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13 November 2014

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Who's On Air?

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Michael Chequer

Michael Chequer

Michael Chequer

Michael Chequer is the host of BBC Radio Devon's lunchtime programme, Monday to Thursday. Get in touch between midday and 2pm to air your views on the hot topics of the day.

Get in touch with Michael

Join the debate each weekday between midday and 2pm.

  • Phone: 0845 301 1034
  • Text: 07786 202999
  • E-mail:

He's spoken to thousands of callers, read hundreds of emails, and interviewed dozens of guests.

And with live broadcasts in locations ranging from Barnstaple's High Street to a café in France, it's been a busy first year for Michael at the helm of BBC Radio Devon's lunchtime programme.

On air from 12pm until 2pm (Monday - Thursday with Michael and Fridays with David FitzGerald) the programme tackles a huge range of subjects from cancer and immigration to television and the right way to peel a carrot.

Plus there are regular opportunities to directly challenge the county's decision makers, and opportunities to get free advice from our experts.

Peter Shears

Peter Shears

When he's not appearing on BBC Radio Devon, Peter Shears is a respected Professor of Consumer Law at the University of Plymouth, so it is hardly surprising the phone lines get so busy when he joins Michael each Monday.

On Tuesdays, attention turns to medical issues with surgeons, consultants, midwives, professors and counsellors amongst those beating a path to the studio door to share their expertise with listeners.

"It's great to know that hearing the programme can make such a difference to people's lives," says Michael, who recalls one particular example; "We set up some guests to talk about Tinnitus, expecting them just to be with us for 10 minutes or so.

"But we had so many people wanting to talk to them that they stayed for over an hour."

On the road

Michael's also always looking for an excuse to take the programme out on the road.

In the past year, the programme's been broadcast from locations including St David's Station in Exeter, a community hall in Budleigh Salterton, and a village in Brittany.

"I was really proud of the programme from France," Michael says.

"We worked with the Landivisiau / Brittany twinning association which did us proud in getting a great crowd together in a typical French café and then had some brilliant calls from BBC Radio Devon listeners keen to celebrate the Entente Cordiale!"

So what next for BBC Radio Devon's most unpredictable programme?

"That's the great thing about the programme really - it's impossible to say what's just around the corner.

"With so much of the programme determined by its listeners, there really are days when I arrive in the office with no idea what the day has in store!"

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You are in: Devon > BBC Radio Devon > Who's On Air? > Michael Chequer

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