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24 September 2014

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Video Archive 2005
Stuart with a hedgehog       Joe  
Stuart looks after sick or injured hedgehogs. He says it's a great feeling when they are healthy enough to be freed back into the wild.
It's happy days for Joe and his hollow legs. A self confessed skinny, he's enjoying the fact that he can eat what he likes. He knows it might not be like this forever and wonders if one day he'll think about a more healthy diet.
Lesley Manger       Kath Hardman  
Pony Rescue
Lesley has been around horses from an early age, and now runs a pony rescue centre in Derbyshire. She says the horses and ponies rely on her to care for them, and that keeps her going.
Dancing Dogs
Kath's dogs don’t need long walks - they get their exercise in the garden - dancing to music! Kath says it keeps them fit both physically and mentally.
Robin Gibbard       Bill Watkins  
Well Designed
Robin's been working on the design for the Aston-on-Trent well dressing since last year - and he's had to go back to the drawing board more than once!
ID Cards
Seventy-nine-year-old Bill is in favour of ID cards. He remembers his wartime ID card with fondness and can't understand why so many people are against the idea.
Aiden English       Alan Wilkinson  
Street Music
Aidan's busking his way through life. He says his eco-friendly lifestyle means he doesn't need a high-paid job - he can live off the money he makes from music.
Mining Talk
In his distinctive Derbyshire accent Alan tells us how he was tricked by a fellow miner on his first day down the pit.
Mark Straw       Sue Allen  
Mark found the London Marathon more of a struggle than he expected - but he says with more training he'll be better prepared next year!
Tsunami Art
Sue will spend her summer holidays at a school in Sri Lanka which was damaged by the tusnami. She's taking with her a unique piece of art.
Zigy       Elena and Ken  
Congo Drums
Zigy says setting up a support group and forming a band has made the Congolese community feel more at home in the city.
    Wartime Love
As they prepare to celebrate their Diamond Wedding, Ken and Elena recall how their love nearly cost Ken his life!
Nick Eley       Bethany  
Jocks and Nerds
Fashion designer Nick Eley has spent three months preparing his collection for the university catwalk show.
    Good Advice
Bethany has some 'chill out' advice for students struggling with revision - and with over-zealous parents!
Community Crops       Burnt Offerings  
Community Crops
Carol says she can hardly believe what's been achieved by volunteers who've turned a disused field in Chesterfield into a buzzing community garden.
    Burnt Offerings
Bob shows us how easy it is to burn pictures and patterns onto wood. He says he's found his niche with Pyrography.
Holly       Georgia  
Financial results Holly says we don’t give kids enough credit at exam time. She's offered her daughter a financial incentive! Testing Times It's a testing time for Georgia as she prepares to take her GCSEs. She says it's pretty relaxed at home - but tense at school with the teachers more worried than the pupils!
Nicola White       Dog  
Model Search Nicola wants to become a model. The Ilkeston lass says patience and a willingness to work long and hard are vital virtues for cat-walk hopefuls.     Cassie's Dogs Twelve-year-old Cassie loves her dogs. She says they can tell when you're angry because they can sense it down the dog lead!
Mark Spencer       Roy  
Shrovetide Mark tells us how he felt when he goaled an Ashbourne Shrovetide ball and what an honour it is to own one.     Allotment Roy is proud of the work that's gone into transforming a run-down allotment into a centre for local school children.
Small Talk    tiny   Dyslexia  
Small Talk What Denise lacks in size she makes up for in attitude!     Dyslexia Malcolm's determined not to let dyslexia get in the way of his chosen career.
Laura and her boyfriend       Graf Eyes  
Love Nest Laura and her fella are looking forward to moving into their new place.
    Estate Kid John's fed up. He hates the state of his estate - there's nothing to do and he wants to see changes.
University Blues Emma's been at University for a year and didn't expect her family to miss her so much.   Zebbie says "Hallellujah" Zebbie has no time to read romantic novels - she's too busy reading the good book.
Skates     Clive's chest
Ice Maiden Amy gets up at 5am on practice days. Her dream is to be a top class figure skater.     Warrior Clive has worked hard to achieve the 'body beautiful'. It's not just about the way you look though.
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