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27 November 2014

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You are in: Derby > Memoryshare > Memoryshare: what is it?

The Queen opens Pride Park Stadium

The Queen opens Pride Park Stadium

Memoryshare: what is it?

Compile a record of life from 1900 to the present day with the BBC Memoryshare project. But what is it? Find out below...

The first of its kind, the BBC Memoryshare project invites you to help create a day-by-day account of life from 1st January, 1900 until the present day.

What is it?

It's a new BBC project being piloted on local BBC websites across the country. Memoryshare will gradually piece together an intriguing people's history of Britain, based on your experiences.

You can post a memory or observation relating to any day from 1900 onwards. It doesn't have to be a big thing - it's just whatever has stuck in your mind for one reason or another.

You can...

:: Post memories which relate to any location in the world (it doesn't just have to be Derby or Derbyshire)

:: Post a memory of an important event, whether...
personal (your wedding, the birth of your first child) or public (what you were doing when Diana died, how you felt during the Cuban Missile Crisis)

:: Post a memory of a small event, even if you don't think it seems important (blackberry picking, your first pet, getting your ears pierced)

:: Write as much or as little as you like, whether it's 50 words or 500

::  You can also comment on other people's memories

Get some ideas

Need your memory jogging? Have a look at this list of things which might spark a memory for you:

:: Transport, industry and civil unrest ::
Trams – old and new; 10p and 2p bus fares for kids ends 1974; steel companies close; miners strikes and riots; building of the M1 and Tinsley Viaduct; Jarrow March 1936; Henderson's Relish; Markham Maine and Bentley pit disasters 1970s; South Yorkshire becomes a nuclear free zone; Yemeni population come to Sheffield c. 1956; anti- nuclear and CND marches; poll tax protests...


Your first pet?

:: Your firsts, lasts and in-betweens ::
Pet; car; scooter; bike; house; baby; nightclub; concert; date; cinema; love; drink; illness; kiss; school; best friend; crush; birthday parties; divorce; childhood memory; job; football match; arrest, (car) accident; toy; time in jail, caught shoplifting; graduation; fight; football violence...

:: Sport ::
The Rams winning the FA Cup; Derbyshire winning the Nat West trophy in 1981; Derby County's promotion to the Premier League in 2007; Tour of Britain cycle race through Derbyshire; The Rams under Brian Clough; Chesterfield under Roy McFarland...

Parading through Derby

The Rams' promotion parade through Derby

:: Weather ::
Floods June 2007; Winter woes in 1989; Floods 2001...

:: Music, Entertainment and Films ::
Clubbing in Derby; BBC Radio Derby opening early in 1971; Download Festival; Rod Stewart at Pride Park; Bryan Adams, Il Divo and Westlife at Kedleston Hall; Tom Jones at Chatsworth; Talk of the Town; Bloodstock at the Assembly Rooms; Nights out in Chesterfield; your University days; Pride and Prejudice filmed in Derbyshire; The League of Gentlemen; Stig of the Dump;...

:: Miscellaneous events ::
The Rolls-Royce crash; Kegworth air crash; The Millennium; The Queen opens Pride Park Stadium and Carsington Water;  Royal visits; WW2 and evacuation; Brian Clough's memorial; Ashbourne Shrovetide Football Game; Flagg Races...

Chesterfield town centre

Chesterfield town centre

:: Places and buildings ::
Westfield; Sinfin School fire; Derby Cathedral; Assembly Rooms; Markeaton Park; Queen's Park Chesterfield; Derby's Hole in the Road; QUAD; East Midlands Airports;  University of Derby; Royal Devonshire Hospital, Chesterfield; Derby City Hospital & the DRI; Arboretum Park...

:: National and worldwide ::
Diana dies; Partition 1947; 9/11; London bombings; Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis; Britain at war with Afghanistan and Iraq; The Falklands; Charles and Diana's Wedding, 1981...

Get started!

If you aren't already registered with the BBC, click on 'Add a Memory' on the right hand side of this page. You will then be taken through the registration process. Please note that registration does not mean you will be subjected to endless emails from the BBC - you will only receive emails in relation to maintaining your log-on.

Once you've added your basic details, you'll receive an email which you'll need to send back to confirm your email address.

As soon as your address is confirmed, you're free to add as many memories and comments as you'd like to share.

last updated: 18/03/2008 at 18:10
created: 19/07/2007

You are in: Derby > Memoryshare > Memoryshare: what is it?


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