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24 September 2014

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Behind The Scenes

Kev Winser and Danny Lawrence
Judi's Boys - Kev and Danny

Life at 'Spiers Towers'

Ever wondered what it's like working on a programme at BBC Radio Devon? Kev Winser and Danny Lawrence are 'the team' behind the Judi Spiers show. Does Kev really collect rubbish records? Can Danny speak in tongues? Does Judi really crack the whip..?

"The Judi Spiers Programme is a full time commitment, for everyone on the team. That's because there's only two of us," says Danny.

"Kev is the producer of the show, and he devotes every living minute to thinking up devious competitions, writing witty ad-libs, digging out obscure music, and booking irreverent guests for the programme.

"I answer the phones and pass listeners' messages through to the studio."

BBC Radio Devon's Kevin Winser
Kevin has to press all the right buttons!

'With a background in music (both as performer and journalist), professional photography and art exhibition design, plus fringe theatre, Kev could be described as having a perfect grounding in the entertainment world. 

"And it's me who has to push all the buttons and twiddle all the knobs when the programme's on air," says Kev.

He's responsible for playing in all the songs and annoying sound effects. All while keeping Judi on the straight and narrow and contributing with the occasional witty and wry comments.

It's All Go

Once the programme comes off air at midday, there's not a moment to lose. There's the following day's running order to put together, prizes to send out and entertaining guests to book.

When Kev's on a break, or just can't face another day, Danny steps in to try and pick up the pieces, and be even more peculiar.

Danny has a degree in Spanish and French, not that it helps when working with Judi on an English speaking station, but he does like to remind everyone about them once in a while.

Danny works on several BBC Radio Devon programmes
Danny also works behind the scenes on sport.

Kevin also has an enormous collection of old dusty vinyl records and a wealth of knowledge of the world of pop. You may have heard his on-air spot "Kev's Curio Comedy Corner" where he searches out some of the weirdest, wackiest tracks to share with you, the listener. Many of them have been obtained by Kev rummaging around in the early hours at car boot sales across the county.

Danny's also kept busy producing the weekly Sunday Service at BBC Radio Devon, and is a key member of the team behind the scenes on the sport shows.

And what's it like working with Judi?

"Fantastic!" they both shout in unison - but not before they've put their hands behind their backs and swiftly crossed their fingers!

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