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27 November 2014
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Changing Derbyshire

You are in: Derby > Places > Changing Derbyshire > Derby Bus Station

Derby Bus Station

Have Your Say

I know that its all to late to do something about this but i do strongly think that the council should of taken in to fact that they were a number to ways to of kept the art deco building. my grandad worked there for 15 years and he would of been horified that they have pulled down a part of derby. SAVE OUR BUILDINGS BEFORE IT TO LATE!!!! The station could of been restored to its orignal state. it could of been made into a visiter centre filled with classic busses of the 1930s.

The bus station was horrid! To right about the dark nights and scary folk who hang around! It is ugly and an eye sore. Maybe it shouldn't be knocked down... where will all furry rat like inhabitants go? To the river gardens to join the rest! Too late it has gone now any way, along with the fruit loop who lived on the roof in her caravan. Bye Bye.

I think its a great idea. The old one was made in the past and belongs in the past, some people have to accept its the twentieth-first century and time moves on. Get with the times people.
Jed Dixon, Long Eaton

The art deco bus shelter was a unique feature and that's the kind of thing that makes cities interesting and attractive. Sadly many of Derby's new buildings are dull and unadventurous e.g. the multistory carpark next to the Eagle Centre. I think that no respect for heritage and no sense of adventure when commissioning new buildings makes for a bad combination. As an ex Derby resident this is the kind of thing that makes me feel so lucky to now be living in London. Derby has many things going for it e.g. friendly people, cheap living costs but the authorities are helping to create the kind of environment where anyone with a good education or a bit of dynamism escapes as soon as they can.
Susan, London

Cannot wait to see the bus station go. Terrible eyesore on an already eyesore of a City. Derby needs to fall in line with the rest of the country and modernise! The bus station had bad lighting of a night, and drunks and gangs of youths would frequent there, making it on the whole not very pleasant for commuters, especially at night. Its ok for folk saying about ruining the history of Derby etc, but we have to move forward with the times. If you were travelling into Derby, the first thing you used to see was the miserable looking bus station, very embarrassing! I am looking forward to the much needed improvements in this city, maybe one day Derby can be on a par with Nottingham.
Pete Marriott

I wish people with shut up moaning about the bus station. Did any of those people have to use it at night in the winter months with drug dealers and hooded yobs prowling among the dark cold pillars? Obviously not! Derby Bus Station had little architecturally pleasing about it. Its no worst then the 60s concrete monstrosities seen around the world. It had no place in the history of Derby. Places such as the Guildhall and the Railway architecture do. I'm looking forwards to a modern safe bus station when it opens in several years. Keep up the progress, Derby deserves better!

The Derby bus staion was a national first, it fulfilled its purpose to the full up until the 1960s when the Council decided to redevelop the site. This idea of redevelopment has been continuing for 40 years over which time the bus station has been deliberately run down by the council. We do need a new bus station, a larger one dealing with an increased number of buses. The design should include at least the Art Deco entrance building. Instead of this, the council have agreed with a developer, to build bars, a casino and a much smaller bus terminal. However there is a warning on this development, this part of the river bank is, according to the Environment Agency, in a critical flood risk zone and the water table is less than 3 metres under the surface.
Chris Harris

I will be sorry to see the bus station go. The old one should have been done up not distroyed as it is part of derby's history. What I want to know is what next is the council going to tear away and replace with some up to date posh building?
Mad One!

i think it is a sad state of affairs that the history of derby and it buildings is being aroaded by stupid people who dont care about the country and its history they want to change the city into ugly place without any Character we see changes every day and they are not for the better where is our georgian, victorian or elizabeathian landscapes they are all gone in another hundred year when our children say where is our history we will have only pictures to show them as we will not be able to say there is a building that was built by the wren or here is a building reminecient of the roman architects created by people of the noeo clasical victorians we will have alowed it to be destroyed by fools that only see things in a money value and not of the beauty of artist and poets just people that saw figures they have forgotten all that is good their eyes are filled with lust of money and their greed is all they have and they do not have the right to take away what has taken hundreds of years to build yours truely jay Boyd of derby

I notioe how many of the comments re the bus staion come from people who don't even come from derby, if they think the place is so bad why don't they just go back home. Derby was a lovely thriving maket town and we have had a series of /outside planners come in an completely ruin it. I remember the old Nottingham Castle in pulled doown in 1964 to make way for what?.......I'm still waiting as nothing has ever been build on the ground it stood on. That monstrosity called the Assembly Rooms!!!!!!!!!!!!. Yes I can safely say that Derby had been spoiled by so called planners, we the citizens of Derby are allegedly consulted about things, but they take no notice at all, so why do they bother. We have a beautiful ART DECO bus station of which we could have been proud had it been looked after properly, but no we have to lose the only one of it's kind in Britrian, because someione thinks they knowe better. I suppose this person also does not come from and has necver lived in Derby. Again since we hsve had the University Derby has become a gigsntic pub, eveythiung is geared up for students, every shop or business in large premises has been turned into a 'fun'pub, we really do not need any more pubs, or anti social behaviour that they usually bring with binge drinking etc. Derby should have been allowed to keep it's own identity, not just become a planners trial, and when they made a mess they cleared off and left the rubbish behind them
jane mcbeth

i cant understand why they have to undo something that obviously works well and has worked well for generations... typical
d. guthrie

as ex derby man,i think the council are crackers they dont take notice of anyone.they just go there own bulish way and do what thay want.for once in a while wy dont thay take notice of general public and do what they want .it wouldnt take a great deal of money to refurbish the whole station up. typical councilors.
chris hayes

I have lived in Derby since 1940 and have witnessed most of the historical and interesting buildings raised to the ground. The area surrounding the market place was of great historical interest - so that had to go. St Michaels overhanging upstairs floors - like York, had to go. The bus station (only one of its kind in the country) has had no maintenance or clean up in years, look at the design - perfect for modernisation - that will have to go!
Maurean Reid, Littleover, Derby

i can't believe they hav'nt got rid of that horrible bus station!

I live in the US now and haven't been to Derby for over 20 years, used to spend a lot of time dossing with my mates at the eagle centre and the bus station.Nostalgia.
stu kane

i was born in of my first memories is waiting for the wirksworth bus at derby bus station. it was the most amazing place. the display cabinets just inside the doors from the platforms,were at a height just right for me to peer inside and imagine wearing any of the wonderful pieces that were on display. the ladies waiting room, the wooden benches that lined the way to the hallway. the cafe with its coffee machine. the doors, with the wonderful handles. the enourmous staircase which i would run up and down oh so many times. even the smell of the place springs to mind. my sister went on to become a "duckie". oh how she loved her work, she still has her badge, which is carefully snuggled up in her jewel box. in later years both my mother and sister would work in the bus drivers canteen. i can recall the laughter, the smoke, the smell, the deep deep sinks. i was allowed to wait for clocking off time in the office to the left of the serving area, what a treat, what a magical time of my life. little did i know it was all pure art deco. how i love it (along with a couple of houses on the duffield road which we used to pass on that red double decker to wirksworth). in 2002 i signed a petition in the entrance hall, all to no avail. since then i have lived in cyprus, but returned to england late december 2005, to find to my horror, the fantastic art deco derby bus station was moth balled awaiting the demolition ball. words cannot express my total saddness. WHY ? what has derby got that not many places have ? DERBY BUS STATION !!!! please please save this monument to architecture. derby has already lost the riverside gardens and the morledge market, but did i spy the figure from the riverside gardens in place outside the council house, where once there was an ugly, dirty, disgusting underpass ? remember the whole area could once again be magnificent. all the surrounding shops on the morledge, they could once again be the life blood of the journey to the bus station. chips and curtains, what a combination! the bus station has served derby for seventy years, and now when fewer people travel by bus, does it need to expand ?
leta childs in bedfordshire

When is the Council going to attempt to start making improvements? So far we have had nothing but hot air as usual which is quite typical from the party in question. All I can say is get a grip, get those stupid people off the roof of the bus station under the trespass act, prosecute the dimwitts that put the caravan there under the planning act and get on with the job that you have been elected to do. The place has been unsightly for years and a haven for junkies and down and outs. Totally unsafe for the hard working council tax paying public of Derby that are begging for improvements. Get on with the job and stop pussy footing around!

I think it should just be done up nicely or have something new built to represent it. Look at the mistakes made by Birmingham!!! The bullring is horrible!

i think it is a brillant thing that they are closing down the bus station it was horrible and cold place anyway
zoe wilkins

How is it still in existence? It was a filthy hole 20 years ago. It was never somewhere you'd want to wait at night. Is the pet shop still there?
Nicola Leeds

Knock the damn thing down, it's hardly an historic beauty - there are people alive older than this building. It's impractical, too small, badly designed and an absolute nightmare from a crime prevention perspective!

That Station needed to go along time ago. The homeless lay about there and the place stunk. Out with the old, in with the new.

90million pounds is alot of money to be spent when derby coumcil could clean it up and make things that we actually need, its caising to much pollution and agra on the roads i was on the bus the other day and we neally crashed and my 1years old baby neally went flying because there wernt no space its choas keep the bus station to save peoples lives and memories
natasha, derby, littleover

The only decent thing about the bus station were the bacon butties in the cafe. Its scary at night and early in the morning, its depressing and the only thing its a monument to is bad taste!

It's a great pity to see the station go,I spent many hours there back in the sixtys. But I guess progress must take place, if you can call it progress,it will be interesting to see what takes it's place,I'll have a look in August of this year,when visiting again.
Brian in Australia

I feel quite torn between getting rid of yet another of Derby's heritage buildings and how a new bus station would be far more suitable for todays buses and passengers. Lets face it the Council have let it go over the years - they should have updated it years ago!! But i will be sorry to see it go.
Richard, Sinfin

Well yet another unique monument is demolished, it certainly needed work but the new development is frankly awful! Only hope it DOES have better facilities for disabled and that you feel less vunerable waiting for a late bus.
Jason Thorpe

Not seen Derby b us ststion for years. Its nice to see it one last time. Used to go on the buses with my Auntie Gladys.
Joan Robson

First place to put my feet down when I visited Derby and then again a year later - made it feel like England! Not some posh spot with no character - Fix it!!
Richard P/JHB

Cities are living breathing enitiys that must change develop and grow to sustain its population. I for one will not be sad to see the back of this building. People need to stop holding on to the past, and look forward to some decent economic development in this city. If we want to be a city of the future were going to have to pull our fingers out and have a city scape thats up to the job, not something that should have been condemed years ago.

Knock it down before it falls down, its an eyesore and a relic of bygone Derby. Derby is getting rid of its history, why stop here.
Nick Thompson

i think that the bus station should be kocked down and you should start again and you sholud have cctv for the people who reck the bus station
mark barley

I'm glad they are taking down the old one because they was too much litter around it. and the paints was all rotting when it rained so i cant wait to see the new improved one in say 2007 i think it is
kelly smith from chaddesden derbyshire

glad ur doing it, the old one was a right smelly dump!!!
Pete Stephenson

Why cant the original features be kept within a covered station. Too many original featues od Derby are being lost. If you look at some of the 60-70's new buildings they look tired and rundown all ready

In a few years time, when the telegraph put photo's of the bus station in "bygones", there will be hundreds of people saying, "the new ones not a patch on the old one" and "I can remember it before it was allowed to get old and smelly, it was great then", but of course by that time it will be too late. Photo's arn't a patch on the real thing! Like many other buildings in Derby it will be gone forever, and the place will be just another sanitised city!
John, Alvaston

Nothing wrong with Cornwal Derby Dave, it`s a beautiful place. Very clean with mile upon mile of golden sands,blue sea`s, and no asylum seekers. That`s why thousands of Northerners visit us down here every year. We love taking their money to boost our economy!
Cornish Phil

If you dont like "OUR" buildings Cornish Phil,Head due south and moan about your own.I am sure you will find plenty to moan about down there

The bus station is a horrible, ugly, disgusting building that Derby should be ashamed of. The protestors should be ashamed of themselves for try to protect a monstrosoty of a building that makes vomit look like art. The sooner it is destroyed and replaced with Riverlights the better.

Goodbye dirty, smelly, vagrant riddled blot on the landscape.
Cornish Phil

I love the bus station as it was before all of this modernisation, i am 1 for the rights of builings and i think it is displicable that you should tare down one of derbys legendary works of art.

some times i think what are we doing bus station knock it down or do it up..come on folks its not elvaston castle or buckingham palace its the bus station and its not getting any better so i say knock it down and bring on the future..but i will say one thing why are they holding back on knocking it down first it was to be closed and knocked down in march this year then august and now october and now spring next year so is some thing happening and are these protesters winning i hope not..
sean in brazil

Since the state of the bus station had been allowed to deteriorate over many years by lack of suitable repair and maintenance our city fathers needed a "free" replacement to be built by developers interested in site development for "profit". If any real assessment of integrated public transport requirements had been made for City visitors and workers, the "replacement" bus station would have been sited on Pride Park linked to the Railway Station with road vehicles (buses,taxis,etc;) shuttling to the central facilities and making real links which would even reduce the need for car owners to seek parking in the city.

In 10 years time you be regretting one of the biggest mistakes Derby has ever made - not renovating a wonderful bus station. Renovation would have been far better and MUCH CHEAPER.

As a former resident of Derby, I can honestly say that the question of the bus station should have been addressed years ago when they built the Eagle Center. It's a shame they didn't do anything about it then. Even though they built the walkover from the bus station to the shopping center, they should have carried on with the bus staion to give the residents of Derby somewhere pleasant to alight to go shopping. Throughout my stay in Derby when I arranged to meet people there who were visiting, their comments were always the same, Derby can't be this bad; can it?
Kevin Shaw

Bus station protestors need to get a grip and listen to what most of Derby is saying i.e. WE HATE THE BUS STATION. Inadequate for its purpose and only 70 something yrs old, its not like pulling down Chatsworth house is it. Only opposed by loonies with nothing better to do than moan.
Jon, Derby till I die

i have to come to derby evry day and the bus station is quite frankly disgraceful!! i travel friom Nottinghama and its much nicer,you dont deel that the roof might fall down and sqaush you!!Personally i think it deserves an upgrade to bring itself and derby upto par. can't wait to see the finished desighn
miss traveler,Nottingham

I was born and bred in Derby and I can honestly say that I have never known it to be such a mess and in such chaos as it is at present.The whole city centre and all roads leading to it resemble a bombsite. No wonder the shops are going bust and/or moving out.Nearly everyone I have spoken to is avoiding it like the plague and going to Burton or similar.Greedy developers,builders and all associated trades are lining their pockets at the expense and misery of us Derbyans.Get it sorted or there will be no one to occupy your fancy and uneccessary flats,apartments,bars,casinos,clubs and remaining shops and the ONLY use for the NEW BUS STATION will be for people to catch buses outa here to sanity.

Just been to Derby, to take my parents for an eye test, when my dad announces that he was on the lorries (with solid tyres) that delivered the bricks from Waingroves brickworks to Derby to build the bus station in 1932 when he was 16 years old. I think that is rather special. Eric in Codnor

It has to go as it's not up to the job - however - will Aslin's design genius be repeated? I doubt it. Just look at the mess the Council have made of the city centre - The Eagle Centre and it's second attempt at an Indoor Market- Ice Factory Car Park - The Assembly Rooms - The (never completed) Inner Ring Road - Duckworth Square etc etc. Other towns and cities have succeeded in their inner city regeneration projects because the have taken an holistic approach, rather that Derby Council's begging bowl piece meal patchwork city.
Bob Switzerland

I would like to see a new bus station it is too small for all the buses as I saw an accident on the 17th of October while my son an I were waiting. So tell the protestors we need a new Bus Station.
Susan Boon, Derby

We should saved it by putting a dome over the top. Which would have been very eye catching.Maybe that would have been to easy.Seems the council in their wisdom only thought about the money an more shops.Another sad day for the Derby skyline.
Kev Wood,Alvaston

I have never liked it much, a new look would make Derby more modern, Bob

What a tragedy!We should be proud of our heritage. This was the first in the world,and is the last surviving example. If it had been properly maintained over the years,then maybe part of it could have been preserved and incorporated into the new design.

Sad to see it go, but it really isn't up to the job these days and no amount of investmnent in the current building will change that. When it was built, buses were a lot shorter and narrower.
Nick, Belper

The only shame is that under a myriad of guises some people have delayed for nearly a decade meeting the needs of disabled people in terms of transport infrastructure

Derby needs its own identity, it has been overshadowed by Nottingham too long. A new bus station will take Derby into the 21st century, somewhere where people are proud to say that they live.
Simon Littleover

Its about time this horrid cold damp place is flattened, The only people who want is saved most probably never used this dump anyway and only pass it in their cars on their way to another eyesore the new eagle center car park. The best memory I have of the old bus staion is the pet shop, my mum would always let me have a look at the animals and we bought my brother rabbit from there too!
Andy, Duffield

Im glad to see the station go, waiting for the bus there has never been pleasant - although the only "eyesore" is the back - i think that the main building with the cafe could have been saved to preserve some of derby's heritage
Matt Ridley

I have been using public transport for 45 years now and am pleased the bus station is to be finally updated, it has always been dirty, smelly and draughty even all those years ago! I just hope that it is kept vandal-free and that the finished bus station looks every bit as good as the artist's impression.
Tricia, Stenson Fields

I think it's an eysore, neglected for to masny years, and I'll be glad to see the back of it.
Gordeon Bailey

Derby's track record on building destruction is quite appalling. The Civic Fathers now seem hell-bent on eradicating Aslin's 1930's Art Deco legacy, a move they will come to regret just as much as the loss of Markeaton Hall back in 1964. When will they ever learn!
Tony Griffin

I totally echo the comments of Mathew of Melbourne (below). Yes we need updated facilities but it is just another part of "old Derby" gone to be replaced with glass,tin and plastic for morons and dossers to smash and set fire to. Get a proper security presence or we will need another bus station in 5 years.Also we should stop comparing ourselves to Nottingham,we are an historic "town" pretentiously using the term "city" and should be proud of its history,not pretending we are something we are not.Still I suppose we could call it "NOTTINGHAM EAST MIDLANDS,DERBY BUS STATION".

About time... We need to update to be along side other cities... Great move...looking forward to see the new station

I think it's a shame to lose this grand old structure for all time and to think it will be replaced with a souless monstosity is unthinkable. I would urge the planners to re-think even at this late hour!
Dan Thompson

I studied at the university of Derby in the late 1990's and the city's bus station was always a cold, unfriendly and badly designed place to catch my local bus to Mickleover. I'm glad it's being rebuilt into a better facility. In Manchester the old Chorlton St bus station was redeveloped into a superb gateway to the city. I only want to know why has it taken the city council so long to do the decent thing and give Derby a bus station for the 21st century
david bird

Bring on the new, its time for a proper bus station with proper facilities
Dan Carter

This is long overdue, it's been neglected for years and needs re-developing to give visitors and passers through a better impression!
Rich, Mickleover

I am so pleased that the Bus Station is closing, it has been an absolute eye sore for so long and no-one can feel safe at night waiting for a bus. I do hope that they will make the queue areas, as they have done in Nottingham, so that nobody can just walk to the front of the queue when the rest of us have been waiting for ages!! Lets make it a fairer system for all the passengers trying to get on the bus as there are a lot of people who think it is their right to walk to the front of the queue.
JSB, Derby

its about time it went by the way chris you took some good photos

I am sure that the people of Derby who protested aginst a new bus station were folk who never used the bus station!!! It was an awful place to wait for a bus. I have spent hours in is open to all weather and the wind whistled through the stands. It was smelly...with urine and fumes from idling buses. There were few seats and those that were available were sometimes not fit to sit on. So I am very glad that we are going to have a new one. I hope that it will be closed to vandals and such like after certain hours, will be monitored and be a pleasant place to waitfor a bus in the future.
Elizabeth Stevens

I have fond memories from the 70's of childhood of visits to the pet shop next to the cafe while waiting for the bus home with my mother. It's a shame it all has to go, but we can't dwell too much in the past, we have to move with the times if we are to have the best facilities in the East Midlands.
Mathew, Melbourne

I agree with many in that the bus station has now become an eyesore and Derby should replace it with something more fitting for a city which is attempting to become a major player in the city stakes. The only part that looks remotely art deco to me, or is worthy of salvaging for that matter, is what now houses the Upper Deck Cafe - surely this could remain and be integrated into the new complex to please both for and against parties of the new bus station?
Dave, Chester Green

It's always a shame when architecture which is unique to an era has to go. This is supposedly called progress but it's not always the case. Had the bus station been maintained in its original pristine condition then it would still be a viable option, but having been left to "rot" we get the situation where the general opinion is to get rid of the "eyesore" that it has been allowed to become. I just hope the new station and surrounding area are not just another example of the short-term "fashion" constructions that have plagued this and other cities throughout the last thirty years. Time will tell!
Steve, Oakwood

At last the bus station is going. Some say its art deco but the only thing I've seen that looks remotely art deco is a window frame. Great to see Derby is moving into the 21st century with a first class development.

I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures of Derby bus station.. It took me back to my student days at DRI. Must admit that I missed seeing the "Trent" buses though! As I haven't been in Derby for many years I am pleased to hear that the town is not staying in a rut and living in the thirties.."A Canadian ex Pat"
Jane Manara

At last!!! This should've happened years ago, the place is an eyesore and embarrassing too. What sort of impression does it give to people arriving in the city for the first time? The Riverlights development should be supported by all - as should any regeneration in the city centre. The plans for Derby look very good indeed, as someone who has moved out of the city now, I feel a real buzz when coming back home to see improvements being made. Great to see Derby coming into the 21st Century at last!
Marcus S

Good riddance. Damp, cold, filthy, a hive for criminals and their ilk. I could go on. The whole place is out of touch in it's function to provide modern transport requirements for the 21st century passenger. It will not be missed.
Gaz, Oakwood.

Its a shame but something needed to be done. Its a filthy hole and draughty! Hopefully it will be a big improvement. We shall have to put with the looming chaos!
Jane - Derby

the bus station was a dark dangerous place in the 70's when i regularly caught the last bus home - from what i hear it hasn't improved at all since then!
kay, hilton

I visted Nottingham in the summer, and travelled down by train,so had to change over in Derby,so decided to go around the town, i was really shocked at the state of the bus station and parts of the town,coming from up north people always assume that cities down south are much better,not in this case. im so glad im from leeds!!
Sara from Leeds

What is going to happen to the handless clock

Thank god for that the bus station is horrible not even a tramp would spend then night there
Scott, Belper

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