless for sita,but what wonderful picture view's of her we all had,we could see her nose,feet,eyes with long- eye lashes.even how the hay moved with her breathing.thank you once again

is sita ok just checking the cam now she looks a bit down ????

Reply from BBC host: Sita is fine - maybe just like us she's getting a little fed up with the long wait.

Lisa 09.45hrs
Ahh, Sita looks so cute in the corner with her ears twitching, just like a dog! But slightly larger of course!

Kieron (South Africa)
Can't wait to see Sita's baby I check every day for news of the birth. Good Luck Sita we think you are very special and your keepers are wonderful.

harriet aged 10
When Sita's baby comes a boy or a girl I think you could call the boy Stumpy or if its a girl you could call her Khala or Destiny!

shots are really dark now so I can't see anything and had to go to bed last night. Did it happen?

stephen (12)
do u know the sex of the baby i think if its female she should be called zana and if its a boy then he should be called Zack.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Stephen. No we don't know the sex of the baby - doing a scan like you would with a human baby isn't easy with a huge rhino.

ria (aged 7) from norwich
com'on sita i have been watching you for all my friends are watching now. these past couple of days i couldnt see sita why cant i?

Liz - Paignton
Interesting shots this p.m.!!(Wed) Is this the latest exhibit at Paignton Zoo - 'Homo Sapien'. Think the cameraman is fed up with waiting as well. seriously, he/she is doing a brilliant job. Really addictive viewing - on all day & evening.

Linda Plymouth
how did you know Sita was pregnant? so you could work out when she was due. Suzie my friend gave birth this morning to Harry,so come on Sita!

Reply from BBC host: The zoo doesn't know exactly when she conceived so there's some guesswork involved working out the date of the birth. They knew she was pregnant by testing her poo.

pensioner silverton
Please tell us what is happening. The fixed camera has been on in the living quarters with no light. Is it the cameras or is Sita in trouble. Thoughts are with you all. Please make it Sita.

Reply from BBC host: Hi. Sita is fine - the overnight camera operator forgot to re-set the camera to the daytime settings. Probably not enough sleep! It should be back to normal now.

O.A.P Mags
'The diary of a rhino watcher' (the camera operaters Thanks for that. I am sure that for the students it is all good experience.The ones on 'watch' duty at the time of the birth should get to name the calf. Although knowing Paignton Zoo it will be open to a competition.!

Luke Owen age 10
Can the pubic chose the baby's name.

Jenny Jordan
22.55 on 28/2. I've just seen a spider on the wall!! I saw some moths flying around during last night too. You've treated us to some beautiful close-ups, thank you. I feel quite privileged.

great close ups, well done to the camera man, happy b day carley, know your watching.

Sylvia Gilbert from London
Well, what a surprise. Off to visit friends and was sure I would miss the birth. Returned today and there is Sita, still pregnant. Good Luck to you all, especially the Black Rhino, Sita.

June Paignton
Thank you for the fantastic close up shots of Sita (and the spider) tonight. They were so clear. Have you changed the camera or technique?

carol 1 march
i feel privalaged to watch such a beautiful animal we must do all we can to help them thank you

lyndsay scott
we visited the zoo last saturday it was fab your dissabled facilitys are wonderful!!! I hope sita has a quick easy calm birth and a heathly baby

Still watching, still waiting. Thankyou to the camera person for lovely close-ups.I particularly love the trumpet-like ears, pivoting towards the sounds she can hear,possibly the slight motor sounds of the camera.The rampant spider also has his 15 mins. of fame! Compulsive watching

claire plymouth
28 Feb Really enjoying the camera work tonight with the close ups of Sita's face and the spider. I hope it isn't going to be too much longer - my work is begining to suffer!

Jenny Jordan
22.55 on 28/2. I've just seen a spider on the wall!! I saw some moths flying around during last night too. You've treated us to some beautiful close-ups, thank you. I feel quite privileged.

Torquinian Through and Through
My god how much longer can you keep us in suspense for Sita? I have loved watching you and most concerned that i will be at work when you give birth. I do know i will see it again, but the thought of actually seeing it live is great. Can you tell me if there are any signs at all of this bay Rhino coming? there has been hay to her bottom for days and my neices and nephew have wondered if this is anything to do with the birth or is it just nature? Sita keeping it going girl its been great to watch, but at the same time hurry up!! xx

Sita watcher across the globe
How big is that SPIDER? Ugh.. Do the zoo keepers and vet think Sita is doing ok? We check on her every day but have no knowledge of rhino behavior so we sit and guess.

Weds 22.50 Fantastic pictures tonight. If only there was a baby to focus on too.....

Jan - Dartington
It's 22.48 on 28/2/07 watching Sita looks like her tummy is moving alot tonight (could be the camera image though!) getting excited and now we have a spider whose come to watch too!! Great work cameraman it's very exciting.

been watching the webcam avidly for three weeks now and am so grateful to all concerned for making it possible.since the nightly 'show ' started it has become much more interesting and well done for the brilliant shots of everyone else i can't wait for the birth and to see the calf.good luck sita and thankyou all.x

incy wincy spider, come on sita, i need sleep, love the spider.

WD 28/020/07 22.40
I have been checking every single day since 11th Janaury!! Few hours time will be month of March!

Thanks, Phil! We'll try to keep the noise down. Understandably we are all getting a bit overexcited, what with all this waiting, but we'll try to keep the noise down...

US Sita watcher
My feed runs for 5 minutes and then stops; if I try to start it again, I get a "rerun" of what I just saw. Is that part of the webcam problems you were having?

Reply from BBC host: For technical reasons the camera isn't set up to offer a live or continuous feed. It records a new 5 minute video clip every 15 minutes. The zoo was also more comfortable with recorded clips in case there are any complications with the birth.

deb,sue,di,tracey,ju sifam torquay
come on sita,we are all on tender hooks waiting. we want to toast the new arrival with a cuppa coffee on our t-break xx

Laura, Plymouth
9pm Wednesday Feb 28: Sita knows we're talking about her because her ears are twitching.

sam, amy, roxy,simon, tracy and dave
come on sita have the baby quick!!! cant wait to see it see ya soooooonnnnnn!!!xxxx

The same clip has been running over and over for a while now. Why is this happening. It's 2/28/07 afternoon in US.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Annie. The webcam is set-up to upload a new 5 minute video clip every 15 minutes 24 hours a day. However if the BBC's Internet servers are particularly busy the new clips take a little longer to reach the website. This is beyond our control.

how often are the images updated?

lauren kingsley
OH NO!!! whats happening, your loop of film has been the same for nearly an hour, has the birth begun??

Kathie D.
Is it me or are you having trouble with the cameras. I get a few seconds and then the picture freezes.

Reply from BBC host (Thurs 1st March): Hi Kathie. The cameras are working fine - the freezing you see is usually caused by a poor internet connection at your end.

danni xx
hiya is sita showing sign of contractions as her tail is wiggleing around quite abit and she does stop accasionly like shes in labour good luk sita

Nikki Torquay
What program is everyone using to view the webcam, mine doesn't seem to be working?

do you have any jobs at the zoo as if sita hangs on to the baby much longer im going to be needing a new job!!

How much milk will a baby rhino drink a day?

laura hannaford
i love rita i look just like her i think we must have been born together but separated from our mummy and daddy im onli 2 years old and i love her ! rhinos are my favourite animal i have pictures of rita all round my room ! good luck sita xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mr yates
rita i love u i hope im the father i think ure sexy!! haahaa im a teacher at kcc and they all want to see the baby rhino. all the keepers well done for keeping rita well fed and watered! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Andy russell
i love sita she is the best rhino i have seen shes the only rhino iv seen haahaa push sita push cant wait to see the baby rhino :o)

stephen from paignton
I think everyone at the zoos doing a great job good luck sita and keepers!!!!

will sita's waters brek?

Animal lover
This is better than any series of big brother! or any reality program on the telly,,, maybe they should bring out an animal version LOL This is so addictive!! Go sita go!! you can do it girl!! x

irene keller switzerland near zurich
i think i will stay in our office tonight. if the weather in devon is the same as near to zurich in switzerland (stormy and rainy)sita has good chance to get her baby this night. She seems to be ready i think, am i wrong? what ever i have to go home, a lot of things are to do. bye sita, see you tomorrow in the early morning. push, sita push. with love from switzerland!!!

Can the pubic think of the baby's name.

william k torquay
will the video be on again for the baby being born. if people do not see it as they chould be a school or work.whould you show the video again.

Reply from BBC host: Hi William. Yes the BBC will be showing the video of the birth again. Both on this website and on the BBC 1 South West TV programme Inside Out where you'll be able to see exclusive footage.

Lynda in Brixham
Never expected to lose my husband to a Rhino! - hurry up Sita - and good luck.

I am afraid to go anywhere in case i miss the birth. Sita you have certainly captured everyone's heart. Is'nt it nice to have something happy going on in the world.

Rhino Enthusiast
Is it just me or is there something happening? Seems like Sita's not very comfotable and can see something coming from her bum! Good luck Sita

It is 14.46 and the camera operator is in very early today. Can we Sita watchers hope that something is finally happening? Good luck to all especially Sita.xxxx

carol 28 feb
please can u tell me if u can see the baby kicking inside her as u cannot tell on webcam.

Reply from BBC host: I've been on camera duty over the past few nights and have been looking out for the baby kicking. I'm afraid it's not something any of us have seen. We'll let you know if we do.

Shirley Torquay
Wait until Monday Sita then we will share a birthday. Good Luck x

Sita is the Mistress of Suspense. She leaves any action until 4.58 minutes are up. Then we are left waiting for the next video clip to see what happened next!

Marion Welch
I know exactly how Sita feels! with that big bulge. Its fascinating to watch, Im sure Sita will be an excellent Mum. Best of Luck! Marion Cornwall.

Haven't had the webcam in action for weeks --why?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Paulette. The webcam is working fine and has been on most days over the past few weeks. I suspect the problem is with your PC.

Mollie from Epsom
If Sita gives birth after midnight tonight it will be St David's Day. As someone born in Wales perhaps if it is the 1st he/she should have a Welsh name! We shall have to wait and see. I know all of us who have such a keen interest in Sita wish her a safe birth for her long awaited baby.I can't wait to come and visit when we come down to our Mobile Home in Devon in a few week time,

This is getting too much to bare.The whole country`s gone rhino mad!!!!Give her some caster oil......

Wow, still no baby. Perhaps we're in for a March appearence then.

pensioner silverton
Thank you Paignton Zoo for allowing us all to share this special time and for all the updates you are keeping us supplied with. Sita is obviously jn great hands and I am sure everyone is now feeling calmer. Long wait for all of us Keep up the good work

Sita watcher
Isn't it funny that we have become experts on the birth of a rhino. What an amazing experience to watch. i will remember this for the rest of my life.

Sitas behaviour does seemed to have changed in this last week, does this mean she is in the last stages of her labour?? we are all routing for you sita.

Chris Paignton
Thanks Phil for putting us in the picture about Sita, bless her she does seem so laid back. Can't wait for the baby to appear but of course won't come until it is ready. Still love ya loads Sita

Zoe Plymouth
please could someone tell me as i am now VERY worried. If inducing Sita is not an option should this pregnancy go on too long What will they do??? Also just a silly question if you like. You say you have a vet on standby incase sita has birthing difficulties they can get in there quick and help.... who is this crazy person!!! i wouldn't fancy walking in her enclosure when she is in pain!!! how do they do it??? : )

Reply from BBC host: Hi Zoe. Take a look at the article linked below for more detail from Paignton Zoo about the birth. There is really no need to be concerned as there is no exact due date. She is in good hands. More information on the birth

All I`m getting is an empty pen.Has she gone into labour?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Karen. Sita spends most mornings in her outside paddock to allow keepers to clean the inside area. The paddock isn't covered by our cameras.

I've been watching Sita for some time now and her behaviour has definitely changed. She seems very fed up and miserable standing in her corner for long periods of time. Please confirm that she is ok, I'm sure there are lots of people out there thinking the same thing.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Mike. Everything is fine with Sita, she is in good hands. Like us, I'm sure she'll be glad when the birth is over.

maz (27/2 8.20am)
If Rhino born 1st March, maybe name it David after St.David or Davina if it's a baby girl.At this rate it could be Patrick or George if born on their respective saints days lol. Come on Sita. Big push now xx

lauren kingsley
will Sita's labour be induced if she does'nt go into labour on her own, and how long will they let her go overdue before doing this?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Lauren. Sita isn't really overdue. There dates for her giving birth are not very precise and she's still in the time frame expected by the zoo. Inducing a rhino isn't really an option.

Karen & Melanie - California
Hurry up, Sita. We've got to go to bed soon!

brilliant pictures of sita to night @23.52pm.who ever you are they were good thnx

Diane in Ohio U.S.A.
Hello,It's 6:28pm here and I've been watching Sita since 3:30pm here. She is very restless and eating alot. Up & down. Rolling once to her left side with a very full utter. I predict a baby soon! Not knowning how fast this may happen I hope I can stay awake to see the "Grand Arrival!!" If this is a "all niter" will ck back 1st thing tomorrow. Cheers to Jason & Lucy, the proud step-parents! Blessings for a speedy,safe birth. :o)

June Paignton
Isn't it amazing how this beautiful animal and her baby are bringing so many people together. This must be a one off event in several ways. Do you know how many people are watching? Well done to all on this long vigil. :)

Reply from BBC host: Hi June. We know Sita's webcam has become very popular over the past few weeks and has become the most popular on-demand BBC video in England.

Bernard Jones
Can feel for Sita as she does not seem to be able to settle down tonight 27 Feb, so I can't either, but not pacing up and down yet.

rhino watcher
What are the signs that the birth is imminent? Will she stop eating? Will she give birth standing up or lying down? Will her waters break, like a human birth?

Reply from BBC host: Rhinos usually give birth standing up and Sita is quite likely to be wandering around at the time.

claire plymouth
I think it's incredible that so many people all over the world watch Sita, sending good wishes. Well done Paignton Zoo, you're the best.

Mike - 27th Feb
Great to watch the vidios. Some of the comments and all the BBC host replies would be better understood if dated please.

Enid,,,,Holyhead,, Anglesey
Ok, Ok Sita, enough is enough,, never mind African names,what about if you have a baby boy born on March the 1st,, please name him David,, ahh thanks...but if nothing happens before April fools day then i can only suggest that KINGO had visited family planning, Bless him

Animal lover ..sorry yes I must have done, this poor girl must be so disturbed with all this floodlit abode, not natural and hope it won't affect and delay her birth. Bet she would prefer just to be in a quiet corner in darkness or where ever she chooses.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Francesca. Sita has plenty of quiet corners to choose in her two enclosures. At night it's completely dark in one enclosure, the other has a red glow from a heat lamp. The infra-red nightlights we use are only visible to the camera, Sita is completely unaware of them. The cameras are also silent - so she gets plenty of piece and quiet during the night.

The Smith family in Gloucester
It's 9.45pm and Sita is fast asleep and she is either in a deep sleep or in labour. Her stomach seems to be moving alot this last hour or so, lets hope she is on her way to giving birth. Good luck xxxxxxxx

Alison from Brixham
No matter what species we are, all the mothers know what you are going through right now and it's never as bad as they say!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the new baby. Good luck Paignton Zoo. x

william k torquay
how much will the baby rhino weigh when born?

Reply from BBC host: Hi William. Baby rhinos weigh roughly 40kg when born. Compared with its mum the baby will be very small.

Ellie 5years old torquay
i love sita the rhino i wish she would give birth soon do the keepers stay there all night to watch her?

Reply from BBC host: Hi Ellie. Sita is in safe hands. There is someone keeping watch on her throughout the night.

Is it my eyesight or is Sitas back end protruding tonight?

frankie and mum (jackie)
our name suggestions- ringo - boy singa (i can sing a RHINO)-girl remember sita becoming a mum is special, enjoy every minute! xx

kirstie cornwall
come on sita my 30th birthday tomorrow (28th) be well pleased if you have baby tomorrow!!!

Francesca, sorry i think you misuderstood me. I meant to stop the public going in that part of the zoo for a week say to give sita some quiet time. Not shut her in somewhere small, just take away the noise of the public stood looking down on her. Perhaps have the camera up at the zoo showing her when she is inside resting and let them view her IF she feels like going outside. I want her stress free too. Love to all sita watchers x

william torquay
this is great that you are putting it on the internet

Good ideas Lauren and Bethany, but don't we have to wait to know what sex of Baby she has ? Hope it's a girl. Always a headache for me to name new Babies, but always only after born. You could conbine the 2 parent's names, like Singo....1st 2 after Mum, 3 last after Dad, just an idea, you could make names from this letters !

i love animals
hi hope everything goes well sita tatty bye

Danielle - Torquay
now sita has gone over her due date when do you think she'll give birth and what happens if you get concerned by the lenth of time she over due? good luck sita xxxxxxx

Reply from BBC host: Hi Daniella. There is no due date, just a general time frame when the baby is due. As yet the zoo isn't worried by the delay.

Lucy and Tiffany
We think this is a great idea and gets us kiddies involved !!! Thanks Paignton Zoo !!! You are the best xxxxx

Lauren and Bethany
Hi there we have some Special African names with their meanings to suggest for Sita and Kingo's new baby For a girl: Kamili-KAH-MEE-LEE-This means PERFECTION. Karamu-KAH-RAH-MOO-this means PRECIOUS GIFT. Kagiso-KAH-GHEE-SOH-This means PEACE. Safi-SAH-FEE-This means PURE. Sauda-SAH-OO-DAH-This means DARK BEAUTY. For boys: Sharif-SHAH-REEF-This means-NOBLE. Sipoh-SEE-POH=Tis means GIFT. Sulubu-SOO-LOO-BOO-Tis means TOUGH. Kairu-KAH-EE-ROH-Tis means BLACK ONE. Kayode-KAH-YOH-DE-means ONE WHO BROUGHT JOY. So we hope that you like the names that we have chosen for the calf. GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sue,di,nic,tracey,deb,ju,sifam torquay!
another day missing you because we are all at work but were all home now so come on get pushing,please have your little baby rhino sometime in the hours of 5.30pm and 730am so we can all watch u, thanks sita and good luck


Animal lover, I disagree with put Sita in a corner, to have her baby, the more natural space possible the bettewr, she could get even more stressed. Bad enough all this spotlights and sightseers about. But hope she produces a bouncing Baby we all want to see soon.

Reply from BBC host: Hi Francesca. Sita has two big enclosures to wander around at night plus a large outside area in the daytime. The infra-red nightlights we use are only visible to the camera, Sita is completely unaware of them. The cameras are also silent - so she gets plenty of piece and quiet during the night.

int she a cutie!!

you are absolutely sure she is pregnant aren't you? Has anyone seenm the calf kick? I think Sita is enjoying all the attention and is holding out on purpose.

Carol from Wiltshire
I don't know if many Sita watchers in the UK are aware, but if you have Sky you can watch all BBC regional programmes, so when the film of Sita and her baby is shown on BBC South-West you will be able to see it wherever you are in the UK. (BBC South-West is on Sky channel 987)

Michael Hughes
Just watches Sita eating hay. I'm a cattle farmer in Shropshire watching a Rhino in Devon...At last, I've found a use for the internet !!! Very good quality, thanks for setting this up for us all

Nancy and Molly (Paignton)
Push Sita push, but take your time because it might be painful.

Sarah from Crediton
Having despaired at my mother's rhino addiction for the last week or two I am now firmly addicted myself!!! Can't refresh the page fast enough!

Animal lover - Plymouth, thank you for putting my mind at rest, how could I have missed this ? But glad Sita has water.

Eunice - Perth, Australia
Have been looking for your baby so long Sita that I am starting to hallucinate, seeing baby shapes in the straw. Please put me out of my miserie. I will be in Brixham in June Hopefully and would like to come and see how much the baby has grown by then.Come on me ansome, do the deed.

Netty Torquay
Do you have to have specialised vets in attendance for the birth?

Hi Netty. The zoo has a resident vet keeping a close eye on Sita. He will be close at hand should she need any help during the birth.

zoe plymouth
Hi just wondered is sita seems to be off her food today. Is that a sign labour could be on its way ??

how long can sita go on for? Can you induce a rhino? How long will the placenta be able to go on working for? How many questions is Sita causing to be asked?

Reply from BBC host: At this stage Sita is not causing any concerns for the zoo vet. She's just hanging on to her baby a little longer than expected. We are told inducing a rhino is not an option.

BBC host - Tuesday 27 Feb
There have been some technical problems with the BBC web servers today which have stopped some of the video updates going live. The problem is unrelated to the rhino cam. Hopefully the updates will back to normal before too long. the videos will be back

Animal lover
Just wondered would i be an idea to close off sitas enclosure at the zoo and just have access to the camera footage of her just untill the calf is born... maybe she would settle down and give birth then. Just an idea. I am sure everyone would understand. She seems to try and stand out of view of the people anyway at the moment. Give the poor girl some peice and quiet. Just for a while at least. Love to Sita the BBC crew and all her keepers at the zoo. You are doing a great job!! PS the keeper who cleans her out everyday works real hard making her enclosure comfy for sita. Give yourself a pat on the back!!

Jane in Torquay
27th Feb. Sita has nice green browse to munch today - looks more interesting for her than the bare twigs lately hope it encourages things along. She has been cleaned out and let back indoors a lot quicker today - not surprisingly! Hope today is the day - good luck girl. p.s. has anyone considered the possibility of twins?!

Thank you BBC Host, what a relieve, of course I have never had a Rhino, lol but bred many exotic large anymals. Will keep an eye on her and hope she has a good birth.

ok I think Sita quite rightly want privacy for her birth event....she is therefore taking her time and not being very entertaining hopeing everyone will stop watching and then ...she will 'bring on her baby':-))

Come on Sita, i really should be doing some work but i cant because i am addicted to watching you!!

Come on Sita, we're all getting eye strain and headaches. Everyone at work thinks I'm mad, until they start to watch a few times then get hooked.I even found a link to Rhino Cam on ebay! Get pushing!

OAP mags
We saw baby rhinos on Mission Africa last night and can appreciate how fortunate we are to be witnessing the imminent birth of OUR rhino..Sita is looking 'laboured, this morning and is still in her 'hay' area.Could the birth be today/night. Lets hope so. p.s I hope the night camera person has a nice big flask of tea and a big wooly jumper.

sita hope its not to long now for you. just a suggestion if all goes ok with baby what about a vote for the most popular name on this web site, keepers, bbc, web cam operator choose names and everyone votes for the one they like, most popular wins. thank you to everyone who have been working on this project it has been great.

Animal Lover - Plymouth
i think sita's enclosure is great. I know we can't see it all but if you look around at what she has in there... welll i wouldn't mind sleeping on ALL that straw!! and to all the concerned veiwers i saw sita drinking last night from the water troff next to the straw. She is a amazing Rhino I can't wait to come to the zoo and see her again.

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