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27 November 2014

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Nature Features

You are in: Derby > Nature > Nature Features > The Nature of Britain: Derbyshire

The Derwent Reservoir

The Derwent Reservoir

The Nature of Britain: Derbyshire

With its peaks, dales, rivers, moors and open spaces Derbyshire is packed with natural beauty. Some of the county's beauty spots are featured in Alan Titchmarsh's BBC series, The Nature of Britain.

In October 2007, the BBC highlights some of Britain's natural wonders, in The Nature of Britain.

A series of programmes - starting on 10 October - will be shown on BBC television, fronted by Alan Titchmarsh.

Alan will be doing a tour of the country, and many of the programmes will include a regional section which visits places local to viewers.

Use the link on the right to hear Alan Titchmarsh talk about the series.

Some of Derbyshire's beauty spots will come under the microscope, with the themes of wilderness, farming and urban: Derbyshire's moors and peat bogs, Hardwick Hall and Derby's peregrine falcons.

Kinder Scout (Photo: Warren Elkes)

Kinder Scout

The Moors

Derbyshire is home to many square miles of moors which are a rich habitat for many kinds of wildlife.

But the problem is that some birds, creatures and plants totally rely on this habitat and as the habitats come under threat (due to such pressures as erosion, climate change and human pressures like walking) so do those reliant species.

Lose the peat bogs and you lose a whole ecosystem.


Hardwick Hall

Hardwick Hall

Hardwick Park Farm

Standing high on a hill above Derbyshire, Hardwick Hall is one of the country's finest Elizabethan manor houses.

The house is surrounded by 500 acres of parkland and woodland and just a few hundred yards to the east of the hall is Hardwick Park Farm, now owned by the National Trust.

There is a major restoration programme taking place here which aims to bring back wildlife, open up the farm to everyone and restore the parkland.

Presenter Sanjida O'Connell meets farmers Richard and Clare Aldis who have taken on the challenge on making farming and conservation work together and she discovers that wildlife is already coming back.


Peregrine falcon chicks

Feeding the chicks

Derby's Peregrine Falcons

The Nature of Britain visits Derby Cathedral to see the peregrine falcons nesting high up on a specially-built platform.

The chicks were being fed by their parents, and it was all captured on web cameras put up by the city council so everyone could get a close look.

It just shows you don't have to go out into the countryside to see great wildlife. (Use the links on the right of this page to find out more about the peregrines)


The Sanctuary viewing platform

Derby's hidden gem!

Did you know there's a wildlife sanctuary right next to Pride Park Stadium? It's also Derby's first bird reserve and is home to a huge range of wildlife.

Use the link below to find out more...

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You are in: Derby > Nature > Nature Features > The Nature of Britain: Derbyshire

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