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24 September 2014

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Changing Derbyshire

You are in: Derby > Discover Derbyshire > Changing Derbyshire > The Big Picture: Would you pay £2 to enter Derby?

Congestion charge zone in London

Congestion charge zone in London

The Big Picture: Would you pay £2 to enter Derby?

How does the prospect of a congestion charge for Derby strike you? Would you be in favour of drivers paying £2 to enter the city? Join the debate now...

Plans to introduce a congestion charge for drivers entering Derby have been revealed by the City Council.

Under the plans, drivers could be charged £2 to drive into the city at morning rush hour.

A line would be drawn around the city and drivers would have to pay to travel into the city between 7am-9am on midweek mornings.

There would be no charge for people leaving the city or entering outside of morning rush hour or at the weekend.

Council leader Chris Williamson said such a charge wouldn't be introduced until around 2018 and money would be spent prior to that improving public transport services to give people a viable alternative to cars.

The council has put the plans together so it can bid for a £200m slice of £1.4bn the government is offering for improvements to roads and public transport.

Authorities are only eligible for the money if they make plans for a congestion charge.

There are still some details yet to be finalised. The exact location of the boundary line has still to be decided and the council is looking at payment methods and possible exemptions for taxi drivers and disabled people.

Derby transport plan

Ranjit Banwait, cabinet member for transport and planning, said: "Congestion is quite damaging to our economy and if we don't do something about it now, it's just going to get worse."

Derby City Council has until next spring to decide whether to submit the bid - so let them know what you think using the form below.

last updated: 19/11/07

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Give us your thoughts on congestion charging...

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Some of the congestion at the moment is because we don't have a bus station or a completed inner ring road. Let's see what happens when these are completed. The council has to decide whether it wants business in the city centre or not.
Andrew Walker

There are a number of Industrial and Retail Parks being developed on regeneration land. Derby will die as more and more companies move out to these sites, what a shame.
Sue, Derbyshire Dales

Until they've exhausted every avenue of investigation into how to reduce congestion, then how can they even consider charging? Better still, when you realise that the Park and Ride Schemes are actually INSIDE the congestion zone - dumb or what?
Will, Spondon

I think £2 is reasonable as motorist will still have to pay parking fees which are not cheap.
Janet, Littleover

Congestion charge? I can almost hear Burtons shopkeepers rubbing hands with glee...
Mister Viv

Is this the congestion charge discussed some months ago, which was not for the foreseeable future?I think it is a great idea, the other towns around should really benefit. As people move meeting and business venues out. I think all taxes on cars should be scrapped, and revenue increased on fuel. Most cars need fuel and those that are more economical would pay less. I could own a gas guzzler and really pay through the nose when I CHOSE to use it.

Traffic congestion? It only gives problems to the people who cause it!
John, Mickleover

You are in: Derby > Discover Derbyshire > Changing Derbyshire > The Big Picture: Would you pay £2 to enter Derby?

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