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13 November 2014

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People from the well-known suburb of Chaddesden have been sharing their memories and photos with us. Take a look and add your own pictures and comments using the form and links below.

Chaddesden from the air

Chaddesden is one of Derby's largest suburbs - about two and a half miles east of the city and was formerly known as Cedesdene.

Chad (as the locals know it) has changed considerably over the years and is a mixture of modern housing and old council buildings.

The photo above is a 1956 ariel view of part of Chaddesden - the Parish of St Philip's - incorporating the edge of the Sussex Circus Estate (bottom left) and the Windy Ridge Estate (top right).

The island at the top-right is where Taddington Road meets Wollaton Road, which runs from bottom left to top-right. Also visible are Greenwood Road, Haydn Road (right) and Marjorie Road (bottom left)

Thanks to Father Jonathan Page from St Philip’s Church for the photo from an album kept the church.

These estates were built in the early 1950s as housing for Derby's West End after slum clearance schemes.

Take a closer look and you will see there is a distinct lack of greenery - no roadside trees... yet!

St Philip's Church

Opening of St Philip's Church - Official church opening 1957 – opened by Queen (Elizabeth II)

Opening St Philip's, Chaddesden

The photo shows the Queen, Father Alf Conway and the Bishop of Derby, Dr Alfred Edward John (Jack) Rawlinson.

They are greeted by local children from Chaddesden.

Richard Latham

Richard latham of Oakwood tells us: "My grandparents, Gil and Irene Latham lived at 80 Chaddesden Lane from the early 1930s until the late 1980s. They had moved to Derby from Tipton in order to get work at Celanese. My grandmother was a supply teacher during the war and later organised the Red Cross door to door collections around the Chaddesden Park area.

She was a Parish councillor for many years and a Derby Borough councillor from 1968-71. The photo shows a temporary classroom in my grandparents' garage during the war. My Dad, Anthony is sat at the back on the left and his sister, Rosemary is sat at the back on the right.

Temporary classroom in a Chaddesden garage!

The other photo (below) is of Anthony and Rosemary Latham cooking in the kitchen at 80 Chaddesden Lane in the 1930s.

The Lathams in their Chaddesden kitchen

The eggs were laid by the family hen.

Joan West

Joan West of Max Road, Chaddesden, brought us this photo of her workmates at Rowley's Hosiery (about 1950) which used to be on Uttoxeter Road.

Rowley's Hosiery (about 1950)

Joan says there were lots of Chad girls working there. Were you one of them?

Chad Park Ladies Darts team 1949

Chad Park Ladies Darts team 1949

Joan was also a member of the Chad Park Ladies Darts team.

They're seen here (c1949) pictured at the Engineers' Club on Osmaston Road.

Much of Joan's teen years were spent at her parents' Renfrew Street home (they lived at number 10).

St Andrew's Street

And here's Joan, aged 20, (right) pictured in front of the Anderson Shelter in their old St Andrew's Street garden.

With her are her brother Brian (at age 12) and mum Agnes Wilson in 1950.

Flying High

David Beavis sent us these photos taken when he was a lad in Chaddesden.

Chaddesden Flying Club

You can use the link below to send us your own Chaddesden photos...

Chaddesden PTA and Evangelical Mission

If you have any old Chaddesden photos you'd like to share, send them to us using the link below.

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had some great days in chad playing football in the park the army cadets
stephen oliver

My husband Arthur has always lived in chadd. He went to cherry tree school and spondon house.and yes the cherry trees are still in chaddesden park rd, they get more beautiful every year.
margaret bettridge

I was born in aylesbury ave 1941. I played on chadd park,sometimes until it was dark No need to worry in those days. (I remember the paddling pool Kath Cooper mentions below) we used to drink the water from the brook it looked lovely and clear. We also played on the top field as we called it where the Rhino used to be. Anyone remember the four shops on the corners of chadd park road.Bill the butcher.carters a bit further up on margreave road and the chemist and post office on the other corners. Good times were had by all.!!!!
celia mitchell nee Thompson

My mum Josie still lives in Wilson Road Chadd, it was new when her parents bought it and my mum and dad lived there when they were first married. We all moved back there as a family around 1965. I remember it as being a good place to grow up, bluebell wood and Chadd Park being a couple of favorite places to hang out. And yes the scary jitty on Max road, is it still there I wonder? Happy days !!
Helen Walker (Nee Mabbott)

Many thanks to my cousin Richard, it's wonderful to see my Mum, Rosemary Moakes (nee Latham) featured on the website. Her interest in cooking developed into a career and she went on to become head of the Home Economics Department at Hall Cross (f.Doncaster Grammar) School in South Yorkshire. I used to love our visits to my Grandparents on Chaddesden Lane. The steep driveway was a challenge, the garden shed a great den and easy access to the park a good excuse to pester the adults.
Adrian Moakes, Manchester

I lived next to Olive Eden Secondary School, attending teh school from 1957 - 1961. Teachers I remember include Mr Bestwick (Maths)Mr Kingsbury (Music, in which I excelled!)and Mrs Jump (English).My dad was manager of the co-op butchers at Chaddesden Lane End. I was a chorister in the choir at St.Mary's church. My mother Jesse, attended the Women's Fellowship at the memorial hall for many years. Chaddesden was a happy place to grow up in with the park a lovely facility for the community, although I did fall off the slide in 1953, ending up in hospital.
john m bucknell

I grew up on Winster Road - just beyond the range of the aerial photo on your site. I remember watching St. Philips being built. As I remember it the bell in the church came from the church in the village of Derwent - drowned when Ladybower reservoir was built. Can anyone confirm this?
Jim Sherlock - Ontario, Canada

I remember the Queens visit to St Phillips in 1957. I was 7 years old then and watched with my older brother from our vantage point on the front door porch roof at 52 Taddington Road.
Jeff Cheetham

My dad owned the butcher's shop on Wollaton Road from 1954 till 1968, and I remember the opening of the church too (yes - with its bell brought up from the Lady Bower reservoir). I remember the building of the Co-op 'supermarket' too, and the branch library (now sadly gone), where I spent many a happy hour. I remember some of our customers really well too, notably the Sheehans and the McMahons from further down the road, the latter having a famous show-jumping son in the family, called Paddy.
Jackie Goode (nee Innocent), Nottingham

I lived in Chaddo from 1937 to 1976 went to Cherrytree Hill and Spondon House schools.Knew Geoff Palmer and his wife Wendy.I lived on Reginald Road with my parents in those days it was a dead end.Often wonder if the cherry trees are still on Chaddesden Park Road.Anyone remember the bomb crater on Chaddo park?
Derek Allcock. Suffolk.

does anyone remember the old paddling pool on chaddesden park ? the water to fill it came from the brook, i spent many happy hours spashing about sharing the water with the little red worms and other things not to mention glass , what would the health people say today.
kath cooper ex chadd girl

I used to play in chaddesden park on the way to sat matinee at the gloria 1950. went to Morley rd school.walked to breadsall went scrumping in the orchard on the way haha.Used to hang out on wollaton rd. Catch the bus to spondon high school on buxton rd. run like hell through the jitty to fish and chip shop as it was scary the jitty was on max rd. what fun we had going to the pantomimes at xmas.the bread was delivered by horse and dray, my dad was a market gardener and I used to go with my brother on sat a.m selling veggies with our own horse and dray that was how I earned 6pence for the matinee and candy. Anne Canada
anne canada

I used to live at 51 Walton Rd and remember growing up in the war years and collecting shrapnel after the bombing raids. My cousin Donald Shaw was also from Chaddo and I am sure he could tell a tale or two of the time we were at Cherry Tree Hill School.(Donald is a well known author and playwrite)
Peter F Shaw, USA

I was born in Derby in 1935.My first memories of Chaddesden are when I lived with my cousins on the corner of York Rd/Chaddesden Park Rd.This must have been the early 1940s.I also remember staying with an aunt & uncle on Haydn Rd...I must have only stayed a few days but I do remember having a new laid egg for breakfast from the hens they kept in the garden and walking to Roe Farm School.I think there was a wheatfield very close by where I chased field mice along with a large white and black dog called Prince when the wheat was being harvested.They took me with them one evening to the Majestic Cinema which I suppose no longer exists.I was then wisked back to York Rd for reasons best known at the time but unknown to me to this day..I wonder if anyone remembers an old fella, who was in woods close to Roe Farm,who used to split logs using metal wedges
William N Bardsley, Chesterfield

I lived at 177 Max Road in the mid 50s and attended Roe Farm School, before going to Derwent Secondary Modern. They were great days, plenty of education and plenty of sport. The waste ground behind the school was a minefield of intangibles but it was later transformed into a picnic and sports area, which we all enjoyed. After school I joined the Army and did a full career before retiring now to Wigan.
Terry Goulding

You are in: Derby > Places > Places features > Chaddesden

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