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27 November 2014

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Sinfin Community School fire

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I used to be a pupil i left in the mid 1980 s.I remember it being a lovely many happy form tutor was mr cowie my form room was in the science block. The head teacher was Mr Boyd. So sad that the school has all but gone. Love to all pupils and staff past and present. The school will be great again.

I go to sinfin and we are now in the porter cabins,the school is better then it used to be before the fire, and we are having a new school but by the time its finished we will be in yr 11.i still feel sorry for all them yr 11's who lost their course work.
Amy . A

hiya i left this school in gd condition and nbow its a desaster i carnt belive it happened !!!
sara howitt

feel sorry for the sinfin students as their work is destroyed! I hope for the best of them
harpreet kaur

omg when i 1st heard the news i had the biggest smile on my face. But then i thought omg i have no skool i mean we spend more time at skool then wot we do at home. I felt really sorry for the year 11'z me n the other year 9'z because of the GCSE'z n our SATs. But on the plus side at least now we get a new skool n no1 got hurt. Except for an english teachers fish who got caught in the fire R.I.P 2 the little guy.

im a pupil at the school and i think its terible its my first week back today ive had my ups and downs at school but i didnt wont that to happen
abigail wooding

the thursday after the fire i was meant to be starting year 8 but i heard that it was burnt down it is such a shame i was looking forward to going to sinfin.
Tanya ward

It was terrible to see our school going up in flames because i really liked the school. I feel really sorry for year 11 students and year 9 as they are the important years of the 5 years insecondary school.i really hope that all the pupils in years 11 and 9 do brilliantly in their exams and that the school gets back to how it was.

i realy miss the school there is so many memerious in them classes that got burnt down anyway i hope u get the school up and running because we are all missin our edication anyway nuff love 2 all studentsxxxx
natalie binfield

This was a big tragedy for lots of people and esecially for the year 11's cuz of their course work and i hope all of ur get ur course work done and get a good education xx(be good ste!)
Rheanne calladine A.k.a Stephen Dunworths Sister

its a real bad tragedy best wishes to all the students

i miss sinfin school it was i good school i was pianning to go to that school cause it loooked good

im a sinfin student im naughty at sinfin but ive realised how important it is i feel 4 every 1 ecspecially teachers and yr 11. hope were bk soonx

its devastating we are out of education but well be bk soonx

i am pupil at sinfin community school i was right near to the school when it went up i was shocked about it going up in flames i just hope the school will just bounce back as soon as possible.
adam / sinfin

I was really shocked when I found out about what happend to the school. I was a pupil at this school before I left in year 10 to go to Derby Moor. It is a great shame about all those classrooms burnt and I have really good memories of the school. I prey and hope that the school goes back the way it was.
Pritpal Singh Johal

I cannot beleive that this disaster happened. i really feel sorry for all the yr 11 pupils that have lost all of their coursework and any back-ups they may have saved on school computers. it just goes to show you can never be too prepared and that disasters can strike at any moment. but what is done is done, we have just got to carry on as normal. think about it were getting a new school WAHOO !!!!!!!!!!!
Ashleigh baker - yr8 pupil @ sinfin

i left school in 2005 it was a great school it may not be the best for grades but the atmosphere was great so many memories where there and i am gutted i just hope it is up and running again soon and i wish everyone good luck! and hold ur head high and think good thoughts x

We are really upset about our school we are both glad no body is hurt. We hope to get back in school soon & get back on track so we can do the rest of our GCSE'z & course work. We have lost sooooo many memories there. It will never been forgotton. NEVER !!!!!
Kerrie Pabla & Kirsty Watterson (yr 10 @ Sinfin)

It is very upseting as students in yr 11 as well as yr 10 have done alot of course work which has now all gone. I really feel sorry for all the students that have lost there work & for for all the teachers that have lost there work & set work for us students. I am upset about this & it was very upseting watching & seeing photo's of the school being burnt down. You don't think it will ever happen to you.
Kerrie Pabla. (Yr 10).

It is such a shame when the school was doing so good, lets hope with a new building, a new reputation and better standard for all is achieved. I would like to say hello to all my friends and will see you all soon.LOL
Jodie Kearney

Great video Mike, must be awful.
Mark Wood

i am a pupil @ sinfin community school and it is very upset of what has happened i couldnt believe my eyes. y did it have to be sinfin? i am hopin that this school will return to its usual self asap and cant wait till see all my teachers and school mates im just hopin that we will be back to school as i dont want my grades going down and i hope that mr monks has got over this terrible disaster. dnt worry this school will rise from the death and be the best ever luv eleanor.
eleanor smith

im relly relly upset it my old school im was planning on teaching there i spent six years in uni and its all gone up in flames
amit kaushal sinfin

I left the school well back in 2003 It was such a nice school but now its gone, i feel really bad for all the teachers including my sister who is a year 11 there and she lost all her English Coursework which she worked so hard to do. Dont get me wrong lots of students are in the same boat. I am so sorry about the tradgic event Mr Steve Monks.
Stephan Salt

i left sinfin school last year,and the events that happened on the 22nd were devastating for everyone including those that have left.i was realli upset about half of the school being destroyed cus alot of important things have happened in that school,there are alot of memories.i just hope everything gets back to normal especially for the g.c.s.e students cus i was there last year and i no what its like.gud luck.

I am a year 8 student at Sinfin Community school it was sad when i heard about the school going in flames i hope the school get back to normal soon

my girlfriend attends sinfin school and she is devastated by this... i really feel for her and hope i can do something for her and the school... i wish she is able to go back very soon as year 11 is a very important year for her... luv sheepa XXX
sheepa johal

feel sorry for the sinfin students as their work is destroyed! I hope for the best of them

I am a teacher at nearby Merrill College.The fire was devastating , but Im sure with the dedication of the staff and the hard work of the students by pulling together you will soon be back on track. Best wishes to you all.

how this fire started still remains a mystery. i was shock when i thought found out. its been 2 years now i have been at this school and to find its been burn down its just sad.

im well wounded about the school set on fire i just cant believe it! 5 years of hardworkin down the drain,i just hope everythin goes bak to normal soon so we can get on with our gcse's!

i was reali shocked that the school went on fire.i wouldnt of thought that it would happen.all my hard work all burnt away . i just hope that we cold go and get our revision 4 the sat zz.!!!

i'm glad no one was hurt but it could be a blessing in disguise for sinfin because it was long overdue a makeover

I just looked out the window and all I could see was a black sky. I then saw flames go high as a house. It was dreadful to see. Plus it will have a big effect on our learning.
Aneesh Mann (year8 pupil at Sinfin)

i think it terrible shame to see such good school burn. i have family going heart goes out to all pupils who lost course work in fire.
Brinda Brubrouski

we are students at that school i feel really sorry 4 mr monks his school is destruyed when will we be bak at school i feel sorry 4 the teachers who lost there accsesories is it goin 2 take 2 years to rebild agian we really want to come back to school agian plzzzzz help mr monks to sort the school out and the teachers were will we be goin my mum wants us to move school but sinfin is a great place so i said 2 my mum im not movin!!!!!!!!! plz help
stacey + aimee

I am a pupil at sinfin and i am really upset because i was watching my school burn down. Watching my work burn was deverstating really upsetting. I hope everyone is ok and nobody is hurt. I like to say thankyou to the firefighter for putting the school out. I hope to get back to school soon. Sorry year 11's i fell really sorry for you.

I left Sinfin Community School several years ago and the events on Wednesday evening were devastating for everyone connected with the school and the local community. The sheer number who turned out to see the blaze just goes to show how close our community really is. I still can't quite believe that this happened and it was very surreal to see such a large proportion of the main building being gutted by fire. It spread soo quickly. The school can be rebuilt and thankfully it is insured, but all the hard work by teachers and students over the years is irreplaceable and is lost forever and they are the ones I feel so sorry for. Mr Monks looked deeply affected by this ordeal as will many of his staff and students alike, but we all have to take heart that no-one was hurt and that this fire occurred after normal school hours because it could have been far worse! Good luck to everyone associated with the school and hopefully happy days won't be too far away once more.
Daniel Lee

It's terrible. I was about 2 miles away, on me bike, when a loud ambulance came rushing past.Then I saw a HUGE load of smoke, and decided to follow it. I was gobsmacked when I saw the school burning down.
sade nicolson.

I was watching the fire as it was burning; it was horrible to watch. I feel really sorry for the teachers that have lost their classrooms and the year 11's who have lost course work.
Gareth Davis

Im a year 10 student at sinfin school and am sad that its been burned down and that year 10s and 11s have lost there coursework in some subjects. i lost some of my coursework and feel upset about it. i feel sorry for everyone who goes there aswell but sinfin school is a fighter and will be back in action soon i hope!

Any fire at a school just rips the heart out of the local commnity. What I don't understand is why these buildings are not fitted with sprinkler systems ?.This would have been a minor incident not a disaster.

I left Sinfin in 2003 and I never thought that the next time I go back there, it would be in flames. I had the best five years of my life in Sinfo and I will always remember that, you pricks can burn our school, but not our memories.
Maninder Chohan

im a current year 11 student that went 2 sinfin community school during its first i couldnt believe it..evry1 began to text me and ring me telling me my school was burning.i was laughing at the time and ran to see what this was all about..i was still laughing when i went to see but now i dont understand why?..i am realising how important school is..more then 1000 childrens education is bein ruined, mainly the upper years.what happened shouldnt have happened to any school and we are all now trying to get back on track.i hope that soon we will have a school life again and we can get on with our exams gaining the gcses we all expect with the grades we are wishing to attain

Can't believe this has happened to my school. I am a Yr11 student there and i just want to know about my exams and coursework. There was a meeting today with Yr11's and we are going to do stuff to help with this happening. Hopefully back soon, and i can check my stuff.
Matthew Smith, Pupil of Sinfin

i am a pupil at sinfin community scool and i was comin to my home from the park and i saw a lot of black smoke in the sky and just then my cosin called he said that your school is on fire and i was just sad felt like cryin because all of my work has burnt down and i hope we well kwick
Rajbir Johal

i am really worried baout my school..i am a new student as i started school in october/2006 em realli so upset wif it..especially wif c'ing mr dhnamrait'z room mr..iqbalz room n some french teacher'z room em realli sorry..but i'll pray tht everythin' will be alright
student from sinfin community school

we had someone form tht school move to littleover a few years ago (only started in year 7) and i fefl sorry for people how might of lost coursework and other work in the fire

its really sad something like this has happened.ive been to the school loads of times as my niece and nephew went there.shame
gurmej mahay

I can't believe this has happened! the school has been part of my life for nearly 3 years and now it is mostly gone! I have my SATS in May and I don't have a clue where I am going to take them.

i know what it looked like because i saw the smoke from asda now all thats left is horribleness and the sats and gcses are coming up. loads of romours are coming in about if we are gong into school on monda
michelle tatler

i am really sorry about what has hapened to your school, having the fire at my skwl (Pingle) was really upsettin and i just know how all u yr11's are feelin but i lost all my coursewrk aswel nd the teachers r so brill that we have managed to redo it all and it hapnd jus b4 christmas aswel, so all the best for every1 at sinfin skwl and if u fink positive thn evryfin gud wil cum out of it! x

were year 11 and 9 and cant believe that this has happened and feel very upset that peoples course work has gone and just glad no 1 was hurt hope 2 see u all soon.
lauren doyle + sophie doyle

i am a year 13 student at the millennium centre, and every1 there are very concerned abt sinfin! hope it gts fixed soon!
Monica Bhogal

Being a year 11 pupil at sinfin I really still am shocked at what has happened, its really made me want to do something more for the school. Therefor I am apart of a big group called the sinfin savers which will appear in the daily telegraph either tomorow or monday, fund raising and showing mr monks and all the other teachers that we are here as pupils to support them. I really do think this is going to bring out sinfin not just as a school but as a community. I hope the school reaches the quickest and best recovery.
Sean W

im a sinfin student and i am so upset to hear that the school ahs burnt down i just want to go back to school now its just soooo boring at home you just have nothing to do and anyway all that work has gone to waste and i had my tests aswell but im onli in year 8 so thats alright, at least i'll leave the school as it is or as it wil be will be at the end of year 11 unless theres another fire..........but i really hope there wont be, i feel sorry for the teachers because they have to pay all that money and there work has gone aswell........i dont thnk anyone can pay that much money unless they've won the lottery but i dont think that many people have......anyway all i want to say is that i wish the school is fixed again really quickly and if they cant fix it quickly then they shouldall the years 7's 8's and 9's go to a place where they will teach us and the years 10's and 11's go sum where else bt i hope everything is alright.xx
komaldeep bajwa

i left sinfin just last year and iam absoultely gutted...them most amazing school ever were i spent the past five years of my life there and its all gone, all the memorires and hard will never be the same sinfin even after its rebuilt..i feel so so sorry for all the teachers and year 11 students, best wishes
Leah Mills

as a student who is in year 11 i feel for those that go to sinfin... i am deeply sorry for those who have suffered hope the school and the community in sinfin will recover very soon...
kully purewal

I go to the school. I don't know whats going to happen with our Sats coming up.

i feel like crying because i know that allmy hard work has gone to waste and anyway i loved that was probably the best school ever.

as a former pupli of the school it was devestating to watch sinfin community school go up in flames. Many happy memories have been destroyed andmy thoughts go out to the staff and pupils of the school.
Lisa Wright

i am also a pupil @ sinfin community school and i am devastated of what has happened i would have never thought this would of happened to sinfin community school and most of all i feel sorry for the head teacher mr monks. i am glad that no-one got hurt and am hoping that the school will return to its happy memories as usual

i saw the smoke and when i heard it was a school i was thinking about all the work that must have been lost, and what would i do if it was my school.

i am a pupil at murray park if u have to come to our school you will be very welcome i feel sorry for year 11s who have lost there course work so we would be happy to help!!

i am a pupil in yr 11 at sinfin and i am shocked at what happened when i found out aboout it i felt sick and now the police are saying they think someone has set the fire off, if it does come out that this has happened who ever did it i think is sick wanting to burn down a school there mad, im worried about ma GCSE's i was meant to be startin a art exam on monday, i hope everything just goes back to normal.

I'm really upset to see my old school on fire.
amit kaushal

I find it so sad that many of the pupils who have lost valuable secondary education course work in this fire, are the same children who lost valuable coursework at the fire in Grampian Primary School during thier primary years... What chance do these children have of gaining a decent grade when they have lost all of that??
K Johnson (Previously Wilson)

I'm an ex-Sinfin Student and I feel gutted that all my old school memories have gone up in flames! I also feel really sorry for all the kids that have lost work that they've worked hard on, especially the year 11s being so close to their GCSE's!
Jenny Hudson

i go to derby college and some of my best mates used to go to sinfin and they were just quiet all day. my girlfriend still goes there and shes heartbroken.

Omg its really hard to believe that this has happened to our school... its seems so sureal to watch the place that i've known for so long go up in flames... but at least everybody is ok and safe

i am a pupil at the school,im shocked and just hope we all get bk soon.

My mum works in the office at Sinfin Community School and I have often gone in to help. It is very upsetting to see such a nice place in such a mess and to see the corridors and classrooms that I have been in destroyed. However, the staff are wonderful and I am sure they will pick up the pieces and carry on doing a brilliant job. Good Luck to you all. joanne
joanne hawkins

im also a student from sinfin in year 10.i wish everthing gets alright quickly.i dont want this to affect my GCSEs.our hopes are on mr monks good luck

My sis works there and she couldn't belive that she had been there a cuple of hours ago.And i live near stenson fields primary commuity and could see how black the smoke was.

I am a pupil at sifin community school in year 8 im shocked at what happened and glad that no one was hurt

i left last devastated what has happened to my old school..Has so much memories of that school hoping i cud go bak n see it agen...NOW ITS GONE i can never see it the way i left it
Luqui Purewal

I Live Across The Road To The Skool It Was Freaky Just Watching While Firemen Were Trying To Hose It Down.. Im Glad No-one GOt Hurt Kepp Me Intouch Clare xxx

I'm a pupil at pingle where we had a fire last year. my heart goes out to all the staff and students at sinfin school as you're probably feeling as bad as we did when our school had the fire. good luck and remember you will get through it.

As a parent of children at the school i am saddened by the fire, sinfin is a good school woth excellent caring memebers of staff.After seeing the reaction of some of the pupils regarding where they go now to be taught,i would urge the council and staff to keep the children on the school site rather than send them to other scchools and erect portocabins as soon as possible.KEEP A GOOD SCHOOL ON SITE
A Parent

so am i its so bad and i hope it gets better

I can't belive this has happened.I a bit glad that we're off school though.

when will we be back at school its really borin i wish it never happend
stacey bexon

I am a sinfin community school pupil and i am devestated at what has happened.I feel sorry for the teachers who have lost their classrooms and for everyone who have lost their school work. Sinfin get typing your thoughts please.
Rebecca Jowett

I think it is shocking on what has happened to my school because my fellow pupils have worked so hard to do there coursework and now it is all gone.
andrew anderson-mills year 11 pupil from sinfin co

I am a pupil at Sinfin when I saw the ig black smoke me and my best friend ran up to where the smoke was coming from we ended up outside our school it was a real shock to see my school burning right infront of me. There was a big crowd gathered around the school everyone watching their school burn down. There was a big happyness around when we all worked out that we wouldn't be at school for some time.It was a horrible thought to think that if this fire could of started ta any time we could of all still been in there. I carn't wait for everything to get back to normal.

i think its disastrous and im worried about my coursework. somethin shud be done asap as im in year 11 and it cud affect my chances to maintain or improve my g.c.s.e

I am a pupil at Sinfin Community School and I am just shocked at what happened. I just hope that it can't get an worse.

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