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13 November 2014

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Anyone for tennis? Ian Brass

What a raquet! Ian Brass.

Ian Brass

Enter the mad and whacky world of Brasso. With music, competitions and laughter it's the perfect Saturday afternoon alternative if you're trying to escape the goals and tries of a sporting weekend.

Ian Brass has seen a lot of changes in the broadcasting industry, since he entered the world of presentation over 30 years ago.

Starting in his late teens as a club DJ, working five - seven nights a week gave him a wealth of experience dealing with an audience.

And this experience, contained with a wicked sense of humour, won him a Sony club DJ of the year award in the early 80's.

A winter contract to Barbados followed and then straight to mainland Europe to join the illustrious team of DJ's on Radio Luxembourg 208.

BBC Radio Devon at the Devon County Show

BBC Radio Devon at the Devon County Show

Ian recalls that - at the time - HE was the only one he hadn't heard of!

On a not-often-enough trip back home to north Devon, Ian met up with BBC Radio Devon's reporter, Richard Howe, who showed him around the - then brand new - BBC studios in Exeter.

With BBC Radio Devon transmitting programmes over the whole of the county, Ian saw a chance of maybe working back at home.

"Have you got a job going?" was Ian's question to management!

A few months later, Brasso (as he's better known) started presenting the mid morning programme, taking over from the "Voice of the Balls" - Alan Dedicoat, who, at that time, presented BBC Radio Devon's breakfast programme.

In the mid-80s, it was back to the national stage as Ian joined Radio 1 to present weekend programmes, while still maintaining his weekday mid morning show on BBC Radio Devon!

Never one to shy away from a challenge, when Ian was offered the opportunity to present a brand new quiz show on the fledgling Westcountry Television he jumped at the chance!

That was in the early 90's and Ian is hoping there are no videotapes of the programme, 'Westwise' lurking in anyone's attic!

In 1994, Ian moved into commercial radio, staying some four years. But his roots were always in the BBC.

Brasso was welcomed back to Radio Devon in 1999 and can still be heard presenting his Saturday afternoon programme between 2.30 and 5pm.

When he is not in the studio, he can often be seen doing his 'other job' as an event co-ordinator.

Ian can do anything at an event, from booking the performers to erecting the stage. He is very much a hands on person, who still ends up compering the shows and even doing discos!

"Well, there IS a revival in older blokes using their experience to entertain!" he jokes.

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You are in: Devon > BBC Radio Devon > Who's On Air? > Ian Brass

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