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13 November 2014

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Derbyshire Flag

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Revealed - The Derbyshire Flag

The Derbyshire Flag - as designed by listeners to Andy Whittaker's Breakfast Show - is revealed.

Andy Whittaker

This is BBC Radio Derby's Andy Whittaker proudly displaying the new Derbyshire flag - designed with help from listeners to his breakfast show.

It's taken months to come up with the final design and it will now be flown from numerous locations across the county - including Derby Cathedral and Derbyshire Cricket Club.

Individuals have also pledged to put the new design on flagpoles where they live - including ex-pats living in Sydney and California.

Below Andy explains how the final design came about - and we invite you to use the links to print out your own A4 poster of the flag or use the original design for whatever you want!

How the flag came about

Once the idea was first mentioned on my Breakfast Show, listeners really seemed to be enthusiastic about it and so we felt we should persue how to go about creating a flag for Derbyshire.

Thanks to the people who listen to the show, use the BBC Bus and those who regularly visit we now have a winning design, but it was a process that involved lots of design ideas and lots of feedback on them!

Final design

Final design

In the end, three designs were shortlisted based on what people had told us they wanted, and then it was down to you to choose the winner.

It was a close run thing too, proving that all three designs would have made a superb Derbyshire flag, but in the end one design pulled ahead and won with a clear majority.

I learnt a lot about Derbyshire's civic heraldry along the way too.  The significance of the Tudor Rose for instance was fascinating - it's been Derbyshire's county badge since the 1470s and as such it's already featured in lots of county organisations symbols.

You'll find it on things like the Derbyshire Police Badge, the County Council's coat of arms, the Derbyshire County Cricket Club logo (where it's in gold), The Derbyshire Guide Association badge and even the Derbyshire Lawn Tennis Association flag.

Meanwhile the stag's connections with Derbyshire stretch back to Viking times with three stag heads representing the Dukes of Devonshire and being featured on the county council coat of arms.

The design is registered with the Flag Institute.

Where can I get a Derbyshire flag and car sticker?

You can use the Mr Flag and OneStop links, [top-right] to obtain a Derbyshire flag.

Car stickers of the Derbyshire flag are available free from all of the county's Tourist Information Centres.

Flag car sticker

You can find them in Ashbourne (Market Place), Bakewell (Old Market Hall), Buxton (The Crescent), Chesterfield (The Peacock Centre), Derby (Market Place), Glossop (Victoria Street), Matlock (Crown Square), Matlock (The Pavilion) and Ripley (Market Place).

Are you flying the flag?

If you're flying the flag for Derbyshire, send us a photo - we'll try to include it in our Flying the Flag gallery [Use the links below and right]

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created: 21/09/2006

You are in: Derby > Derbyshire Flag > Revealed - The Derbyshire Flag


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