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27 November 2014

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You are in: Derby > Blast > Max Raptor: A Band with Bite!

Max Raptor: A Band with Bite!

This energetic four-piece are taking Derby by storm with their powerful and slightly schizophrenic performances.

Max Raptor

The band do their 'dinosaur faces'

Wil Ray (vocals), JB Wilcox (guitar), Tom Garrett (bass guitar) and Matt Stevenson (drums) started performing gigs together in 2007 and have gone from strength to strength, picking up Raptor followers from all corners of the UK.

Tom says that their sound is best described as “energetic, melodically catchy, punk, funk dark rock without the funk.”

They all have influences from many different genres and when they come together to make music Matt thinks it sounds like “organised chaos”.

Max Raptor

Max Raptor

Tom believes that “the energy and the raw distorted sounds of the guitars, the clashing of the drums and the bass clunking away, with Wil’s vocals gently sitting like a cloud above it all” create the winning formula that is, Max Raptor.

Max Raptor are well known for their high-energy live performances as they “just go nuts” when they get on stage and always get a great crowd reaction. These crazy performances are one of their main qualities that they feel makes them stand out from other bands.

They also pride themselves in having catchy songs and taking the time out to talk to their fans after their gigs.

The band members did not let going away to university stop them from rehearsing their songs and composing new music.

They developed a way to practice over the internet where they download the riff and then they add in their individual parts to the song and send them over to each other. That way when they get into the studio to practice the songs are practically already written.

The Raptors have come a long way since their first ever gig at a Christian Farmers BBQ where they were stood on a small platform with the rain beating down on them as they tried to play.

They’ve had a busy year performing with the likes of Calvin Harris, Billy Talent and The Zutons, as well as performing at several festivals over the summer months, including headlining at the ‘Y Not Festival’ and the “Cock Rock Festival”.

They say four record labels are currently fighting to sign them, something they are all very excited about, but they won’t be rushing into any decisions just yet.

They have had a huge amount of support from radio stations and venues all over the UK including Kerrang! Radio, but they are always happy to play back in Derby where it all started.

In the next few months Max Raptor plan to start recording songs for their new album and organise their next tour.

Performing with Billy Talent has been their highlight of the year so far, but the year of Raptor is not over yet: it looks like these Raptors aren’t going to become extinct anytime soon.

If you would like to see the Raptors in action their next gigs in Derby are:

23rd October 2009- 8pm Rockhouse supporting Nine Black Alps
12th November 2009 -8pm Rockhouse, Burton vs. Derby

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You are in: Derby > Blast > Max Raptor: A Band with Bite!


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