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24 September 2014

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the keith colins band

the keith colins band

"We use lower case and no punctuation so we can reduce The Keith and Colin Band - or Keith and Colin's Band - to the keith colins band." Meet Keith Lockyer and Colin Bawden... or should that be keith and colin?

Q: Go on then - explain the name...
A: We use lower case and no punctuation so that we can reduce "The Keith and Colin Band" or "Keith and Colin's Band" to "the keith colins band".

We are a band rather than a duo because we hope that other musicians will join us from time to time - even if it's on a temporary basis.

In the meantime, we are quite happy to continue singing and playing guitar and bass live, with programmed drums. In the studio we are able to play other instruments such as keyboards, acoustic guitars and percussion to add to our sound.

Q: What's the history of the band?
A: the keith colins band evolved over several years when Keith and Colin were working together in the same school. One as a teacher, the other as a caretaker.

This seemingly unlikely partnership began when we used to pick up guitars and jam together after school. Then we did a couple of charity concerts together.

Eventually we hit upon the idea of making the venture a slightly more regular and purposeful arrangement as we enjoyed playing together so much. And that's how the keith colins band began.

Keith and Colin are the keith colins band

Keith and Colin are the keith colins band

Q: Which three words best describe your music.
A: Soul, blues, pop.

Q: What's the name of the track you want to demo?
A: "You're A Star". This was originally written as a song for a school Christmas play. It was a song sung to the star which eventually shone over Bethlehem.

It's not a song about someone famous; more to do with finding your place in the great scheme of things. In the universe, if you like.

We do this nice and rocky. There are lots of children all over North Devon who will recognise this, from Keith doing Christmas productions in schools, but they might not be familiar with the style and pace with which it is played!

It might not be typical of the majority of our material but it is quickly accessible - and a bit of fun.

Q: What do you reckon to the current music scene?
A: It's probably a good time for music right now. We love the Arctic Monkeys, the Ordinary Boys, Babyshambles and other bands like The Kings of Leon and The Coral.

Q: If you could invite absolutely anyone to a dinner party - who would be your top three?
A: Keith: Spike Milligan, Groucho Marx and Eric Morecombe - because laughter is such an important thing in life.

Colin: Hendrix (because of his sheer genius), Lynott (cheeky wit) and Bonham (solid power).

Q: What are the highs and lows of living in Devon?
A: We're based in Chittlehampton, a small picturesque village in North Devon with its own saint, pub and post office.

The best thing about being in Devon? Being here in the summer. The worst? Being here in winter - except Christmas, of course.

Though there is not really much about Devon that we don't love.

Q: Complete the sentence: "When we become famous....."
A: ... Colin won't have to get up at 3.30am to deliver a post round and Keith won't have to worry about where he might find work next month.

Q: So what are your hopes for the future?
A: The phrases that spring to mind are "second childhood" and "midlife crisis" but also - and most importantly - in composing, playing live and recording we want to continue doing the things we enjoy.

And if, along the way, people enjoy it too - that's great!

Audition the keith colins band

Take a listen to the keith colins band demo by clicking on one of the links - then use our Devon Demos message board to give them some feedback and see what others have to say about their track.

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You are in: Devon > Events > BBC Devon Introducing > Profiles > the keith colins band

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