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28 October 2014

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Remember these?

Your first record

As Derby's last remaining independent record shop prepares to close its doors for the final time, we want you to tell us about the first record you ever bought...

The music industry has changed enormously over the past few years.

Racks to browse

Racks to browse

Long gone are the days when the high streets were full of shops selling vinyl LPs and 45s with people tipping the albums forward, one by one, looking for an album cover to catch their eye, sliding the black disc out of its protective sheath to examine the surface for scratches.

Downloads, MP3s and file sharing have altered the way we enjoy our music forever.

Derby's last remaining independent record shop, Reveal, has announced it's to close down - and the newly-opened Westfield Centre has no dedicated music retailer at all!

But our music history continues.

We still have racks of CDs in our homes - boxes of LPs in our lofts. Some are collectors' items. Others are pure nostalgia.

Wear that groove away!

Wear that groove away!

Can you remember your first album, single or CD? What did you rush to the shops to buy? Was it because it was a great song? Or was it because you loved the artist?

Why DID you buy that record? Did you associate it with someone special, perhaps? Are you embarrassed to say what it was?

Can you remember the label? And did you play it over and over - so much that you started to wear the groove away or pare down the stylus?

Use the links below to share your memories of your first record or CD with us. We'd love to hear from you....

last updated: 17/10/07

You are in: Derby > Memoryshare > Your first record


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