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28 October 2014

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Gavin Tutt

Gavin Tutt

Gav Tutt

Gav Tutt is a musician from North Devon who wants to use his music to give a message, let's fight for our freedoms.

Q: What's your history in music?
A: I've been playing in various bands since I was about 13. I've only recently started playing solo but it's going well so far.

Q: It's not the biggest leap to find out why you're called what you are...
A: Well no, Gav Tutt, it's my name!

Q: Which three words would you use to describe your music?
A: Freedom, truth and revolution.

Album cover

Gav's album cover

Q: Tell us about your audition track?
A: It's called "The Liberty Song". None of us like the way the world is now, yet the more freedoms that are taken away it seems the louder we applaud.

Q: Give us the background info on Gav?
A: I'm a singer, songwriter, acoustic bass player, harmonica and a bit of kazoo! I'm 26 years old and live in a village called Clawton, near Holsworthy. I like fresh air and dislike cities!

Q: What do you think of the current music scene?
A: I think the current music scene doesn't seem to have a lot to say at a time I believe it should be saying everything.

Q: Have you had any memorable gigs?
A: I've not played that many gigs on my own yet, but I'd have to say the first one is the most memorable. It was the realisation that people actually got what I was saying - cool!

Q: What's Gav Tutt's record collection like? Any major influences there?
A: I have hundreds! My current favourites are Willy Mason, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

I've been influenced by Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down and all those listed above, I guess I've mellowed a bit!

Gav Tutt

Spring Rock 2006

The one artist I would love to perform with is Bob Dylan.

Q: If you could have three guests to dinner, who would get the invites?
A: David Attenborough, as if you have to ask why! Ray Mears because he knows things I want to learn. Bob Dylan because the man speaks the truth.

Q: Complete the sentence "When I become famous..."
A: When I become famous I will wake up the world.

Q: What are the highs and lows of Devon?
A: There are no lows to living in Devon - I used to live in Kent!

Q: In your own words sell yourself!
A: We made the world, we can break the world. It doesn't matter about politics, religion, who's right or wrong. What matters is how we relate to each other, the rest is just detail. Someone's got to say it and if no-one else will...

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You are in: Devon > Events > BBC Devon Introducing > Profiles > Gav Tutt

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