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27 November 2014

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Derbyshire Flag

You are in: Derby > Derbyshire Flag > Flying the flag: Your pictures

Flying the flag: Your pictures

Have Your Say

Where would you like to see the Derbyshire flag flying...?

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Flying the Derbyshire flag at Gallows Inn Playing fields where Derbyshire meets Nottinghamshire

I'm from the North of the County but live in Auckland NZ I have the "I'm flying the flag for Derbyshire" sticker on m car
Aidan Lees

I would like to see the Derbyshire Flag flying on the empty flagpoles at the Derby Railway Station

Iwould like to see the derbyshire flag flying at Allestree Park
Aaron Cox

Display the flag on Derbyshire roadsigns on all roads entering the county
Keith Fox

I'm a school teacher and I think that every Derbyshire school should display the flag somewhere. There's one in my classroom.
rachel whelpton

The Derwent and Howden dams there are flag poles on top of the towers on both of the dam walls with nothing on
David Hopkinson

To see this wonderful flag flying from the Barley Mow pub on saltergate chesterfield a really great British pub
Alf matthews

on the top of the crooked spire,chesterfield
Johnny Sharp

Fly it high and fly it proud. I'm not actually flying the flag but i downloaded it and printed it and it is on the wall of my office in Utrecht in The netherlands where I now live. Been here 33 years but still a Derbyshire (long Eaton) bloke at heart
Brian Gamble

i work at Derbyshire County Cricket Club and i think it would be fantastic to see the derbyshire flag flying proudly above the Lund Pavilion or gateway centre at the Ground, or even just to have it displayed on the tickets or matchday programmes.
Kimberley Bateman

I agree with most people, it should be proudly flown from every public building and at every prominent place. I think its great to see it fly in different countries around the world. It makes me proud to be from Derbyshire when I see it!

On top of the Derby Council House Corporation street
Chris Harris

If the Derbyshire flag can be seen in Australia, then why is it not on the Cathedral in Derby as it originally was?
Scott Tomlinson

I would like to see the flag flying outside Pride Park Stadium, up the rams.
Gillian Partlow , Mackworth

As there is no copywrite to the Derbyshire County Flag, how about Derby County Football Club putting it on the front of there next new strip.
ron 108

Top of Kinder Scout

Surely they should fly it at the cricket ground?
James, Oakwood

further to my suggestions re the Glyn Web building in Ascot Drive, I decided to count the empty flag poles on my journey from the city centre through Pride Park and Ascot Drive. The flags on T C Harrison's have disappeared! - so there are 4 empty there. The DIAMOND building has 3. In Ascot Drive there are 3 on the former Ascot Interiors building, 2 on Frame Fast, 6 on Glyn Web and 1 on Topps Tiles. 19 flag poles in total - all waiting for a lovely flag to cheer up the industrial estates of Derby!
Marion Hayhoe

The Glyn Web store on Ascot Drive is being rebuilt after it burnt down. It has several empty flag poles. Can they be asked to fly it for their grand reopening, which I think must be soon?
Marion Hayhoe

Three weeks ago I rang up to say I would like to see a Derbyshire Flag at Chatswoth, on the Hunting Tower and the entrance to Edensor village, two very prominent flagpoles need furnishing.I have not seen any flags in this area of Derbyshire.

We have just returned from the light switch on in Derby. We were very disappointed to see a flag pole on top of the Assembley rooms without a flag flying. What a great opportunity missed. Hundreds of people looking around waiting for the light switch on could have seen the Derbyshire flag flying in the heart of our city.
Brian Roberts

on the top of Bolsover Castle
dave Longden

Further to Mr Moore (who i completely agree with) i think flag poles should be added to ALL public buildings - schools, hospitals and the flags proudly flown. They should be flown outside churches of all denominations and from all large prominent buildings, whether the owners like it or not. The flag should be put in all places of note around Derby and the rest of the county. We need more pride in the once-proud, now-degenerate county and its people. Its just a shame that the flag chosen was such a poor one. I for one can totally understand the lack of pride in the county when a flag such as this - amateur, poorly thought through, just lacking in all aesthetic or academic or historical signifiers was chosen. Nevertheless, i am proud to stand up and shout 'I am a Derbyshirian!".

I would like to see the flag flying in some towns in north derbyshire such as chesterfield, bolsover, shirebrook etc. would be great to see it flying at saltergate or chesterfield town hall.
Sean Saxton

The Rising Sun Hotel in Bamford has three flag poles; at present they fly two Union Flags and one flag of St George. It's a prime position in the Hope Valley.
Louis McMeeken

Pride Park, Eagle Centre, All the hospitals, My house, all the schools, the library. In fact everywhere!
Michael Barraclough

As I drive to work I see 2 flag poles at Lea Mills flying flags above the bridge over the road connecting the 2 halves of the factory, It would be nice to see the Derbyshire flag there as we keep hearing on Radio Derby that his factory is one of Derbyshire's best winning awards etc. I also go through Cromford and recently a Union Flag has appeared on the little wooden cafe, it would be nice to see the Derbyshire flag on the main A6 in such a prominent location.
Ernie Fox

on the church roof's and local council building's and school's all year round no excuses and in my car window but where can i find the car sticker of the flag?. I've brought a flag for our trailer tent so where ever we are or what country we are in we will raise it with pride and why not!;be proud of who we are and where we're we are from
mr j knighton

I would like to see the County flag being proudly flown from every public building that has a flag pole. That is County and District Councils as well as all schools, lets get back some pride in this County and our Country. Regards Ron 108
Ron Moore

You are in: Derby > Derbyshire Flag > Flying the flag: Your pictures


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