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24 September 2014
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June 2002
Life after death?
Katie King
Katie King, a ghost who appeared for William Crookes
A scientist from Derbyshire claims to have found firm proof that life after death really does exist.
Gavin Bevis takes a look at how Ron Pearson thinks he has the solution to one of the world's greatest mysteries.
UFOs in Derbyshire

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Ron Pearson says he has uncovered the long-forgotten concept of the 'ether' - and says it proves parts of Einstein's theory of relativity were seriously flawed.

Mr Pearson and his colleague Michael Roll from Bristol are now working to spread the word about their discoveries. They say the people have been denied the truth for years and want to change peoples' thinking.

Michael Roll said: "People have only been allowed access to two philosophies. The first is that when you're dead, you're dead. This is orthodox scientific teaching across all disciplines.

"The second is the religious idea of resting in peace in the ground waiting for a Judgement Day. The priests have a monopoly on the lucrative life after death industry.

"We are putting forward the secular case that we all posess a soul and are immediately reunited with our loved ones who have gone before us - a separate mind and brain.

"We are putting forward the secular case that we all posess a soul and are immediately reunited with our loved ones who have gone before us - a separate mind and brain."
Michael Roll
"Our case starts with the experimental proof - repeatable experiments under laborotory conditions carried out by international scientists. These experiments are now backed up by a mathematical theory showing what our souls are made of and where the so-called next world is."

Unfortunately, the experiements that Roll refers to were carried out in the 19th century and haven't been repeated in recent times. And that's where Ron Pearson comes in.

His work is inspired by the 19th century scientist Sir William Crookes. Through his experiments Crookes produced photographs purporting to show a 'dead person' phsyically materialising in his laboratory.

But his experiments lacked a mathematical theory to back up his findings so his breakthrough went forgotten - and that was where Pearson picks up his work.

By using the latest findings of Quantam physics to re-examine Einstein's long established theory of relativity, Pearson says he has found the mathematical solution to explain the existence of the 'ether'.

Unfortunately, Pearson and Roll have yet to gain funding to carry out the eight experiments needed to prove their theories are true - and the cheapest experiment will cost £15,000.

So until backing can be found to make these experiments - some of which need to take place in space - reality, Pearson's theory looks set to remain just that.

For more information on this research there are two main websites.

The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom website has a collection of articles about Ron Pearson's work whilst the International Survivalist website has further information about the 19th century experiments.
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