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28 October 2014

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Derby County FC

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Paul Jewell with Robbie Savage

Paul Jewell with Robbie Savage

Robbie Savage: Your views

Some fans have reacted furiously at Paul Jewell's decision to sign the much maligned Robbie Savage - but others think he's just what the Rams need. Where do you stand?

Robbie Savage has always been a divisive figure in English football - not least with Derby County fans.

His work rate and commitment have always made him popular with his own fans but the Welshman also possesses an uncanny ability to wind up the opposition.

Just ask former Rams midfielder Craig Burley, who famously squared up to Savage over his joyous celebrations after earning Leicester a late penalty in a 3-2 win over the Rams in September 2001.

Or former Derby striker Deon Burton, sent off for an alleged head-butt on Savage in the dying moments of a 2-0 win over Leicester in April 2000.

So he's never been the most popular figure with Rams supporters - one of whom has already called us at BBC Radio Derby promising to rip up his season ticket if Paul Jewell completes the signing of the 33-year-old.

But with Derby County adrift at the bottom of the Premier League and praying for a semi-miracle to avoid relegation, is the signing a gamble worth taking?

Could Savage's passion and experience, twinned with extra flair from additional signings, give the Rams an outside chance of surviving the drop into the Championship?

Let us know what you think using the form below...

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created: 08/01/2008

Have Your Say

What do you think about the signing of Robbie Savage?

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Phil, Derbyshire
I'm absolutely delighted that most fans seem to be taking a sensible approach and welcoming Savage - great signing. To all those on their hypocritical, pious, self-congratulating high-horses - get over yer sen's!!!

I am not a big Robbie Savage fan, but as soon as he puts that Derby shirt on I will be 100% behind him, just like every other Derby County supporter should be. I for one will be very embarrassed and disappointed with any of our fans that decide to boo him on Saturday. He is one of us now, no matter what he has done in the past. It is obviously not all about the money as reports suggest he has taken a pay cut to come. Hopefully he will add that extra fight and determination in midfield that we have been lacking all season. If he fouls a few people, winds a few opposition players up, who cares, lets go down fighting and put a bit of pride back in Pride-less Park. Good signing Paul Jewell, keep up the good work.

Steve, Derby
As a Newcastle supporter I would be more concerned about Robert than Savage! Give the man a chance - his work rate will be higher than Robert - and he doesn't wear gloves!!

Steve Gibson Alvaston
It has to be good for DCFC that we have secured Savage,he is a rough guy but we could do with a bit of rough to make our team morebelievable as Premiershipplayers, at the moment we are on very rocky ground, solets give Savage a chanceto help us stay afloat.

Mark White - Derby
PLEASE ~ Give Savage a shotat playing before you boo him or whatever - Nothing will make the Rams fans look more foolish than booing a Derby team player who has a right to be seen and to prove himself. ~ Wecan't believe what we read on here, the Rams need midfield players, so DONT boo till you know for surehe is no good for DCFC.

The Hebdon Family
Savage is now a Derby player - lets see what he can do before you condem him - Your boos or jeers will only give this Saturdays opposition team fans satisfaction - Let us see how he turns out, we are desparate for some backbone to the team.

Eddie Clarke
We will be ashamed of any Derby fan that gives RobbieSavage the cold shoulder or those that BOO him ... Forgoodness sake he IS now a Derby player and we are sure he will do his best for us.,,, The opposition fans are there watching, do you really want to show them we hate a team player before he starts !!! Let him have his chance, everyone deserves that much.

Bobbys testes
Desperate times. Don't like him but ask fester,b'burn or even brum(til he left) fans and they loved him.

David - Ram from Ilkeston you are an absolute embaressment to Derby County fans!! You are not a true Derby fan and neither are the rest of you who agree with him... absolute shameless you guys are!! If thats how you feel then do the best for DCFC and never enter Pride Park!!As a lot of you have been saying, what have we been missing this season and what are we crying out for ??? FIGHT & DETERMINATION, players who want to compete and give 110% for DCFC. Robbie Savage fits the bill perfect and is a brilliant signing!! Forget the past, pick your bottom lip up and wipe away the tears as we are looking to the future now. Dont embaress yourselves by assembling yourselves with the shambles down 'Brian Clough Way' who do nothing else but mention the 'past'!! Derby! And Proud Of It!

Shaun Earley
i hated him so much but if he puts the derby shirt on i will back him all the way com'e on the rams and robbie

CT - Derby
What's done is done. Look where we are in the league. We need to roll our sleeves up and fight for every second of every game until the end of the season. The club comes first and Robbie Savage might be the person to help restore some confidence and respect back in the football club.

What a coo, Love him or hate him, Yes he's got a past but that was in a blue shirt I'm sure if it had been the other way around then there wouldn't have been so much fuss! I remember a young David Beckham winding Derby fans up when he used to play for Man U, If it was him signing would there be the same over reaction from certain fans, I don't think so! I think Paul Jewel is trying to bring the old Wimbledon "Crazy Gang" feel to the dressing room and Sav will do that, Which is what Derby need. Keep up the excellent signings.

itll take something special for me to like him and forgive him but i guess he's a player you love to have on your team! im exited by this sighning and looking forward to seeing how he debutises at Wigan. I'll start over with him and pretend theres no past and I hope he can win us all over. bring it on!

DJ Wheelhouse
The best signing since the capture of Paul Jewell, absolutely BRILLIANT

lewis richardson
i think that he is much hated by us derby county supporters but i think that if he is consistant and plays to the best of his ability i will be happy with the signing

I think its great that he's coming. Would rather have him on the team than not. He's a good player. What he's done in the past is the past. Better for him to be on our side than against him. All those moaners out there. Get over it and move on. If your stupid enough to rip your season ticket up because of it then go ahead. your loss when Derby do actually start performing well. Robbie can help toughen the team up too. At the moment they look like cats in headlights.

Matt Lammin
U gotta hte him for past meetings etc. but he's just the player we need to get some bite in midfield! so great signin hope it works out!

Paul Derby
There are clearly some very passionate Derby supporters, but forget what Savage did in the past, I hated him for it just as much, but he is an improvement on what we have currently. If he does sign then I'll be getting behind him so long as he gives his all for the team

i cant believe the majority of comments on this. you actually want savage???? moaning mercenary who is only coming for money and is not worth the amount quoted in the press. he is representing derby county and we will now be regarded cheating wind up team that will go down with or without him.does anyone honestly believe he will keep us up?does anyone not believe there is another younger player out there available for transfer for less and wont give derby the dreaded reputation of being cheats. the reputatation we already have is bad enough and that wont change with him in the team. its a no brainer.

John Duggins
Oh come on! This man has quality, no doubt about it. He hasn't played in the top league for so many seasons purely because he "winds up opposition". He will be a great addition to the squad and will maybe allow Barnes/Oakley a more open role int he midfield.

The Derbyramfan
Cannot stand the man... But he is just what we need someone with a load of passion and fire in his belly, plus he want to sign and play for the Rams,,, so welcome him Derby supporters..

Here here Allan. I will comment on those fans who say they will burn their season ticket.....You are lucky to have them!!!!! Remember we sold out of season tickets leaving a lot of fans left out. Let me ask you something, would you rather watch the likes of Teale, Fagan, Barnes, Lewis (I could go on) every week or would you like to see players who are passionate about the club, will get stuck in and take players on (Savage, Mills, Todd & Robert)? I know what myself and the majority of fans would say. I dont like Savage for what he has done to us in the past, but thats what it is, that past and if he restores some pride at Derby, he only has to be a good signing. C'mon you rams!!!!!

GUTTED!We are desperate at the moment, but do we have to `scrape the barrel`.

PJ has had my full backing since he's been here and at last we are making the kind of signings we should have made in the summer! Go Robbie Go Robbie!

Dave Kirkman
About time we signed someone with bottle Iv'e always disliked him but allways said i would have him in my team tommorrow.

I think Robbie savage whoued be a good signing for derby but i still think we will go down

Ged Carpenter
Bring him on. Some fans have short memories, McMinn was one of the best divers in the game.

a bit of passion. something missing since the better days of Seth Johnson etc.

Ryan, Derbyshire
Fantastic signing. He will give 100% and get the best out of our other players who may have let their heads dropped recently. Despite being 33, i feel he will still improve our side and assuming we go down, will look world class against Championship midfielders.

Great signing! Anyone who thinks otherwise is just daft as we have needed a Robbie Savage type player. Why not get the real thing? Well done PJ FOR A GREAT SIGNING!

Dave, Derby
Savage will be a fantastic signing for us. People need to understand that Seth aint coming back, and ever since he finished we've lacked any kind of grit in the centre of the field. Savage will give us that. He will become a Derby legend.

If he improves your team then we will have him, which he should do. Our midfield is puny.

Jake Nicholas
Decent Signing i think. A Seth Johnson esque midfielder who's not the greatest on the ball but will battle and will put a tackle in, which is more than pearson offers. And shows how much "PARMA" knows about football. Robert on the right?

Savage Supporter
Quite right, it's his job to annoy the opposition - just what we need because we don't seem to be annoying anybody at the moment. Get behind him 100%.

Terry Hibberd
Any player who can strengthen the team is welcome, his strong play in the middle of the park is what we need. Its true he has upset fans everywhere but maybe its our turn to reap the benefits of his playing style.

Peter Rayner
Fantastic You've said it in the above article His work rate and commitment have always made him popular with his own fans but the Welshman also possesses an uncanny ability to wind up the opposition.

Dougie, Stoke
Forget the "you hate him if he's on the opposition, but would love to have him on your side" nonsense. I would be utterly ashamed to have him in my side.People will say "look at his work-rate", but most of it is running around aimlessly.How he's got the reputation as a hard man I'll never know. His entire career has been based around sly off-the-ball kicks, diving and cheating. The one time he got sent off he started blubbing about taking his case to the European Court of Human Rights.Three words - Coffin. Nail. Final.

So he wound us up when he played against us..Just what we now need. I have respect for the guy.He's wants to come to Derby, thats good enough for me. So come on Rams fans get behind him and lets enjoy the rest of the season.

Mark J in Scotland
One player you love to hate, but i tell you what he would be the first name on a lot of football teamsheets, he will give us something that has been sorely lacking, BACKBONE. This season has seen some of the most spineless performances ever seen by Derby players.I never thought I would say this but Good Luck Robbie. Not sure about Laurent Robert though will he pull his weight ??? Robbie will

Oh quit moaning Savage haters! We all know the midfield will be a damn site better off with him than without him. He's a pro, its his job to annoy the opposition, its just for the past ten years he's been in the opposition team against us!

I am happy to buy any season tickets that are not wanted if and when Mr Savage arrives. Personally I cannot see how this is a bad signing, not only will he not suffer the fools on his team, he will put on edge one or two of the opposition.

Awesome signing need sommething in the midfieldsavage n ghaly in centre mid robert on the rightFANTASTIC

Brilliant siging...we need a steely gutsy player!!

Martin Smith
The team needs people with steel and backbone Robbie has these qualities in abundance. If he shows the same amount of commitment and desire that he has shown at previous clubs then bring hjm in!

Dreadful signing. Who's next, Joey Barton?

Van Hudson
good signing for the derby unfortunatly as i want them to get relegated

Rip up season ticket??? Id be more incline dto rip it up iuf we carrioe don as we have been...quite happy to sit on the money and be humiliated. The fact of the matter is we are all talking about Robbie Savage because we know what he is capable of doing as supporters who have been on the end of it. The very fact we arent saying "Robbie who?" or "hes a rubbish player" speaks volumes

Raj Basi
with his work rate and commitment he will do well to get the team fired up and get some results going our way,come on Derby!!!

Derby Diva
Must admit i was disapointed when i heard about savage he's not my favourite player ,but i'm not a manager so if paul thinks he's the right man for us then i think the fans should get behind him and stop moaning,after all what have we got to lose?!at least if we go down it's not without a good fight!

andy, derby
I dont like the guy personally, but football wise he's a very good player and at present we need all the help we can get, whats happened in the past should stay there, give the guy a chance, if need be give him stick at the end of the season, not during it, we have enough to contend with proping up the table

If you hate playing against a player then he's a great player to have in your team and thats just what Savage is. Very good signing, well done PJ.

Welcome to pride park robbie savage and hope you score some goals for us on this saturday dcfc vs wigan

Great move, just what Derby County need.

Jason Ilson Ram
Good signing because he is miles better than what we already have. If Paul Jewell thinks he is good enough we must support him, if he can do for us what he does for other teams then all the better for Derby.let's hope the second half of season results are better than the first half come on you Rams

Dave Lester
Savage alway was and probably still is good at winding up the oppositions players & fans. no one knows that more than the mighty rams. I would have loved him to have been a derby player 6 - 10 years ago. Not now though, he's past his best.

He made me cry (that penalty dive) but Id still say hes got to have a chance

Matty B
Difficult one - from an oppositions pint of view Id say he's always been everything you would never want in a Derby shirt. However on our team maybe that will change, he's undoubtedly a Premiership player and if he can tip the balance by making other players react then so be it. End of teh day he;'s a football player and Jewell is a knowledgable football manager...all we know is the Character Robbie Savage the Ex Leicester player panto villan.I just hope people arent stupid enough to boo - just let him get on with his thing

Sam, Hilton
I must join the group of people who hate Savage, but you tell me a fan at any other club that likes him (apart from the clubs he has played for). I do think he is just the type of player we need. To win them 2nd balls (loose balls) that we never win. Him and Mills will not be scared to put a foot in and win them key battles in midfield. I player with his history is also what we need, fans wind him up and he plays better. Let's give him a go.

Just what we need! In fact what with Mills, Laurent, Ghaly and Savage, the squad is beginning to look a bit like the ice hockey team that Paul Newman assembled in 'Slap Shot' to save his club from impending doom - or does that sort of thing only happen in the movies?

Not my natural choice but when needs must a significant improvement on what passes for a Rams midfield player at present. Nothing wrong with having a player capable of ruffling a few feathers. Derby are too much of a soft touch at the moment.

Kevin, Stapleford
I'll always support any player in a Derby shirt if they go out and give their all for the club. Savage is no exception to this and I hope he does well... if signed.

Kev G
WHAT A FANTASTIC SIGNING!Robbie is a wind up merchant and a filthy player to whom losing is just not an option, just the sort of player weve lacked at this club for a long time. WELCOME SIR ROBBIE!

I think it would be a great signing.He would bring some backbone and passion to what is, at the moment, a spineless,lightweight team.

Steve, Belper
Brilliant!How much fight has Pearson, Barnes, Lewis, what so ever!Get Savage to give them a kick up the bum!

If anyone is upset enough to rip up their season tickets then DON'T! Send them to me instead so we can go to games! If Paul Jewell thinks he can do the job then we must stand by his decision and support the players and the club during these depressing times.

David - Ram from Ilkeston
I know I'm open to criticism on this, but I'd rather be relegated without Robbie Savage, than stay in the Premiership with him. He's one of the most despicable, disgusting people ever to play professional football, and quite possibly the worst role model possible. It is obvious his signing is just about the money to him, so as long as he is a Derby County Employee, I will not contribute another penny to the club. My season ticket is long payed for, so I'll continue to go & support the Rams, but I won't buy a program, a drink, food, and nothing from the club shop until he goes.

Whatever happened in the past should stay just there in the past, he is a very good footballer & a fighter which is what we have been needing for a while since Seth lad left. Lets get behind him & the other new signings & see what they can do for us not only this season but hopefully in seasons to come (fingers crossed)in the premiership

Exactly what we need!He will give 100%, and can play, expect a hugh improvement in deadball delivery

Matt Haywood
Hate the bloke, but can't argue that he's just what we need. For the sake of the team and club I for one am prepared to let bygones be bygones and I urge all other DCFC fans to do so as well.

Great signing if it happens. We need grit in the middle of the park and Savage bring that. He's has a love/hate relationship with fans - you love if he's in your team and hate hin if he's not!!

john coleman
its not about what you may think of savage, its about what he can provide for the team.He is certainly better than what derby have at the moment, so if we dont like him ( tough ) get over it.if he can help derby in any way then lets open our arms and accept him in.and you never know,in 3 months time you may be singing his name on the terraces,come on savage

Only at a knock down price

I dislike robbie Savage as a person, but as a player, there is no question that he is head and shoulders above what we currently have. As long as he gives 100% in the black and white, I will offer him support

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