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13 November 2014

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Who's On Air?

You are in: Devon > BBC Radio Devon > Who's On Air? > Gordon Sparks

BBC Radio Devon's Gordon Sparks

BBC Radio Devon's Gordon Sparks

Gordon Sparks

As well as bringing you all the results from the Pilgrims' camp, Sparksy also wakes up the city of Plymouth each weekday morning. If there's anyone more passionate about Argyle than BBC Radio Devon's Gordon Sparks - we'd like to meet them.

When Gordon Sparks isn't travelling around the country to commentate on Plymouth Argyle's matches, he's thinking up ideas for the Plymouth Breakfast Show.

Each day, with the help of his listeners, a Plymouth list is compiled. They can be wacky, nostalgic, or just with full Plymouth flavour.

For instance, the list of different coloured wheelie bins that could be introduced included transparent (for see-through party manifestos), pink (for discarded girlie things), and a nice flowery one for garden waste.

Gordon with Miss Plymouth, Angele Flukes

Sparksy hid the other studio chairs!

Or how about the imaginary shopping mall for pop stars wanting to take up new careers?

Mick Jagger could have opened a bakery called "Rolling Scones" and for all baby needs there would be "Nappy Mondays".

Other shops could include KT Tungsten, Talking Sheds, Dexy's Midnight Plummers and Herman's Permits.

That sums up the true interactive feel to the Breakfast Show broadcast on 95.7FM and DAB digital radio.

Chris De Burgh, Stonehenge, pay packets and Steve Rider all fitted into the category: "Things that were much smaller than you imagined".

Although a sense of humour and plenty of interaction make up a large part of each show, the more serious issues are discussed with many guests each day, willing to chat about modern-day Plymouth.

People from all walks of life around the city are eager to appear on the show, whether it concerns their lives, their work or simply to promote an event.

Gordon's never afraid to hold back when talking to MP's, councillors and other movers and shakers either.

The 'Marble Office' (home of the boss) is constantly on red alert as to what he's up to, but one thing is for sure: tune into Plymouth Breakfast and expect the unexpected!

Thank You, Driver!

Regulars on the show include celebrity chef Peter Gorton, Navid the cabbie (who conducts his own in-cab surveys for the show), Chief Superintendent Jim Webster, fitness guru Emma Renyard - who Sparksy has trained into eating more pasties - and the girls who have the arduous task of enjoying entertainment around Plymouth - Katie Thompson and Claire Robinson.

Have you noticed that people of a certain age shout: "Thank you, driver!" as they get off the bus? Those contacting the show are encouraged to use the phrase when signing off from text messages and emails - as long as they start their message with: "'Ere Sparksy!"

That's proper Plymuff, that is!

Gordon also takes up various challenges for the show. These have included spending a weekend in a caravan (he's still not convinced), a night in a police patrol car, sailing on the high seas and even pole dancing (ask him nicely and he'll show you his bruises!).

He has also passed his PCV test which, after a series of gruelling lessons, now enables him to drive a bus. As well as driving on mufti days with Plymouth CityBus, the occasional drive for charity events have also been undertaken.

On the subject of driving, he also took to the controls of a City Council road sweeping vehicle!

So next time you listen you may find yourself taking part in radio poker or wondering if, at a party, you had to introduce Ken Dodd and Bill Oddie, would you find yourself saying: "Doddy, Oddie. Oddie, Doddy." Now what if P Diddy arrived?

Choice at breakfast

BBC Radio Devon listeners who live in and around Plymouth have a choice of listening at breakfast.

Whilst Sparksy is broadcasting on 95.7FM and DAB digital radio in the city, Matt Woodley is on our countywide frequencies.

You will find him slightly further up the dial on 103.4FM.

Contact Sparksy:

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You are in: Devon > BBC Radio Devon > Who's On Air? > Gordon Sparks

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