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24 September 2014

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Andy Whittaker
Andy Whittaker

Derbyshire flag - the search begins

BBC Radio Derby's Andy Whittaker won't rest until Derbyshire has its very own flag - and he wants YOUR help!

It all started in an email from one chap who'd just been on holiday to Cornwall. 

He said that everywhere you go, you see the Cornish flag flying. It's black with a white cross and people there seem very proud of their county. 

He wanted to know if Derbyshire had a flag and if so why we didn't have more pride in it. 

Leon Summers' flag design
Leon Summers' flag design

So, on the Breakfast Show we set about answering the question and it soon became clear that apart from a County Council coat of arms, there was no flag for Derbyshire. 

We've been inundated on the show with people supporting the idea of flying a Derbyshire flag, but without one to fly there was a bit of a problem! 

It seemed logical to investigate how to go about inventing one and the Flag Institute were really helpful. 

Basically, there's nothing to stop us coming up with a flag for Derbyshire ourselves - with the help of the people of the county of course. 

So that's what we set about doing - and listeners to the show have contributed in droves. 

Take a look:
Gallery: Flag ideas >

It turns out there are several historic symbols of importance when it comes to Derbyshire. 

The main ones are the Tudor Rose, a stag or stag's head and of course the ram. 

As far as colours go there are loads of options too from traditional combinations like chocolate, amber and blue to green for the hills and blue for the rivers. 

There were also suggestions about black for the former coalfields and white for the white peak. 

This is just a small selection of the ideas that people had, the main thing though is that there does seem to be real enthusiasm for the idea. 

The latest news is that we've now had some designs from a graduate of the University Of Derby for a Derbyshire Flag inspired by the ideas from our audience. 

But the debate very much continues - what do you think works and what doesn’t?  And do you fancy submitting your own design? 

Ultimately a panel of local people will make a decision on the best design taking this feedback into account. 

Hopefully then, it wont be too long before Derbyshire has flag and it's people can fly it with pride!

last updated: 25/09/06
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