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13 November 2014

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Royal Stories

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Melanie Ray

Royal Stories: Melanie Ray

Melanie is a modern housekeeper at the new Royal Derby Hospital - and has a rollerskating past!

Melanie Ray is a modern-day 'housekeeper' - but don't think of her as a cleaner or  dealing with dirty laundry.

She is, perhaps, the equivalent of a personal shopper in a department store or a hotel concierge... she can organise almost anything and nothing is too much bother.

In short, she and her team are there to look after you. Now a co-ordinator, Melanie used to work on a ward herself: "It was ward 410 - the old ward 7 - the breast care ward.

"I would meet and greet the patients, show them to their beds, orientate them on the ward - show them the nearest bathroom, toilet and hairdryers, explain about visiting times, meal services.

"Nothing is beneath a modern housekeeper at all - nothing is too much trouble for us. We go from helping you with your slippers or unpacking or packing your suitcase.

"We go through the whole transition with you - from coming in to talking things through - and other things like helping with cutting up food [and other things having an operation can sometimes prevent you from doing] - passing a comb or mascara brush."

It's a role she says is enormously satisfying when she sees patients, who go into hospital nervous and worried, leave with a smile.

Derby City Hospital (The Royal Derby)

Derby's New Hospital

And the job clearly suits her familys' way of thinking - her daughter has also been accepted as a modern housekeeper on ward 410.

She says the new hospital is a great place to work - and she says, most of her colleagues are jealous, not of her office - but of the fact it has a window!

Melanie's talents don't end with looking after patients or looking after her family at home - her roots have wheels!

"Many years ago I skated for Derby - for 12 years. It's just like ice-skating but on skates - arabesque, toe-loops, free jumps - you name it." And she says that skating in her day was much more dance-like than the so-called 'aggressive' skating of today.

These days, Melanie is more likely to be found attached to a karaoke machine - with Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton being top of her list of songsters.

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You are in: Derby > Places > Royal Stories > Royal Stories: Melanie Ray

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