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13 November 2014

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Changing Derbyshire

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Cathedral Green Bridge design

New bridge for Derby

Plans for a million-pound footbridge and a new park in the city centre have moved a step closer - the council has chosen the design of the new bridge.

28th August 2007

It's another big day in the development of Derby today as work starts on the £3.8m work on Cathedral Green.

It's creating a modern new footbridge as well as seating and space for outside events

2nd July 2007

Plans for a footbridge over the River Derwent in Derby city centre have gone on show for the first time.

It is part of a £3.8m scheme to improve the Cathedral Green area. Some people have criticised the plans, which they fear could discourage wildlife.

The city council is exhibiting its chosen design for the bridge from Monday until Saturday.

The chosen design for the Cathedral Green bridge

The bridge, which can also be used by cyclists, will be able to swing to one side to allow boats to pass.

The improvements are being financed by £3.6m of government funding, £100,000 from the council, and a further £100,000 from the Derby and Derbyshire Economic Partnership.

Landscaping of the area will begin in the summer. The bridge is expected to open next spring.

24 October 2006

Derby is to receive government cash to make improvements to its city centre.

A new footbridge and park near Derby Cathedral are among the ideas being proposed by Derby Cityscape, the organisation in charge of redeveloping the city.

Derby, along with Nottingham and Leicester, has been named as one of the government's 'new growth points' and is expected to receive around £3m of the £5m being given to the East Midlands.

The bridge and park are part of plans to improve the area around Derby Cathedral. An amphitheatre and pavilion are also being proposed.

Derby Cityscape's chief executive, John Cadwallader, says the bridge over the River Derwent would cost about £1.5m.

The proposals are undergoing public consultation at the moment with the final session taking place at the Joseph Wright Centre on Saturday, 28th October from 11am-3pm.

Take a look at the artist's impression of the Cathedral Green development and have your say using the form below.

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Have Your Say

What do you think of the plans for Cathedral Green?

Well done Derby i think it is great to see such great developements as cathedral green been developed.I live in Bristol and we have a Colleage Green which was redevloped a few years ago and is now a big draw for people to meet and relax.Well done to Derby be pride of your new area.
Thomas Killackey.

This bridge is a complete waste of money.Surely the new inhabitants of the atrociously ugly flats on Stuart Street can summon up enough energy to walk the few feet to Exeter bridge.if they want to go to Chester Green they dont even have to cross the river.
Martin Bristow

What a releif it is a swing bridge, is plans to restore the Derby canal go ahead Narrow Boats will be comming up the Derwent in to the city center, that would require a swing bridge to be in place, doing it not will undoubtly save money in the future. Good Thinking.
Sandra, Derby

I think it's a waste of time. It looked good before they dug it up now it loks like a bomb site and come on westfield is hardly as attractive as it made itself out to be ey!

I've been to have a look at the model in the guildhall and it doesn't say anything about the swing bridge enabling boats to pass... Its so it can be risen above the water if the water levels rise. It does look like it will be a nice area when completed though.

A superb bridge. Why the constant moaning? Its about time Derby dragged itself into the future? If you want a market town go elsewhere!

it looks nice. i am totally for it. hark at all the typical derby moaners, what a disgrace you are. why not write into the DET and moan as you usually do?

Three cheers for the juggler!He could work outside the Quad as well.
chris smith

Cathedral Green is not a good name for this area. Having seen proposed plans, the are should be called Cathedral Grey. As anything that is green and organic like grass and trees are being ripped up and replaced by tonnes of concrete. I trust i will not get a response from the council as my view is not there view?
Stefan Osvath

Nothing against the visual design of the bridge but why oh why make it a swing bridge? As I understand it, it is to allow for debris when the river is in flood to pass down stream. So why not raise it a few feet and safe some brass! Why have green in the name if we are to see less green on the ground.

What a waste of tax payers' money. It would have been far better to use the cash for housing for the town's key workers. Surely they could build a bridge of a couple of hundred thousands rather than paying the over-inflated wages of posh architects.
James, Essex

The idea of a pedestrain bridge is excellent (subject to the detail design. But replacing the absorbent grass and soft landscaping with hard paved areas will increase the discharge of surface water into the Derwent. Durr!!
Ken Clarke

Can't wait to find out why the bridge needs to be a swinging one. I'd like to know what the plans for the rest of Cathedral Green are going to be, it could be quite nice but what is the bridge going to lead to and from. Agree that people in Derby need to start embracing changes,some new ideas and architecture, not the same old recycled architecture that we normally get copied from other cities.
Paul, Oakwood

It's amazing how a picture can make you fall asleep.. At least when it gets graffiti all over it, it'll bring it to life.. Why not just the bridge?? All that grey around it isn't "redevelopment", it's just slapping concrete on top of grass.. After they flattened the awesome art-deco bus station instead of repairing it, i gave up hope for Derby. Clearly function and style cannot exist together here..
Ben Fogerty

If it follows all the other projects Derby CC has embarked on over the years it will be an unsitely, over budget eyesore and will need repairing or replacing within 5 years. That's assuming it ever gets completed without the council spending the money on something else.
m perry

Swing bridge ! I know the water levels are rising, but what size of boat are we expecting to see?
Steve, Derby

Do large boats sail down this part of the Derwent? I've only ever seen canoe's so what a waste of money a swing bridge would be unless the River Gardens are being developed into a Marina! I like the design but I can't really see the point of having a bridge so close to another.

Like everything in Derby city centre, looks cheap with no character or style - concrete monstrosity!

3 million on a bridge! And they want to shut Gayton pool down because it needs a few repairs. Has the council lost the plot??? Well said John Todd

The green space is still there on the right I think, just out of picture. This view just looks over the existing slabbed area that definitely needs redeveloping. I like the bridge.. nice.
C Biggins

Stop moaning. I agree with Ad below we need changes otherwise our city will get stale! What do you mean 'where does the bridge go to?' - the otherside - Stuart Street where there are new apartments and more planned, at the moment there is no link to Stuart Street which leads to Chester Green

These images look fantastic. I think the comments about the increase in concrete are wrong. The image clearly shows that this new feature will be on top of the concrete that is already there. I can't wait till next summer when we will all be able to use it.

i think it should go ahaead and we should be thinkng of putting a 5 star hotel where the magistates court is now and where the polic station is- i know the bridge will be to cross over the river for the apartments on the other side that will be built, but i rally believe derby needs a 5 star hotel in that area and the best place is the old police station.

Green! What a joke...why do we need so much concrete, there is already too much hard landscape in Derby and what green that does remain gets eat away. Bridge looks good but the Cathedral needs a more peaceful surround.

quite amazing. superb
walter serra

Having recently visited Australia, it was noticeable how much activity was going on in the green spaces of their cities. Why does creating a space for entertainment mean we have to get rid of the green and worse still some of the beautiful trees in that area. But on the positive side, the skateboarders will love it!
Dawn , Ashbourne

I fantastic idea to moden Derby. It will attract people out of Deby into the area.
Andrew Roberts

I look forward's to seeing this project go through however I hope the changes will make the area more inviting. As for the concrete "overdose" bear in mind that Darley Park and Bass Recreation ground are only five/ten minutes walk away!As for the bridge I believe it will link with the new flat development (which I might add looks fantastic!) across the river.

Anything that is going to help develop that part of the city should be welcomed as it's underused. If people want green spaces, they should go to the Peak District, we are talking about an area in the city centre.

bridge yes, concrete no
Andrew Warwick, Derby

that area definately needs improvement and the initial proposals look promising, providing the old police station is being pulled down (but NOT the 1930's courts on the corner - they have to stay!). I think the architects should look to millennium park in chicago for inspiration. a daring and bold design with different areas for different uses, including excellent fountains, sculptures, gardens and arenas. come on! let's push the boat out and do something daring and different
Rob P

Why put a foot bridge there when Exeter Bridge is not far away, and where will it lead to anyway?

Where is the green? it looks like the site will be almost completely covered in concrete! The foreground is usually flooded for part of the year, obviously the planners are not aware of this fact. How can we have the annual Bonnie Prince Charlie "battle" here? This event attracts a large number of visitors from all over the UK and abroad. This is yet more loss of open green space!
Christopher Harris

Actucally saw a jazz band play on the Green outside the Museum one summer evening a few years ago. It thought then, if only we could get out act together and do something like this on a bigger scale. At last someone has vision for Derby. Seems to have a positve response on this site. Pity the guys on the radio are SO SO SO negative about reporting any changes proposed for Derby. City scape are doing a fine job. Let us hope when Riverlights, Quad, The Eagle Centre and the development between the station ond the city centre are complete we all have a city to be proud of. As Derby stands at the moment it is embarassing to say the very least. there are many TOWNS in the UK that are more worthy of the title CITY than Derby is!

The proposed footbridge would be welcome. However if the artists impression is the proposed layout I cannot agree. It is just not in keeping with the cathedral's structure and architecture. This proposal is too modern we do not want another unsightly Concrete structure.
John Sunnyhill

I really agree with simon.. why do people always complain and oppose everything that is going to happen. we cant stay in the ice age forever times change and our city needs to too! When something is proposed to happen in Birmingham or any other city for that matter, the people get excited and welcome it with open arms, its just the sad boring old people of derby that dont want anything to change.. these people need to get a life and move on with the times.. if these people had their way we'd still be driving horse and carts! If you dont like whats happening move to a city where nothing is, cos there'll be plenty of people wanting to move here when it is a bigger and better place.

Looking good. See the Newcastle/Gateshead bridges for how it will look when completed. With the new design it can "used" by the public, rather than just stared at.

Here we go, someone comes up with a plan to improve our fair city and all the whiners come out of the woodwork. "Oh no... we dont like change..". Sort it out!

Wonderful- use the bridge to send the architect to Nottingham.

Surprise surprise- yet another green area disappearing under the concrete. The design is bland, lifeless and seems on a par with the Quad development- in the wrong place and in the wrong style.
Bob of Borrowash

I cant see how anyone has worked out that 1/2 the green has gone. I think its a case of the artists impression not being from the same perspective as the photo. If you look at the area to the right of the bridge, that is the existing "Patio" and therefore all if you take that into consideration, the whole green remains, replacing only the horrible 1960's office block police station... which in my humble opinion can only be a good thing!
Bryan - Alvaston

Looks good to me... the sooner someone pulls down the abandoned police station the better. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing 1/2 the "green" area sacrificed as long as it was replaced by something worthwhile. And yes... where exactly does the bridge lead to?
Earl - Derby

This looks great to me, lets hope it does not get lost in planning for several years, like most things in Derby.
Graham, Derby

It looks very nice, lets hope it's not going to be a disaster like the riverlights project & hope it's run along the same lines as the new shopping centre, but hopefully if & when all these things are up & running we will have a city to be proud of.

You are in: Derby > Places > Changing Derbyshire > New bridge for Derby

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