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13 November 2014

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Video Nation

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It doesn't matter how old you are!

Video Nation: Make your own video

Do you want to get your face on screen? Video Nation is a fantastic opportunity to make your own video for the BBC Derby website....

What's the point of Video Nation?

It's simple - to enable you to produce a short video for the web. Video Nation reflects everyday life across the UK in all its rich diversity.

Andrew Johnson

Andrew made a video about plane trails

If you've got something interesting to say about life in Derbyshire then Video Nation could be just up your street.

We're looking for volunteers to make short two to three minutes personal videos to be shown here on the web as part of Video Nation Derbyshire.

Subjects we want at the moment

Currently we are looking for people who have stories to tell about these particular aspects of life:

  • People who have been affected by Alzheimer's disease, addiction, eating disorders or self harming.
  • Remembrance, commemorating the 90th anniversary of Armistice and its effects on people since then.
  • Youth culture - how the young are perceived by society and their peers.
    My Media - how you use your TV / PC / mp3 player / mobile phone (or don't!) compared to the rest of your family and friends.
  • Fear of flying - are you affected by a fear of flight, or have you overcome it? We'd like you to share your experiences on camera.
  • It's 25 years since the Miners Strike, did it have an impact on you or your family or the community you lived in at the time?

Who edits the tapes?

We do, but Video Nation hands over control to you. If you are unhappy about a finished video, you can suggest changes. That way you are free to shoot first, decide later.

I've never used a camcorder - does that matter?

No - and you don't have to be technically minded either. Your local production team will provide all the training and advice you need to film successfully.

George gets into the groove

George did some dancing on his video

What will happen to my recordings?

Your tape may be edited into a short video and shown on your local website, and may in turn be featured on this website and Derby's Big Screen, but only once you've agreed to the final version.

If you change your mind about a video later on, we'll take it down as soon as possible. We use streaming technology, which means the videos can't be downloaded or kept by users.

Videos are also sometimes shown on TV or the audio is used on the Radio, but we'll ask you beforehand and understand if you don't want it to be shown.

What's in it for me?

It's an opportunity to share your views and experiences with others, to talk directly to both local and national audiences and to add your videos to the growing online archive of everyday life. 

How do I put myself forward?

If you fancy taking part, simply fill in this form! Don't forget to include a brief summary of what you'd like to talk about. Also include your location and a contact number. We can't wait to hear from you!

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You are in: Derby > Video Nation > Video Nation: Make your own video

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