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13 November 2014

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Children In Need

You are in: Derby > Children In Need > Ed does Robbie for Pudsey

Ed does Robbie for Pudsey

BBC Radio Derby's afternoon show host, Ed George, will transform himself into Robbie Williams for a special Children in Need challenge in Derby's Westfield Centre.

Robbie Williams, Ed George and Pudsey!

12 November 2008

Ed writes:

Here we are with only a couple of days to go and I think my transformation is progressing well.

I'm now deep into daily singing lessons with Ann from The Voice Box. Each morning before the show I'm having a vocal workout to help me strengthen my voice on the higher notes which is perhaps why my voice is beginning to sound a little huskier on air.

I've had a run through of my make up with Sarah - we're still bringing together the costume for the night at the moment. The final stage will be a bit of performance coaching.

Matt Holbrook and Ed George as 'Robbie'

Matt Holbrook and Ed George as 'Robbie'

I'm lucky enough to have Matt Holbrook, one of the best Robbie Williams impersonators, on my side helping with a few of the moves. He's given me three or four things to work on before the night.

I've actually ever so slightly worn my voice out in the last 24 hours thanks to work load and singing practice so I'm taking honey and camomile tea to help soothe things. I'm also doing some specific non vocal exercises which should also help to repair things. I've only ever lost my voice once and I'm sure things will be fine for the night. It almost always is!

Not only is Robbie's best mate Jonathan Wilkes going to be judging me… but Robbie's mum will also be giving me her expert opinion on how well I'm doing. As it's his mum, I can't see her thinking I'm anywhere near as good as her baby boy.

Check out the face paint!

Check out the face paint!

If you've missed hearing my transformation on air you can always use the listen again feature for each day's show. Failing that you can come along and see me perform in person at the Westfield Centre in Derby on Friday night.

4 November 2008

So, the challenge has been laid down by Des Coleman, weatherman for BBC East Midlands Today (and former star of Musical Theatre)… for me to become a pop star and perform a number as that person for a special Pudsey Does Stars In Their Eyes for Children In Need.

On Friday, 14 November, in Derby’s Westfield Centre, I will do battle against Des, Tony Wadsworth from BBC Radio Leicester and Frances Finn from BBC Radio Nottingham.

This gives me precisely ten days to get my voice into some form of working order, sort costume, sort make up and get rehearsing!

I think I'm going to need some help.

It's a long time since I sang anywhere other than in private. In the years gone by I sang in choirs at school and fair few musicals while studying acting at College and University - My Fair Lady was probably my favourite of all the ones I did. I played Freddie Eynsford Hill who had one of the best songs in the show. I did harbour plans to be a rock star in my early teens but clearly the music world didn't harbour plans to let that happen.

If you pop into my studio unannounced when I'm on air there is a fair chance you'll catch me singing along to whatever I'm playing at that moment. Even if it's a female vocalist way above my singing range I'll have a go - although I couldn't claim that the sound I make is at all pleasant.

As I sing along to songs so often, I've a good idea who I can sing a long with and who I can't. Most male singers are able to hit higher notes than me so I struggle a bit to keep up. However, I'm pretty sure I can just about manage to keep up with the song I've chosen: Robbie's "Let Me Entertain You"… and if not, I'll have to hope that my costume diverts the judges' attention.

Over the next ten days listen to the Afternoon Show and check back online to see how I'm getting along.

If you can, come to Westfield on the night to cheer me on as I represent Derbyshire and East Staffordshire. Failing that, look out for us as part of the main BBC1 show on the night itself.

Oh, and if you fancy pledging some money to Pudsey in order to support my challenge then just call 01332 616161 and someone will be happy to take your pledge!

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created: 04/11/2008

You are in: Derby > Children In Need > Ed does Robbie for Pudsey

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